Obuna 4 mln
still playing minecraft.
Mandy shotwell
Mandy shotwell 6 soat oldin
Hello wisp
Aman Singh
Aman Singh 6 soat oldin
Wisp: Minecraft but lava follows you. Le lava: I'm not your servent 😂🤣🤣.
yannai mohel
yannai mohel 6 soat oldin
Tommy was dying to a baby tommy
Sean 6 soat oldin
Wisp: winners win Also Wisp: Loses
Mack pig Gamin
Mack pig Gamin 6 soat oldin
power level 606
Lighter Playz
Lighter Playz 6 soat oldin
Wisp please do a another mission impossible if you can
The Zombie king
The Zombie king 6 soat oldin
You should do this mod with custom armor and you can craft blocks out of anything
mesonicplayz 6 soat oldin
Bruh this is hard
Mr. Csirke
Mr. Csirke 6 soat oldin
Power level 606
Omeplex Dex
Omeplex Dex 6 soat oldin
Power level 606
Epic Trash 🗑
Epic Trash 🗑 6 soat oldin
Joshua Rees
Joshua Rees 6 soat oldin
I don't think he knows an axe is a lot better to kill blazes with
The Blue Collar Helpmates
First 24 hrs
Meme Original
Meme Original 6 soat oldin
The amount of screams
yannai mohel
yannai mohel 6 soat oldin
You can kill people with the border kit
Avash 6 soat oldin
2:49 😂😂😂
Tanveer Kaur
Tanveer Kaur 6 soat oldin
Miranda the 🐼 Panda 😂😂
Epic Trash 🗑
Epic Trash 🗑 6 soat oldin
dazyplayz 6 soat oldin
help wisp to 4 millon please im begging you
remy hurt
remy hurt 6 soat oldin
I love you!!
u tried to make us jump in the last of the vid? nice try lol
Rochelle Smit
Rochelle Smit 6 soat oldin
The rages that happens in the video is so funny
Andrew Samuels
Andrew Samuels 6 soat oldin
Wow that must be a pain in the butt
Yen Vu (Yenni)
Yen Vu (Yenni) 6 soat oldin
2:10 that scared me
Working sang
Working sang 6 soat oldin
Lovely jubbly
VIVAAN PLAYZ 6 soat oldin
From when there came silk touch 10990000090. Silk touch 2 is not even ther 😂😂 XD XD
MarkoGamer 6 soat oldin
I found your both channels
Cohen Brewer
Cohen Brewer 6 soat oldin
hol up another pink
marcus 6 soat oldin
almost 4m subs wow
Nancy Santiago
Nancy Santiago 6 soat oldin
Power level 606
Śámùëł Fôx Jòńēš
Projectile protection is the best protection enchantment
Heather Mayer
Heather Mayer 6 soat oldin
David Singh
David Singh 6 soat oldin
Pročke Štěpán
Pročke Štěpán 6 soat oldin
lovely jubbly
William 6 soat oldin
Talha Ashfaque
Talha Ashfaque 6 soat oldin
Power level 606
Error’s Void
Error’s Void 6 soat oldin
This Video: Old Lava Mechanics (One Source Block Can Make Infinite Source Blocks In The Old Versions)
Terry Ho
Terry Ho 7 soat oldin
power level 606
Bored cat
Bored cat 7 soat oldin
I DONT THINK IVE EVER DISLIKED ONE OF YOUR VIDS ( please heart this comment please )
travis lemmings
travis lemmings 7 soat oldin
Dragon egg
P I G 7 soat oldin
Ur amazing
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 7 soat oldin
Remember when this man was inloved with uhc? Yeah, that time..
محمود عباس
محمود عباس 7 soat oldin
After 100 km of walk just dont look behind you
AaditOp 7 soat oldin
He doesn't show the full video
Dan Gizzi
Dan Gizzi 7 soat oldin
I a.ways
Kaya Grochowski
Kaya Grochowski 7 soat oldin
9:58 wisp cult anyone-?
Sparsh Bhatt
Sparsh Bhatt 7 soat oldin
Power 605
Protagonist 7 soat oldin
“This is big!” That like murdered my soul
Akram Salloum
Akram Salloum 7 soat oldin
Mine is the diamond and steel
Oz M
Oz M 7 soat oldin
Avadhoot Papulwar
Avadhoot Papulwar 7 soat oldin
Wisp please do a video on muck
Maxikingman YT
Maxikingman YT 7 soat oldin
Well you won't have the problem to make a nether portal😂
Jo Jo Jo Jo
Jo Jo Jo Jo 7 soat oldin
Why not put dreams link in the description
CRJ 7 soat oldin
i mean you could have found the diamond in a treasure chest from shipwreck....in sea where u cant get burnt....in overworld.....not in the nether
taha gamer
taha gamer 7 soat oldin
SANTHOSH.M Nayak 7 soat oldin
Do milking cows with your friends
Co2 7 soat oldin
I feel so bad for him
Adornado Sunga
Adornado Sunga 7 soat oldin
DaBoho Legend
DaBoho Legend 7 soat oldin
11:51 Ok then
jason situ
jason situ 7 soat oldin
I’m a kid also
Teray Walker
Teray Walker 7 soat oldin
Power level 606
Hackorite 7 soat oldin
Fun fact: I have watched your vids since 2018 before you became popular. Keep up the good work.
Hackorite 7 soat oldin
the wisp is da best
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 7 soat oldin
very good aka cool
Unicorn bloger
Unicorn bloger 7 soat oldin
Poor villagers they get robbed so much
SINGULARITY 7 soat oldin
Hello lava
julie arquisola
julie arquisola 7 soat oldin
Are you pregnant? 🤣🤣🤣
Lillie Turner
Lillie Turner 7 soat oldin
Cool panda
Rishik Satwik
Rishik Satwik 7 soat oldin
Try getting an ended dragon spawn egglol
Senuth Aluthge
Senuth Aluthge 7 soat oldin
What the hell we can still see his hands...
Igor Mladenovic
Igor Mladenovic 7 soat oldin
it have part 2
Daily Vibes Content
Daily Vibes Content 7 soat oldin
nice game wisp very cool
ltt011 1
ltt011 1 7 soat oldin
6:17 ???????? not infront o-
Madhuri Reddy
Madhuri Reddy 7 soat oldin
Play minecraft uhc without moving and digging stragit down sorry im on auto type