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If you want find out more about flying, then you have come to right place !!!
With my videos I´ll try to give you a closer look into the world of aviation !!!
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Wenn ihr mehr über das Fliegen erfahren möchtet, seid ihr hier genau richtig !!!
Mit meinen Videos möchte ich Euch einen besseren Einblick verschaffen in die Welt des Fliegens !!!
Schickt mir Eure Fragen und ich werde mein bestmögliches versuchen die Antwort in die folgenden Videos mit einzubinden !!!
11 oy oldin
Michael Samuel
Michael Samuel 20 soat oldin
I learned something today. Thumbs up.
Deuman Limbu
Deuman Limbu 20 soat oldin
Great job done pilot huge congratulations all the best god bless you all 🙏.
Berry Shirazi
Berry Shirazi 20 soat oldin
Astonishing clips, Captain Joe. Highly educational. Thank you.
io 20 soat oldin
7:27 I swear I heard "s***"
Morse Code Reviews
Morse Code Reviews 20 soat oldin
Flight Attendant: Ladies and gentlemen the shit your pants light is now on. You may proceed at your earliest convenience.
Henrik 20 soat oldin
MCAS: May crash any second
Valentin Jair Juárez
Valentin Jair Juárez 20 soat oldin
If I have an opportunity, I'll become a commercial pilot Or take my first flight to somewhere The first thing that happens
Makanouchi Ippo
Makanouchi Ippo 20 soat oldin
The broad learning byerly alert because dragon expectedly start afore a useless ticket. coherent, lethal parallelogram
Dirk Verlinden
Dirk Verlinden 20 soat oldin
Stuart Farar
Stuart Farar 21 soat oldin
I'm partially colour blind. I have issues with telling the difference between some greens and reds. Does that mean I cant train as a pilot? Can I possibly get a private license?
John Smithers
John Smithers 21 soat oldin
Pilots should have landed immediately and NOT flown around doing checklists. It's when they delay landing when crashes happen, as fires and equipment failures worsen very quickly. Land immediately!
Никита Розвод
1:28 why haven't we got crystal clear communication devices in 2021? how could you possibly hear anything from that mumbling?
Thomas Calderwood
Thomas Calderwood 21 soat oldin
Fantastic informative video
audiocustoms 21 soat oldin
"any landing you can walk away from is a good landing"
Tom Szoldatits
Tom Szoldatits 21 soat oldin
Always great information. Thank you.
Sajjad Ali
Sajjad Ali 21 soat oldin
I am not a pilot but still I love your video..thank you captain Joe 🗣️
MV Whity
MV Whity 21 soat oldin
The checklist is printed because of possible failure of electrically hardware? “Wunderbar” 😀
Mark Lindsey
Mark Lindsey 21 soat oldin
Everyone involved was very capable, hats off!
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 21 soat oldin
The overweight checklist must've been performed because of the weight of the pilot's balls of steel.
Kevin A Ervin
Kevin A Ervin 21 soat oldin
Been on many flights, in and out of Denver DIA. Straight awsome. not even afraid to fly again.
Chashma e Marfat
Chashma e Marfat 21 soat oldin
Too much blah blah
Ambuchannel 21 soat oldin
What if they were in the middle of the ocean?
Stuart Farar
Stuart Farar 21 soat oldin
Great video. :)
USN Chief
USN Chief 21 soat oldin
One of the safest airplanes flying. Scary to see it happen, but the airplane is designed to deal with emergencies like this. I'm glad it all turned out good for everyone involved.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 21 soat oldin
I'm just trying to imagine anyone wanting to get off that plane and right back onto another. I mean maybe after a few weeks or months once you calm down. But not same day.
George Apostu
George Apostu 21 soat oldin
74Gear from Germany 😂🙏
Eric North
Eric North 21 soat oldin
IFR stands for I Follow Roads
Paulo Bastos
Paulo Bastos 21 soat oldin
Excellent clarifications and, congratulations to the crew of United 328 a lesson in CRM.
Fliegen ist das sicherste
Right before I startet to watch this video, I got a notification, Mentour Pilot made a Video about Air Florida Flight 90, which crashed due to icing.
Arif syuhada
Arif syuhada 21 soat oldin
Mencari capt vincent disini wkwk
AviationPilot99 21 soat oldin
😂 i love how the thumbnail has a lamborgini as the follow me car
gijbuis 21 soat oldin
Electromagnetic 'waves' are NOT oscillating photons... sorry Captain Joe but it's a bit more complicated than that! See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_radiation#Derivation_from_electromagnetic_theory
Brian Delamer
Brian Delamer 21 soat oldin
I am a new student pilot (at 55 yrs old) and really appreciate what all of the men and women did throughout the entire group of people involved. Thank you for the explanation and analysis.
Meg Punt
Meg Punt 21 soat oldin
That pussy suddenly appearing in the flight is incredible - I’ve had a wasp and even a mouse in first class, but never a cat!
B C 21 soat oldin
Brian 21 soat oldin
Daily reminder: Jesus loves you
Samuel Taylor Ackroyd
Samuel Taylor Ackroyd 21 soat oldin
I remember that cargolux plane making the emergency landing at Glasgow Prestwick Airport and I actually posted about it on Facebook cause I got the notification from plane finder that flight CV7757 was squaking 7700!
Henrik 21 soat oldin
Brilliant job by the pilot. And very nice walk thru. As an aircraft engineer i must point out. The fireextinguser is not dumpt in to the turbine. It goes inside the engine cowlings that in this case wasent there so it was innefective.
sptt 144
sptt 144 21 soat oldin
Captain Joe. Some years ago I was flying out of Denver in an Airbus. We were told the they lost hydraulic control and were flying the airplane with engines controlling rise and climb, and left and right turns. The ailerons weren't working nor were the flaps. We ended up circling back to Denver in the scariest flight I've ever been on. And with no flaps the landing was extremely fast using up all of the longest runway they had. Maybe you can go back and find that one or one similar and break it down. I will say it was around 2005-2007.
John Rutledge
John Rutledge 21 soat oldin
How much drag was that scoop on that plane that was that expoded right jet engine on the commercial to this vid causing ?
Iain Millar
Iain Millar 21 soat oldin
Great explanation Joe! Exactly as I would expect an incident like this to be handled with a competent crew and atc. One very nitpicking point, on the 777 the engines are called Left/Right not No.1/No.2 😜. That’s different to the other types I’ve flown so I just notice these little things
Roger Orchard
Roger Orchard 21 soat oldin
I think the resue helicopter video, show how fast the winch op was and cut the line to the person they were winching up.
Jim West
Jim West 21 soat oldin
Great Job All Around!!!!!
Roger Morales
Roger Morales 21 soat oldin
nice videoooo
Truth Filter For YouTube
" Well I had an engine...then there was a loud bang and suddenly I didn't have an engine....I guess it blew up" !
Sai Praveen
Sai Praveen 22 soat oldin
Hi Captain Joe - You are now currently with Boeing or Airbus ?
Original Radman
Original Radman 22 soat oldin
A big shout out to 74 Gear. Without him this carbon copy video would not exist.
ArrrGee 22 soat oldin
NEO - New Engine Option, or in other words making more money than Boeing!
Marcellus Cazaubon
Marcellus Cazaubon 22 soat oldin
Hi Captain Joe. Your analysis of this event is stellar. Tell me though, if it were you in this situation when would you make a PA announcement to the passengers and what would it be?
Gin Mador
Gin Mador 22 soat oldin
basically everything at any moment can go tits up
Faisal Shafique
Faisal Shafique 22 soat oldin
Could it be also due to the fact that most pilots would be right handed and hence you’d be able to control most things with your right hand?
Michael Farrow
Michael Farrow 22 soat oldin
Very professional on all sides - Pilots, ATC, cabin crew ! Excellent training pays off.
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez 22 soat oldin
Awesome explanation captain Joe!
Trisha Kauffman
Trisha Kauffman 22 soat oldin
I'm just trying to imagine anyone wanting to get off that plane and right back onto another. I mean maybe after a few weeks or months once you calm down. But not same day.
KevinMichaelMichael 22 soat oldin
love the checklist at the end! great video
RAHUL PAUL 22 soat oldin
sir, difference between PAPI VS VASI?
speedfreakpsycho 22 soat oldin
2:20 takeover push-button my ass. I erase my enemies out of existence with that one.
Corinne Wyss
Corinne Wyss 22 soat oldin
Great video Captain Joe! Funny stuff and great analysis! Keep it up.
Gail Stallsworth
Gail Stallsworth 22 soat oldin
Great job of explaining!! I live in Denver & a good friend of mine was within a few blocks from where the engine debris landed! 😳
Eric Lees
Eric Lees 22 soat oldin
That was very interesting and informative. Thank you for posting it. Please do continue with many like this I do enjoy it
DJ-Hazard 22 soat oldin
IFR - i follow rivers 😁😜
Repair Update Repeat
Repair Update Repeat 22 soat oldin
You say material fatigue we say "theres a thing! Theres a thing on ....... the wing!........ theres a thing!.... on ...the ......wing ......"
Escape Reality
Escape Reality 22 soat oldin
I never seen one 😭 are they in the US?
MAX SpezialbauAG
MAX SpezialbauAG 22 soat oldin
NEO= New Engine Option
Neil Ledger
Neil Ledger 22 soat oldin
Safe Aviation
speedfreakpsycho 22 soat oldin
I hate that part, makes me so nervous.
Kaynos 22 soat oldin
No Ryanair comments. Bah party pooper.
MARC CUTLER 22 soat oldin
Colby Picton
Colby Picton 22 soat oldin
Sounds like bad engineering which will in turn cause more wear and tear on the elevators... More service time, more costs associated to keep the planes in the fleet
asiri weerasooriya
asiri weerasooriya 22 soat oldin
Brilliant .....
Nick Wright
Nick Wright 22 soat oldin
Video 10 was on the Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District, UK. Made the news here several years ago.
Mathis J
Mathis J 22 soat oldin
My subtitles made him Canada Steve... But, I guess I have to live with that...
Bill Wightman
Bill Wightman 22 soat oldin
A few corrections to your commentary: 1) This does NOT appear to be an "uncontained" event. Here, the engine case / containment shroud was not breached. The cowl ring isn't part of that. For a great explanation of this: uzblock.info/post/video/vLKtmKF9lWuinag.html 2) Initial checklist run would have been Eng Severe Damage/Separation which applies with airframe vibration + abnormal eng indications present. *None of this checklist is memory* - engine shutdown is always done via checklist and very tight crew coordination. 3) Turns into the dead engine in the B777 are not a consideration. There's plenty of rudder authority for turns either direction as long as airspeed remains above min maneuvering speed. In this case, the jet was accelerating out of 250 toward climb speed which typically is 300-320 KIAS. 4) The left turn was made due to terrain considerations. And FYI: I have almost 12000 hours in type and have flown this tail number numerous times. The B777 is an absolutely fantastic aircraft. The crew here did a great job - what we're trained for and exactly what we brief on each and every flight.
Peter Dirlis
Peter Dirlis 22 soat oldin
Great job as always. Excellent teaching video.
Mitt Romnipples
Mitt Romnipples 22 soat oldin
I don’t even fly, I just love the channel!
Rohan S.
Rohan S. 22 soat oldin
This is an amazing series! Pls do more
Zachery Hansen
Zachery Hansen 22 soat oldin
imagine if this happened half way across the Pacific
Aon Aon
Aon Aon 22 soat oldin
The hateful radar intringuingly time because oven compellingly hover down a jumpy collar. piquant, shrill file
paulmattt 22 soat oldin
Two questions: why didn’t the pilot have to dump fuel and how did the airport clear the runways so fast, as they are always full of planes waiting to take off?