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Denise W
Denise W 3 soat oldin
Karl be like: 🥺😢
Life and video games
Customize the controller
Nate Ochoa
Nate Ochoa 3 soat oldin
Draw my Profile Picture
n a t a l i a k a y e
POV: recommended page
graceVUE 3 soat oldin
Another day of Zach being poor😭😭😭😢
all class s hero
all class s hero 3 soat oldin
Damn I like Chris shirt
Gamer roblox Girll :3
By the way Zack if you run out of money I wish I could give you some because you’re going bankrupt
Gamer roblox Girll :3
Can I be in one of your videos I love you guys
Gamer roblox Girll :3
Kevin Myers
Kevin Myers 3 soat oldin
Who else is here to see Zack 's first video
Kevin Myers
Kevin Myers 3 soat oldin
the sports artist
the sports artist 3 soat oldin
First drawing in a dbz style i have to day dammn!!
_SHADES _ 3 soat oldin
I remember watching you when you had 1 million subscribers
Muhammad Rizwan Anwar
Bro pleaseeeeeeee give me . I use handfree with one broken side🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
jaden vic
jaden vic 3 soat oldin
new zhcbeast
sehar poonia
sehar poonia 3 soat oldin
The people who disliked have no soul >:)
Sadena Maver
Sadena Maver 3 soat oldin
Can I just draw a stick man? 😂😂
Sadena Maver
Sadena Maver 3 soat oldin
🤔 how to be this rich? 🤣
24k Lilxray
24k Lilxray 3 soat oldin
Jaz is a girl but she is crazy
Leong Family
Leong Family 3 soat oldin
i just wanted to say you guys are amazing and are making tons of people happy and i cant belive you can do this!! my favourite one is the hype house one
Lowkey_ Lukey
Lowkey_ Lukey 3 soat oldin
Pick me pls I love your vids and I love to do art
vee zee
vee zee 3 soat oldin
thank you for being amazing!
Jaqueline Tejada
Jaqueline Tejada 3 soat oldin
can you help me im sick
Tik toker edit and drawings and more
Norma Soria
Norma Soria 3 soat oldin
I like the fact that i did not notice ZCH was wearing a Deku shirt at the beginning
Xin Zhang
Xin Zhang 4 soat oldin
Am I a hater ........idk
Lordan Jr Pascua
Lordan Jr Pascua 4 soat oldin
Joverine was pretty cool and attack on titan ....but i like attack on titan more!
Dima Alasad
Dima Alasad 4 soat oldin
I love the Deku drawing Deku is my favorite character!😚
S Crow
S Crow 4 soat oldin
I love your art
Nia Mc Tair
Nia Mc Tair 4 soat oldin
I want one 😭😭😭😭🥺🙏
Apatha miucic
Apatha miucic 4 soat oldin
Matthew White
Matthew White 4 soat oldin
SUB to zhc
Sarah Bomar
Sarah Bomar 4 soat oldin
Pant your hair
JT Williams
JT Williams 4 soat oldin
Mhars Vill
Mhars Vill 4 soat oldin
SKATELIFE23 alijah silva
Hello zhc I love love love to draw and Paint you inspired me so much I swear I will get monster legends. And I hope I win but it's ok if I dont. I dont really win sometimes in giveaway have a great rest of your day. Tell the artist I said hi❤❤😁😁🕊
___________ Levi-ackerman-simp___________
Hey zhc how about you customise a human (I’m joking 😂)
Jeff Pemberton
Jeff Pemberton 4 soat oldin
We all love mr beast
Dmitry Nedosekin
Dmitry Nedosekin 4 soat oldin
dude you are TOO nice, man keep up the good work
Sally Zeng
Sally Zeng 4 soat oldin
They are AMAZING artists!!!
• S A K U R A •
• S A K U R A • 4 soat oldin
I love that Chris was wearing my hero academia 👌👌💖👌👌
Xyrelle keen Aquin
Xyrelle keen Aquin 4 soat oldin
There so talented
Julius Mathew Ronda Verdeflor
Your video always amazed me! keep safe
Dustin DeFazio
Dustin DeFazio 4 soat oldin
Yo can I pay you to make on for me please
Saurya Patel
Saurya Patel 4 soat oldin
You should’ve pressed the button at ten seconds
Pog Pogger
Pog Pogger 4 soat oldin
Zhc:I gave nerds to a nerd
Brooks Goins
Brooks Goins 4 soat oldin
I love this
Josh Fogg
Josh Fogg 4 soat oldin
Can I get 1
Cameron Fein
Cameron Fein 4 soat oldin
i want to join your team
Bianca Arevalo
Bianca Arevalo 4 soat oldin
Oh and could you make me make him want one of those turtles Rymal shoes do you like scooping
Bianca Arevalo
Bianca Arevalo 4 soat oldin
Haircut was called but I want to fire one without a monster on it OK what do you think
Bianca Arevalo
Bianca Arevalo 4 soat oldin
Hey I live in Texas and I want to get one of those AirPods whatever you choose to do OK
Gauri Nimbalkar
Gauri Nimbalkar 4 soat oldin
How can he costomize this many things ... Its hilarious and the Domino part was amazing ... But hats off to him
Joshua Thompson
Joshua Thompson 5 soat oldin
I’m a big fan,I like your videos they inspire me to be creative it and make me happy
Jeff Pemberton
Jeff Pemberton 5 soat oldin
Drawing all of that would hurt my fingers
Sophia Adams
Sophia Adams 5 soat oldin
He went outside to spray paint :/
Just Sara
Just Sara 5 soat oldin
Wow they are so cool!
tremaine ashburn
tremaine ashburn 5 soat oldin
Terri Burchett
Terri Burchett 5 soat oldin
Can you give me $200 dollars I am a big fan I love you I love you I love you a really big fan of you I can do art to like you I have watched all of your videos I always give them my friends up in the Scribe
Willian Robert
Willian Robert 5 soat oldin
your girlfriend is very crazy .I dont like
Elodie Burn
Elodie Burn 5 soat oldin
Can we just talk about the editing! 🤯
Tien Nguyen
Tien Nguyen 5 soat oldin
I like saving animals
Maria Clara sweet
Maria Clara sweet 5 soat oldin
now you feel like a god right hahaha
Gabriella Brooks
Gabriella Brooks 5 soat oldin
ZHC walks into the apple store Apple employees:Oh no lets start taking every thing from the shelfs and get all the info ZHC:Relax guys I am only here to buy the whole store it's fine okay relax
Tokyo’s Studio
Tokyo’s Studio 5 soat oldin
I know this was 2 years ago but can o submit my art to you too??
Squazy Gamez
Squazy Gamez 5 soat oldin
Poor Zach when he spilled water in the car he looke like a big baby😂😂😂
Marienny Rosario
Marienny Rosario 5 soat oldin
Hi fay
Samage Harding
Samage Harding 5 soat oldin
I really like your videos and I really like your painting and I really want PS5 cuz I've never had a PS5 before so yeah I'm trying to say about to get one but I don't have enough
Yanka Gauri
Yanka Gauri 5 soat oldin
very satisfying 🛏️
U Short
U Short 5 soat oldin
Pushy da Plushie
Pushy da Plushie 5 soat oldin
People who get theese get a CLEAR case
Christina Aguirre
Christina Aguirre 5 soat oldin
Like to have a PS five please and thank you
Pushy da Plushie
Pushy da Plushie 5 soat oldin
I like the second one with the all the characters
abdoulchakhour.housseini Abdou
ZAC make a gaming channel where you play Minecraft
Ricky Roscoes
Ricky Roscoes 5 soat oldin
Lily Mejia
Lily Mejia 5 soat oldin
It was funny when i saw a poster that says zhc is chubby