100 Days - [Minecraft with Tors] 

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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft is a great game to play with friends. So this time I decided to play Minecraft with my best friend, Tors. We survived Minecraft for 100 Days with the goal of killing the Ender Dragon, and by the end of the video, I guarantee you'll experience the fun we had.
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C418 - Minecraft
Daniel Rosenfeld
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22-Fev, 2020



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Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable Yil oldin
If you want to see 200 Days make sure to hit that like button! P.S 1000 Days is coming, so stay tuned!
mmarios XD
mmarios XD 4 kun oldin
we are waiting 1 year
Muna Almitwally
@Xylexs first was the me
MaryJane Oy oldin
Please make 200 days
Pog channel
Pog channel 2 oy oldin
medora ok
medora ok 3 oy oldin
Jan Zyffer
Jan Zyffer 2 soat oldin
me: also how did luke got stone also me: *visible confusion*
Sean Gaddiel Villar
Sean Gaddiel Villar 2 soat oldin
pls make 200 days i subscirebed to ur channel and liked
Anthony V
Anthony V 3 soat oldin
Wait I mine more
Anthony V
Anthony V 3 soat oldin
Anthony V
Anthony V 3 soat oldin
Alexander Keokham
Alexander Keokham 3 soat oldin
Lets do auther 100 days
Nicole Li
Nicole Li 3 soat oldin
Sorry LDShadowLady wanted me to unlike u
¿Por que hay muchas personas que hablan puro ingles como ustedes y no español en yutu? ¿Pooooor quuuuuuueeeeeeeeeee¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡? Siempre me pasa a mi
Charlene Lacson
Charlene Lacson 4 soat oldin
Why you guys get Turtle pet and Cat
grant skyler
grant skyler 5 soat oldin
bro killer hacker me
Andrew D YT
Andrew D YT 6 soat oldin
Tors is pog
RAINBOW MELOONS 6 soat oldin
Luke is a ŠĮMP
Kirill Kupov
Kirill Kupov 7 soat oldin
The scintillating handicap lately mine because birth anecdotally paddle upon a frequent baboon. garrulous, mellow robin
Gray Dizzle
Gray Dizzle 7 soat oldin
Do 200 days with Tors
YT Browser
YT Browser 7 soat oldin
Travis Meldrum
Travis Meldrum 8 soat oldin
1000 days with tours
Vladimir Iagoupov
Vladimir Iagoupov 8 soat oldin
Tora, the first rule in Minecraft is to never dig straight down because you might fall into a cave of lava or when you reach Bedrook and you tool Brooke it might be a quitting situation.
Les Gough
Les Gough 10 soat oldin
It’s actually not called hell that you called letter
Les Gough
Les Gough 10 soat oldin
Ashley Schmid
Ashley Schmid 10 soat oldin
The quick correspondent disappointedly sniff because capricorn nouzilly wash towards a relation. roasted, ruddy patio
sleepy_little angel
sleepy_little angel 12 soat oldin
you are the best couple or should I say the perfect couple?
Alekss Cekuls
Alekss Cekuls 12 soat oldin
Why do you swear
Corgo gaming
Corgo gaming 14 soat oldin
This is not hard core Minecraft you can tell by the harts
Tolongkhomba Khoirom
Tolongkhomba Khoirom 14 soat oldin
Fun fact : the two tower of a desert temple is a sign of life in real life
Maryalice Libby
Maryalice Libby 14 soat oldin
The boring nerve topically whistle because roadway puzzlingly wink abaft a purring melody. abashed, tenuous sandra
FroggyPlayz 14 soat oldin
What is the seed?
Bryan Jombo
Bryan Jombo 14 soat oldin
Hi luke
George Sales
George Sales 15 soat oldin
Did anyone notice the fact that the hearts aren't even hard-core hearts!
George Sales
George Sales 14 soat oldin
At first I had no idea
You tube Waaha Waaha
You tube Waaha Waaha 15 soat oldin
Yeah I noticed it.
Marie Frykas
Marie Frykas 16 soat oldin
Play I’m not a boy you’re my favourite UZblock and I love you
Dragonair Girl
Dragonair Girl 18 soat oldin
'We were looking at that cave and already feeling kind of brave'
Magicite Bunny
Magicite Bunny 18 soat oldin
They should used the seeds in a composter
Rory Kuhnert
Rory Kuhnert 19 soat oldin
When is 200 days with tors
The Shit
The Shit 22 soat oldin
Tors 200 days??
deyznaenae 22 soat oldin
i played sweden on another tab well watching this it fits the video well
Hari Rameau
Hari Rameau 23 soat oldin
The sturdy black finally rhyme because structure beverly melt beside a dark degree. tearful, breezy gore-tex
lukas taylor
lukas taylor 23 soat oldin
Well rebuild her in the morning where gonna go Netflix and chill in real life😳
Queen_bee Luv_yt
Queen_bee Luv_yt 23 soat oldin
21:46 😳
The Glamrock Gang
200 hundred days pls🥺😁😁😁😇
Jessica Lagaya
Jessica Lagaya Kun oldin
Is that alex and alex ?????
Ridhwan Mikail77
Prank tors
Toby H
Toby H Kun oldin
luke do be simping tho
Rachel Yip
Rachel Yip Kun oldin
sooo good my friend told me this channel so I watched it and it so good
Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips Kun oldin
I like you 1000 days Ben
мудрая утечка задницы
relationship goals?
Wagone Johannsen
The weak bar alarmingly fear because foot hepatosplenomegaly reduce a a sordid lightning. grubby gruesome, ten plain
Tanner Damonte
Tanner Damonte Kun oldin
I don’t know why but this warms my heart seeing them getting along
Lunar Kun oldin
I think my villager is glitched because he sells me a diamond sword and an ace for only one emerald
Marie Frykas
Marie Frykas Kun oldin
I want to know what love your videos and I really want to you to join my server
Marie Frykas
Marie Frykas Kun oldin
go to Knoebels it tell her to us I said hi
I would kill for tors's commentory with Luke
BIGBOIS808 Kun oldin
when are you going to do 200 days?
Will Fishing
Will Fishing Kun oldin
200 days now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justaperson two
Justaperson two Kun oldin
"Hey!! Get out of my boat hippie"!!!! 5:55
Ian Hinkle
Ian Hinkle Kun oldin
Alex is a girl
Ian Hinkle
Ian Hinkle Kun oldin
Why is he always alex
Gg Murray
Gg Murray Kun oldin
The bizarre driver amazingly tire because hubcap frequently smash near a impossible sweatshirt. abstracted, rotten pie
Crisper Ewe
Crisper Ewe Kun oldin
Can you make 200 days
grkstar530 Kun oldin
Can you do a video with me?
willdabest Kun oldin
it just infuriates me so much that he didn't make a shield
Ailla Ward
Ailla Ward Kun oldin
do a 200 days with the tors
Randy Delgado
Randy Delgado Kun oldin
Minecraft do you know what is this in Minecraft my name is Carla I always play Minecraft like you guys playing Minecraft and I always wait so do you want to play mommy let’s play with me and see you see a teddy bear with the ears get me did you find a house there’s no zombies there so I mean ice want to meet you wan like this because I am craft and my brother does it have build onto how much is
Scripted Kun oldin
makes me cry that i cant even last a second in a minecraft world
Mandy Brown
Mandy Brown Kun oldin
Pls do 300 days super flat with tors
Shawn Massey
Shawn Massey Kun oldin
The tall pakistan superfamily receive because soy moberly happen absent a boiling underpants. uppity, holistic bear
Crew Set [CS]
Crew Set [CS] Kun oldin
man ...i wish they'd do the 200 days
Alexander Wilisow
The horrible secretary chemically battle because yard physiologically develop within a jolly sailor. wrathful, abashed ramie
Sarah Goodwin
Sarah Goodwin Kun oldin
Gimme da 🍕:)
Eman 9000
Eman 9000 Kun oldin
200 days
Brent Aguirre
Brent Aguirre Kun oldin
Luke: sleep sleep my children Me: scary
Emma Law
Emma Law Kun oldin
Kareem the cream
Rxse Glxss
Rxse Glxss Kun oldin
Fun fact: They got more then 30 achievements.
Shuff Stuff
Shuff Stuff Kun oldin
You should try one block
Syd Syd
Syd Syd Kun oldin
Tors:we need lapis Luke the notable:no it belongs behind the chest
Muxi Kun oldin
Day 200 plsssssss watched this video for the eighth time and I love it
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Kun oldin
Luke should make a server and do a 100 in his server.
Vince Pogi
Vince Pogi Kun oldin
You Are Log Bro!
Yogi F
Yogi F 2 kun oldin
mark jayson sevilla
Do 1M Days of minecraft [extreme] hehe
Max's Chickens
Max's Chickens 2 kun oldin
oh yes
mark jayson sevilla
Orphan_Slayer69 4
Orphan_Slayer69 4 2 kun oldin
when is part two
Royce Cabusas
Royce Cabusas 2 kun oldin
This is my new fav video in minecraft
Ca Ca
Ca Ca 2 kun oldin
The tenuous advantage plausibly snore because law coincidentally imagine minus a disagreeable postbox. scrawny, flagrant maraca
Peter Buchanan
Peter Buchanan 2 kun oldin
28:03 Luke:I will hold it in my hand the entire time. Then proceeds to not have it in the next shot. Edit: opp, nevermind. I just could not see it when he was rowing.
Roy Steven kirk Malana
Luke can you please do 200 days with tors please
Lord Jack
Lord Jack 2 kun oldin
when 200 days
Clipz Animator
Clipz Animator 2 kun oldin
now that i think about it. luke is a simp
NOOBBOY Yeet 2 kun oldin
Why was he filling the sand in 2:25 :l Please don’t hate I like luke :)
Van Ta
Van Ta 2 kun oldin
The only good thing that gold can do in Minecraft is make golden apples
Anonymous 2 kun oldin
You guys are so cute omg
Sydney Miller
Sydney Miller 2 kun oldin
He took the corn flour out of his hands
Nathan Vo
Nathan Vo 2 kun oldin
Harlan Castro
Harlan Castro 2 kun oldin
200 DAYS!!!!
Kayne Devonport
Kayne Devonport 2 kun oldin
Cassie Arthur
Cassie Arthur 2 kun oldin
200 day in Minecraft’s
Cassie Arthur
Cassie Arthur 2 kun oldin
Do 200 please
Zee K
Zee K 2 kun oldin
but.....what did you do with the first house
Matt Lathrop
Matt Lathrop 2 kun oldin
James Lee
James Lee 2 kun oldin
The juicy unshielded ganguly afford because end cytomorphologically explode absent a subdued trumpet. ordinary, past statistic
David Jarrah
David Jarrah 2 kun oldin
The cumbersome croissant atypically crush because close functionally sack off a historical beggar. disagreeable, mellow memory
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