I've Been Rebuilding A Ghost Town For 15 Months! 

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This was the busiest month yet! at Cerro Gordo! Tons of progress around the town this month. I officially broke ground on the American Hotel thanks to a lot of support, salvaged a ton of wood from a neighboring ghost town, took the scariest trip down the Union Mine yet, and a lot more!

Thank you all so much for the support of the town and subscribing! It means the world to me. I have set up a Patreon for those interested in more content, live video AMAs, exclusive Polaroids from me, and supporting more content around the town! www.patreon.com/ghosttownliving

You can follow my journey on Instagram: brentwunder...

VOLUNTEER FORM: forms.gle/2Y5U1xR8xEoqZ8vh7

Mailing Address: PO Box 490, Lone Pine, CA 93545

Thank you all so much!



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Ghost Town Living
Ghost Town Living 26 kun oldin
If you're interested in helping out around Cerro Gordo, here is the form! forms.gle/2Y5U1xR8xEoqZ8vh7
Chef Kelly
Chef Kelly 15 kun oldin
i hope u get lots of help, if i lived closer i would definitely help out.
K B 18 kun oldin
Oh I so want to come volunteer. Not only do I have my own motorhome but I also come with my own tools. Not only do I know how to work on remodeling homes but we also come with my ex-wife/ best friend who does small engine repair (so does my 11 year old. BUT.... "🥁🥁🥁🥁" I also happen to be a nurse! I would really love to find out more in regards to your volunteer need and would love to bring my family out to work camp for several months. (I am also a need-to-be homesteader and have a LOT of that knowledge.)
Love the Video's! The voltage drop over the 700' of electical cable and connections will cause your pump amperage to rise(heat rise) and could be the cause of these issues. If you increase the conductor size and decrease the number of connections it will help deliver the correct voltage. Testing voltage under load will give you an idea if this is your issue. I would be happy the help with the formula for voltage drop over that distacne if you supply the name plate of your pump, total distance and ambient temperature. It looked like an extension cord that you plugged into in the video; if so this is almost certainly causing voltage drop over that distance. Stay safe!
Afterburner 5 soat oldin
Just curious if you were to put a intercom system into the cage to help with communication as you go down and up. Just subscribed and really love the videos you make.
Joseph X
Joseph X 22 soat oldin
Loving your project! Keep it up. Looks like you got some muscle up there helping!
Mark Griffin
Mark Griffin 2 kun oldin
Hey Bret love your videos and your love for the History of this old Sliver town just wondering have you done a video or thinking about the Children who live there ? A school or have you find any toys from them in the area I think this would be very interesting if you did for they are also part of the history of this Grand old town again thanks for keeping a part of America History alive
lynn krieg
lynn krieg 4 kun oldin
Idea ? Have a volunteer group going around picking a lumber on the property .
michaeldruth 4 kun oldin
Absolutely fascinating. I'm a retired chemistry teacher with health issues so there just isn't anything I can think of helping you with. I wish there was. That would definitely put some life into retirement. I'll definitely be watching to see how the project goes. I wish you great success.
Operation Home-Less
You have lost a lot of weight.
TheNortyOne 5 kun oldin
not going to lie the last bit of this video is a real bloody tearjerker. words spoken from the heart.
Christofer 5 kun oldin
Really man, hat off. I can only imagine what a sense of freedom you have got there. I really don´t understand what kind of people put their thumbs down on these videos. Only a handful of people would have the courage to live there. It goes without saying that there haunts, believe it or not. It would be great to get to explore that place. Why have you wanted to buy a place like that? what is your plan? Greetings from Finland :)
Why Serious
Why Serious 6 kun oldin
man I m from the Balkans,EU and I d love to come and help.. great place. The sheer amount of space is something I d love to see experience.
nate portnoy
nate portnoy 7 kun oldin
I would love to volunteer but i live in australia
bossjs38 7 kun oldin
I'm here cause of heavydsparks and the boys there channel is awesome but this man right here is legendary already making plans to head out before years end to help out
Oz 7 kun oldin
It is your big audacious goals that make us keep coming to watch more
NitraHawk 8 kun oldin
keep rebuilding! I can't wait to visit
Christopher Saucedo
Rebuilding or burning down?
HippyCow 100
HippyCow 100 8 kun oldin
I could’ve identified that belt squick from a mile away. I’ve heard it my whole life with my dad’s cj7. He needs to drive that more, or replace the battery because the alternator is straining
Nic C
Nic C 9 kun oldin
So so so amazing! Well done to all involved! You are Awesome!!
🌼Paulina Pi🌸
🌼Paulina Pi🌸 9 kun oldin
You're so cute and cool
David Murray
David Murray 9 kun oldin
I haven’t found any negative comments what a wonderful community
Jorge Nunez
Jorge Nunez 9 kun oldin
I would like to volunteer as well!!!
Miriam Anderson
Miriam Anderson 10 kun oldin
OMG, wow 👏
Arrestedcape Gaming
Arrestedcape Gaming 11 kun oldin
you should build a saloon!
Angry potyeto
Angry potyeto 11 kun oldin
Yay :)
Xbox: Hey Its Vxie
Xbox: Hey Its Vxie 11 kun oldin
Is the plan to start getting more people to start living in the town eventually?
RB 12 kun oldin
1:40 Looks like he is floating over the ground on the 4 wheeler.
Josue.With.Context 13 kun oldin
Cero Gordo needs a water tower! I think it would be a good addition.
V wittysternraj. V witty
Your Ruftuf Project of Rebuilding that AMERICAN HOTEL in that Desert zone is Like hitting Sharp Nails upon a Old Logs with Strong TRIPLE SHOTS and even my well wishes.
TheSkaireKrowe 13 kun oldin
This was so great to watch.
BunzeeBear 13 kun oldin
Was wondering why you bothered with concrete.? You need inspectors. The town was originally built on a wood foundation(they still do that TODAY) Don't need inspectors. Tarred over wood beams will last 100 years no problem. This is how the town was originally built. It was a surface build, none of this need for heavy equipment & concrete. It would have outlived you.
Hazel O'Dell
Hazel O'Dell 13 kun oldin
Craig is such an amazing man. So brave.
L Ras
L Ras 14 kun oldin
How many acres did you buy? Are you thinking about selling this Ghost Town? If you want to buy a Ghost Town what are things to look for and the downfalls. What is the normal price of a Ghost Town?
Michael Pass
Michael Pass 14 kun oldin
Take nap on your way up! You all did the cement work done with no beer!
Michael Pass
Michael Pass 14 kun oldin
ROY= Rely on yourself!
maarten252 14 kun oldin
man i wish i lived there, i would totally help you out with my narrow skillset!
Andrew Birkett
Andrew Birkett 15 kun oldin
Another great video! Keep up the good work :)
2b2t11 15 kun oldin
Hey just curious were you by any chance from Texas at any point The truck you were driving over in this video had a Texas registration so just curious Love your videos
Andrew Birkett
Andrew Birkett 15 kun oldin
I appreciate that you cared about preserving the old wood and protecting the old tree around the building.
Taylor Meyers
Taylor Meyers 15 kun oldin
Seriously, Why?? Why do you waste money on a ghost town? People left for a reason, people aren't coming back just cause one guy wasted his life savings on a lost cause. Make a better use of your life, as of right now your legacy is: "Hey, remember that one idiot that wasted a shit ton of money trying to rebuild a worthless ghost town?"
Cherish Today
Cherish Today 15 kun oldin
You should put the gofundme link on every video.
fancieanne chase
fancieanne chase 15 kun oldin
Ok, I'm a retired 70 year old woman with a few disabilities. I'm sure these imperfections would provide entertainment; Nobody can walk with a limp and fall down like I can, any openings? Where were you when I was younger, you are having so much fun and helping so many people by providing a purpose. Thank you.
Buba Joe
Buba Joe 15 kun oldin
Is there any real purpose here.
Lino 16 kun oldin
Super cool that the truckers help 💪 greeting to all the people that help
Gary 17 kun oldin
Brent, do you have to pay California property taxes? Love these videos.
B P 17 kun oldin
Very cool! Don't forget to wear a helmet on that bike :)
zenoist2 17 kun oldin
This could only happen In the USA , love it !
William Griffin
William Griffin 17 kun oldin
brent@cerrogordomines.com his email !!
mason Kamolvathin
mason Kamolvathin 17 kun oldin
I’m only a teenager; However, can the water pump turn into a chain system? one pump up to another and so forth.
dip narayan
dip narayan 15 kun oldin
been thinking the same idea
CRYPTO_GANG 17 kun oldin
1st instead of using lumber get a 3d printer houses and buildings are being built with this technology already at only 1/3 of the price plus if you set up a crypto currency mining facility powered by solar or wind and accept crypto In your town as a currency you will have a very successful town that will grow into a City
ghost protocol
ghost protocol 18 kun oldin
Love your videos, found you on YT yesterday, binge watched for 5 hours after work. lol.
K B 18 kun oldin
Oh I so want to come volunteer. Not only do I have my own motorhome but I also come with my own tools. Not only do I know how to work on remodeling homes but we also come with my ex-wife/ best friend who does small engine repair (so does my 11 year old. BUT.... "🥁🥁🥁🥁" I also happen to be a nurse! I would really love to find out more in regards to your volunteer need and would love to bring my family out to work camp for several months. (I am also a need-to-be homesteader and have a LOT of that knowledge.)
reedi30 18 kun oldin
What a great project, loving your enthusiasm and so nice to see a community spirit. Look forward to see how it all turns out. 👍 (please wear a helmet though on that dirt bike, loose road + speed isn’t going to do your noggin any favours should you fall off) 👍
Nun Ya
Nun Ya 18 kun oldin
Oh man, you all didn't save the windows?
GeneralChurch 18 kun oldin
Your Vehicle Registration Sticker expired over 2 years ago lol
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 18 kun oldin
Wao this is the freaking most humbling experience I have seen yet on UZblock man!! I love this shit!!!!🙏🏻❤️
Craig Horton
Craig Horton 18 kun oldin
awesome to see the Diesel Brothers!!!
david mispel
david mispel 18 kun oldin
All you need to keep prime is a foot valve
Sammy Mcguinn
Sammy Mcguinn 18 kun oldin
Must be nice to have super rich parents.
Enclave Tech support
Shawn Peterfesso
Shawn Peterfesso 18 kun oldin
What year was that bunkhouse renovated?
milo mullins
milo mullins 18 kun oldin
The scale of that work is insane. Easily hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of labor just to pour some concrete.
Alex 19 kun oldin
DormantGames 19 kun oldin
I wonder if you can get a pizza delivery up there for folk to enjoy after work
T Linger
T Linger 19 kun oldin
I may be able to volunteer in s Sept and or Oct., But the form is for July aug.? Should I have filled it out anyway? Love what you are doing there,you have a great vision. Thank you for video
WCH 19 kun oldin
You must pay Craig a ton.
DebeshSuvat 19 kun oldin
Lol "86' maybe 100'?" "No, about 200' or so."
Nigel Heffernan
Nigel Heffernan 20 kun oldin
This guy has a net worth of 4 million dollars plus his investors money 💰
Lapz Lanhs
Lapz Lanhs 20 kun oldin
One of the solutions to solve water problems: m.uzblock.info/post/video/uqmAjaWinoial2k.html
Nick nack patty wack show
Hey man serious question,. Can I come live on your land I'll work I'm a welder
IcyLucario 20 kun oldin
Wow. Dang that got really inspirational near the end. Way to go on all this. Way to go on the words of wisdom.
Bladebow 20 kun oldin
have someone look into the legalities of having the town identified as a working community again that would open you up to apply for grants to fully rebuild the town. send me an email i have a few ideas you might like lbarnaikjr@gmail.com
coke 20 kun oldin
Who else thinks this whole idea of being stuck in a ghost town would make a really cool RPG game
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas 20 kun oldin
bryan ford
bryan ford 20 kun oldin
Nothing!! works harder than a man with a vision. and nothing is more beautiful to behold!!
nik Lazz
nik Lazz 20 kun oldin
Watching your videos gave me new hope on humanity! Incredible dedication, big props from Central America! *really hope I can make it one day, but something tells me you will be booked for at least 5y*
Garett Castle
Garett Castle 21 kun oldin
So heart warming to see so many volunteers who share your love for Cerro Gordo showing up to rebuild her. 🥰
Xhatz 21 kun oldin
Very good video again! I discovered your channel very recently and I've been watching your videos continuously for a few days now haha. I was wondering about the water, do you treat it or is it clean when it comes out, and how can you know? Also, is the water in the tank getting dirty over time? Thank you for your amazing videos, and cheers from a french nomad :P
Michael 21 kun oldin
1:54, he find some real dwarves living up in those mines?
Azucena Gonzalez
Azucena Gonzalez 21 kun oldin
I smiled sooo big when i saw the trucks with all the machinery!!!! How exciting!!! Here for the journey!! Big thanks and appreciation for Dave!!!!
Jake Gibson
Jake Gibson 21 kun oldin
This is one of the coolest things happening on the planet. Thank you Brent, and everybody helping this man out.
Trisha Jennum
Trisha Jennum 21 kun oldin
I just watched your Halloween video. I wonder if the ghost town Darwin had any ghosts and if you could be adding ghosts to Cerro Gordo by reusing lumber from Darwin? Idk. It is good you’re recycling what you can, especially with the cost of lumber nowadays being scarier than ghosts!!
xeamum ceo
xeamum ceo 21 kun oldin
You remind me of a friend, man do I miss him
Elyorbek Khudaybergenov
Craig has balls of titanium! Sheeesh!
S and L MV
S and L MV 22 kun oldin
Cage limit - 4 persons with discrepancy for swollen testicles. Ba doom tissss. 🥁
Jim Brown
Jim Brown 22 kun oldin
What's happening here is a beautiful thing. God bless everyone involved. 💙
CozyCouch 23 kun oldin
what happened to you? you look so skinny... please be healthy i love to watch your video....
enkrypt3d 24 kun oldin
You need to replace that entire hoist with a legit elevator and then run some fiber optic cable down the shaft to establish proper comms!
enkrypt3d 24 kun oldin
Do you have AC up there? it's going to be 130 this weekend!
Mrs. Onyango
Mrs. Onyango 24 kun oldin
Perhaps I can volunteer as a $Patron supporter?
Mrs. Onyango
Mrs. Onyango 24 kun oldin
I appreciate your determination to rebuild the old time town. Very exciting journey to watch. I wish I could volunteer!
Kreg Yung
Kreg Yung 24 kun oldin
Brent, you remind me of a bloodsucker. Your babbling doesn’t impress me. You appear to be a taker without a conscience. Life is a two way street. If you’re offering interest in your town for those who donate time a resources, please inform viewers. Otherwise, get a haircut and clean up your act. Go look for some Levi jeans in one of your mine shafts? If you’re not gay bring in a pretty woman to back you up and add spice to your bloodsucking channel. Even if you have to put her on your UZblock payroll. Dude, you’re the man with no game. Thanks for the amusing entertainment.
Alfred Misterka
Alfred Misterka 25 kun oldin
I would like to say God bless you and your jurney to rebuilding american West amen
Alfred Misterka
Alfred Misterka 25 kun oldin
If every old town Was rebuild in american we could relive the old west back in the 1800 God bless america and your children Amen
Morning Dove
Morning Dove 25 kun oldin
You couldn't pay me enough to go down in that mine😱😳
Eddy Martin
Eddy Martin 25 kun oldin
Few things in construction can be as satisfying as fresh concrete in place! Brent, what you accomplished in the past year can only bode to what Cerro Gordo will look like a year from now. I shared your pain on that heart-wrenching post of June 18, 2020, and now I and 1.1 million Subs get to witness your success. Well Done!
John Redwine
John Redwine 25 kun oldin
Brent, may I ask what the new drone is that you use now? Thanks for sharing the town with us
Michael Pass
Michael Pass 25 kun oldin
I’m suprice you all didn’t take the windows out.
Michael Pass
Michael Pass 25 kun oldin
Out chasing your down drone.
Andrew Travers
Andrew Travers 26 kun oldin
Ur “pumped” about water......ha ha good one.
Paul H
Paul H 26 kun oldin
Did you have to worry about asbestos or anything like that when taking down the structure
Dylan Straub
Dylan Straub 26 kun oldin
How in gods name do you pay for all of this?
Michael Pass
Michael Pass 26 kun oldin
Thank you Dave Sparks and his crew and all the other volunteers.
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