2021 Desk Setup Tour | Working From Home Setup 

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This is my clean and minimal Standing Desk Setup tour. Working from home means I needed a productive workspace, so I completely redesigned my desk setup and created this sit/stand desk instead. This is my new dream work from home setup, with a full walkthrough of my setup including Autonomous standing desk, oak worktop, walnut accessories, Ergo Chair, LIFX lights and loads more.
Who else is using or wanting to use a standing desk? Anything from this setup you want?
Desk Mat / Pad - bit.ly/2P1GOoK
Monitor Riser - bit.ly/38SqhdM
Standing Desk - bit.ly/3koaeZA (SPAWN5 for 5% off)
Chair - bit.ly/3koaeZA (SPAWN5 for 5% off)
Everything else - kit.co/spawnpoiint/my-standing-desk-setup
Thanks for watching, Chris.
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This video was edited with my 2021 LUT preset - bit.ly/spawnpoiint-lut
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K I T - L I S T
Everything in my setup - kit.co/spawnpoiint
Desk Setup - kit.co/spawnpoiint/my-standing-desk-setup
TV Setup - kit.co/spawnpoiint/my-tv-setup-2021
Camera setup - kit.co/spawnpoiint/video-and-youtube-kit
Where I get my music from: www.epidemicsound.com/referral/7v0fpd/
I may earn a commission from some of the links (thank you for supporting me).
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Roberto Lessa
Roberto Lessa 3 soat oldin
lol u gamers wasting timegold and hardware instead playing and composing music
Roberto Lessa
Roberto Lessa 3 soat oldin
sad setup tbhy you dont even get the speakers out of table
SP QR 20 soat oldin
13:20 is all about the floating bulb. YOU'RE WELCOME
SpawnPoiint 17 soat oldin
There’s a dedicated video for that too. You’re welcome.
eugene bellford
eugene bellford 22 soat oldin
Standing Desk. nothing to add. it so cool and relaxing to see.
luka murn
luka murn Kun oldin
yooo i need that desktop wallpaper, looks dope
Kinadnuf Kun oldin
Bleedin excellent mate, well done. Very inspiring.
Fegor Clinton
Fegor Clinton Kun oldin
*Standing Desk*. I'm definitely gonna try and replicate this. Thanks
SuperDonutboi 2 kun oldin
Standing Desk
Pim Poy
Pim Poy 2 kun oldin
Awesome Desk
Gabi 3 kun oldin
Standing desk (17:10)
SpawnPoiint 3 kun oldin
Thanks dude
Beren Gulotta
Beren Gulotta 3 kun oldin
Standing Desk is awesome. I just don't think I could ever go back to a single monitor.
harrytheprince 3 kun oldin
Hi, love the setup although its not cheap if you´re working with a limited budget. One thing I really would need help with and decided to ask in this channel is: How do I make a setup that lets me have enough space for reading and editing printed books and scripts, but have a PC with full size keyboard and mouse at the ready. I haven´t come up with any solution for this problem as either one of the two always is in the way of the other. So if I start editing a printout, my keyboard is in the way and before I start I always have to rearrange the desk a bit, same if I want to use the PC. Maybe others that work with prints and digital spreadsheets regularly could suggest a tutorial.
goldkm_MB 3 kun oldin
That look rely noice
Rick Banerjee
Rick Banerjee 4 kun oldin
Standing desk!
Kainoa Faremiro
Kainoa Faremiro 4 kun oldin
Standing desk I guess and buying one soon!
SpawnPoiint 4 kun oldin
Nice one, enjoy too!
Adrian Stratton
Adrian Stratton 4 kun oldin
The Waterboys. Standing desk. Thx
Omar avaiz
Omar avaiz 5 kun oldin
Cool cool wanting same setup plsssssss give me pls me crying me hkjivhchghhduxvjxhhdigdhgxvhsvusvksbjbzh
APlays 5 kun oldin
You deserve way more than 100 k!Even 1 mil wouldn’t be enough!Keep up the good content mate!
SpawnPoiint 5 kun oldin
Thanks for watching mate, and the support.
Seb Luke Travis
Seb Luke Travis 5 kun oldin
whoever designed that monitor stand, must be a big fan of 'Flight of the navigator'...
Joshua Rowlands
Joshua Rowlands 5 kun oldin
I can’t think of a single person in 2021 that is using a single monitor.
SpawnPoiint 5 kun oldin
You do now.
Maverick Silva
Maverick Silva 5 kun oldin
The autonomous chair is the best chair ever
The Family O Network
Standing desk!
Ali Altuğ Koca
Ali Altuğ Koca 6 kun oldin
Desk and everything is great man but you should definitely get a M1 Macbook (air or pro doesnt matter). You can only feel the difference. You can sell your macbook pro, when it is still have some value. After M2 launched, you probably cant sell it a fair price.
SpawnPoiint 6 kun oldin
I’m waiting for the 16”. That’s what I need. I won’t sell the old one, I’ll keep it as a spare.
CB 6 kun oldin
Standing desk! Thanks for the great video, lotsa good kit in here.
Logan C. Burdine
Logan C. Burdine 7 kun oldin
My recommendation to you for possibly changing your setup in the future is by getting the M1 Mac mini and using that with the monitor and keeping your MacBook pro for portable uses
SpawnPoiint 7 kun oldin
Possibly yes. I’m holding out for the M1/2 16”
Memphisto Pheles
Memphisto Pheles 7 kun oldin
Can i have your wallpaper?
Janice W
Janice W 7 kun oldin
"standing desk" wow can't believe you shot this whole thing with an iPhone, what a nice video!
SpawnPoiint 7 kun oldin
Thank you.
YAARA QUASH 7 kun oldin
standing desk😁
joshua mizal
joshua mizal 7 kun oldin
Standing desk. Good work!
Marco Deluca
Marco Deluca 7 kun oldin
You sound like a BOT and wheres the legs link??
Marco Deluca
Marco Deluca 7 kun oldin
@SpawnPoiint mamamia the info on the legs for the pc desk
SpawnPoiint 7 kun oldin
I don’t understand your question. Please repeat /bot
Beddamade 7 kun oldin
Standing desk in the comments
BonsaiKevinSon 8 kun oldin
Standing desk. Currently rocking a similar desk and chair combo, I don't think I'm going back to a completely sitting desk again!
SpawnPoiint 8 kun oldin
Same mate. Love it.
BlackSnowCrew 8 kun oldin
floating bulb description starts at 13:23 you're welcome! :D
SpawnPoiint 8 kun oldin
There’s a dedicated video about the bulb now. You’re welcome haha.
Rohit Chauhan
Rohit Chauhan 8 kun oldin
what you do for living specially with this setup?
SpawnPoiint 8 kun oldin
Web dev is my day job mate
KENGIZELL 8 kun oldin
Nice setup mate ..
bulltastik 9 kun oldin
“Standing desk”👍🏼...simplistic, organized & functional. Nicely done ☑️
TJ - Falcon Playz
TJ - Falcon Playz 9 kun oldin
It looks so modern, and clean! Awesome!
TJ - Falcon Playz
TJ - Falcon Playz 9 kun oldin
@SpawnPoiint No problem :)
SpawnPoiint 9 kun oldin
Thank you
Ryan Nelwan
Ryan Nelwan 10 kun oldin
Thanks for the recommendation! Price for the desk legs is just about right too.
xrchris 10 kun oldin
Did you order the Grovemade items directly from them in the USA or is there a more local reseller? If the USA what were the VAT and Import Duty like?
xrchris 10 kun oldin
​@SpawnPoiint As its from the USA I'm not sure if Brexit has any impact at all. Trying hard to find an alternative for the Grovemade products. its not easy! I like the idea with putting your own desk top on the frame. This is something I will look to do myself although I will look at using Flexispot for the motorised frame as from the UK.
SpawnPoiint 10 kun oldin
From Grovemade's website, but this was last year pre-brexit. I don't know what impact that has on it now.
Danny Bloomfield
Danny Bloomfield 10 kun oldin
I dig your animosity toward cables. I feel the same. It's all Edison's fault. (Standing Desk.. b/c I stayed w you)
SpawnPoiint 10 kun oldin
hah thanks Danny.
Kong 10 kun oldin
Guess u like lg products Great videos, u deserve more subscribers
SpawnPoiint 10 kun oldin
Thank you. I'm not brand loyal, but I do like their stuff at the moment.
VoteBobby 11 kun oldin
You know I’d love to know where that wallpaper is from
burger eater
burger eater 11 kun oldin
play cod on that
Christian Daniel Hernández Méndez
Donde consigo un escritorio así?:c
Digvijay Wadkar
Digvijay Wadkar 11 kun oldin
200 $ for LED 😬
SpawnPoiint 11 kun oldin
I know haha
JOE JAZZER 11 kun oldin
The Standing Desk is cool, but I don't know something about the chair. Do someone have some information about it?
JOE JAZZER 11 kun oldin
@SpawnPoiint Thank you, Iwil watch it then. Enjoied already this one.
SpawnPoiint 11 kun oldin
It's the Ergo Chair 2 from Autonomous. If you see my first desk setup video (about a year ago) I show it in more detail there.
Cruxay 12 kun oldin
Standing deeeeeesk! I was gonna comment on that before the end anyways since I love standing desks. Had one in my old work set up... perhaps time to reinstate it. Thx for the recommendations, dude.
Day Glow Vista
Day Glow Vista 12 kun oldin
Where'd you get the worktop from lad? Did you cut it yourself? Did you re-edge it or not bother?
SpawnPoiint 12 kun oldin
The top was from Wickes (3m for about £140). Then I cut it myself, sanded and dyed it. Didn't need edging as it's solid wood.
this is lovely.
Boughatii Lovren
Boughatii Lovren 13 kun oldin
this is neat 🙌🏾 standing desk by the way 😜
Brenden Bishop
Brenden Bishop 13 kun oldin
FYI the new tray isn't angled so they can cut costs manufacturing and at a right angle if you push the tray in flush, you cannot pull it out, there is not a big enough gap. Grovemade's official answer..."Don't push the tray fully closed..." What a joke. I will never buy another product from this company. Overpriced nonsense IMO and when they get it wrong they won't help you out. Tried to charge me for return shipping of a defective product...
Dywili productions
Dywili productions 13 kun oldin
standing desk
JAY DMCI 13 kun oldin
are you just using your laptop with the monitor?
SpawnPoiint 13 kun oldin
Yes that's correct.
Love Patel
Love Patel 13 kun oldin
How do you plan on extending the satechi type C hub? I mean, wouldnt you have to directly plug it in the laptop to be able to use it? If at all I were to stick it under the table, how do I power it or connect it to the laptop?
Kris Clelland
Kris Clelland 13 kun oldin
Hey 👍🏼 For the extension socket, how many plugs do you have in it, and is the 3M tape strong enough when you have multiple plugs plugged in? Didn't see in the video whether you screwed the multi socket to underside of the desk or just M3 tape?
rocky N
rocky N 13 kun oldin
What about an ultrawide monitor
SpawnPoiint 13 kun oldin
I'm literally looking at one now haha, thinking the LG 34", but not sure yet.
Isaac Matias
Isaac Matias 14 kun oldin
Standing Desk! Very nice setup man!
Isaac Matias
Isaac Matias 14 kun oldin
@SpawnPoiint you’re welcome! Your video really inspired me. Simplicity at its best!
SpawnPoiint 14 kun oldin
Thank you Isaac.
Jakob Bindslet
Jakob Bindslet 14 kun oldin
"Standing disk". Love the setup - very inspiring!
SpawnPoiint 14 kun oldin
Cheers mate
Tea Series
Tea Series 14 kun oldin
Standing desk.
SpawnPoiint 14 kun oldin
Thank you
bestine ouya
bestine ouya 14 kun oldin
Standing Desk. A very nice and neat desk set up What about air conditioning and coffee management?
SpawnPoiint 14 kun oldin
I don’t drink coffee and I open a window haha
Rahul Mascarenhas
Rahul Mascarenhas 15 kun oldin
Loved every single bit of this video.. especially your commitment to cable management.. :)
SpawnPoiint 15 kun oldin
Thank you mate
Aice Lahora
Aice Lahora 15 kun oldin
"Standing Desk" ... yeah I watched all the way to the end... ridiculous indeed :)
SpawnPoiint 15 kun oldin
Haha thanks mate
BAN!R 15 kun oldin
Is this video without color corretion ?
SpawnPoiint 15 kun oldin
It has a very slight correction.
BAN!R 15 kun oldin
How many inches this screen?
SpawnPoiint 15 kun oldin
Adithyan A
Adithyan A 15 kun oldin
Standing Desk
Ehab Mohamed
Ehab Mohamed 16 kun oldin
Will A
Will A 16 kun oldin
Great work, mate!
SpawnPoiint 16 kun oldin
Thank you
Bpxls 17 kun oldin
Standing desk
SpawnPoiint 16 kun oldin
Thanks for watching
Karim Mohamed
Karim Mohamed 18 kun oldin
9 رمضان .. نسألك الرحمة والسِّتر والعافية، ونعوذُ بك من هُزال القرب منك، ومن النفس الغافية، وﻷنكّ متى ماأردتَ بعبدٍ خيراً شرحتَ صدرهُ للتَوقِ إليك، نسألك اللّهُم حبّك وحُبّ من يحبّك وكل عملٍ يسوقنا إلى محبّتك وقُربك، ونعوذ بك من الدنيا واستدراجها ومن الظنون بأنّا خالِدون، نسألك البصيرة وصفاء السريرة، والصبر على العمر، وأن تجعل زينة عيننا لقاؤك، وأن تجعل إجابة أمانينا في الدنيا قوّادة إيانا لخيرِ اﻵخرة، وأن تصرف عنّا أمانينا القوّادة إيانا إلى حسرات اﻵخرة، أن تفتح لنا أسرار الوجود فيستقرّ في القلب اليقينُ بعبثيته، وأن توقِر في الفؤاد شيئاً منك، حُبّك لا سِواه. 🤍✨🌸
Gabriel Ortega Rosero
What are the desktop dimensions?
raba650 18 kun oldin
Now I have to search for diy standing desks! Thanks.
Heverton Fonseca
Heverton Fonseca 18 kun oldin
Some people have sexual desires.... I just want this setup, that's it! lol
SpawnPoiint 18 kun oldin
haha thanks
Dani Mordecai
Dani Mordecai 18 kun oldin
Niooooce 👍
SpawnPoiint 18 kun oldin
Thanks Dani.
Abdulaziz Qh
Abdulaziz Qh 19 kun oldin
I wounder how much all that cost?
Arbendorf Rivera
Arbendorf Rivera 19 kun oldin
standing desk. (you have one of the best desk setup I have seen.)
SpawnPoiint 19 kun oldin
Thank you.
Romeo Pahati
Romeo Pahati 19 kun oldin
Hi, just curious if you needed to pre-drill holes into your table top for the screws in the DIY kit for the desk. Considering it for myself. Thanks!
SpawnPoiint 19 kun oldin
Yes I did, only small pilot holes.
Pikachu 19 kun oldin
Standing desk
SpawnPoiint 19 kun oldin
Thank you
Marty V
Marty V 20 kun oldin
goood video editing
Pikachu 20 kun oldin
He should do more of these 👍
Rogério da Costa
Rogério da Costa 21 kun oldin
What a shame Autonomous aren't shipping to the UK anymore.. having seen some many awesome reviews about the standing desk and chair and wanted to get them so bladly 😕
Rogério da Costa
Rogério da Costa 4 kun oldin
@SpawnPoiint nice one, forgot to leave that comment "standing desk" 😉
SpawnPoiint 20 kun oldin
A few have said the same mate. I did reach out and ask them, and they say it's due to brexit. They are working on a way to sort it though.
Doctorhipno 21 kun oldin
your........standing desk.......looks great :)
SpawnPoiint 20 kun oldin
Thanks mate.
Paweł Montwiłł
Paweł Montwiłł 21 kun oldin
Is it worth ditching my Magic Mouse for the Logitech MX3. A lot of people recommend it.
SpawnPoiint 21 kun oldin
I’ve never tried it mate so I can’t comment on that swap.
Paweł Montwiłł
Paweł Montwiłł 21 kun oldin
Smashing video. I have just subscribed. I will consider this monitor as it is farily priced. I want to hook it up to my MBP 13".
SpawnPoiint 21 kun oldin
Thank you
Peter Greppel
Peter Greppel 23 kun oldin
Any chance you have a colour code for that light grey? Looks awesome! Many thanks!
SpawnPoiint 23 kun oldin
It’s called Dulux Chic Shadow
TravellingWelshGirl 23 kun oldin
Standing desk. Awesome set up! Since I've been working from home 50% of the time for the last 12 months, I need a much better desk set up than I've got. Giving me loads of ideas here...🤔
Abdeali Kachwala
Abdeali Kachwala 23 kun oldin
Looks very clean and ergonomic. Wondering where would be the CPU unit mounted😀
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma 23 kun oldin
"Standing Desk" That floating bulb looks cool. Though for me, that would be a distraction while working.
Bobby Gallegos
Bobby Gallegos 23 kun oldin
Standing Desk! Really clean, comfortable and effective use of the space. The light bulb is EVERYTHING and well worth the $$$ spent! I very much appreciate attention to detail.
Hashan Kavinda
Hashan Kavinda 23 kun oldin
my dream desk ❤️
joshuarchong 24 kun oldin
Which store did you get the worktop from? Based in the UK and £140 is a really good price!
SpawnPoiint 23 kun oldin
It was from Wickes mate. 3m long, solid oak kitchen top.
Baris Gundogdu
Baris Gundogdu 24 kun oldin
be fearless. kinda edgy but still sick setup
Edrian Santos
Edrian Santos 24 kun oldin
drink every time he says "as well"
SpawnPoiint 24 kun oldin
I've noticed it myself, as well.
cguzmanify 24 kun oldin
Standing desk, looks great!!!
joshuarchong 25 kun oldin
Amazing video 👏
Christopher Aguilar
Christopher Aguilar 26 kun oldin
More basic black..
Leathers4Feathers 26 kun oldin
Standing desk, your set up is inspiring.
vybe plays
vybe plays 26 kun oldin
awesome setup mate! i have the ergochair 2 also and i love it. next step standing desk!
SpawnPoiint 26 kun oldin
Nice one mate, great chair. Over a year in and loving it still.
Darsh Shah
Darsh Shah 26 kun oldin
Standing Desk
SpawnPoiint 26 kun oldin
Thanks for watching.
Andy Keith
Andy Keith 26 kun oldin
Thanks for the helpful video. I'm looking at standing desks for my new setup. I assume Autonomous ship to the UK if you got yours there? Their website isn't clear!
SpawnPoiint 26 kun oldin
Thanks Andy. They did ship last year when I ordered it (around June time), but I've heard they stopped in January due to brexit. I think they are working on changing this, so I'd reach out to them anyway.
Kurt 26 kun oldin
Standing desk!
Allistair McCray
Allistair McCray 26 kun oldin
Standing Desk!
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