5 minutes from death : Dancing with the Devil 

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“I knew that what I’d been looking for, I hadn’t found yet. But what I had been looking for was not in the form of a drug.”
Demi and her closest confidants give a firsthand account of the aftermath of the overdose as she wakes up in the hospital after being minutes away from death.
Episode 3 available March 30 @ 12p PT

SAMHSA Hotline for individuals and family members facing mental health and/or substance use disorders
1-800-662-HELP (4357)
TTY: 1-800-487-4889

National Sexual Assault Hotline
1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

Or if you need immediate support, please reach out to your local crisis text line:
USA: Text HOME to 741741
UK: Text SHOUT to 85258
Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741

Learn how to save lives at endoverdose.net.
Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
Director: Michael D. Ratner
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger

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23-Mar, 2021



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Gamerboychris 94
Gamerboychris 94 4 soat oldin
Please tell me the dealer got arrested!
John and adria Porter
As a recovering heroin addict/drug dealer. I love love love that you showed the ugly side of it all. You’re so strong!
lyric era
lyric era Kun oldin
Fatima solimany
Fatima solimany Kun oldin
Wait demi was reaped?????????
Natasha B.
Natasha B. Kun oldin
Honestly, it is so hard to watch this....anxiety rises. Just heartbreaking
Veronica Camacho
How sad
Blanca Ramirez
Blanca Ramirez 2 kun oldin
Ok way are they charging to see it .
Μανώλης Βαζαίος
5:00 - Demi overdosed - Is she OK?
Ken Munroe
Ken Munroe 3 kun oldin
I really don't know Demi's music, but she seems talented. Maybe she should take some time away from the business however. I seems painful for her and the loss of privacy seems to compound the suffering.
ALFONSOTHEBEST2013 3 kun oldin
When I heard a lot I was shakinggg allso Iim alsoo I’m shaking typing tthiis
Morgan Madsen
Morgan Madsen 3 kun oldin
Everyone seem *so* broken during the part they explain how they found out. I mean the way her sister and the girl that said what are you talking about. It's not hard to hear the living _pain_ as they talk about what they felt
Violetta: My Story
Violetta: My Story 3 kun oldin
Lalala123 3 kun oldin
S/o to Demi’s assistant and sisters. I don’t think they get enough recognition in how hard this can be for them, and the assistant literally saved her life. Bless you all. ❤️
Yep We’re here now
The worst part is, she’s so young still only 28?
Tiara De Silva
Tiara De Silva 5 kun oldin
Why is the mum so emotionally unavailable? I blame her
Chayle Oatt
Chayle Oatt 5 kun oldin
This is really the first time I know what happened bc all I know is that she had overdosed I just didn’t rlly know like on what or anything
Caleb Finkbeiner
Caleb Finkbeiner 5 kun oldin
Hey everyone, I know how it feels to being that close to death, twice. The first was when I was still in my mom’s tummy, the doctor didn’t find a heart beat from me, so I was taken to the emergency room and, somehow survived! The second was when I was playing hide and seek with some of my friends and it was at night and my coat blended in with the grass and my friend’s house was by a forest filled with foxes and coyotes. So laid in the grass trying to blend in and one of my friends has this special condition where they have night vision built in to their vision and if it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be sending this comment. And Demi, you are loved and you have special talents that only you have, and maybe some of your talents might be a little weird to others, but that is what makes you Demi Lovato you are today. Plus you have amazing friends that always have your back no matter what. I wish I could be with you in person to become 1 of them, but for now, I will give you all the support that you need and if you need any support, I am here.
sam rose
sam rose 5 kun oldin
Upper downer crack up downer heroin I get it sober oct4 2012 I can’t drink or do anything I’m completely sober but I know it’s hard for people to be 100 percent I know it’s an addiction . It’s hard to understand unless you were in it to experience it
Caitlin Killarney
Caitlin Killarney 5 kun oldin
Every time I rewatch her Documentary my hearts just Breaks over and over I am so Thankful for her assistant because of her she is still here with us Today and is going Strong everyday Love you Demi ❤️❤️❤️❤️
like burn
like burn 5 kun oldin
I won't pay to see you talk about self-destruction and how you can't solve your problems
like burn
like burn 5 kun oldin
Soy la única que debe pagar para verlo????
Michaelyn Walker
Michaelyn Walker 6 kun oldin
I dout they were running maybe if they heard it was demi but I have never seen responders even fast walk. Always look like they are just chillen taking their time walking...
Nae Martin
Nae Martin 6 kun oldin
i’m glad she has taken accountability for her actions and i hope this time she really do get better emotionally instead of pretending ☹️
Bella 6 kun oldin
I'm surprised NO ONE not even her assistant performed CPR on her before paramedics arrived🙄
Mara Moraes
Mara Moraes 6 kun oldin
Força Demi! Você é demais mulher! 🧚‍♀️
Veronica Mora
Veronica Mora 7 kun oldin
You're a strong woman and I'm sure you will take advantage of your segond chance ❤ you're a survivor 🌻
*I Pray Jordan Jackson (her assistant) gets the counseling she needs, she will forever be traumatized from the scene she witnessed. She deserves more praise for her reactions, actions during and STILL to this day!! She lost a real friend due to her demons..Absolutely saddening* 🙏
N. Wednesday Quansah
This is way too triggering for me, so I don't know why I'm watching it, but I can't stop watching.
Mk 99
Mk 99 8 kun oldin
The mother seems very disinterested, kinda shady
Tiara De Silva
Tiara De Silva 5 kun oldin
Maggie D.
Maggie D. 9 kun oldin
Too much money with her videos life's do not help to recover???? 🤔 🤔 🤔 Donate money to poor people in countries full of real and really sad problems for surviving everyday life, that will help your soul and will make you happy or just go away... Boring, more of daddy's issues.. There are milions orfans in the World looking for an opportunity to eat, dress and some education....
Emily Guarín
Emily Guarín 9 kun oldin
This gave me too many chills, I cried, with the simple fact of thinking that how many people suffer for the same and do not want to see their relatives like that... Definitely Demi is a fighter! It's incredible, a thousand respects to her.
Roberto Carlos Estévez
I thinki this series is for free. Now i need a premium account?
like burn
like burn 5 kun oldin
mmmmmm,Why would this be marketing? Wasn't it demi who wanted us all to know?
Piotr Wydra
Piotr Wydra 10 kun oldin
The dealers give us what we ask for... sorry not sorry.
veronica rivera
veronica rivera 10 kun oldin
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee 10 kun oldin
I Feel Bad for Demi
EVELYN 10 kun oldin
MrTheLionKing1986 10 kun oldin
The whole showbiz is FAKE and DANGEROUSLY MESSED UP. The poor thing is 5 minutes away from death and her assistant is scared sh*tless to call the ambulance?!?!?!? And then she's freaking out about the sirens?!?!? The whole system needs to be demolished. Humanity has failed.
bananapie 11 kun oldin
What a liar
Lizzy Francis
Lizzy Francis 11 kun oldin
I feel like everytime Demi makes these documentaries it just gets worse
sara kate
sara kate 11 kun oldin
Also - when I turned 28, I was also like “YES I MADE IT I SURVIVED THE 27/FOREVER YOUNG CLUB!” Like he said, as morbid as it is lol. I think that’s something ALL young addicts worry about and “celebrate”
Montana Schulatz
Montana Schulatz 11 kun oldin
Traumatized jordan for life 😭
Jedimaster 024
Jedimaster 024 11 kun oldin
just finished this ep!- Now..that? was a serious OD and the reason she lived? was the blood cleansing..which? cost $ and most who are od'ing...never get that service. SO.. @demilovato like.. you go from this...to a relapse or 4...and now think cali sober ( w alcohol?- is not true cali sober!) and ya wont try 12 steps or group therapy like most have? where if you work even a few steps...things start clicking? etc. ya need to rethink what you're doing. sorry for some harsh words ive commented.BUT? not sorry(😉) cause from what I'm gathering..YA need some #toughlove ❤ plz..rethink what you're doing. if ya want some real addict takes on what youve gone thru/are doing now. Hmu. Youve much life to live.. so..try n get it NOW..not when youre 40 . GLnmw
jas taylor
jas taylor 11 kun oldin
Noodilious 11 kun oldin
Did she press charges against her dealer? Someone pls answer!!!!!
Dajiyah Mcae
Dajiyah Mcae 11 kun oldin
Did she get arrested for possession? Ah, the grace of classism.
Sarah Harper Scott
Sarah Harper Scott 11 kun oldin
Her security and assistants seem so much more sincere than her parents.
Lalala123 3 kun oldin
Honestly true. I think part of that is deflection in their role in her becoming addicted to drugs (because forcing your kid into being a child star usually results in this. It’s a highly toxic environment that usually results in a ton of trauma and parents don’t normally seem to take responsibility or this).
Valentina Lara
Valentina Lara 9 kun oldin
Raging_Bull987 12 kun oldin
She is so strong and depend gir we all love her
Andreas Falley
Andreas Falley 12 kun oldin
Celebrity ODs in her mansion with a whole doting team of people around her and gets top notch healthcare while many people don't even have insurance. Nice. Cry me a river. Well that was my reaction to the video and perhaps its production. Truth is after seeing Demi on Desus and Mero, I thought she was pretty cool and checked out the vids. We all have our existential moments. It seems from what I saw on D & M, she's going to keep moving forward and has what it takes to transcend the pain of her past. There's all that too.
H0LLYG0TYA 12 kun oldin
I felt the same way the night my ex husband died... I went to get our dog for the night (at his request) and I felt wrong leaving.. hours later I got the call.
Sariah Piacentini
Sariah Piacentini 12 kun oldin
did her mom chuckled when saying that she saw her in the hospital? wtf
Tiara De Silva
Tiara De Silva 5 kun oldin
I blame the mum
anonymous 12 kun oldin
3 minutes...not 5-10 ...3 minutes ...
Tammi Neeley
Tammi Neeley 12 kun oldin
Please stay sober 🙏
Elisa Martinez
Elisa Martinez 12 kun oldin
Leaving out the wat you used and substituting it for another to excuse what happened and why or how is not part of a health recovery maybe she did not want to say that on camera but needle us in ng I itself can he an addiction with that c ok mes it's own seg of problems weyger yi un choose to needle use that time or not
Tiara De Silva
Tiara De Silva 13 kun oldin
I feel like her mother failed her
Anna Belle
Anna Belle 13 kun oldin
I've been there, letting guys take advantage of me se**ally in exchange of dr*gs...
Cheetah Rising
Cheetah Rising 13 kun oldin
Omg! Such a 💪🏽 woman! 💓
MariaTeresa TorricoA
Agradezco tanto los subtítulos en español, gracias.
B 14 kun oldin
Thanks for shareing🙏🙏🙏 It must have been so hard... Brave and Honest, so much to learn from it!!🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️
Kaitlyn Conyers
Kaitlyn Conyers 14 kun oldin
THat 'Machine' saved my dads life too. Peas and carrots but Praise the blood cleaner!"
Angela R
Angela R 14 kun oldin
So was she raped twice? Because she was raped by someone she worked with in a movie and then she mentions the drug dealer. Are these 2 different people?
Dash120z 12 kun oldin
yes, she was assaulted by someone she was dating when she was 15, and then again while she was UNCONSCIOUS when she od'ed.
Mrs Hoffman
Mrs Hoffman 14 kun oldin
** EDIT** I wrote this as a comment to someone’s mention on Demi’s mother appearing disingenuous. I feel like her mother takes a lot of blame for Demi’s struggles. Being a mother myself, I know I would take 100% of the blame if my daughter was showing any signs of being mentally unwell. I think us parents have this sense of “we didn’t do enough” even when we did literally everything we could in every situation. I am not saying there isn’t more to Demi’s mothers awkward representation of herself, who the heck knows, she’s also a person in recovery as well (as she said herself in the first episode) which I’m sure she blames herself terribly for because it obviously had a huge impact on Demi too. The eating disorder was a factor for Demi because her mother showed her that behaviour, same with the drug issue as well and from my own experience, i can say 100% Demi didn’t know any better because of her mother. Demi’s mothers “weird vibes” are likely because she understands she gave Demi the tools and mind set of the addiction world, her disingenuous presence comes off as a mother feeling who failed her child and I’m sure the pressure of the entire world knowing these things makes it extremely hard to deal with. Just my thoughts. I grew up with a mother who did prescription drugs and I speak from my experience. I learned myself how to hide my addiction from everyone as well (I am sober and have been for 5 years) I only knew exactly how to do it and get away with it because the one person I needed in life showed me. I wish them well, as mother and daughter and both individually as they find what they are missing. Demi nailed it in episode one I think, when she said “she needed spiritual growth” it was the exact same thing for me. As soon as I started holding myself accountable i truly started living.
Jaydee Babee
Jaydee Babee 14 kun oldin
Something is very off about her Mom. I can't put my finger on it, but her lack of emotion is concerning and very odd.
TheRightNews 14 kun oldin
Sher is so edgy, and a hero....
Jocelyn Owen
Jocelyn Owen 14 kun oldin
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so tired of this druggy
Emily jenson
Emily jenson 14 kun oldin
The overdose was because the heroin was cut with fentanyl. If an average user used heroin= new addiction or overdose. Sober person = death
Gandalf TheGoon
Gandalf TheGoon 15 kun oldin
I've seen many accounts from people that met or worked with her that she's a terrible, self entitled person that is nothing but drama and completely unattached from every day people. Gandalf does not pity the unrighteous
talia841951 15 kun oldin
I'm suicidal i have MDD OCD PTSD and verious sleep disorders, i live a nightmare of a live, and this was so so painful and hard to watch. I'm so proud of Demi for surviving this and keep on fighting through. I can't believe she went through all of this 😭
talia841951 3 soat oldin
@Candace T. i wish i woke up. I don't sleep. This has gotten so bad i sleep for two hours every three days if i'm lucky 🥺. I need to sleep so bad but can't. I'm so tired. None of my sleeping pills work on me anymore. They gave me a shot in the ER a few days ago that enabled me to sleep for a few hours and added another pill that supposed to make me sleep but doesn't. I don't know what else to do i've never felt worse in my entire life
Viola Clifton
Viola Clifton 12 kun oldin
prayers of strength i send to you
Viola Clifton
Viola Clifton 12 kun oldin
@Candace T. prayers of strength i send to you.
Candace T.
Candace T. 14 kun oldin
Thank you for talking about this because I have the same exact diagnosis as you and I’m heading to rehab. It’s so hard waking up every morning.
Ronaldinho Gaucho
Ronaldinho Gaucho 15 kun oldin
I called him over? Like you asked for trouble!
Elly Raborn
Elly Raborn 15 kun oldin
Carissa Mcdonald
Carissa Mcdonald 15 kun oldin
But is the dealer/ r&pist in prison
Sarah Barros
Sarah Barros 15 kun oldin
you are special
Thomas Vain
Thomas Vain 16 kun oldin
I feel really bad for the assistant. She is Obviously scared of her Diva Drug Addict Boss which is why she is no longer working for Demi Lovato.
dana eberhardt
dana eberhardt 16 kun oldin
This doc makes me feel hopeless for non demi lovAtos, like shes got all the resources one could have and its so hard for her, etc. So why bother
Little Bubbers
Little Bubbers 16 kun oldin
who else just now realized her sister is Gabbys daughter??
Connie Murphy
Connie Murphy 16 kun oldin
she is definetly playing with the devil or is this all for publicity ? pray for her everyone. I will PEACE DEMI
j_m1234 16 kun oldin
She got a second chance at life and here she is using it to try and destroy a small family business because her self centered ego thinks the world is responsible for her triggers. What a waste.
RISS ILIENT 16 kun oldin
If survival was a person. It’s Demi.
Kris Wu Yifan
Kris Wu Yifan 16 kun oldin
11:05 why did he want it in her groin rather than her neck? i don't understand? is it just so it would be less visible?
StopThatSquirrel 16 kun oldin
Yeah it was about visibility and where the scar would be etc.
I G 17 kun oldin
this documentary is very powerful and i have a lot of respect for demi......but i just wanted to point out one thing: what kind of a friend goes to their friend's house to WAKE THEM UP for a DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT?? like, i need me some friends like that asap. wtf.
Dash120z 17 kun oldin
she was her assistant at the time so it makes sense she went to check on Demi to make sure she doesn't miss her doctor's appointment, ultimately this decision ended up saving her life.
PinkyChiChi 17 kun oldin
And a chef. I just commented that I hope those ppl are OK too, after what they went through.
i Tripper
i Tripper 17 kun oldin
Proud of you keep it up
Luis Enrique Centeno
Love you ❤️
Bellatrix Lestrange
Bellatrix Lestrange 17 kun oldin
The 27 club... :(
Isnandss 17 kun oldin
E sobre o traficante que abusou dela? Está livre? Ela não prestou queixa? Isso é tão triste 🥺
Dash120z 17 kun oldin
não, ele está livre.
naomy nicole correa huillca
You Demi you are a warrior who went through all your ostacles in life and we will always admire I LOVE YOU DEMI
Leeann Baxter
Leeann Baxter 17 kun oldin
Jordan is a hero! She needs more recognition!
Leeann Baxter
Leeann Baxter 17 kun oldin
So much more respect and empathy for Demi and people suffering from addiction in general ❤
nana Aragrev
nana Aragrev 17 kun oldin
Nasty miserable person in spite of it all.
Alex@S 17 kun oldin
And again I do not think she overdosed ..I think the drug dealer injected her with something so he can cover for what he did.
Noah Pierson
Noah Pierson 17 kun oldin
Her somg dancing with the devil and ICU explains this. Demi we love you!!!
Steven Acuna
Steven Acuna 17 kun oldin
Wow this girl is a terrible human being. She ain't done with the drugs.
JK Wellness
JK Wellness 18 kun oldin
It's so crazy Jordan snuck away to call 911 imagine how many more people Celebrities would still be alive if they weren't so concerned about the bad publicity of ambulance that they sadly had people passed away from overdoses.
Eliana Gonzalez
Eliana Gonzalez 18 kun oldin
I am so sorry for everything you've had to deal and live through. All these chapters broke my heart because at some point I understood what you were feeling. I love you. Stay strong.
Nina T
Nina T 18 kun oldin
I’m hoping there are repercussions for the one who had continuously sold her drugs. I’m sure some celebs have the same dealer. It’s scary when you get to the top I’m sure 💔
Mariah Alvarez
Mariah Alvarez 18 kun oldin
the way she was literally begging them to stay over because she knew she couldn’t and didn’t want to be alone
Jamie Wimett
Jamie Wimett 18 kun oldin
I love you demi Lovato we are humans who aren't perfect.
Necky Nelly
Necky Nelly 18 kun oldin
I knew assistants were mad important as soon as I saw Sam with Shay Mitchell. This is just grace abound.
j15 18 kun oldin
•Robby Studio• シ
Demi Lovato... Demi Lomesclo xd
Stephanie Stephanie
Stephanie Stephanie 18 kun oldin
Relapse is so badddd
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