'Absolutely disgusting, bang out of order' - MOTD2 pundits discuss European Super League | BBC Sport 

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'Absolutely disgusting, bang out of order' - MOTD2 pundits discuss European Super League | BBC Sport
Match of the Day 2 pundits Danny Murphy and Dion Dublin discuss the news that six Premier League clubs have agreed to join a new European Super League.


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'Absolutely disgusting, bang out of order' - MOTD2 pundits discuss European Super League | BBC Sport




18-Apr, 2021



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Sssstt Eghjksj
Sssstt Eghjksj 2 kun oldin
Richard O'Shea
Richard O'Shea 3 kun oldin
Dion Dublin shouldn’t be doing TV punditry. That sound he made at the end summed up his punditry
douglas coon jr
douglas coon jr 6 kun oldin
This sickens me to my core and I am American. I will find a new team, RIP Chelsea, and RIP premier league.
Ram Ranch
Ram Ranch 5 kun oldin
Chelsea left.
justiceforninetysix 10 kun oldin
If man utd fans arent punished for disgraceful behaviour and relegated, i am 100% behind the super league
LogicPak 10 kun oldin
Why does mark chapman dress so casually? He should dress smart like the rest of them. He still thinks he’s young with that top man bracelet too 😂
Raymondo Raymondo
Raymondo Raymondo 11 kun oldin
MOTD pundits desperately trying to save their overpaid jobs (i.e. talking bollocks about the Premier League).
Joanna 14 kun oldin
Fans have had the pee taken out of for years with ticket prices but this is on a new level, it can't happen!
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 15 kun oldin
It's not about winning or losing, it's about that glorious moment. That Nirvana when we are world class
jamie cedro
jamie cedro 15 kun oldin
Football = Football :) Super greedy players and clubs = 1980s, it will not last forever. Time is catching up. In the 1980s lots of greedy people lost all there money, there fault anyway. Goal woohoo! Football is suppose to be fun and that is it :)
minij hooi
minij hooi 16 kun oldin
It's not about winning or losing, it's about that glorious moment. That Nirvana when we are world class
Joanna 14 kun oldin
Except that it was callled the European Cup when it REALLY WAS the League champions of the various countries. Now it is called champions cup when you have the top four
Cndace Candler
Cndace Candler 16 kun oldin
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bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 15 kun oldin
know the history.
Jeffreys snapped Neck
I dont watch football anymore. I couldnt care less. I stopped watching years ago when i saw Tribe infiltrating and manipulating our ethnos. Thats what is out of order.
minij hooi
minij hooi 16 kun oldin
They are not using their neo cortex.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 17 kun oldin
Not a united fan but like Sir Matt Busby said “ Football is nothing without fans”
Dommi Davros
Dommi Davros 18 kun oldin
Ffs, moan moan moan! I've never seen so much whinging over something that won't happen!! Come on, I want to bloody see an interview with someone who has good arguments IN FAVOUR of the Superleague!! Even the presenter isn't impartial!!
Andrew 18 kun oldin
Defund bbc ,switch off bbc tv ,radio ,why are bbc on utube , keep bbc tax off line we dont want bbc
Stephen Robertson
Stephen Robertson 18 kun oldin
why are these football pundits and ex players all look like scruffy twats with all the money they got you would think they would buy a razor
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 17 kun oldin
It requires money to make money. This is the best secret ever discovered we don't make money,we Earn and multiply money...
DSQueenie 18 kun oldin
I love Dion Dublin! He’s a sweetheart.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 18 kun oldin
only care about the money. And it’ll be the death of the beautiful game.
guntur alam
guntur alam 18 kun oldin
C'mon BRIT-SUPER LEAGUE which could replace Carabao Cup content Big 6 EPL, 2 Glasgow Clubs, 1 FA Cup Winner & 1 SFA Cup Winner & 2 qualified clubs from both EPL & SPL (end season raises at top tables). Yeaa.
Daniel D
Daniel D 19 kun oldin
If I wanted to watch football without promotion and relegation, I would watch the clown show that is called MLS. Straight rubbish. Don’t know why footballers find that league appealing.
Daren 19 kun oldin
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Shahan Naseer
Shahan Naseer 19 kun oldin
Protests outside old Trafford now at 300 pm on Saturday
The Accidental Viking
If there was ever a transparent exposure of what this business is about it is this debacle. They don't care about the fans who watch and the players are simply usable chess pieces. This is about making money and putting it easily and effectively in the pockets of the schemers and exploiters. Stop watching professional sports. Break the habit. You're being used. The players are being used and abused.
Charming nowhere to hide
only care about the money. And it’ll be the death of the beautiful game.
Julian Boyce
Julian Boyce 20 kun oldin
Please educate me on this but why does UEFA feel it should ban players from playing for their countries?
Peter Hack
Peter Hack 20 kun oldin
Except that it was callled the European Cup when it REALLY WAS the League champions of the various countries. Now it is called champions cup when you have the top four taking so it is NOT the champions League. It is no longer the CHampions League, just given a grandiose title to boost the appearance and hoodwink the younger fans who don't know the history.
RealityCheck6T9 20 kun oldin
Brian S
Brian S 20 kun oldin
They are not using their neo cortex.
Brian S
Brian S 20 kun oldin
I remember when football was free and then the premiership came ... this is just an natural development. You can't deny how cool it would be to have Barca and the others fighting with each other over a season. Wow the best of the best. Sounds cool. Drop the emotional responses and think.
Brian S
Brian S 20 kun oldin
Football is a fun game. But there is NO honour in it. Cheating ... shouting at the ref. Terrible role models. Do me a favour .. this is just the next step of horrible cult.
Brandon marvin
Brandon marvin 20 kun oldin
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Mikey Jones
Mikey Jones 20 kun oldin
He has really made a good name for himself...
Grace Kannan
Grace Kannan 20 kun oldin
Interns of investing,Mr David Moore is the only professional I can Bragg for..
Brant Alven
Brant Alven 20 kun oldin
B.T.C will be the world's reserve currency! What choice do some human beings have ....?
lugard henry
lugard henry 20 kun oldin
Investing in bitcoin is the lucrative way of making money this days 💯
Harold Ethan
Harold Ethan 20 kun oldin
I am a beginner and I find his strategies very much profitable and helpful to me...
TheTedFella 20 kun oldin
If only people had this type of outrage and passion for what's going on in the world at the moment with this scamdemic and not a sport it's why we're in this shit hole situation
Eelko Wijdieks
Eelko Wijdieks 20 kun oldin
i think all the 12 clubs should be stripped of all earned prizes and start from 0 also all player contract non valid anymore that would teach those clubs a lesson
shani yan
shani yan 20 kun oldin
I'm saying "bang out of order" at least once day until I die
lloung Zodiac
lloung Zodiac 20 kun oldin
Shit talk...when these teams play, fans will be turning in. All things change
Wayne O'leary
Wayne O'leary 20 kun oldin
BBC got a lot of nerve!!!
Chuck Gillespie
Chuck Gillespie 20 kun oldin
paul mckinder
paul mckinder 20 kun oldin
What some people will do just to line there pockets DISGRACE
peter dudgon
peter dudgon 21 kun oldin
matt busby got it right
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 21 kun oldin
Fans have had the pee taken out of for years with ticket prices but this is on a new level, it can't happen!
Stu Crossland
Stu Crossland 21 kun oldin
How many more ideas can they come up with that will force fans away from football?
SOOTY'S REHAB 21 kun oldin
Funny how PEOPLE POWER stopped the super league, but won't organise to end the destruction of our world over Covid, Football more important than our livelihoods, strange world, innit??
Ray Davison
Ray Davison 21 kun oldin
It's also time that the Premier League players give up some of their ridiculous wages and made everything more sustainable. And a thumbs down only because Gary Lineker appeared at the end.
senni bgon
senni bgon 21 kun oldin
It's not about winning or losing, it's about that glorious moment. That Nirvana when we are world class
Mutual Aid Works
Mutual Aid Works 21 kun oldin
Money, corporate interests and corruption have ruined the game really. The amount that players and others in the game get paid compared to ordinary workers has been obscene for a long time. This is the inevitable result of living under a capitalist system.
Malone m
Malone m 21 kun oldin
👏👏👏👏villa fan
Kenken50 21 kun oldin
JP Morgan bank$ters are behind ESL. Buy physical Silver and crash JP Morgan, football fans or not!
liam Langford
liam Langford 21 kun oldin
The rich just wanna get richer £300.000 a week they don't care about me or you anymore not like when Stuart Pearce played for forest in the 90s they cared I'm a lifelong Chelsea fan by its disgraceful all sports are ruined now
Diana Cazadora
Diana Cazadora 21 kun oldin
We need Jose Mourinho back! No fair they sacked him 😤
Neil Hallett
Neil Hallett 21 kun oldin
The bankster families and their corporations that run this world have a goal .... to own everything, thus control of everything. They control the money flow on the planet. If it can be bought it has been bought. Politicians, the UN, the WHO, WEF, IMF, WB, ...et al .... all under their control. So it is no surprise to find one of them, J P MORGAN, at the heart of this takeover of our sport, the peoples sport. The owners of these clubs are part of the bankster clubs, with no appreciation of our tradition or history. To them this is purely about money, and control. Time to wake up ... this is not just about football ... this is our kids, our grandchildrens futures. As Gary Neville says .... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Boycott the banks, boycott the mega-corporations, buy local. FIGHT BACK>
Sally Kilby
Sally Kilby 21 kun oldin
It's been a struggle for the smaller teams for years anyway so with this, it's right, they won't exist at this rate. Where's the sportsmanship gone, it went years ago when the owners of the bigger teams got more money, when the top players got paid ridiculous amounts of money. Even a draw to some fans isn't enough anymore where's years ago fans followed their teams no matter how many times they lost or drew. It's gone crazy now.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli 21 kun oldin
I am so jealous of the German teams well done .
Garrett Canavan
Garrett Canavan 21 kun oldin
Honestly, I fail to see the issue with it. What's wrong with the top clubs in Europe forming their own competition? Keep in mind they stated that their intention had been to continue playing in national leagues. Personally I feel like the bulk of the issue is bodies like UEFA and fifa banning them from national leagues and world cups etc. I won't deny that the ESL was greedy and clearly about the money but so was the response by these governing bodies.
David Bennett
David Bennett 22 kun oldin
VAR has damaged football more than a super league ever could
Pat Flynn
Pat Flynn 22 kun oldin
I hope the FA deduct 12 points from the big 6. Preferably next season as this would make next seasons league a lot more interesting with the big 6 starting the season with minus 12 points. I am a Arsenal supporter. Calling us a top 6 side is a joke when you see our performances this season. More bottom 6 than top 6.
Adam Gordon
Adam Gordon 22 kun oldin
hope the premierleague goes bust soon. never hear pros who became millionaires on the back of hillsborough complaining about that. english football died in 1992
Anthony Stafford
Anthony Stafford 22 kun oldin
Awful sycaphantic crap... The premiership came from the same greed on a grand scale.. The wonderful premiership. Greed 101..
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious 22 kun oldin
itd be fun to watch, but cause an absolute shitshow
wawaw swfc
wawaw swfc 22 kun oldin
Sheffield fc 1857 oldest club in the world ....
XAFI 22 kun oldin
Nobody cares when the PL and the other big leagues left all the smaller countries leagues to shrivel from the 90s. If that's the mentality they will eventually turn on members of their own leagues.
Wayne Bagley
Wayne Bagley 22 kun oldin
It's job done this suggestion of a super league has served its purpose its started the separation of fans against there clubs... Watch this space, this is just the start of what they want
therzook 22 kun oldin
Football Is like a drug it is up to you if you can fight addiction, let them have this esl, nobody has to watch it!
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 22 kun oldin
I am so jealous of the German teams well done .
Frans van der Mark
Frans van der Mark 22 kun oldin
I gave this video a like but I don't really like it at all.
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia 22 kun oldin
It’s call the NFL model
pepe lopez
pepe lopez 22 kun oldin
It will be like NHL if i understand well
Tobin.a.k.a Tarkz
Tobin.a.k.a Tarkz 22 kun oldin
its taken this long to work out that fans have been milked for years?
Goldman King
Goldman King 22 kun oldin
Football has always been used as a means to control and brainwash the British proletariat. The British government were simply afraid the ESL would destroy British clubs and take that control away.
The OG Naptser
The OG Naptser 22 kun oldin
in principle a super league isn't a bad idea, you would finally have a football league with real parity. at the moment it's the same one or two teams that dominate their leagues because they're rich. I'm so grateful for salary caps in North American sports.
Kev F
Kev F 22 kun oldin
BBC pundits shut TF Up you morons!!
Christian Heckmann Engelbrecht
Silly suggestion that has stolen my sleep these last few days. For purely sportive reasons, not financial, I'm actually excited about a European continental league with all the greatest teams from 150 years of association football tradition duking it out every year. Fuck the money. The teams still have to bloody qualify, they must be promoted as well as relegated. Sport is first, money second, the American solution ain’t gonna work on the European continent. Sure, money is a very practical sociological tool, but it turns people into tools, some things are Olympian and above money. (Sorry, gotta breathe…) Anyway, here's my attempt at what the ESL setup should have been, if money hadn't blinded the sheiks: A new continental league (NCL?), under UEFA, will replace the current CL, playing for the same Big Ears trophy to continue its history. Fuck it, keep calling it Champions League, now it’s just an actual annual league. This new league will then be the only league tournament these teams play that season (!), after they’ve qualified. Teams are still on for the FA Cup, Copa del Rey, national team cups, etc. The European football continent is divided into 10 tiers, with current national leagues acting as qualification for the NCL and/or the playoffs. You could go only by region, but I also believe that a few national leagues will need to be their own tier due to their established history. Everybody has their national pride, but sportively, some leagues have ended up standing out in the football world, what can you do? Own tier: The English Premier League (4 teams in NCL) Own tier: The Spanish Liga (4 teams in NCL) Own tier: The Italian Serie A (4 teams in NCL) Own tier: The German Bundesliga (4 teams in NCL) Tier, Celtic Europe: (2 teams in NCL) Northern Ireland Republic of Ireland Scotland Wales Tier, Western Europe: (4 teams in NCL) French Ligue 1 Dutch First Division Belgian First League Portuguese First Division Andorra Gibraltar Luxembourg Tier, Northern Europe: (2 teams in NCL) Denmark Faroe Islands Finland Iceland Norway Sweden Tier, Central Europe: (2 teams in NCL) Austrian Bundesliga Czech Republic Hungary Liechtenstein Poland San Marino Slovakia Switzerland Tier, Southern Europe: (3 teams in NCL) Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia Greece Turkey Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Israel Malta Kosovo Montenegro North Macedonia Romania Serbia Slovenia Tier, Eastern Europe: (3 teams in NCL) Russian Premier League Ukrainian Premier League Belarus Estonia Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Moldova At the beginning of each season, each tier has a playoff tournament maybe two, four weeks long, maybe more. The national champions and/or runners up from the previous season now compete against the teams playing the NCL the previous season, for the total number of 32 NCL spots for that coming NCL season. After those playoffs, the teams who haven’t qualified continue playing their respective national tournaments, while the NCL commences play with the qualified teams. Any NCL champion can get relegated at the start of the following season. Go ahead. Piss all over me for ruining football too. I do see the problem in one of my proposed tiers having 18 (!) countries, and how the hell to have a playoff for e.g. 3 NCL spots? You’re bound to unintentionally piss on national feelings no matter what.
Oumar Dakissia
Oumar Dakissia 22 kun oldin
These 12 Super League teams must be relegated or moved to the bottom of their leagues (deduction of points) so they can not play in at least one Champions League season. Otherwise, they can repeat the same thing in the future. The football fan would love to see one CLEAN Champions League season without the 12 Super League teams.
Stuart Battey
Stuart Battey 22 kun oldin
What has happened with the ESL collapse just goes to show how powerful the people can be when they’re unified. This is why our government are using divide and conquer tactics, the only thing they’re frightened of is strength in numbers.
Erica. 22 kun oldin
This is fucking hilarious. All the real issues in the world and people gloss over it but something goes wrong in fucking FOOTBALL and people kick up a stink like this ffs. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Prince Dario
Prince Dario 22 kun oldin
I always knew Liverpool sucked so I'm not surprised
geordiemark 22 kun oldin
and its them very 6 criminal clubs who cost my team our takeover, what did the premier league do they said its either a yes or a no, them all have to be fined and points deducted they didnt give a damn about the top 14 clubs in the league nor did they give a damn about the lower leagues, by saying there sorry doesnt cut it the league has to act or theres more trouble coming
Mister Trousers
Mister Trousers 22 kun oldin
Kudos to Mourinho for opposing this
Ron Legend
Ron Legend 22 kun oldin
It's not about winning or losing, it's about that glorious moment. That Nirvana when we are world class
Rathurshan Rajeekaran
@shani yan copied comment
shani yan
shani yan 20 kun oldin
I wasnt expecting this was how Nottingham Forest was gonna get back into the prem lol
Markus Schebesch
Markus Schebesch 22 kun oldin
No, most of the players are all about the money and a higher ranked team, which goes together. And it's understandable, but the sport is fucked up enough. Talk about man city, Paris sg, Leipzig and the nation league, the conference league the cl reform the money and corruption behind FIFA, the adding of countries in Europe and world championship, the financial Desaster of Clubs like Barcelona. Inter Mailand bought by the Chinese with an investment of all together 400mil. 200 for debt,.. ähh I stop here. I could go on forever
Richard Dale
Richard Dale 22 kun oldin
They need to get fans back in the grounds that would have stopped this nonsense in seconds just like taking the knee.
Min Nicola7
Min Nicola7 22 kun oldin
I’ve been a Liverpool fan for over a decade and I’m disgusted with all of these teams. It’s anti football
Uzair Hussain
Uzair Hussain 22 kun oldin
Are you gonna remain a LFC fan
Belfast Blue
Belfast Blue 22 kun oldin
The clubs were just testing the water to see the reaction. This won’t go away. China and the oil states will want involved more. Doha united and Shanghai Hotspur will happen.
Ned Chil
Ned Chil 22 kun oldin
Money? Isn't that what the premiership is ALL about?
andy thoms
andy thoms 22 kun oldin
I hope these 6 teams get relegated as a punishment,don't let them get away with this. Kick them out of champions league also.
Landser Korps
Landser Korps 22 kun oldin
This will bring the european footballfans together!! # Fuck the Owners! Regards from Germany
jalabi99 22 kun oldin
Most of the owners of the European Scabrous League, oddly enough, are American.
chunky monkeyjohn
chunky monkeyjohn 22 kun oldin
Champions league for the actual champions of leagues all over Europe. Then you all can talk about sporting integrity.
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 22 kun oldin
"Do as you are told and watch the men kick the ball. We will handle the thinking." The poor fans.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 18 kun oldin
If this happens and they offer these pundits more money watch as they jump ship and run to the funds..
Dave Cook
Dave Cook 22 kun oldin
Nothing wrong with greedy teams grow up
Jeffrey Adams
Jeffrey Adams 22 kun oldin
Is that man pointing his finger at me?!
SHOTBYODYSSEY 22 kun oldin
These TV company’s are really manipulating the situation and the opinion of the people. I don’t understand why everyone is acting like they’re the lord and saviour of the sport when they’ve been killing it for years. Personally I’d love to see the BBC, Sky Sports and BT sport flop
James Livermore
James Livermore 22 kun oldin
it wouldn't even be a European super league because what about the german clubs? and because their clubs are part fan owned it wouldn't of even got to the point where their clubs would even have the bollocks or the power to pull a stunt like that and it should be like that here in England in my opinion. and you know what these clubs probably thought this was the perfect time todo it as because theres no fans in the stadiums at the moment they knew if they launched it now its not like they're going to lose money from fans boycotting
J.P. Canonigo
J.P. Canonigo 22 kun oldin
The Yanks' Super Bowl of Soccer
Living in Thailand
Living in Thailand 22 kun oldin
Hilarious that Dublin berates greedy club's whilst sitting on his £11,500,000 pedestal lol
Nicky Woodward
Nicky Woodward 22 kun oldin
This is what happens when our football clubs get taken over by rich bastards from overseas who just see them as an investment.
Voytech Doma
Voytech Doma 22 kun oldin
Another reason to hate Bankers
Paul Dilworth
Paul Dilworth 22 kun oldin
The real Super League is M62 rugby. This is rubbish..!!
Alan Griffiths
Alan Griffiths 22 kun oldin
All this fuss over a number of grown men kicking a ball.
frank talby
frank talby 22 kun oldin
This is like the Lakers, Celtics, Nets, Clippers, Bucks , 76ers, Nuggets , Jazz all making their own leauge ffs
Swag Planet
Swag Planet 22 kun oldin
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