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30-Okt, 2015



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william anderson
william anderson 9 kun oldin
R.I.p. Alan shearer.
CHD Oy oldin
Shearer was absolutely fun to watch. Don’t care about trophies.
Phil Thatcher
Phil Thatcher Oy oldin
The king. Harry Kane is a poor man's Alan Shearer.
sanz leaso
sanz leaso 2 oy oldin
No nonsense goal scorer
Daniel Partovi
Daniel Partovi 2 oy oldin
I haven’t had a favorite player ever since he retired.
XeverettX 2 oy oldin
I’m a West Ham supporter but I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for NCU because my family originates from that part of the country. I have to say Shearer is one of the greatest if not the greatest born and bread true Englishman to ever step foot on a pitch! HUZZAH to you Alan Shearer!!
seamus byrne
seamus byrne 3 oy oldin
sema group sponsored the golden boot at euro ‘96.... never knew that and i was working for them.
Dale D x
Dale D x 3 oy oldin
Alan will never be properly appreciated as the best there was in the 90s, 2 prime seasons out to injury and also playing on them mouldy and bobbly pitches to score 260 goals is just to show how good he actually was.
James Miller
James Miller 3 oy oldin
One chance, goal. Never seen anything like him, to have the injuries he had and to still be the top of the premier league all time goalscorers chart says it all really.
Moynur Rahman
Moynur Rahman 4 oy oldin
When your heart is set on your boyhood club and you achieve and surpass your goals and then break the scoring record.. then you truly are a Legend. Congrats to Alan Shearer.
Kevin Scott
Kevin Scott 4 oy oldin
Shearer scored 30+ league goals for three consecutive seasons which no one else has done in the premier league and he gets criticised for saying no to Man Utd but at the time Newcastle had just finished 2nd by a whisker and a lot of people thought it would be the difference and it gets forgotten a bit that after beating Man Utd 5-0 in October, Newcastle were top of the league but he went for groin surgery after that game and Les Ferdinand also missed some games up to Christmas and they’d fallen to sixth but when Shearer was back they had a really good run to the end of the season and got back up to 2nd and it was just unlucky they lost their two best strikers at the same time, unfortunately he then suffered a serious injury in pre season just after Newcastle had sold Ferdinand and Ginola to balance their books after becoming a plc and the momentum was largely lost but when Shearer came back they had the run to the FA Cup final and Shearer hit the inside of the post at 1-0 down and it stayed out, again when you need the little rubs of the green at vital moments it just never happened for him and later on under Bobby Robson they went very close again and had a few injuries when they’d been top of the league in 2002 and then before the UEFA Cup semi final in 2004 they lost too many key players to injuries again. I don’t think he regrets going to Newcastle though, he wanted to go there in 1996 and he stayed there for ten years until he retired and he could have moved somewhere else if he really wanted to but didn’t and it was probably because Newcastle were in contention to win things for a lot of those ten years and he wanted it to happen there, in the end it didn’t but that doesn’t mean he regrets going there.
Adam Webb
Adam Webb 4 oy oldin
He will still have his name printed on shirts 10 years from now
Adam Webb
Adam Webb 4 oy oldin
Simple question ... who beats this mans record ...
Graham McEvoy
Graham McEvoy 4 oy oldin
Took the toon doon
Allie Allie
Allie Allie 4 oy oldin
Nekodimus Cassius
My idol foot ball player....
Rob Harding
Rob Harding 5 oy oldin
Wow ! 1995 was a dream I had been hoping for, for decades,and My dreams came true , all at once.I was brought up believing Jimmy Greaves was the worlds best striker, Well he was back then, But For me, Shearer is a bloody modern day legend !!
Tony M
Tony M 5 oy oldin
Nifty Fifty Camping adventures, and gear reviews.
No players like him around anymore .. All Mercenaries and chancers ...
michael leak
michael leak 5 oy oldin
And a big head
michael leak
michael leak 5 oy oldin
Win nothing not a cup
michael leak
michael leak 5 oy oldin
Roomy Andy Cole
michael leak
michael leak 5 oy oldin
Don't think so
Anders Syvertsen
Anders Syvertsen 11 oy oldin
6:00 They werent interested because they got Solskjaer instaed! F*ckind dearer :)
Krt Campbell
Krt Campbell 6 oy oldin
The premier league best ever was ole gunner. The PL best ever bench warmer. Hahahhahah.
blù Yil oldin
Wouldn't say he's the greatest tho :/ very very good
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson Yil oldin
Shearer knew were the net was simple !
Amadeus Dredd
Amadeus Dredd Yil oldin
Alan Shearer is the greatest striker the Premier League has ever seen, as proven by his goal scoring record which still hasn't been broken.
Schmuelsons Radang
Dalglish is certainly a genius. I still remember my Liverpool fans said "no wonder Blackburn Rovers won the league, Dalglish has changed side". Shearer is a great footballer, his character and discipline remind me of the great British General Montgomery; tactical, precise and know his game plan very well. England has lacked great players like him over the past decades. Perhaps prolific and characteristically solid players like Owen, Shearer, Gerard, Beckham, Scholes, Ince, Platt, Sherringham and Pearce comes only every 20 years.
Schmuelsons Radang
Without doubt, one of the best ever produced from the shore of Britain in the 21st century. A gentle, brilliant, passionate and very disciplined footballer he was, Owen will remain as one of Englands's best. None of the latest England players that played in the Moscow world cup could ever match his phenomenal achievement.
richcall1001 Yil oldin
My hero and absolutely love this man! Proper Legend and greatest English footballer ever!
CHD Yil oldin
How the living FUCK did ruud shitllit get the newcastle job???
Sigve Eidstø Edvardsen
Best Newcastle forward? Nah thats Joe Linton
Xo Din
Xo Din Yil oldin
i miss Sir Bobby a lot I'm a fan of Newcastle since my childhood days.. i don't know why but i love them so much especially Sir Bobby and Shearer...
William Cottrell
What is the name of the music used at 3.31 to 5.45 in this video
Mr Rickson
Mr Rickson Yil oldin
Good striker, but dull as dishwater!
CHD Yil oldin
He could of won double digit titles, champions league trophies 🏆, FA cups, league cups, community shields and countless scoring records and possibly a balon dor if he played for Manchester United or any other bigger club. Its great that he’s loyal but he missed out on some enormous opportunities.
Paul McVitie
Paul McVitie Yil oldin
Shame he wasted his career at a diddy club.
Jenko Yil oldin
As a little kid playing football at school i would pretend to be Shearer
Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi Yil oldin
if it wasnt for Shearer we would have been relegated many tmes. How he still got 30 goals a season with barely any quality support is what makes him great. Back to the box and score is not a great place for a striker
Mitchell Sullivan
scored a lot of goals, but went missing in a lot of the big matches for Newcastle. The geordies love him so whatever
Van Dieu
Van Dieu Yil oldin
Shearer is one player who doesn't require trophies or titles to hold his place in the footballing hall of legends
Gizo02 Yil oldin
His record of 112 league goals for Blackburn in just 3 and a half seasons (he missed the second half of the 1992/1993 season through injury) was insanely good.
Zack Smith
Zack Smith 4 oy oldin
Just imagine he didnt miss that half a season he was on for 4 30 goal seasons in a row which is insane to think about
Michael JP
Michael JP Yil oldin
Total legend and I feel honoured to have been able to see him play regularly for newcastle
G Beats
G Beats Yil oldin
Top 12s
Top 12s Yil oldin
Kane would have to score 30+ goals a season for next 6 years to even have a chance of getting close to his Prem total
Ahmad Al Harbi
Ahmad Al Harbi Yil oldin
whose coming after the Saudi Takeover?
Life Goals
Life Goals Yil oldin
As a Villa fan my top 5 PL strikers of all time are ; 1. Yorke. 2. Shearer. 3. Ferdinand. 4. Agbonlahor. 5. Suarez. I'd anyone disagrees they're clueless.
you andMe
you andMe Yil oldin
its such a shame Newcastle is a huge club but they,ve got a shit owner and rubbish players and i feel sorry for their fans Newcastle should be up at the top 6 in the Prem
Mark Collins
Mark Collins Yil oldin
As a Rovers fan, i still thought he was a good guy after he left us to go "home." He even went to see Jack and lied to him, saying he wanted to return to Newcastle. He come out recently and said he was close to joining United, as well. He was 90% sure he was going to United before Keagan talked to him one last time to change his mind. That should annoy some Newcastle fans as well hearing that, seems he doesn't know where his loyalty lies. He met Keagan in the morning and Alex later that day.
aidan wilson
aidan wilson Yil oldin
Ion Marius
Ion Marius Yil oldin
One of the best strikers ever for me
Ben Young
Ben Young Yil oldin
Shearer- fantastic player. Great waste of talent.
Eric George
Eric George Yil oldin
Can I think of a better goal-scoring forward than Alan Shearer? Erm, no.
DavT 86
DavT 86 Yil oldin
Black n white on the pitch! But he is nee geordie he's a arrogant prik!
SICKS6SIX Yil oldin
Remember when the SAS goal machines were at Blackburn and thinking I wish Newcastle would sign them both, well one was good enough,
Rob Farrington
Rob Farrington Yil oldin
Alan Shearer, will forever be remembered, as the player who scored a few goals and that turned away from a career with many other trophies at other clubs. Folk froth at the mouth that he turned down Man Utd, but in all honesty given the array of world class strikers Man Utd had over those years I would go as far to say he wouldn't have been guaranteed a place like he was at Newcastle, so yes, he made the right choice, he played a lot of games for a team that one nothing. He settled for mediocrity and safety, which is nothing to be proud of!
Robert Doyle
Robert Doyle Yil oldin
He is certainly not Footballs greatest player or greatest forward or greates goalscorer ! Simple really. A great player but no way the greatest.
Alan Wann
Alan Wann Yil oldin
I repeat "34 goals in one season at Blackburn"
Hoa Tattis
Hoa Tattis Yil oldin
The last game against Man U they should have removed the shackles and unleashed Shearer to destroy Keane Knocked the stuffing out of that Irish git
Simon Forrest
Simon Forrest Yil oldin
Ol' square head (as Ian Wright0 calls him..Shearer was the ultimate goal scorer..The hunger and desire to score goals that he had was unreal...One arm raised with Martin Tyler screaming 'Shearerrrrrrr!!!'
Michael Bagby
Michael Bagby Yil oldin
irishfestgeek Yil oldin
Shearer and Totti are the two most loyal footballers.
Diogenis Cruyff
Diogenis Cruyff Yil oldin
A great scorer a header,not even close into the best of all time!one of the best in premier leauge?....mmmaybe but not in my list!When you have players like henry,bergkamp,vieira,scholes gigs,cantona,best,gascoine,van nistelroy,ronaldo,rooney,aguero,gerard and i can continue with so many(only from premier league),then how you can put fucking shearer next to these?Again,a great scorer but untechnical and without any fantasy on his game...and thats stuff that brings people to buy a ticket
frank reynolds
frank reynolds Yil oldin
Big Al! Fuck yeah!
Stefan Milanovic
Alan Shearer - Newcastle Utd legend!
pennywise1682 Yil oldin
Great striker but he doesnt deserve to be on that list
Robert Ramsey
Robert Ramsey Yil oldin
As a young football fanatic from Blackburn growing up in the 90's, this man was my absolute hero! He was to me what Kevin Keegan was to him as a boy. I met him twice as a boy and he was so unassuming and great with the young fans. I still have a signed & framed picture with him when i was 8 yrs old. We all shed a tear when he left Blackburn for Newcastle but never held it against him, who could blame a man achieving his childhood dream. If anything we were extremely glad he didn't go to Man Utd to chase money and glory; what character Alan has. We in Blackburn will always contend that he has his best years in our town, but we would say that wouldn't we! In my humble opinion.. It's about time he became Sir Alan Shearer.
He is the most respected footballer. from japan
alan dalton
alan dalton Yil oldin
The greatest number 9 who ever played football no doubt about it
Aka Miguel Sanchez
I feel like fans these days just see shearer as some bloke on the tele, but the reality of it is he is one of the greatest out and out strikers of all time
RobertB Yil oldin
5:50 you knew he was a person that evrybitofrihtwentithihd
Nifty Fifty Camping adventures, and gear reviews.
As a Geordie born and bread . There was no choice... It was a no brainer.. Kudos Alan Shearer .. I was born in South Shields. But given the chance and been good enough at that time ,I would be all over Jarrow roofing F.c. free curry :s and roofing..
Wythenshawe Kid
Wythenshawe Kid Yil oldin
streetspirit 95
streetspirit 95 Yil oldin
Hard to fathom how Shearer scored only 8 more England goals than Peter Crouch. Shearer should be England's all time record goalscorer
streetspirit 95
streetspirit 95 4 oy oldin
@Zack Smith If he played in good teams, he should have scored more goals.
Zack Smith
Zack Smith 4 oy oldin
To be fair to him he played in some of the best England teams of all time the amount of goal scorers in them teams is ridiculous he has to share alot lmao
Sá Teixeira
Sá Teixeira Yil oldin
He is my idea of The perfect English striker
Ragnar Ironspear
Shearer is the GOAT like our Joey Dunlop . The Greatest Of All Time
callum ROBBO 22
callum ROBBO 22 Yil oldin
The man is pure british class actually the best english striker ive ever seen i wud of loved to see him partner up with cantona wud be class
Albert Bell
Albert Bell Yil oldin
A useless jock fu..Ed our great team fooled by a Dutchman who was a complete prick
Paul Henderson
Paul Henderson Yil oldin
Absolutely Legend
Chey Stirrup
Chey Stirrup Yil oldin
Raylind2@4 Raylindwall 4@
B mcGoo
B mcGoo Yil oldin
is that the late, great, Nigel Walker at 2:27?
Tony M
Tony M Yil oldin
17:58 was really loving this vid man, then y u gotta cut me like that man?
Loose Cannon TV
Loose Cannon TV Yil oldin
Check out this Shearer & Ferguson VS Ruud Gullit beef analysis! - uzblock.info/post/video/vK5tm3SqY4eGZI4.html
Ioannis Masonos
Ioannis Masonos Yil oldin
Him and van Basten are the greatest pure Strikers ever. Respect from a Liverpool fan. You are one of a kind Alan, both as a human and a player.
Srđan Jovanović
I want to know the name of the song, everytime it is goning on before the match start at St. James Park. Seems to me that it is sax melodie, or something similar. If someone knows, please send me link for YT. e-mail: srki_70_2@yahoo.co.uk thx :) :)
Alan Wann
Alan Wann Yil oldin
"Local hero "by Marc knopkler
Beefy5039 Yil oldin
2 factors stopped us winning a tropy then, Shearers injury record (2 bad ones at Newcastle )and the fact the Dalglish sold Big Les
phil driver
phil driver Yil oldin
toon till i die .
Paul Peacock
Paul Peacock Yil oldin
I’m Scottish I have been going down to see Newcastle for years THE best of his generation joy to watch
cicstommy Yil oldin
No b/s, no money-hunting, no ‘celebrity’ lifestyle, no distractions, no histrionics or tantrums - just 100% effort and determination for the game he (and we) love. An honest, hard-working, tough, committed, talented humble leader. ‘Smokey’, we salute you 🎩 👏🏼👏🏼 🥇
cicstommy Oy oldin
@Robbo If you know, you know. Which obviously you don’t.
Nicky Cotton
Nicky Cotton Oy oldin
Aye, were plenty of proper players around him too. Be it Opponents or 'Team Mates', but best ever forever. (Obv' had to used to his punditry @1st, but don't seem the same without him on MOTD etc tbf)
Robbo 11 oy oldin
Who the fuck is 'Smokey'
Ben Young
Ben Young Yil oldin
@Kevin Davis Yeah, I see your point mate.
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis Yil oldin
@Ben Young yeah, I can see that ,imagine if he's signed for man Utd!,more goals ,more trophies,but in his defence, he's a home grown Geordie, and the no9 shirt n goals make him an all time legend to the Geordies, to outsiders an all time great no9.
the oddfather
the oddfather Yil oldin
icon thats it
piduli 81
piduli 81 Yil oldin
How did they go from Alan shearer wearing the number 9 shirt to Dwight Gayle wearing it now
Darren Douglas
Darren Douglas Yil oldin
Jack Walker Legend Alan Shearer i always wished wouldve signed Rangers like other Geordie Gazza
Alain Clarck
Alain Clarck Yil oldin
The English bomber.
Black&White Army
An absolute pile driving goal scoring machine, great man and what a legend!!!
James Thomas
James Thomas Yil oldin
He was no Robbie Fowler
Robert Langdon
Robert Langdon Yil oldin
young shearer= ronan keating lol
possys2 Yil oldin
if he went man utd in 94 or 95... he would of done what messi/ronaldo do now.... 15 years before..... he would of broke every goal scoring record, probs would still be standing now... he was a fucking a machine
alex zandberg
alex zandberg Yil oldin
don t disrespect ruud gullit,shearer wouldn t come even close to gullits class,so shhht
Peter Wood-Jenkins
Venables recognized his talent where as many poor coaches do not and a talented player drifts out of the game History will tell us how players like Billy Wright was told he would never make it, Thankfully Billy stood his ground and became a top player and future captain of ENGLAND
GizzmoD Yil oldin
He had a hell of strike on him.. he was a great header of the ball.. his positioning was superb.. but i will always remember shearer for having the heart of lion! what a player he was
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