All Legacy Battle Pass Rewards In Apex Legends Season 9 

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Showing all Season 9 Battle Pass rewards, an in-game look instead of the gameplay shown in the Apex Legends Legacy Battle Pass Trailer.
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3-May, 2021



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vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Kun oldin
Bruh Respawn really want to motivate people to use the spitfire more smh
AL's Adventures
AL's Adventures Kun oldin
This battle pass is so lame
CRYOZEN Kun oldin
It's good that they added free coins
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Kun oldin
Anyone just not really a fan of this seasons battlepass in general, like it has good individual items but mostly lackluster items
Rock girl
Rock girl 2 kun oldin
Him: “hey everyone I hope you’re well” Me: man I hope you’re well every second
Lewis Adams
Lewis Adams 2 kun oldin
Disappointed with this battle pass I can’t lie! About 5 skins that I like & the sky dive emotes but that’s about it 🤷🏽‍♂️ not sure if I’ll bother this season & wait for events & free trackers etc 😕
Psycho__Hawk 2 kun oldin
Honestly this battle pass sucks but the season is good😩 whats the best battle pass season for you regardless of the season?
Rock girl
Rock girl 2 kun oldin
All these swords and samurai themed items and yet there is STILL no sword. I know they won’t do a melee hero but a melee weapon would be amazing!!
Gainz-SFI 3 kun oldin
What a garbage battle pass haha
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Kun oldin
All these swords and samurai themed items and yet there is STILL no sword. I know they won’t do a melee hero but a melee weapon would be amazing!!
Robby Morning
Robby Morning 3 kun oldin
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soiung toiue
soiung toiue 3 kun oldin
there's no better music pack than Horizon music pack can't change my mind
Ben Calloway
Ben Calloway 3 kun oldin
The battle pass is definitely not worth it in my opinion but I think they focused way more on the season it self than the battle pass
Colin 3 kun oldin
The tier 110 skin looks like Eva unit 01 from neon Genesis evangelion
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 3 kun oldin
is it only me or did the anouncer said outfricks your oponents
Jarvezz Alexander
Jarvezz Alexander 3 kun oldin
Season 9 bp is garbage i only want to get to lvl 50
ThatRandomGuyFTW 4 kun oldin
I hate the wraith skin the colors They chose do not look good together.
Jordan Hann
Jordan Hann 4 kun oldin
Dude wtf did they change that Spitfire skin??
Kangriad 75
Kangriad 75 4 kun oldin
Honestly this pass is a letdown.
Its a me David
Its a me David 4 kun oldin
Mans got on trending
Iffus Akiyoshi
Iffus Akiyoshi 4 kun oldin
The aesthetics for season 9 looks great. It's like a sober kind of pink. The banners and skins seem influenced by Japanese culture too like the kitsune Rampart and an oni mask for Wraith. Good stuff
Indian Techsupport.
this battle pass wasn't the greatest in my opinion
Chase Pene
Chase Pene 4 kun oldin
Anyone just not really a fan of this seasons battlepass in general, like it has good individual items but mostly lackluster items
Teagan Tweedie
Teagan Tweedie 4 kun oldin
When you only have 850 apex coins and you want the battle pass-
DeathOnImpact1 4 kun oldin
Pretty sure bloodhound was talking about his uncle in the quip
NotGabriel 4 kun oldin
All these swords and samurai themed items and yet there is STILL no sword. I know they won’t do a melee hero but a melee weapon would be amazing!!
Jon Famas
Jon Famas 4 kun oldin
Another trash battle pass. No wonder they put an nda on this one.
Jeremy Granados
Jeremy Granados 4 kun oldin
the heads on octanes banner is literally the rare skin in the bp
Ahmed Alrudaini
Ahmed Alrudaini 5 kun oldin
So all wattson gets is a voice line? Like just give us 1 good skin, the only good skin for wattson is the cyberpunked
Doogle 5 kun oldin
Not to be a killjoy but my god this battlepass is terrible. I've had the BP for the last 4 seasons since there's always something I like the look of but this season there's not a single thing worth paying for. Kinda disappointed TBH.
reeish 5 kun oldin
is it only me or did the anouncer said outfricks your oponents
Thr33.P 5 kun oldin
aftet the holiday bash music pack came ive never changed it
w1lden 5 kun oldin
the katana revenant frame might be a hint at his heirloom
Urey Deliz
Urey Deliz 5 kun oldin
It’s obviously based on samurais and Japanese culture
USConnexion 5 kun oldin
The lazy team behind these skins smh 🤦‍♂️
Sethu 5 kun oldin
You are annoying
ImRobert 5 kun oldin
I wanted that yellow and black octane skin :((((
Abramion 5 kun oldin
Justyna Cieslik
Justyna Cieslik 5 kun oldin
Apex isn't loading for me 😐
Justin Miller
Justin Miller 5 kun oldin
When is Loba going to get banners that aren't trash?
Kevin Decker
Kevin Decker 5 kun oldin
My question is when is Bangalore getting a skydive emote
Lexos aka alex
Lexos aka alex 5 kun oldin
I lost all my characters plzzzzzz help me for the love of god please
Lexos aka alex
Lexos aka alex 4 kun oldin
@Beat dropper OK I just logged on and the season is honestly AWSOME. Let's just not count yesterday cz they finally fixed it. The new legend is good, not too overpowered but still has a pretty steep learning curve. The new arenas mode is soooo FREAKING FIRE. Emotes are super cool. The new map changes are literally beautiful Overall a pretty damn good season that just had a rough start Also no i didn't have any sort of problems while logging in
Beat dropper
Beat dropper 5 kun oldin
they are fixing it. dont worry. its just the servers are down
Justin Miller
Justin Miller 5 kun oldin
nice Rampart okami reference
Alirts ほ
Alirts ほ 5 kun oldin
This is trash
Kevin Decker
Kevin Decker 5 kun oldin
I agree but I think Valkyrie is good and arenas plus they hinted at a another event
useless memes
useless memes 5 kun oldin
All those banner frames are supposed to theme the next collection event because crypto is getting a heirloom im pretty sure it’s called a jikdo
Alvin Cares
Alvin Cares 5 kun oldin
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JustGabriel 5 kun oldin
Once again horizon has no new skin from the battle pass
Trent Hagerman
Trent Hagerman 5 kun oldin
the event i think will be a crypto heirloom take over with Korean/Asian culture skins for the event
Szlendak 5 kun oldin
another fucking wraith skin
Jachuu 5 kun oldin
Servers are fricking dead. Pain
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 5 kun oldin
I didn't think it was possible for the battle passes to get worse but then they put a legendary skin you only see in lobby instead of a weapon skin you see during gameplay better then reskins I guess😐
Golden_ Samurai
Golden_ Samurai 5 kun oldin
the next event to introduce cryptos heirloom could be a samurai based event that might be teased with the banner frame for Bangalore and the skin for wraith
BobTheBuilder69 5 kun oldin
Bro I can’t even get in the game rn
Jorge Rosales
Jorge Rosales 5 kun oldin
Show the tier 110 badgeeee
Oni 5 kun oldin
Just for anybody who cares: For the Bloodhound voice line, Valhalla is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin. Chosen by Odin, half of those who die in combat travel to Valhalla upon death, led by valkyries, while the other half go to the goddess Freyja's field Fólkvangr. So he might be led by valkyries, Valkyrie is the new legend. See the connection????????????????
Jakeline V. Méndez
I wanted things for Crypto like a Skydive emote or legendary skin ): And wow, another Wraith BP skin, i'm dying of joy 🙄 there's nothing i look forward in this BP other than the coins, packs, and crafting materials, sigh. Thanks for the video!!! its always awesome to see it early!!:D
My Dude Gideon
My Dude Gideon 5 kun oldin
Man, I'd really appreciate it if you spent more than 2 seconds glancing at the weapons. Yeah banners are cool but weapon skins deserves some love too.
SidTheSloth 5 kun oldin
One of the best battle passes for basically everything. They didn’t show enough love to the rare skins and such but that’s fine.
Ozwald 5 kun oldin
Its not every banner you say is "i think this is easter for the next Legendary skin", the banner theme already match with the skin in this battlepass, duh
UsFour 5 kun oldin
Can someone please tell me why on the lvl 5 of the battle pass i don't have a legendary pack but i have 800 blue matters
Amir Elhaj
Amir Elhaj 5 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks that that's the worst battle pass in a long time?
Loan Labart
Loan Labart 5 kun oldin
Is that fake ??
Jachuu 5 kun oldin
Why would it be lmao
Gr0ovyOG 420
Gr0ovyOG 420 5 kun oldin
Lol no?!😅🤷🏼‍♂️ xD
Rampart 5 kun oldin
OHHHH I know where my money's going this season
Pipe Micer
Pipe Micer 5 kun oldin
Apex really loves that red and white BS. It gets redundent
Follow me on instagram lop23raf.c
Did they only do a kill quip for loba, they did her mad dirty
KIFO_ ART 5 kun oldin
Underneath the croch of revanet in the banner you can sea a tiger looking skin
purpur_ Falter
purpur_ Falter 5 kun oldin
Today is my Birthday yay! I luv your videos😊😊😊🤩
Shadowolf_SWF 5 kun oldin
The caustic banner looks like it has an oni mask
gerardo carbajal
gerardo carbajal 5 kun oldin
So is the update today ??
Gr0ovyOG 420
Gr0ovyOG 420 5 kun oldin
Sox q
Sox q 5 kun oldin
Why can’t I play?
Jomio 5 kun oldin
So they just dont give a ... about octane anymore? first nerf him and then give all legends sick bannerframes, but octane gets an awfull looking one. GREAT
SamSabers 5 kun oldin
That wraith skin ☺️
Caveirataina 516
Caveirataina 516 5 kun oldin
The octane banner frame is based of a movie called gods among us
Karebu Skusa
Karebu Skusa 5 kun oldin
The Octane banner is themed off the rare skin at the beginning of the BP
hazy-steak7 5 kun oldin
People in Phillipines be like
BØT. GØD 5 kun oldin
i dont even have the season yet
xoupcan 5 kun oldin
4:21 they are darumba dolls idk how you spell it
Apex predator
Apex predator 5 kun oldin
Mine hasn’t even come Out yet
Kennie363 5 kun oldin
I counted only 3 Skydive emotes? That is very disappointing considering Skydive Emotes are a big part of Battle Passes and they usually have 5 instead of just 3.
rAd3aL Bloodlust
rAd3aL Bloodlust 5 kun oldin
spitfire pfff BS
kyrolunatic! 5 kun oldin
pretty sad that black and yellow cat looking octane skin isnt in the battle pass. really wanted that.
x9 Craze
x9 Craze 5 kun oldin
I haven’t been in the channel in a couple months but it looks like your aged 30 years in that time
The Hound
The Hound 5 kun oldin
What an underwhelming battle pass wow
egymario 5 kun oldin
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Strawberry_Reign 5 kun oldin
Are you going to continue your streamers favorite setup series, absolutely loved it but I didn't notice any follow ups?
Boo's Fantastic Channel
I think the next event skins are going to be Japanese history themed
IcedBailey 5 kun oldin
every banner frame is nice, but the most played charakter in the game...octane gots a fucking trash frame omg its soooooo ugly
Éliotin Le Lapin
Éliotin Le Lapin 5 kun oldin
there is nothing horizon related not a single skin or emote nothing.
DarknessLightRose Gemini
Love me some Apex. Great video.
Clearly Asexual
Clearly Asexual 5 kun oldin
5 hours lets go guys
EG VIII Ghost 5 kun oldin
Just 6 more hours.
Illusion-Whisper 5 kun oldin
lalo 1245567899413aqwp197
Apex never had any good battle passes,they are seem mediocre
Weiss Schnee
Weiss Schnee 5 kun oldin
I’m not going to lie I love the spitfire and the wraith skin but the rampart skin can be fixed if they fixed her eyes they make me hate the skin
Fishyboiiioo Codeyeet
The funny octane skin is a daruma doll
No U
No U 5 kun oldin
I just want something for mirage instead of a fucking banner pose or a rare skin 😩
mind of the devil with the heart of an angel
i think another r3 skin would be better ngl but this is fine
arif _raziq
arif _raziq 5 kun oldin
Omg ur face and ur voice are super diffrent super super diffrent
Project Fenrir
Project Fenrir 5 kun oldin
eh but battle past is kinda bland this season
#QAndMarco 5 kun oldin
Another boring battle pass I see
YTkingblue 5 kun oldin
i want that wraith skin
DukiGang 5 kun oldin
Max B
Max B 5 kun oldin
The stuff in this battle pass is crap
Purple Lion
Purple Lion 5 kun oldin
Well maybe Crypto will get decent content for next season hehe... hehehe... ;w; Season still seems awesome tho
Umbra_lad 5 kun oldin
Trending baby!!!!!
spending all my $$$ on Apex Legends Season 9!!
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