am i millenial or gen z 

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30-Apr, 2021



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Aidan Farris
Aidan Farris 20 daqiqa oldin
50% of us thought about anime when we heard Jojo
Mia Andrea
Mia Andrea 25 daqiqa oldin
was born in 2000 and took the quiz and got millennial
Milly Martin
Milly Martin 34 daqiqa oldin
When Danny says my name over and over again: I feel so special 😌
Jaxx Rose
Jaxx Rose Soat oldin
Being born in 1999 this has always been such a HUGE struggle for me even though it doesnt really matter that much, but it's also made me see that people in the middle kinda get both sides a little easier than the people who know for sure where they lie. Also Motorola razors were dope
The Quick shot
The Quick shot Soat oldin
Jjba is what I think of
Cowzz 42
Cowzz 42 3 soat oldin
dislike how youtube's algorithm hid this video from me for an entire week despite being subbed but all he had to do to get millennial was the flip phone answer prob hahah also: gen alpha is kids being born now and then gen beta is next LOL
Chelley Proletariat
Chelley Proletariat 3 soat oldin
I'll still be listening to the Libertines in 2040!! Lol
Ollie 4 soat oldin
Ironically, I'm kind of on the cusp but closer to gen z, and got millenial on the first quiz, lmao
Wisdom Wicked
Wisdom Wicked 4 soat oldin
I’m gen z and I still use the 😂emoji
Koby Cossins
Koby Cossins 5 soat oldin
3:50 'When you hear the name JoJo, who do you think of?' *_Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me?_*
Silver Nether
Silver Nether 5 soat oldin
the gen after gen z is gen alpha witch are all the small kids, babys and toddlers rn
Milagros Rodriguez Nobile
I feel like doing a BuzzFeed quiz to find out if you're a millennial or gen z is the ultimate millennial move
Sahir Muhammad*
Sahir Muhammad* 7 soat oldin
Wow he’s old lol
lilynth 7 soat oldin
just read am i mentally ill or gen z and i just accepted that and was like yeah let’s find out lmao
Psyla 8 soat oldin
myspace ranks caused so much drama
ArtsyBirb 8 soat oldin
After gen Z comes gen Å
ArtsyBirb 8 soat oldin
And after that comes gen Ä and gen Ö
Gianna Ramieri
Gianna Ramieri 9 soat oldin
the laugh cry emoji is only okay when ironic dw Danny
first name
first name 10 soat oldin
danny..to answer your question, the generation after Gen Z is called Gen alpha...and there are already 2.5 million of them...
Kara DeHay-Titus
Kara DeHay-Titus 10 soat oldin
“and my kids will be like ‘grandpaaaa....... why do we call you grandpa if youre our dad’” IM DYING HAHAHAHAHAH
svftmgc 10 soat oldin
cuspers made me think of casper the friendly ghost
Alicia Syx
Alicia Syx 11 soat oldin
petition for danny to watch Friday!
nicki !!
nicki !! 11 soat oldin
Danny is a boomer dad
Manal Elabidi
Manal Elabidi 11 soat oldin
Dafaq are u going after Daniel Radcliffe for
EmeraldAnnabelle 11 soat oldin
He’s millennial because he’s judgey But he’s like 99.99% gen z because he does it in the first place
Daveyboi Smith
Daveyboi Smith 12 soat oldin
When you hear milli Me: Milli Vanilli *turns to grave dust*
Madison Wright
Madison Wright 12 soat oldin
Me minding my own business listening to the video in the background: "When you hear JoJo who do you think of?" My brain: Yo which one Jonathan Joestar, Joseph Joestar
Janani 12 soat oldin
Weirdly despite your baby face I thought you were older than you are I would defo view you as a millennial
Rando 0ne
Rando 0ne 13 soat oldin
I'm ashamed of my generation... What problem do the have with sideparts?! They're the best! All my homies love sideparts.
Rando 0ne
Rando 0ne 13 soat oldin
3:50 I think of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Rando 0ne
Rando 0ne 13 soat oldin
They aren't out of letters, the next generation is gen alpha.
I’ve got a Purple Head
Why would I request money when I can just tags it
JasmineThe Idiot
JasmineThe Idiot 15 soat oldin
when he picked are we there yet over friday, i’ve never been so disappointed in you danny
Aja J.H
Aja J.H 16 soat oldin
Lol never realized how old Danny was
하루 16 soat oldin
the way this video never showed up in my sub box till now..... could really have used that money for my savings ugh
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 17 soat oldin
People not knowing that Gen x exists kills me slowly everyday
Woodie 17 soat oldin
Why is am I in the middle of these answers despite not even being 20
PAYNE_ _FACTOR 18 soat oldin
That was Firm, Danny
Ethan Lopes
Ethan Lopes 18 soat oldin
u can’t group lil peep with lil pump
Julia Nowak
Julia Nowak 19 soat oldin
yes i did like the video Danny, thank you for asking
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 17 soat oldin
what do you think of when you hear jojo: jojo siwa or jojo ... people who spent their whole life on memes and anime
Beanie Goth
Beanie Goth 19 soat oldin
holy shit i remember the kidpix jingle,, like when you opened it it'd play a little tune,,, fuckin loved the spray can tool
pepsi cola
pepsi cola 19 soat oldin
Danny you should link your first channel to your second channel so people that find you here can find your main channel
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 19 soat oldin
The top 8 got so savage. Dudes would put another girl before before their girlfriend. Shit would get serious
AmazingMR Pig
AmazingMR Pig 20 soat oldin
I remember when I was in a boy scout too.
Nate V.
Nate V. 20 soat oldin
"When you think of Ice Cube's acting, which movie comes to mind?" Ice Cube had movies?!
Nate V.
Nate V. 21 soat oldin
I a gen z but I dont get half the things my generation does.... but I dont understand millennials either...
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 19 soat oldin
grate video bro
Maytemei12 21 soat oldin
Me, Gen Z and a Harry Potter fan: *oFfEnDed*
Maytemei12 21 soat oldin
Tori Steunebrink
Tori Steunebrink 21 soat oldin
There’s a Facebook group called “born zillennial” and its amazing
K Y 22 soat oldin
I paused the video and went to take the quiz 💀 even though I’m just 21 and I know I’m gen z
Word is Bond
Word is Bond 22 soat oldin
When comes to this I've noticed there's alot of confusion around people born in 96 so I always say " just call me a Zillenial"
Hadyn Fritz
Hadyn Fritz 22 soat oldin
I love the fact that he's talking about how he was a millennial and was still so immature and proof of that is the fact he has I poster of him with an inhaler on his wall lmao
Jonathan D
Jonathan D 23 soat oldin
3:54 I thought of jojo's bizzare adventure
Carlly O.
Carlly O. 23 soat oldin
Did anyone else think of Jojo's Bizarre adventure?
Erciboy 2000
Erciboy 2000 23 soat oldin
what do you think of when you hear jojo: jojo siwa or jojo ... people who spent their whole life on memes and anime
Dragonfly 23 soat oldin
Gen Alpha is the next generation.
August Ball
August Ball 23 soat oldin
he always has lemon cello
Tate Gasch
Tate Gasch Kun oldin
danny you look 14 in this video
Pixies Kun oldin
Dannys a millenial but has Gen-Z humor ‼️
D’kota Cassady
I LOVED Kid Pix!!!
Rayden Kun oldin
Danny: When I’m 40 I’ll be rocking with the Gen ZZZZs and my *grandkids* will be like *Grandpa! Go listen to your own music!* Me: So when Danny thinks he’s 40, he’ll already have grandkids?????
grate video bro
Elijah McCrone
Elijah McCrone Kun oldin
28/40 is 70% not 76%, which would've been 30.4/40 that 2nd buzz feed quiz was kinda cracked.. the first quiz was too blunt as well and not very good questions at all I liked the video along though good job danny
Lost Angel Wings
Gen Alpha.....
bg sippin
bg sippin Kun oldin
same @ the nokia phone lol
Rantings From A Teenagers Perspective
Then there’s me a 13 year old gen z who thinks of the song
Lil’ McNuggets
After gen z is gen alpha 2:00
ANB10 Kun oldin
I’m definitely a gen z and somehow I remember a bunch of stuff that was mentioned in the second quiz. Like Kids Pix, mustache themed merchandise, the wii, and when Netflix rented out DVDs
Don PeekAboo
Don PeekAboo Kun oldin
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Diya Goyal
Diya Goyal Kun oldin
Danny: "landlines used to exist" My parents: "the phone, the (home) phone is ringing"
Erika Hi
Erika Hi Kun oldin
According to the quiz I'm a millennial, Im 20
Antonina Petkovic
Grandpa why do we call you grandpa if you are our dad please- 💀✋
Autumn Alexander
i saw harry in the thumbnail so here i am
Antonina Petkovic
Please we aren't that mean 😩✋
Ella Ashby
Ella Ashby Kun oldin
I must say that this is my personal favorite danny hairstyle
Rachel 123
Rachel 123 Kun oldin
I'm a gen z but I wear skinny jeans and have a side part sooooo.....
Bobby McMillan
Bobby McMillan Kun oldin
Very simple: If you remember 9/11, you are a Millennial. If you do not remember 9/11, you are Gen Z.
Jaida Body
Jaida Body Kun oldin
Mid to late 90s babies are honoree members of the Black Eyed Peas
9ajack Kun oldin
“You had a mustache themed phase” man I didn’t think I could get called out so much as a cusper
sydney229 Kun oldin
Danny says he's never seen any of the MTV shows and yet Kurtis who is younger than Danny has seen all of them and says they were his favourite shows growing up
Depressed tea /depresso espresso
My grandparents still have a landline and I loved using it when I was little lol. But now I kinda want a rotary phone 👀
Annika Mankin
Annika Mankin Kun oldin
kid pix was my shit
Hosea Iwou
Hosea Iwou Kun oldin
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TheGoldenUzi Kun oldin
I’m honestly shocked at how much he didn’t know.
Sara A
Sara A Kun oldin
you made vines. you are a gen z
Colbee Kun oldin
“When you hear JoJo, who do you think of?” Joseph
Lia Waqas
Lia Waqas Kun oldin
So apparently after gen z is gen alpha and after that is gen beta..that kinda cool tho I wanna be gen alpha LMAO
Depressed tea /depresso espresso
I feel like gen z when they’re Zoomers is going to make a bunch of alpha/beta-male type jokes...
Fun little fact, after Gen Z it's Generation Alpha
Depressed tea /depresso espresso
W-will after it be... beta? 👀
aya Kun oldin
using Buzzfeed was Millenial enough
CrookeDskating Kun oldin
Do people know boomer is not a old person it a person born after ww2 and before 1964
ella s
ella s Kun oldin
the laugh emoji is perfect ironically
Random person
Random person Kun oldin
“All the music these days is made my robots.” Miku: beep boop beep boop
Zethrem Kun oldin
Danny really doesnt know the movie friday
brooke christmas
bruh i was born in 2005 and i fw kid pix
Craze Kun oldin
Mr World Wide
Mr World Wide Kun oldin
the generation after gen z is gen apha- idk why tf its called that but the more you know ig
Insert Name Here
am i gen z or gen alpha? born in 2010
Sagoa Kun oldin
As someone who speak french, i hope the next generation will not be zz! (The way you prononce it in English sound like « zizi » in french wich mean dick) i don’t know if it means the same thing in English, but, i hope for them😂
Ananya Oberoi
Ananya Oberoi Kun oldin
Kid Pix I almost forgot about that
Ronald Dirk
Ronald Dirk Kun oldin
The whole gen x/z thing is so fucking dumb
Room Raiders was MTV's Grossest Dating Show
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