ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Marathon 

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Catch up on all your favorite Attaway General moments! What was your favorite part of season 1?
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When four very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients. Starring Dixie D’Amelio, Diego Martir, Lauren Kettering and Gabby Morrison alongside breakout performances from Madi Monroe, Eric Montanez and Griffin Johnson, Attaway General is a medical procedural with humor, excitement, and high stakes - for high schoolers.




25-Sen, 2020



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QUEER VEE ART 3 soat oldin
I watched this when it came out and I’m watching it again and i have no regrets this is hilariously terrible. It’s so good
Cahni Mafua
Cahni Mafua 22 soat oldin
Janet F.
Janet F. Kun oldin
des is so good
carlutschka papputschka
17:54 i'm not a doctor but i think the heart is on the other side of the chest lol
CottonCandyWitch 2 kun oldin
They said it was bad, but i still looked at it to see if it was that bad. I regret ever minute of this. I just waisted an hour of my life watching this. Why?! Why did I do this to myself?! 😭🔫
Jessica Maya
Jessica Maya 2 kun oldin
this show and some of the characters annoy me to a level I can't comprehend
Duckytato 2 kun oldin
This show seems stupid and I’ve only watched 113 seconds edit: ah here’s the weird part, it’s been 20 seconds and there’s already a coffee maker with eyes
Arya Ramdeo
Arya Ramdeo 3 kun oldin
She look like DIXIE
EDDwenniie 1708
EDDwenniie 1708 3 kun oldin
This is trash, I would rather be in the Bataan death march, then be in that hospital
Michael Kiehl
Michael Kiehl 5 kun oldin
This is why you don’t make a show with tik tokers
Pryce Moss
Pryce Moss 5 kun oldin
omg that one scene with the girl and the boy trying to get the kid to eat
Nina Kudryavsev
Nina Kudryavsev 5 kun oldin
no offense but this is the worst acting iv ever seen oml
Nina Kudryavsev
Nina Kudryavsev 5 kun oldin
oh jeez
Lily Evans
Lily Evans 5 kun oldin
Quackity viewers where you at?
Naomi Cadena
Naomi Cadena 5 kun oldin
1:07:23 Diego’s laugh bro Uh uh uh
tinybrush tim
tinybrush tim 6 kun oldin
this makes me feel proud of my school drama club
tinybrush tim
tinybrush tim 6 kun oldin
not me being 7 minutes in and already being bored
tinybrush tim
tinybrush tim 6 kun oldin
can someone please tell me why I’m watching this ❤️
Ruby Williams
Ruby Williams 6 kun oldin
Mitra 6 kun oldin
Hell wow so so good please people help 😌
Liz Oke
Liz Oke 6 kun oldin
my mom had brain canser and she dide
diana and victry
diana and victry 6 kun oldin
Hey guys
ruby shujah
ruby shujah 6 kun oldin
That's how Dixie all the time
Romane Letourneau
Romane Letourneau 6 kun oldin
Sophia Biddle
Sophia Biddle 6 kun oldin
Noah watching this 🥲
Mai Osama
Mai Osama 6 kun oldin
Why Jack look like Larry
Chloe Jonathan
Chloe Jonathan 6 kun oldin
o Hassouha
o Hassouha 6 kun oldin
Buddy 6 kun oldin
I skipped 90% of the movie and I cried when that olde man died When babie dies : 🙂 When a kid brat dies:😀 When a teen dies :😂 L When a elder dies :😭
sashania griffiths
sashania griffiths 6 kun oldin
Love love love this movie 🎥🍿🍿🍿🎥🎥 🍿🍿🍿🍿🎥🍿
Louis Bryan
Louis Bryan 7 kun oldin
Whenever u feel useless Remember, this video exists.
weeb 7 kun oldin
POV: you didn’t look this up.
smart fella
smart fella 7 kun oldin
here from pyro
PuraVidaAry 7 kun oldin
Boy (I don’t know his name): “Some people have jobs” also boy: on shirt if you pause it says teen volunteer. Lol this is a sign definitely the worst show I’ve ever seen with the worst actors ever. I regret even clicking on it.
Aria 7 kun oldin
I'm sorry but is this what acting is? :/
Anaïs Gnoleba
Anaïs Gnoleba 8 kun oldin
10:11 oh my god🥲 Even i can fake passing out better than that😭😭
Braeden The Titan
Braeden The Titan 8 kun oldin
OH youtube algorithm what have you brought upon me today!?!?
Sindi Sinani
Sindi Sinani 8 kun oldin
Omg it's dixie and madi
khaaysclipz 8 kun oldin
Namya Batra
Namya Batra 9 kun oldin
Not rude but dixie you can make songs and tik toks just pls don’t try to go for acting
madie and dixie
Lalaine Medianesta
Lalaine Medianesta 9 kun oldin
This movie is a lil bit lame,i doesn't make sense.
Quackity HQ.
Quackity HQ. 9 kun oldin
Came here cuz of Quackity
Ava Pixey789
Ava Pixey789 10 kun oldin
sarah lou
sarah lou 11 kun oldin
Lol 3rd time watching this
Claire Niez
Claire Niez 11 kun oldin
I want to take my eyes out and clean it with hydrogen peroxide
Claudia Mensah
Claudia Mensah 11 kun oldin
This is the Walmart version of greys anatomy 😭😭
Quimberly Lumosad
Quimberly Lumosad 11 kun oldin
I'm extremely annoyed by how she put on the hair net but covered none of her hair lmao, trying to be pretty much.
bud bud
bud bud 11 kun oldin
bro got wheeled down to prom in a wheel chair then got right up, put on a tux and started dancing😭
Xena Tello
Xena Tello 10 kun oldin
ZXAL3X 12 kun oldin
this is just.. sad
ongoing 12 kun oldin
why are there black women in this show I'm gonna SCREAM!!!!
Ming's World
Ming's World 12 kun oldin
When you came here from that video and now you are just enjoying judging their Poor acting skills. But you’re also enjoying this. Bo on Meds is Hilarious 😂
Ming's World
Ming's World 12 kun oldin
When you came here from that video and now you are just enjoying judging their Poor acting skills. But you’re also enjoying this. Bo on Meds is Hilarious 😂
•Lila• 12 kun oldin
Why did it take all four of them to get him juice-
Daddy Anakin :3
Daddy Anakin :3 12 kun oldin
The hairnets 😬
Thats my fav season
Nour Nahhas
Nour Nahhas 13 kun oldin
That's not gorgie that's dixie damelio
Zoey Howes
Zoey Howes 13 kun oldin
who else came from chicken girls ?
Northan-John Conradie
MADI is soo beautiful
Rare Soul
Rare Soul 11 kun oldin
@Northan-John Conradie ok thankyou
Northan-John Conradie
@Rare Soul the girl thats so rude to them with the blond hair
Rare Soul
Rare Soul 12 kun oldin
Who is madi
Ana T
Ana T 13 kun oldin
Diego Wtff😂😂😂 embarrassing
Its T3
Its T3 13 kun oldin
So bad😩😂😂
Caoimhe Áine Bhinder *
Akshita Narayan
Akshita Narayan 13 kun oldin
This is amazing
The real Krup
The real Krup 14 kun oldin
call me by your name
Rae Tiessen
Rae Tiessen 14 kun oldin
Lindsey Moorhouse
Lindsey Moorhouse 14 kun oldin
0:41 the way he just looked at the script 💀
Ordneal Zehcnas
Ordneal Zehcnas 14 kun oldin
I remember in greys anatomy there was an episode where a kid swallowed a marble and it was life threatening because they were metallic. But apparently it's not the case here. Just an incredible show.
123 ABC
123 ABC 15 kun oldin
You see this is why no one takes Tiktok seriously How do they sleep at night?
I watch YouTube
I watch YouTube 15 kun oldin
Ok hear me out dixies acting was probably the best out of all the main characters ,the girl who plays kit had the worst acting (don’t get offended this is just my opinion)
Raijin_Whit3beard 16 kun oldin
(Brat) TV. lol
lizi yifshidze
lizi yifshidze 16 kun oldin
Wow😯favourite film
The_ veru
The_ veru 16 kun oldin
Jack tik tok
Compte_fan 500
Compte_fan 500 17 kun oldin
Il est trop bien 😭❤️
rocio oficial
rocio oficial 18 kun oldin
Buscando un comentario español ...... no verdad¿? Pos naa
Rare Soul
Rare Soul 18 kun oldin
*10:13** What was that🙄🙄*
ASMR ALLEGRA 18 kun oldin
This is soooo good
cady kehr
cady kehr 18 kun oldin
there is not a number for how many times I cringed while watching this
Mia Polanco
Mia Polanco 18 kun oldin
"Oh geez.. ha ha" no emotion
Mia Polanco
Mia Polanco 18 kun oldin
I think this is the worse medical show there is, I'm pretty sure you can't even consider this a medical show
burchuchu 18 kun oldin
Wtf did I just watch?
dani 19 kun oldin
'literally walmart greys anatomy' no babe thats a compliment. this is wish greys anatomy
dani 19 kun oldin
this is me feeling better about myself
Triana Phillips
Triana Phillips 19 kun oldin
Omg jack is my favorite his voice is so soft and funny I always catch myself giggling when he speaks it's just so cute 😚❤️✌️💅
Stefania Corbu
Stefania Corbu 19 kun oldin
Dalbir Singh
Dalbir Singh 19 kun oldin
I want to be a doctor tooo a surgical doctor detarmalogist
Claire Clark
Claire Clark 19 kun oldin
I jUsT nEeDeD a EcUs To GeT yOu In HeRe
•Candy_Apple •
•Candy_Apple • 20 kun oldin
KpopiieARMY 20 kun oldin
This sounds like a terrible voice over 😭
Edison DeLaCruz
Edison DeLaCruz 20 kun oldin
"Im really worried right now because im losing alot of blood😐", "You should be fine, if you hit an artery you would have passed out😐", "Thats really comforting😐" The acting is impeccable
Dominika Dominika
Dominika Dominika 20 kun oldin
Alex and olly Fidget fam and music
The guy who was in jail he’s kinda cringe
stxrlivae 21 kun oldin
i only watched this to cringe and it worked
Aliarna Kemp
Aliarna Kemp 21 kun oldin
Meryem Stabil
Meryem Stabil 22 kun oldin
Offf wann kommt es auf deutsch 🙄
charli Queen👑💍
This show is a joke
Kozume.mp3 23 kun oldin
This is my 13th reason why
Aanya Rai
Aanya Rai 23 kun oldin
The comment section is more entertaining than the whole show. 🙄
David Palmer
David Palmer 23 kun oldin
This is the mean girls 2 of Greys Anatomy
fidget toy
fidget toy 23 kun oldin
Poor man
fidget toy
fidget toy 23 kun oldin
Omg madi and dixie ahh
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