Beating Minecraft but I'm an Iron Golem 

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Iron Golems can help you beat Minecraft now! Thanks for all your comments! Keep em coming for future video ideas.
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Welcome to Comments to Crafting a channel all about comments that you leave us to make some awesome recipes. Today we're covering Beating Minecraft but I'm an Iron Golem!!! Let us know what was your favorite part and remember to drop your ideas in the comments for future crafting recipes that we can make!
Beating Minecraft but I'm an Iron Golem
#IronGolem #Beat #Minecraft
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18-Apr, 2021



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OFFICEBOX LOS ANDES 4 daqiqa oldin
make it so you can grow emeralds
Lori Arendt
Lori Arendt 2 soat oldin
Beat minecraft as a ended dragon please Logdotzip
Helen Avon
Helen Avon 2 soat oldin
Beat Minecraft as a illiger
Henricho Purantoyl
Henricho Purantoyl 3 soat oldin
Ibrahim Syed
Ibrahim Syed 4 soat oldin
I swear he said the f word without noticing
mohmanbrother 5 soat oldin
Noob making nether portal
Aubrey Jenny
Aubrey Jenny 6 soat oldin
Try and beat minecraft as a parot
Nelson Rusch
Nelson Rusch 7 soat oldin
Next beat Minecraft as a zombie
Aaron Sample
Aaron Sample 7 soat oldin
Be an enderdragon in comentts and craft
sadig naji
sadig naji 8 soat oldin
but you are a fish its imposible ok do ender man normal
Daniel Popay
Daniel Popay 9 soat oldin
Minecraft but you spawn as a turtle
Sophie butler
Sophie butler 11 soat oldin
I want you to make a Minecraft where you start at the end and then you go to the Beginning world
Dhairya Mr D
Dhairya Mr D 11 soat oldin
Pigs beat minecraft
EiPu Tu
EiPu Tu 11 soat oldin
😁make a vid with wining the game with friends with lot of zombie with hat
Logan Rejko
Logan Rejko 11 soat oldin
Do zombies beat the game for you. Your awesome to
IRIS FINK 12 soat oldin
One super great thing is that the powers don’t need to be re crafted after too much use.
Chase Stewart
Chase Stewart 13 soat oldin
Iron is
Siddh Jain
Siddh Jain 15 soat oldin
can u beat mine craft being an silver fish
Kyla Gomez
Kyla Gomez 16 soat oldin
Tyler pls play minecraft us a enderman pls
Mimoza Shira
Mimoza Shira 17 soat oldin
Bet minicraft as the chaos guardian or wither storm
Zero Two Gaming
Zero Two Gaming 19 soat oldin
Tyler: minecraft but you are the ender dragon
Landyn Wadge
Landyn Wadge Kun oldin
11:41 hey Tyler u are very tall and I see ur in a costume mate
Jennifer Valenzuela
Minecraft but zombies beat the game for you
Sharon Gasmen
Sharon Gasmen Kun oldin
play as a pillager
Rachel Hearn
Rachel Hearn Kun oldin
play as a zombie in minecraft
YEnia Finale
YEnia Finale Kun oldin
Can you play minecraft as the wither
Xx_ XULIN_zZ Kun oldin
Play as a zombie or creeper
Prakash joshi
Prakash joshi Kun oldin
Beat minecraft with a pig
Dad’s youtuber Goudjil
Iron apple and iron ingot (iron ingot heals iron gotem
Allaina Bandayanon
can you beat minecraft but your a cow???
Kabita Poudel
Kabita Poudel Kun oldin
Beat mine craft by being a pig
Mohamed Shail
Mohamed Shail Kun oldin
Beet maincraft as a enderdragon
Geniyah Williams
Can you beat Minecraft is a fox please😫😫😫😫😫😫🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
The Pearl King
The Pearl King 2 kun oldin
minecraft but you are a warden
Perita Education and Research
Beat minecraft as a enderMan
Triton Nemeth
Triton Nemeth 2 kun oldin
Mc Dirt block
Mc Dirt block 2 kun oldin
Is this logtozips other channnel?
Adam R
Adam R 2 kun oldin
Minecraft but you try to beat the game as the red stone monstrosity
Jayden Mitchell
Jayden Mitchell 2 kun oldin
He not life but hes more longer
Jayden Mitchell
Jayden Mitchell 2 kun oldin
Wow you did get being good
Jayden Mitchell
Jayden Mitchell 2 kun oldin
Us under???
Jayden Mitchell
Jayden Mitchell 2 kun oldin
Cristóvão Born Finger
Video idea:beat the Minecraft how a ravager
sabi Gutierrez
sabi Gutierrez 2 kun oldin
bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;]
Corne Lubbe
Corne Lubbe 2 kun oldin
an iron golem is 2.7 blocks tall
Zachary Chandonnet
Zachary Chandonnet 2 kun oldin
Either beat the game as a pillager or have pillagers beat it 4 u
Zachary Chandonnet
Zachary Chandonnet 2 kun oldin
try eating iron Edit: I watched the rest of the vid lol
Cameron Whitney
Cameron Whitney 2 kun oldin
Beat minecraft as a creeper
Not_The_King 2 kun oldin
I know
Ener Torres
Ener Torres 2 kun oldin
I don't know
Sheila Grant
Sheila Grant 2 kun oldin
Play as the ender dragon pls pls
Tyler Sweet
Tyler Sweet 3 kun oldin
11:58 finding a stronghold for rods, already where you wanna be
Lorenzo Cantu5yyytfgvvnjhfccdd 14th h
11:58 finding a stronghold for rods, already where you wanna be
Kw_skate guy
Kw_skate guy 3 kun oldin
Beat Minecraft but there's different types of ender dragons
MooBear H
MooBear H 3 kun oldin
There’re was a Emerald ore
Edith Santos
Edith Santos 3 kun oldin
Beat the game as a wolf
Yp van Driel
Yp van Driel 3 kun oldin
12:00 yeah sure stronghold in the nether do you mean ender blazes now i came up with an idea minecraft but blazes beat the game for you
Yp van Driel
Yp van Driel 3 kun oldin
you should beat minecraft as a block or as a ender dragon
Ivor Powell
Ivor Powell 3 kun oldin
Everyone new to minecraft: how can he dash when hes iron hes heavy Ppl who love iron golems: yay they added the dash attack
Gil Christ
Gil Christ 3 kun oldin
I want To see you beat the ender dragon as a ravager
Caiden Silver
Caiden Silver 3 kun oldin
Iron Man Iron
Caiden Silver
Caiden Silver 3 kun oldin
Ruv & Sarvente
Ruv & Sarvente 3 kun oldin
Beating Minecraft but I'm An Ender Dragon
Bernadine Rousseau
Bernadine Rousseau 3 kun oldin
I have a funny idea, you beat minecraft, but as a pig Love this vid
Abderahmane Bencheikh
Can someone ask this is not his chanel
Ferdinand Marasigan
How about you are an ender dragon
Origami gamer
Origami gamer 3 kun oldin
So a Preston calab soon
George rocks ROBLOX
Beat Minecraft as the ender dragon
Afra Abdul Samad
Afra Abdul Samad 4 kun oldin
Beat minecraft being a villager! Please!
agustina agustina
agustina agustina 4 kun oldin
Yea its interesting so much logdotzip
ShaneMCPE 4 kun oldin
11:58 Find a stronghold to get blaze rods
sanszyz 4 kun oldin
u mean fortres? 12:00
Dennis Bonilla-Rodriquez
wood =iron in minecraft
Sara Ramirez
Sara Ramirez 5 kun oldin
He also eats iron ingest
Henk Human
Henk Human 5 kun oldin
Minecraft but fearters are op
Michael Kammeraad
Michael Kammeraad 5 kun oldin
This is a great game to play with my friends and family and I have the game and love the game so I can see what happens when you play as the golem and beat the game in minecraft and kill the dragon and win please subscribe to this video and like the video can you beat the game as a cat and I have a ender dragin cup
Amber Powell
Amber Powell 5 kun oldin
You should be Minecraft as an Enderman
Lime Sus
Lime Sus 5 kun oldin
Beat Minecraft with a Ender dragon
Panhauddom Vong
Panhauddom Vong 5 kun oldin
Nic ending
KadePlayz X-Treme
KadePlayz X-Treme 5 kun oldin
''Beating Minecraft has a creeper!''
Michele Bafile-Sharrow
I love it
Aubrae Dunifon
Aubrae Dunifon 6 kun oldin
Ender dragon or chicken
Colinthegamer 6 kun oldin
Is this mod real ???
Hazarath Reddy
Hazarath Reddy 6 kun oldin
iron golems are slow right
Inse OOSTERLINCK 6 kun oldin
beat minecraft as a dog
Annie R
Annie R 6 kun oldin
Who else wanted to see him pick up the ender dragon?
UrSalty_ Matas
UrSalty_ Matas 6 kun oldin
guys im desperate how to f ind these mods
Laz Gaming12
Laz Gaming12 6 kun oldin
7:55 he sweared?!
Miguel Gerente
Miguel Gerente 6 kun oldin
Tyler make a video like minecraft but iron golem deafeat the game
Make a PZ9 MOD
Army Boss PlayZ
Army Boss PlayZ 6 kun oldin
Beat Minecraft well as a blasz
Shawn Plays
Shawn Plays 6 kun oldin
week 1 minecraft but skeleton beat the games for you
Terran Severs
Terran Severs 6 kun oldin
can you do beating minecraft but im a wither
Maryam Saleh
Maryam Saleh 6 kun oldin
You should use the ender dragon to beat the game for you
Jourvan Lai
Jourvan Lai 6 kun oldin
itss fortress not stronghold
Arkin P
Arkin P 6 kun oldin
Beat minecraft as a zombie
Ali Loves chug jugs
11:59 ‘we can go to the stronghold to get blaze rods’ 😂
Max Monsteralls
Max Monsteralls 7 kun oldin
“So we can ge some obsidian going fucker”
Abram Rose
Abram Rose 7 kun oldin
And you should play as a war hammer titan with the attack on titan
Abram Rose
Abram Rose 7 kun oldin
If you watch ato he is the war hammer titan
khalid badwan
khalid badwan 7 kun oldin
What if you beat Minecraft as the wither?
Sammie Felix
Sammie Felix 7 kun oldin
Minecraft as an Enderman
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