Beating Minecraft on the HARDEST Seed 

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Beating Minecraft on the Hardest Seed
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10-Sen, 2020



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Oliver TH Gibson
Oliver TH Gibson Soat oldin
At least he is not hacking
Jasper Murphy
Jasper Murphy 8 soat oldin
I have found a ender portal with 4 eyes of ender
chessgonzales 9 soat oldin
Bro there is such thing as swimming ya know
Oliver Tech
Oliver Tech 11 soat oldin
I feel like the one tree is adopted is it just me
Supriya Rana
Supriya Rana 14 soat oldin
You forgot about your farm
Amazing Abhilash
Amazing Abhilash 16 soat oldin
it physically hurt when did not used a sword to kill fish
Tirex Alex
Tirex Alex 17 soat oldin
18:26 r u stupid
Tirex Alex
Tirex Alex 17 soat oldin
(no hate)
Fernando Vasquez
Fernando Vasquez 22 soat oldin
Granger Agent Z • 10 years ago
The fact that he got a mending Fishing rod 😂
Granger Agent Z • 10 years ago
The fact that he use a pickaxe To kill mobs haha
EeveeGirl Kun oldin
oh water! water........right
Helena Alenryd
Helena Alenryd Kun oldin
do a "can i survive ONLY in a swamp biom?" Thatd be cool and i subscribed, smith if you see this and your gonna do it plase like this comment
King England
King England Kun oldin
Dried kelp
Ester Grant
Ester Grant 2 kun oldin
i wonder how hard it is to edit the video so that you time the cuts to every time he breaks a block. i always think “how??”
Radomir Latipov
Radomir Latipov 3 kun oldin
You’re the best Minecraft youtuber ever
Bentley Longton
Bentley Longton 4 kun oldin
Like Blackpink Botin
If u want world build a boat to make it more faster than swimming
Angel Dark
Angel Dark 4 kun oldin
Dude isn't using the natural water elevators.
FireLizard Song
FireLizard Song 4 kun oldin
OMG! This seed is perfect. I've been searching for a seed for an ocean survival world. I did what I called a build your own island world once on WiiU. By hand on survival I destroyed all the islands and brought them down to 2 or 3 blocks below water level. Even all trees were destroyed. No saplings. The only thing I allowed was the bonus chest for supplies. I kept the stuff in my inventory for when officially started playing that world. A lot of work for pure survival, lol. The best part of it was a large cave hole that went down and had grass blocks below water level for when I cleared away the land. So when i dug up dirt from under water I was able to build an island with grass to spawn animals and mobs. I really wanted to do the same on Switch but where I had trees on that other world, I wanted to do a world where the only wood was from underwater. No help from spawn chest this time. I started to explore your seed and to my suprise I found a section where a hole was going down into ground with grass blocks below water level. I'll be able to build an island with grass. Nice. I'm going to destroy islands and trees by hand on pure survival and since the world is infinite, I'm only going to play within the map's boundaries. No cheating and going to distant islands for trees past the edge of the map. Thank you so much for this wonderful seed. I'm so glad you gave us the number. It's exactly what I've been looking for. I wish I could do a video on it, lol. It's going to be difficult but fun.
Melvin Willbert
Melvin Willbert 5 kun oldin
niftysmith do you know that if you cook the kelp u get dried kelp that u can eat
Melvin Willbert
Melvin Willbert 5 kun oldin
I guess niftysmith is a noob
Rxso 5 kun oldin
Presenting: Skyblock
Gacha Evelyn
Gacha Evelyn 5 kun oldin
you don't have to do the coners
Chai Hu
Chai Hu 5 kun oldin
Boat make a boat
SMM CRAFT GAMING 5 kun oldin
There is no need of for food . Get kelp from sea cook it u can eat it
ComputerNerdInside 6 kun oldin
You know you can eat kelp.....right?
LB 7 kun oldin
Minecraft Gamer
Minecraft Gamer 7 kun oldin
You are a bot Even noobs know about sprinting in water Shame on you
Minecraft Gamer
Minecraft Gamer 7 kun oldin
If you smelt kelp you can eat it
Minecraft Gamer
Minecraft Gamer 7 kun oldin
What a noob you don't even know to sprint in water
Jackal 8 kun oldin
Lemme tell you what impossible is. spawning on just one block of sand surrounded by ocean for 100s of chunks with no island, no sir! not even a little one so that friendly mobs can spawn. and no dont get ur hopes up. there is no shipwreck nearby. this may or may not be from my personal experience ;P
Kyran wyatt
Kyran wyatt 8 kun oldin
Ladies and gentlemen we did it we, we found a tree
Lisa Chronister
Lisa Chronister 8 kun oldin
U should try 100 days of hardcore on this seed
Mikel Clark Relunio
He got a water bucket in his inventory
gaming channel
gaming channel 9 kun oldin
Tip:when your doing a survival in a ocean use kelp for food
ipen 9 kun oldin
Would've just crafted a boat and sail off
[28]. Rishabh
[28]. Rishabh 9 kun oldin
Has 3 normal arrows and 40 spectral ones But dragon does not glow
Nelia Biano
Nelia Biano 9 kun oldin
100/10 of your base❤️ (using ma moms phone)
muhammad zawar
muhammad zawar 10 kun oldin
Niftysmith:this is the hardest seed! Fundy:thats cute Let me introduce myself
Wendy Kudless
Wendy Kudless 10 kun oldin
I beat the game on this seed
Avas beauty
Avas beauty 10 kun oldin
Derpmilk135 10 kun oldin
there is 0.01% Chance Netherite Ingot Being In a Bastion
gamer_with Tahsin
gamer_with Tahsin 10 kun oldin
You sheared leaf
UItraVice 11 kun oldin
"Hardest seed ever" Spawns: Pirate ship Monument Broken Portal Tree Iron Ore on surface level..... Tons of kelp to fry as fuel Tons of fish to eat. Really?
Evan Neglia
Evan Neglia 11 kun oldin
I play Minecraft but I have a dream skin soon he has to change his skin
Moridaplayz XD
Moridaplayz XD 12 kun oldin
me: spawns in the hardest seed also me: sees a drowned with a trident again me: kills it and gets the tridet me: WHAT HOW IS THIS HARD >:D
Isaiah McNeil
Isaiah McNeil 12 kun oldin
notice its supposedly impossible and he beats the game with no deaths
GingerNinja Buba
GingerNinja Buba 12 kun oldin
Mah man dumb Swims slow Doesn’t cook the kelp Breaks leaves with shears and wonders how he got leaves BROKE LEAVES WITH A SWORD doesn’t crouch on magma to regain his bubbles Like bro
Elena Ravenclaw
Elena Ravenclaw 12 kun oldin
Campfires! You only need one coal and a bit of wood. It has saved my life so many times.
DumbHusk94 12 kun oldin
Pat- eats rotten flesh Me- you have steak right next to it Bruh
Wild Rift Epic
Wild Rift Epic 12 kun oldin
Are you in peaceful mode???
mw gargo
mw gargo 12 kun oldin
you can cook kelp for foooooooooood
cooper oshima
cooper oshima 12 kun oldin
• he didn't swim so he went painstakingly slow for absolutely no reason and almost died because of it •he doesn't sprint jump •doesn't kill enderman despite trying to beat the game (no it doesn't make sense that he didn't so that he could not get into a fight he could have stayed in water, gone under a block, or put it in a boat) • Still watching but there's no doubt more mildly infuriating things he does
Sarcasm User
Sarcasm User 13 kun oldin
He got Lapis before wood...WHAA-
Jasmine Chloe Bueno
Jasmine Chloe Bueno 13 kun oldin
I thought i was watching speed run you gonna defeat the ender dragon fast
Pranav 14 kun oldin
For the 2 sheep's and a chicken the chances are 21%43
Abhishek Punjayil
Abhishek Punjayil 14 kun oldin
umm kelp is a food source
Carmen Alvarez
Carmen Alvarez 15 kun oldin
For a hot second i thought he was in hardcore😂
galactic playz
galactic playz 15 kun oldin
imagine this seed and dream manhunt
Hilal Jan
Hilal Jan 15 kun oldin
Wait what? That's the seed that I play😐😶
SᴜɴɴʏGAMEZ 15 kun oldin
And i rate your base 10/10
SᴜɴɴʏGAMEZ 15 kun oldin
What is the seed? i want to play it!
He Bin Cai
He Bin Cai 15 kun oldin
Bruh cook kelp
Eli 15 kun oldin
“I need fish not dolphins” Who’s gonna tell him?
james gloria
james gloria 15 kun oldin
Lol Fish...
BloxyYalex • 10 years ago
18:28 Why-
bucknalbert 16 kun oldin
Lean Joules Atanoso
Lean Joules Atanoso 16 kun oldin
Make a boat
banuno 16 kun oldin
heres the seed to copy and paste: 619717398
Austin Stratton
Austin Stratton 16 kun oldin
Austin Stratton
Austin Stratton 16 kun oldin
You were so focussed on the tree.. then you got wood in the shipwreck.. but still were super focussed on the tree like it was gonna save you. But you already had the wood.
CKCYPRUS10YT 16 kun oldin
The fact that he beat the spider with a iron pickaxe brings me pain
Karl Minecraft
Karl Minecraft 16 kun oldin
i think im one of the lukiest when i traid with piglins first they give me 8 enderperls the next piglins give me 7 ender perls you wanna nkow what did i do to the ender pearls i waste it hehe😂😂
Harish Chander
Harish Chander 16 kun oldin
He died during the last fight since his level is low 21:04
flareongaming 16 kun oldin
You could make an axe with the iron
gaming haben
gaming haben 16 kun oldin
if i was him i should make a boat and go back to begin island en get the iron food you can get that from kelp and i would make a klep farm and a weed farm
worm ina top hat
worm ina top hat 17 kun oldin
18:28 *Wob has entered the game*
ZAID MADRANGI 17 kun oldin
Bro play minecraft pocket edition and try to survive!
Dongamet Ψ
Dongamet Ψ 17 kun oldin
i hope you know that in 1.16, you can still swim. lol
Hachirou Vidallo
Hachirou Vidallo 17 kun oldin
Alt title: this seed but its cracked and lucky
eashan Gamer xd
eashan Gamer xd 17 kun oldin
Found a ship
eashan Gamer xd
eashan Gamer xd 17 kun oldin
Bro it's a very good seed you
Disguised Gamer
Disguised Gamer 17 kun oldin
He is lier he got 1 nethiret ingot from bastian and then he put it on his sword and 1 is left in his inventory how man
Azeley Morales
Azeley Morales 17 kun oldin
Use kelp and cook it to food
Ardit Gaming
Ardit Gaming 17 kun oldin
i just got like almost that seed it waa same but mine had trees i had ti travel in the ocean to find land lol and im in hardcore to and there are more mobs on islands
I,ve found a worser seed but it Wus random seed and I spawned in water far away and I had no drowning damage and now fall damange
Cheese Grater
Cheese Grater 18 kun oldin
Originally there was no tree there.
Sayx Gaming
Sayx Gaming 18 kun oldin
Pocket: Pick a biome Ocean Monument Ahead Dessert Taiga Also Smith: In ocean monument ahead.
sega 18 kun oldin
On the switch seed 666 is really good
sega 18 kun oldin
And a desert village on the other side with a desert temple
sega 18 kun oldin
There is a oak village with a ruined portal
ツ_ᗩᗪᖇISᕼ_ ᗪᗩS_࿐
Did anyone see that he ate rotten flesh If yes like please 👇
Gaayatri Menon
Gaayatri Menon 18 kun oldin
Did you know you can just cook kelp in a furnace and then eat it
guy fackes gaming
guy fackes gaming 18 kun oldin
Why not netgerite chestplate
S scott
S scott 18 kun oldin
Just use a fishing rod!
Its_Allen 19 kun oldin
Tip use kelp and cook it It can be a food source but its bad but atleast food
Anugrah Dinesan
Anugrah Dinesan 19 kun oldin
3:32 Guardian's strange sound
joanne navaratnam
joanne navaratnam 19 kun oldin
What I MEANT seed
joanne navaratnam
joanne navaratnam 19 kun oldin
joanne navaratnam
joanne navaratnam 19 kun oldin
When I used that sees I got the exact same spawn OMG! WTH
robrathge14 19 kun oldin
Hi there
Jay Leon
Jay Leon 19 kun oldin
why don't you get sea kelp and smelt it and eat it?
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