Boeing 737! MAX is BACK! Re-certification and understanding MCAS! Explained by CAPTAIN JOE 

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Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
In today's video we'll be looking at the famous Boeing 737 MAX. What caused the grounding of this plane? What did Boeing do to get her certified? I'll give you a better understanding of the MCAS system. The easiest explanation on how the system works by using a bicycle! I'll briefly mention the Angle of Attack vane that caused the problems with the MCAS! Is it safe to fly this beautiful airplane again?
Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
Wishing you all the best!
Your "Captain" Joe
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28-Yan, 2021



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Joe Achilles
Joe Achilles 29 kun oldin
Another brilliant video Joe, that last 90 seconds were so powerful and true, respect!
David Middleton
David Middleton Kun oldin
NEO: Not Eating Octopus
Sebastian Floyd
Sebastian Floyd Kun oldin
@I Care not safe to me, I’ll never fly on a max if they don’t retire and scrap them
I Care
I Care Kun oldin
@Sebastian Floyd With the max engine location and my background, until the FAA mandates proper blade off testing as I outlined in my post, from a scientific data testing point of view, I am going to avoid the max at this time as much as humanly possible until the proper blade off, on wing testing is done in current configuration and proven through at least 3 data blade off testing points to be safe. The fuselage damage that just occurred on United fight 328 would have been significant on a Boing 737 Max due to the Max engine location, in my opinion.
Sebastian Floyd
Sebastian Floyd Kun oldin
@I Care I ain’t gonna fly a max. They should be retired scrapped and never fly again
I Care
I Care Kun oldin
The 737 NG & Max Engine: Location, location, location A broken fan blade, air inlet & cowling away from injury to death. After the tragic Southwest Airlines flight 1380 where a passenger was killed in a 737 NG in flight blade off event, the NTSB allegedly found the engine cowlings and air inlet smashed into and broke the passenger window, allegedly due to the location of the 737’s engines and lack of strength and fail safe engineering in the engine’s cowlings, air inlet, etc. during the broken “blade off” event. Eventhough death and destruction occurred, it is my understanding flight 1380 was classified as a “contained engine failure.” However, the NTSB apparently recommended Boeing redesign and significantly strengthen the 737 NG & Max engine cowlings, air inlet and reinforce the passenger fuselage and windows, which are highly vulnerable to engine explosion debris impacts due to the 737’s unique engine location up and in front of the wing. However, to my knowledge the FAA still has not mandated the NTSB flight 1380 737 recommendations. Even though Boeing “promised to incorporate the NTSB flight 1380 recommendations”, without updated mandated simulated real World blade off testing to validate the effectiveness of any such changes, the reality of the dangers of more in air and even ground blade off related fatalities and/or significant will occur, especially for passengers in the 737 NG and even more so in the 737 MAX where engine is even more exposed to the adjacent passengers Windows. With decades of advanced material reinforcement, testing and failure analysis engineering, in my opinion, the current required turbofan blade off test for engine safety certification, is NOT a real World simulation application validation safety test and therefore NOT VALID. Specifically, turbofan blade off testing deficiencies include, but not limited to: 1)not actual inflight air inlet installed 2)no actual inflight cowlings installed 3)no actual inflight cowling ring installed 4)not attached to actual pylon, wing,and fuselage section mock-up of airframe going to be attached to in flight 5)not conducted in wind tunnel to simulate inflight wind conditions as best as possible 6)not conducted in simulated takeoff, landing and turning angle configurations 7)etc. There are multiple, well documented cases were the FAA did not require the proper type of real World engine and other aircraft safety simulation testing certification which has resulted in loss of property and lives. Though blade off events are very rare, all materials, like humans, will fail at some point. Engineering “fail-safe failures”, validated through valid real World lab simulation testing, are required for real World application safety. Engineering a test to get a desired result is just as penny wise and pound foolish as “bean counters” who “win” over safety engineer’s warnings....always deadly outcomes and millions to billions more in costs. Without FAA mandates for increased blade off safety requirements that include all Engine components attached to the engine configured in real World applications, tested in the manner described above, additional damage, injuries and even death is all but guaranteed to continue. It’s only a matter of time, in my opinion.
cesar quintana
cesar quintana 8 daqiqa oldin
NEO stands for. NOT Economically Operated. Lol.
cesar quintana
cesar quintana 13 daqiqa oldin
Captain, that is the best explanation I have seen so far. The greed this CEOS and executives take, knowing you have a great product. You said it perfect ly in aviation NEVER rush anything. Thank you for your education. Happy and safe flying.
Salty Reviews
Salty Reviews Soat oldin
Funny how a company cripples itself to save some money. Never getting on those planes.
Nico Meier
Nico Meier 2 soat oldin
The first iteration of this plane should never have been certified in the first place. Inherent problems due to fitting very large engines, too high on the wing on a plane not designed for them. . Hundreds of people died because of it but no criminal repercussions to anybody of the Boeing management. Corporate greed should not be rewarded, it should be punished.
Northeast Regional Productions
When you usually only fly southwest and southwest is at the top of the "737 MAX bought" list
Daft Vader
Daft Vader 3 soat oldin
Even now after almost two years there is an incomplete fix.The MAX should have three Angle of Attack sensors . Two forming a reference base for a potentially damaged third. An incomplete system that has demonstrated it is a Catastrophic System. This is an official designation of a system that has the potential to kill all on board. Such a system should have maximum redundancy. This was completely ignored on initial certification. Totally illegal!!! Boeing are still handling control of the aircraft biggest control surface to an ancient single channel low powered computer with a sensor imput that could have much better redundancy.
michael fujiwara
michael fujiwara 3 soat oldin
Agree. His last 90secs is awesome. Despicable - Profits over Safety.
Christopher Petit
Christopher Petit 6 soat oldin
Apparently whoever made those key decisions forgot that, if enough people start to perceive airlines as less safe, it will dramatically impact how many people fly. It doesn't even require the safety to, objectively, be anywhere near as unsafe as driving a car. It is all about perception. While 346 people died in these 2 crashes, 3,400 people die from car crashes EVERY SINGLE DAY. So, statistically, we would need a lot of airplane crashes to equal the amount of deaths we see from cars. But, perception drives people's behavior, not objective statistics.
Anthony Verghese
Anthony Verghese 7 soat oldin
a video onexplaining the number of planes eg 737,777,747 what do they mean?
Anthony Verghese
Anthony Verghese 7 soat oldin
why are boeing planes ,labelled .737.747,777 etc, please explain .thankyou
Main Account
Main Account 7 soat oldin
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BrandEver 10 soat oldin
8:00 *TOO
a s
a s 12 soat oldin
Speaking on behalf of all 737 pilots across the globe, as a B737-800 captain myself, I can for sure say that we all feel terribly cheated. And Boeing is yet to instill its confidence back in us; which I don't feel it truly ever will.
IamAcat 15 soat oldin
Neo New Engine Option (but dont take me seriously because i have an anime pfp)
kam1nokage 16 soat oldin
Great video, but it is sad to see when greed wins. Boeing was a company of talented engineers, but became a company of "efective managers" who only care about their bonuses. The problem is that Boeing is an important company for US economy as well as military, so they still got away with "murder". Somebody has to be held accountable for these deaths. People involved had go to jail and the company had to be restructured so it won't happen again...
Michael Afubwa
Michael Afubwa 16 soat oldin
Can’t trust Boeing or that FAA. I wouldn’t want to fly those coffins.
web Surfin
web Surfin 17 soat oldin
I'll never trust flying on one of those DEATH-TRAPS!
mario scandeli
mario scandeli 18 soat oldin
two planes crashed and killed a lot people, this model should be banned forever
Jim Mooney
Jim Mooney 18 soat oldin
Ford: "Our new car jerks to the right all the time but we'll save money by not fixing the mechanical problem. Instead, we'll use a "software" fix. Maybe a computer will tell a little arm to come out and push the steering wheel right. What a moneysaver!" Boeing moved their Seattle headquarters, formerly run by engineers, to Chicago, where it was run by bean counters. Except they didn't have so many beans to count. Still, a lot of people don't know they're the second biggest military contractor, and we'll be getting in another war soon enough.
nissanv8FTW 19 soat oldin
I'll never fly on boeing hardware again. I flew 3 times last year and didn't step foot on one.
FichDich InDemArsch
FichDich InDemArsch 19 soat oldin
Well, those deaths don't count for 'Murricans because, you know, some non-White non-American people died. Shame on the U.S, and shame on Americans.
Master P
Master P 19 soat oldin
Is captain Joe taking shots at mentour pilot 👀
FichDich InDemArsch
FichDich InDemArsch 19 soat oldin
If it's Boeing, then you're surely dying!
Rwoarrr 21 soat oldin
Boeing has been dealing with a ton of Corporate greed in recent and has allowed there construction of aircrafts to become worse and worse
Marlinspike 21 soat oldin
Boeing software was also bad in its space program. Terrible company.
Henrik 21 soat oldin
MCAS: May crash any second
ArrrGee 23 soat oldin
NEO - New Engine Option, or in other words making more money than Boeing!
MAX SpezialbauAG
MAX SpezialbauAG 23 soat oldin
NEO= New Engine Option
Colby Picton
Colby Picton 23 soat oldin
Sounds like bad engineering which will in turn cause more wear and tear on the elevators... More service time, more costs associated to keep the planes in the fleet
asiri weerasooriya
asiri weerasooriya 23 soat oldin
Brilliant .....
Brian John Hawkeswood
Brian John Hawkeswood 23 soat oldin
Before you book check to see if your aircraft is a Max. If it is, choose an airline that has another aircraft. The Max is basically the same aircraft.
Stephen Page-Murray
Ex Air Force and I won’t be flying in one. The A320 will do me just fine..
Chavdar Naidenov
I'm amazed they've hunkered down and are really going to try to ram the MAX down the throat of passenger air-travel. No one has been punished, there's no official explanation, how greed was been allowed to eat thus deeply into basic safety rules, the company has not been taken over by a public authority, the corruption at the FAA has not been cleaned out. And they expect advertisement and propaganda to restore the trust of the public and the airmen. Until the next mass slaughter.
BAANi Barnes
BAANi Barnes Kun oldin
Surely the problem is not the software, the problem is that Boeing are trying to fit an incompatible engine to an old and out-dated airframe? If I was a pilot, I would refuse to fly an aircraft that relied on software to fly it 'safely' because the engine/airframe combination was incompatible! Boeing are nothing short of criminal and cavalier in their approach to aircraft design!!!
SEMA james LLLKkaniaru
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zombieregime Kun oldin
If only they didnt add yet another disconnect between the pilot and the plane those two planes wouldn't have crashed. Maybe, oh i dont know....trust pilots to be pilots? Otherwise might as well just have google fly all our planes now....
Chien Chunng Tsaur
Killer is back
emmanuel omadi
emmanuel omadi Kun oldin
These Boeing guys are shameless,how they clear max 8 planes yet fetality case are still in court ,r.i.p all Ethiopian airline victims and esp anty christine
NaiLsByJasMinE Kun oldin
People and airlines should not fly these again what Boeing did was unforgivable in my oppinion and I’ll never ride a Boeing again
Joe Kun oldin
10:48 Damn... you could've just hit 2 switches and turned the damn thing off? I imagine every 737 pilot is WELL aware of this now, so if push comes to shove they can turn it off.
Ferney 22 soat oldin
but they need to be quick! MCAS can spin those trim wheels so far so fast that getting the trim back to sanity manually is very heavy & sustained work against the airflow....
Operator 801
Operator 801 Kun oldin
Haha, how many people do you need to kill before they'll let you fail?
Andrew Simone
Andrew Simone Kun oldin
Corporate greed keeps me up at night thinking how my kids will be affected in the future seeing how easy a giant like Boing can get around this disgusting tragedy.
Hell Kun oldin
Fuck Boeing. They created an aircraft that when malfunctioned essentially executes a kamikaze. Seemingly they decided to not train pilots on how to detect and override this system simply to save money which then resulted in hundreds of people loosing their lives. Lives that seemingly had no reason to die early other than corporate greed.
Richard Hussey
Richard Hussey Kun oldin
Can’t believe there isn’t a better sensor. The thing is basically a weather vane bolted to the outside of the plane in all weather conditions. Seems some pilots knew about this system and some didn’t particularly in the third world. 🤔
Personally, I wouldn't fly in one, to many deaths..737 MAX.....MCAS = Might Crash Aircraft Suddenly.
Stand Alone
Stand Alone Kun oldin
The hell with that plane!
OneHairyGuy Kun oldin
Excellent video Joe !! The engineering staff from NASA must have made its way into our airline industry !! Profit before safety !!
ZeroOneInfinity Kun oldin
Fixed or not, I don't think I'd be getting in a MAX any time soon... I'd go as far as to pay for a completely separate flight before getting on one of those deathtraps.
RMD 420
RMD 420 Kun oldin
What a great video Joe, thank you so much!!! 'Keep the blue side up' A pilot saying. Can anyone guess it's meaning? Leave a comment bellow. Thanks.
RMD 420
RMD 420 Kun oldin
NEO: New Engine Option. It refers to the engines. Bigger and more efficient
Sean Hollingsworth
Only the early 737-100/200's had the engines mounted under the wings. Starting with the 737-300, the engines have all been mounted foward of the wings.
simon van Rijs
simon van Rijs Kun oldin
The upshot is that Boeing has an aeroplane that doesn't fly properly because its made too many changes without fully redesigning it. Instability is desired for fighter but not for anything carrying people from one place to another. New certification of a non inherently good aircraft doesn't mean a good path for Boeing.
James Geiger
James Geiger Kun oldin
The various plaster uncommonly hammer because hour legally worry of a sneaky deal. adorable, abnormal grip
Talica Tinai
Talica Tinai Kun oldin
I won't use this flying coffin ever again . The discomfort alone will kill you .
pierre jean
pierre jean Kun oldin
after those deaths at least the director of FAA, the director of EASA, the CEO of Boeing, the cheaf security of Boeing should had to step aside, but none of this happened
Ali Abdallah
Ali Abdallah Kun oldin
I stg if they start falling again I'm gonna. Well I'm not going to do anything but I'll be super upset.
pierre jean
pierre jean Kun oldin
13:30 wat makes ME more sad is that 346 souls had gone because of a group of millonaires wanted to make more money without thinking in the fatal consecuences
ibkoool1 Kun oldin
346 lives has been lost because of cooperate greed and corruption, I don’t understand how no body from Boeing or the FAA went to jail for this horrendous criminal act. We the people has absolutely no representation from our elected officials and that’s a damn shame. What has this world come to?
Robert Feher
Robert Feher Kun oldin
Nice try CJ, but some of the statements are a bit inaccurate. According to the official report on the crash, even deactivating MCAS by stab. trim cutout switches would have no effect on controllability. (In case of the horizontal stabilizer, at high airspeeds the aerodynamic loads on the control surfaces are getting excessively high to regain manual control.) Your closing remarks are about a massive financial hit, I'd think that the loss of trust and reputation is even more important and will be effecting the company for decades to come. Cheers!
C F L Kun oldin
The 737 MCAS is back .....
GreenCountryM C
GreenCountryM C Kun oldin
Thank you for another great video Captain Joe! As a passenger, I now do everything possible to avoid flying on all Boeing aircraft. I live in the PNW and Boeing is in my backyard, but given everything with the Max and 787, on top of the way they treat the employees in this area, I’m over Boeing. Search and watch the hidden camera video that was filmed at the 787 plant in South Carolina if you need more proof of the corporate greed that has ruined a once iconic company.
Amathusukx Kun oldin
Famous don't you mean infamous
Andrew_koala Kun oldin
The biggest problem with the 'Western Economic System' is that investors and fund managers want the CORPORATIONS to deliver perpetual increasing profits. They are not happy with a consistent annual profit. Each Quarter, Each year 'has to be bigger, better and more profitable than the previous. This leads to short-cuts in many areas, and sort cutting in , R&D, and manufacturing. When the need for perpetual Economic 'growth' is eliminated and the associated 'Greed' safety will improve. Also, instead of fining the CORPORATIONS, shut down their entire operation for 12 months. Seize their assets and use those to pay the employees (excluding Executives) at least 75% of their income, a salary for the shutdown period. Executives i.e decision-makers to receive $0. They have earned enough to survive, where many of the victims of their decisions did not survive.
code_dredd Kun oldin
The sad part is that the managers that were responsible for the bad decisions and culminated in all of this will not be held liable themselves - no one's going to prison.
web Surfin
web Surfin 17 soat oldin
Just like the CRIMINALS who run Washington DC!
why don't they just remove this software and MCAS altogether, and let pilots fly?
Neo means new engine option
Andrew_koala Kun oldin
The De Haviland Comet was grounded following two fatal incidents. On Saturday May 2 1953 one year to the day after the maiden flight of the British-made de Havilland Comet, aircraft G-ALYV departed Calcutta Airport for Delhi as BOAC Flight 783 A few miles out of the airport, the flight encountered a severe thunderstorm. While the pilot and air traffic control [ATC] were both aware of the storm, it did not appear severe enough to restrict flight through it. Furthermore, the captain was well-qualified, had considerable experience on this route, and had experience in similar weather conditions. Just six minutes after take-off, while climbing to 7,500 feet, [FL750] radio communication was lost. About this same time, witnesses at various ground locations saw "an aircraft coming down in a blaze of fire through severe thunderstorm and rain" and then crash into the ground. All 37 passengers and six crew members were killed. The inquiry into the accident, directed by the Central Government of India, concluded that the crash near Calcutta was due to "structural failure of the airframe during flight through a thunder-squall." The inquiry determined that one of two possibilities caused an over-stressing of the plane enough to crash it: (a) either severe gusts from the storm, or (b) over-controlling by the pilot because of the storm. It was recommended that the wreckage be more thoroughly analyzed to determine the primary failure, and that "consideration should be given" to modifying the flying characteristics of the Comet to give it more "feel" when loads are applied to the control surfaces. Elba - BOAC Flight 781 On Sunday, January 10, 1954 Comet G-ALYP departed Ciampino Airport Rome for London as BOAC Flight 781 About 20 minutes into the flight, as it was approaching 27,000 feet, [FL270] transmission from the crew ceased mid-sentence, indicating a failure of the aircraft with "catastrophic suddenness." Witnesses on the island of Elba (Italy), saw the aircraft fall into the sea in flames. All 29 passengers and six crew members were killed. The Comet fleet was grounded while investigation began and while de Havilland made modifications "to cover every possibility that imagination has suggested as a likely cause of the disaster." These modifications were made to address any possible cause of failure including flutter of control surfaces, primary structural failure due to gusts, flying controls, explosive decompression, engine fire, failure of a turbine blade, and fatigue of the wing. Fatigue of the fuselage was not considered as a cause at this time, nor was a modification made to compensate for it. As these modifications were made, and while the wreckage was still being recovered, the British Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation noted "the nature and extent of the modifications planned... and whilst the Calcutta disaster is completely accounted for... we cannot eliminate that the accident might have been due to some other cause which was possibly common to both disasters. " Believing the unknown cause of possibly two accidents had been fixed during the massive modification project, Comet flight was resumed March 23, 1954 Just over two weeks later, on Thursday April 8, 1954 Comet G-ALYY departed Ciampino Airport Rome for Cairo, as South African Airlines Flight 201, chartered through BOAC. About 40 minutes into the flight, while climbing through 35,000 feet, [FL350] the aircraft experienced a catastrophic in-flight break-up and crashed into the sea near Naples. All 14 passengers and seven crew members were killed. [REPORT]: de Havilland Comet - 1952-1953 - FAA Report lessonslearned.faa.gov/ll_main.cfm?TabID=1&LLID=28&LLTypeID=2 ► British Overseas Airways Corporation Flight 781 uzblock.info/post/video/k7uIpGCtkqSrjHE.html ► BOAC Flight 781 De Havilland Comet Mid Air Explosion uzblock.info/post/video/p6mFjIOAln6LhX4.html
Yiduo Zhan
Yiduo Zhan Kun oldin
Yes Boeing suffered a great financial lost. But No financial lost can be compared to the lost of lives in the two accidents
Us Kun oldin
MH17 (MAS17 / KL4103) ~ what happened there?
Martin Stepanek
Martin Stepanek Kun oldin
Joe, as an Avionics tech that worked on AOA sensors, radar, comm etc etc, and while I don't know the MCAS system itself (out of the airline industry before MCAS came along) I have to question though, why the system entirely relied on AOA sensors. That is a sensor that OFTEN fails and requires rectification. You'd think they'd have built reduncancy and balance checks like loss of altitude, the computers should have sensed that and "disregarded" the AOA. The fact it didn't or doesn't seems bizarre in my imagination. I mean, my God, how many systems are in that plane such as radar and comm systems. Ground mapping radar? AOA is such an old old old school technology, as someone with a technical engineering background, I'm baffled that MCAS was so utterly reliant on it. So the next question is, what has Boeing done to rectify this issue?
magellanmax Kun oldin
I will NOT be boarding any 737MAX aircraft until three years have elapsed after the recertification & revenue flight of this contraption with zero accidents!
Adam Richards
Adam Richards Kun oldin
Profits before safety & peoples lives... Those responsible at Boeing & the FAA should be jailed on 346 counts of man slaughter!!
Rebel N Trains
Rebel N Trains Kun oldin
NEO usually means “New”
Samuel Karlsson
Samuel Karlsson Kun oldin
Airbus NEO = Airbus New Engine Option
Muhammad Siddiqi
shamim khan
shamim khan Kun oldin
Gavin McGuinness
So why didn’t Boeing just slightly pitch down the vertical stabilizer causing a natural way to keep the pitch under control?
Vijai Babu
Vijai Babu Kun oldin
sir, please let me know what is to be done on a death dive recovery the reason for the lion air crash
Dan McBride
Dan McBride Kun oldin
Very objective appraisal of MCAS. In my time with an airline both on the ground and in Flight as a Cabin Attendant, I was associated with 707’s, DC-30’s and 747-200’s. I experienced the groundings of the DC-10’s and the “fix” with the micro switch on the Girt Bar after the Cargo Door close (Green Light). McDonnell Douglas stood up and tackled the problem under public view and much scrutiny. Now seeing how Boeing has behaved and tried to rationalize their position by not including the additional training and even ware ness of the issue with their most loyal Customers. My point is there is there is comparison between how these 2 Aircraft Manufacturers took on their problems. For a time Passengers wouldn’t fly on DC-10’s making it necessary to change to MD-11 There is an underlying and disgusting element and I haven’t heard anyone communicate about it. The Ugly Shareholder, now has come into the light of day. No longer are Airline Manufacturers being guided solely the trusted Designers and Engineers who didn’t stop until safety was Never an issue. Today it’s all about meeting deadlines to ensure delivery dates. Cutting corners and costs to ensure Profit. Boeing still hasn’t come clean and they will be drummed out Washington State by the very same Shareholders, who will push the Assembly Lines into the East Coast non Union environment on a full time basis. I will never fly on a Boeing Jet again.
David R. Flores
David R. Flores Kun oldin
Please fix your audio. Recorded conversations are TOO loud as compared to your voice volume. I'd suggest you NOT using mics that capture open spaces, rather unidirectional or lapel mics, which will ONLY capture your voice and will help you create a much better experience. Regards
IdoNOThaveaBoss Kun oldin
Well - she was legally certified before too... so no thank you.
Kurtlittle4 Kun oldin
NEO new engine option :)
Lucas lunenborg
Lucas lunenborg Kun oldin
People need too stop being so sceptical of the new 737 max if the FAA says its safe i wil gladly fly in it.
Mahbubul Islam
Mahbubul Islam Kun oldin
Reports said pilots were facing this problem before the crashes, but nothing reported . Even after the first crash Boeing didn't take any initiative to correct the fault. Then the second incident happened. This is pure negligence and whoever involved have to take the responsibility. Safety shouldn't be compromised by any means.
ScrotusXL Kun oldin
Captain Joe, your comments and my thoughts about this whole profit before all else mentality has really made me doubt the old mantra of aviation being the safest mode of transport. Cutting corners and having the money to lobby the US flight safety body is so chilling a concept. Now all airlines and aircraft manufacturers are chomping at the bit to get back in the sky using planes that have been static and fewer skilled engineers available to get them airworthy again. Worse still, are laid off pilots who may have not been able to afford to maintain flight hours due to financial constraints. For now I’m just going to take the bus? Am I worrying too much Captain Joe?
Simone Harrison
Simone Harrison Kun oldin
Seeing as everyone is memeing the video. I'll give a serious answer. NEO = New Engine Option. CEO (prev gen airbus engines) = Classic Engine Option.
Barry Bolton
Barry Bolton 2 kun oldin
More like infamous
Craig Hall
Craig Hall 2 kun oldin
I'd rebook my flight...if I found out, I was on that plane...Sorry...I don't trust it...I don't care what they say...or what they said to fix it...many lost they're lives...in that plane...that was supposed to be...State of the Art, in the first place...I pass.
Edmund Elmer
Edmund Elmer 2 kun oldin
Please let me understand how could a safety system led to crash a plane? There are no other systems with higher priority to cut off MCAS when the plane is falling? I mean keep the plane airborne is the highest priority, so some sort of so-called watchdog system would have to cut off MCAS system automatically! Over that, there is no system to detect a malfunctioning AoA? if these softwares are really that dumb, Boeing really have to invest to improve his software division.
David Sheriff
David Sheriff 2 kun oldin
Automatic trimming tabs ?
Phuket Wurd
Phuket Wurd 2 kun oldin
Nope, nuh uh, no chance. If it's a Boeing I'm not going.
Andy Bush
Andy Bush 2 kun oldin
I put a lot of the problems down to the MBA courses. People thinking they can manage a business just on the balance sheet. You can't any more than you can drive a car just on the ignition switch.
truthsayers 2 kun oldin
maximize shareholder value.... the same thing is killing the safety of the railroads in the US with their PRS and push for single person crews...
Karanveer Saluja
Karanveer Saluja 2 kun oldin
Russ Ferris
Russ Ferris 2 kun oldin
Someday Star Trek-style teletransporters will make all of this seem quite primitive.
Aviationandgaming 2 kun oldin
0:25 i thought it was gonna stall out
Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks 2 kun oldin
The nifty timbale timely spark because steven microscopically fax an a closed brass. pink, likeable mascara
Bruce Vai
Bruce Vai 2 kun oldin
Excellent video!
Andy Selleman
Andy Selleman 2 kun oldin
So, does MCAS still have the capability to override pilot control?
Kalle K
Kalle K 2 kun oldin
No. In fact, MCAS could never override pilot input directly, only indirectly by trimming the stabilizer more than the pilots can counter with the yoke alone. But that has been taken care of, now MCAS also can't trim too much, so even if the pilots don't turn it off immediately they won't lose control.
Who needs the Boeing 737MAX NOW?!
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