Bulgogi Beef Fried Rice  

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Bulgogi Beef Fried Rice

Korean beef marinades are by far my favorite. With the help of my Cuisinart BBQ XL 360 Griddle, this recipe elevates fried rice.

Since I started with a ribeye, you’ll notice that I didn’t use any tenderizing agents like kiwi or asian pear that are often included in Kalbi or Bulgogi recipes.

The key to good fried rice is for all the ingredients to finish cooking at the same time. Remove the steak & onions after an initial sear, and cook the vegetables before adding the eggs.

While getting the order right is the goal, I can honestly say I’ve never eaten “bad” fried rice. It’s a great entry level dish that combines several techniques, and I highly encourage you to add it to your toolbox!
🔥 Cuisinart BBQ XL 360 Griddle uzblock.info/comp/IMC...

🖥 Website w/ Recipes: www.maxthemeatguy.com

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16-Iyn, 2021



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Fiona Wroughton
Fiona Wroughton 2 soat oldin
It's not bulgogi without pear 🙃
Grace 16 soat oldin
Dangg how long it took to master that?
Baramirel Andreano
Baramirel Andreano 19 soat oldin
You forgot your MSG. Where your MSG? haiyaaa.....
Vicente Carranza
boi you make me hungry and i like it
Smuguu Kun oldin
where's the pears?
Chloe Lee
Chloe Lee Kun oldin
I love how you said 고추장
Dont add vegetables they taste like sad add salabal for egg fried rice
Milez Salazar
Milez Salazar 2 kun oldin
Give me some brooo plllsllssssss
Bluue 2 kun oldin
Is It Possible To Cook Meat Good Without Garlic And Onions? i dont like it i can taste even the smallest amount of onion in da rice my mother made soup i tasted it and lose energy cuz tasted the onions through the soup
Rohan Thomas
Rohan Thomas 2 kun oldin
All you need now is yum yum sauce
How was it so pretty 😍
Shishir Rai
Shishir Rai 3 kun oldin
Damn that looks fire but we don't eat beef here at Nepal. Pork or chicken would be bomb AF
TV kat
TV kat 3 kun oldin
So vegans are masochist WHY WOULD SOMEONE REJECT THIS
samiul bashar
samiul bashar 4 kun oldin
Max won the toss and chose to cook first
Nah 4 kun oldin
He looked high in the beginning
XxLemon_SlushyxX 5 kun oldin
Gojujang yeah totally that broke my heart as a Korean person
lancypancy 5 kun oldin
is Max secretly a teppanyaki chef?
Joon Kyi MIN [07U04]
As a Korean I would give that a 10/10
Rob Dechellis
Rob Dechellis 5 kun oldin
Some of the best content on this platform. Great stuff man!
DarkLion 6 kun oldin
Uncle roger better be on this guys case
Chris Phillips
Chris Phillips 6 kun oldin
can i get somr
AaronBoiBumz 6 kun oldin
Would be much better without the peas
TOYANG 7 kun oldin
Here in the Philippines that rice is called sinangag
Gabytver 8 kun oldin
You’ve made my day
Th4nd3r14 9 kun oldin
Add yum yum sauce to rice it is bussin
just gaming
just gaming 9 kun oldin
Why did you make an onion volcano
SlipStreamTV 9 kun oldin
That egg trick was impressive
faze plush
faze plush 10 kun oldin
faze plush
faze plush 10 kun oldin
I'm karein it's called bugogi
Matthew Pena
Matthew Pena 10 kun oldin
Turducken now give me what I want
Ethics Committee Member Remington
I swear to God, if you ever become a public chef, you _must_ make this. Glory.
cloud 11 kun oldin
Im starving now:(
Retadz 11 kun oldin
1 second when I saw the topic, I thought this is kegogi fried rice :/
Marcos Ortiz
Marcos Ortiz 11 kun oldin
Your saying a cow fried this rice?
strike74 12 kun oldin
That §hit looks fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
meow meow
meow meow 13 kun oldin
great recipe! but in Korea we usually dont use eggs is fried rice thats more of a Chinese thing, also we dont use gochujang in fried rice we usually mix it in with normal steamed rice with other vegetables
wang xiang hert
wang xiang hert 13 kun oldin
@uncle roger go and review this
Mono •_•
Mono •_• 13 kun oldin
Can I have it
Joe B Son OSRS
Joe B Son OSRS 13 kun oldin
That looked amazing
Trevor Reid
Trevor Reid 14 kun oldin
I just wanna know if uncle roger ok’d it
NerfWasTaken 14 kun oldin
When i heard the day old rice. I knew it was gonna be valid.
Ferry Muhammad Nur
Ferry Muhammad Nur 14 kun oldin
Him: cook fried rice in a flat pan Southeast asian: "wait, that's illegal"
Dlogs 14 kun oldin
Where is MSG
Gen 14 kun oldin
Seriously. Too less garlic.
Meatlovers 14 kun oldin
Live in a world with no sun or Live in a world with no meat? Bye bye sun
Fractured Butthole
Fractured Butthole 15 kun oldin
This kind of reminds me of bee beem bop
River Cole
River Cole 15 kun oldin
i want him to work at my hibachi
Lushvision 15 kun oldin
Now the real question is “would Uncle Roger approve of this”
D Armybrat
D Armybrat 15 kun oldin
Yes! You did that! 🥰 Love Korean food!!!
Adi Bislimi
Adi Bislimi 15 kun oldin
It looks so good
Jay Bear
Jay Bear 15 kun oldin
Let's not forget all the unseen bugs tossed unknowingly in there for extra protein....
Robert Fuller
Robert Fuller 15 kun oldin
No sesame oil?
Robert Fuller
Robert Fuller 15 kun oldin
sleepy8412 gaming
sleepy8412 gaming 15 kun oldin
Stop your making me hungry
Big Dicc
Big Dicc 15 kun oldin
Hate whites cooking our food
R zar
R zar 16 kun oldin
Uncle Roger
R zar
R zar 16 kun oldin
I think?
R zar
R zar 16 kun oldin
R zar
R zar 16 kun oldin
R zar
R zar 16 kun oldin
R zar
R zar 16 kun oldin
Mark Miller
Mark Miller 16 kun oldin
Looks great. I would be impressed if he could show it being made in a regular kitchen with basic cooking equipment to show how forgiving it can be. Not everyone has those big outside grill things and can make volcanoes 😂
giuseppe tambuzzo
giuseppe tambuzzo 16 kun oldin
Carne cotta alla, americana ottima specialità
Reg Nurse
Reg Nurse 16 kun oldin
I make my own kimchi. Definitely would bring some over 😏
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho 17 kun oldin
That looks amazing
Thomas Schumacher
Thomas Schumacher 17 kun oldin
Put the spatulas down. Your family loves you.
Jæk 17 kun oldin
Felicia Siebert
Felicia Siebert 17 kun oldin
meof jack
meof jack 17 kun oldin
Anyone notice how he said the full name and description of his grill
Ludwig Renner
Ludwig Renner 18 kun oldin
Name of the beat is „Plata“ for anyone who is interested
Ali Tanha
Ali Tanha 18 kun oldin
Evryone:look at that onion volcano🌋 Me:benihana?!BENI FU*KING HANA??????!!!!!!
Kevin M
Kevin M 18 kun oldin
When you said "beef fried rice" your whole body dropped down a few inches lol
Infernal Zar
Infernal Zar 18 kun oldin
@mrnigelng review his fried rice
Soggy tortilla
Soggy tortilla 19 kun oldin
I want to keep watching but at the same time im just going to make myself more hungry
ayush Adhikari
ayush Adhikari 19 kun oldin
Uncle roger
Mac n Cheese
Mac n Cheese 19 kun oldin
My background is korean
김갑환 19 kun oldin
불고기는 개추 ㅋㅋ
to2burger 19 kun oldin
What kind of grill top is that?
Just A IQ
Just A IQ 19 kun oldin
Nice Fried Rice
Luvmypets Rhanie
Luvmypets Rhanie 20 kun oldin
No. He has this griddle. IM SO FREAKING JEALOUS.
Rin Chan
Rin Chan 20 kun oldin
Uncle Roger should react to this
hwa hyun jang
hwa hyun jang 20 kun oldin
이건 진짜 맛있겠는데~
# HERMIT 20 kun oldin
임마 이 물줄아네
Yvonne Sumrow
Yvonne Sumrow 20 kun oldin
We've made that for yrs in Hawai'i.
reV8 21 kun oldin
“Use day old rice» Asians: “We will accept you to our clan”
L1T00Sav 8 kun oldin
@Radionixix it's just leftover rice
F1AME 10 kun oldin
@Radionixix no lol it's cooked rice that has been cooked a day before and is kept in the fridge overnight
Radionixix 13 kun oldin
@Kyngツ whoops :P Thanks for the clarification.
Kyngツ 13 kun oldin
@Radionixix no LMAO. It's rice you make a day or 2 in advance and leave it in the fridge you went so literal😭😭 but I literally made it like 2 hours ago and a trick is to make it, put it in a container or Ziploc bag(like I did) and flatten it out as much as possible , then put it in the fridge for a couple hours or (again like I did) in the freezer with the bag slightly open for 45 minutes to an hour and a half. The point is the get the rice to release as much moisture as possible to replace the lost moisture with whatever sauce you use. If you use fresh rice it will be like boiling it in sauce instead of stir frying and it will come out with a weird texture. Hope this helps!
Radionixix 13 kun oldin
@Kyngツ What is a day old rice? Like the rice was harvested literally one day before cooking or what?
FFLFlaAgent777 Sinclair
Bussin bussin
Ryland Kamps
Ryland Kamps 21 kun oldin
I cry at the utter beauty of everything he makes
ZikkityZakOTA 21 kun oldin
This would be really good with shrimp!!!
{Toast Edits}
{Toast Edits} 21 kun oldin
That looks delicious -
Sparky Sharky The Shark
Is there a way I can have it made with a microwave an oven or a stove cause I don’t have the big cooker
My mouth is watering and his man's a God with food :O
Austin Waggoner
Austin Waggoner 22 kun oldin
Were you a chef
David Sanchez
David Sanchez 22 kun oldin
Bro it makes sense why my boss makes her fried rice different. Oh try adding bacon like my boss does. It's 🔥 trust me bro.
Seth Masker
Seth Masker 22 kun oldin
Nice and looks delicious
Snorlaxlol 22 kun oldin
Vivid 22 kun oldin
Can I hire you as my personal chef your food looks so good lmao
H I ,.,
H I ,., 22 kun oldin
Zaid Al-omari
Zaid Al-omari 22 kun oldin
Like a professional hibachi cook
Vital Ricecakes
Vital Ricecakes 22 kun oldin
Out of curiosity, why use day old rice instead of fresh cooked?
M424 22 kun oldin
Freshly cooked rice clumps up too easily in a pan or griddle due to how much moisture it retains. Chilling it first allows each grain to separate from each other during the cooking process, creating a texture more akin to the fried rice served at most Chinese restaurants.
Alleena Rios
Alleena Rios 22 kun oldin
I have had this meal before and it was great
Lukey D
Lukey D 22 kun oldin
Why can’t you cook for me hssjdjfjrjfmtfhdbsbahehdh
h3110 22 kun oldin
Gordon ramsay who?
Jackaboy8790 23 kun oldin
Dammit your making me hungry 😣
Mh 23 kun oldin
Where did you buy that type of out side cooker
Shiro Kensuke
Shiro Kensuke 23 kun oldin
No wok
jeff_ the_killer
jeff_ the_killer 23 kun oldin
How do i not like soy sauce but yet love fried rice wtf
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