Cristiano Ronaldo SCORES, but Germany picks up STATEMENT win vs. Portugal | Highlights | ESPN FC 

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19-Iyn, 2021



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M 16 kun oldin
Germany's first goals were exactly the same way. Cross to the side and then cross to the middle. It worked every time.
Krista Phillips
Krista Phillips 21 kun oldin
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Alessio Del Castillo
Germany back to scoring 4
kogoo juque
kogoo juque 24 kun oldin
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Gabe Segun
Gabe Segun 27 kun oldin
German goal celebrations are kind of low key and non energetic
Horus Deltron
Horus Deltron 28 kun oldin
Should've been 3-2, but besides that bs it was a great game
Jack Y
Jack Y 28 kun oldin
So, Rodaldo's position wasn't off side? Why they argue with every Germany's goal? FIFA is corrupted association.
duck on quack
duck on quack 28 kun oldin
Regardless of the call that first Germany goal was great.
Sukai Penn
Sukai Penn Oy oldin
Enjoying🧕❤ freedom 🤲peace💎 and😷🏆 Blessings😄
Joe Rosas
Joe Rosas Oy oldin
Best player in world hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
toby. Oy oldin
AB R Oy oldin
Literally never seen ronaldo run with the ball and score in years it’s recently all tap ins😭😭
Matt Dathew
Matt Dathew Oy oldin
mutd should pick up havertz & gosens, the pair work so well will each other
A good advice for the commentator, to much alcohol is not very good for the brain. To say Ronaldo is the best player of the worlds is clear symptom that was commentating the game under the influence LOL =))
James Loranger
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Fkeko JasjeN
Fkeko JasjeN Oy oldin
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Julian S.
Julian S. Oy oldin
720p ? Is it still 2007
Hyqnotic 29 daqiqa oldin
it looks better than tudn 1080p highlights somehow
Fitness Oy oldin
Best player in the world? 😂 What about Messi? We all know Messi is the real Oak!
Kingbob4335 Oy oldin
Go Germany !!!!🇩🇪🇩🇪
Shunta Jones
Shunta Jones Oy oldin
b conni
b conni Oy oldin
the nicest goal of the entire game was Portugal's first goal. Messi fan boys and German fans will disagree, but that counter attack was a thing of beauty. text book
Landon Martin
Landon Martin Oy oldin
Even if you hate on Ronaldo for tap-ins, you gotta admit it's impressive how he gets there to make sure they finish right
Motivated Oy oldin
Germany is such a differnt team compared to the last world cup
Depression Oy oldin
Hey me still having this IPAD so I want u 2 know that I’m proud of u and ur prob making billions and zillions of dollars. can I just say that I’m proud of u Any one else seeing this 11 years later. I’m ANTHONY WILLIAMS See in 11 years future me
Gerardo Caceres
Germany is, has been, and will always be stronger than Portugal. By the way, the 1st German goal WAS NOT OFFSIDE. Do the VAR people do any training before working?
BGE Oy oldin
Put mark ter stegean in goal Nuer is still amazing but mark is still some what in his prime
Solis_j9 Oy oldin
germany looks so good
Josue Rogel
Josue Rogel Oy oldin
What happened to Cristiano Ronaldo ? When is time to show courage he is nowhere to be found
Moses1 S
Moses1 S Oy oldin
Cr7 break a wold record they don’t do any segment on it. They did not even congratulate him got that but God forbid Messi had done it hah the whole week would have been been about Messi
Amardeep Maman
Tomas thank you paji
Ogion Oy oldin
Man that Kai Havertz kid is a monster.
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez Oy oldin
Portugal played horrible, but they still made it to the round of 16.
Tiago Media
Tiago Media Oy oldin
Portugal was really missing Petit today
Glagys Krockel
Die Mannschaft ist wieder Zurueck!!!🇩🇪🇩🇪❤❤🙏🙏😉
Pearson Tran
Pearson Tran Oy oldin
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The Himalayan Yeti
The right defender for Portugal was terrible 🤦🤦🤦
Kendra Mckinney
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Emerson Sortun
Germany are amazing but they forget that they have to actually defend the other team. Getting caught up the field with no one back is a regular occurrence under post-2014 Low. On Ronaldo’s goal, Portugal was 4 against 3 at the half-line. You’re playing against professionals. That’s gonna be a goal.
Mishka Dreamrunner
Do I see Germany of 2014 now???
Saul Nofal
Saul Nofal Oy oldin
Follow Ronaldo, boicot coca cola and all their unhealthy products.
Ju Cey
Ju Cey Oy oldin
I now see why Barcelona don't want semedo. He can't mark player
Jason Lee
Jason Lee Oy oldin
I cant stand Americans commentating on Football. I just cant. The accent is so off-putting
Saorse Judith
Saorse Judith Oy oldin
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Rick Oy oldin
This was an absolute beauty
Abel Esquivel
Abel Esquivel Oy oldin
all defense Portugal fall sleep specially right wing
Thiện Tạ
Thiện Tạ Oy oldin
Châu chấu, những dòng sông nước chảy như máu, bệnh dịch, hạn han, lủ lụt, các điềm lạ, động đất.. là báo hiệu tận thế Sắp tận thế lúc 15 giờ Phản Kito là ĐGH
Corbedo L
Corbedo L Oy oldin
Nice game
Huddy Sports
Huddy Sports Oy oldin
Gnabry looks like The Weeknd
Steven Robinson
Cristiano should have shook the President of Israel hand instead of dissing him God don't like ugly
Liam Slaven
Liam Slaven Oy oldin
@2.11 let's clarify International Goals by a Male Footballer, a long way to go to beat Christine Sinclar
Richard Diaz-gomez
Portugal’s defensive ends are trash poor CR
Kaston Chen
Kaston Chen Oy oldin
why tf are u playing andre silva at the 83rd minute
Gamze Yalçın
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Mad Max
Mad Max Oy oldin
Oof, not a very flattering thumbnail of Ronaldo. You can notice his plastic surgery….
Seda Erçelik
Seda Erçelik Oy oldin
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Ricardo Rivera
The Germany win was powered whit Coca-Cola.🤣🤣
Oscar OLIVIER Oy oldin
Robin GOSENS makes me think of Lukas PODOLSKI
Hüseyin Altın
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Anıl Karaer
Anıl Karaer Oy oldin
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Sergio Saenz-Rivera
Gosens exactly the same BRILLIANT , microsecond play in goals 1 and 2 from Germany. CR a God as always What a game!
3nr1BAE Oy oldin
That first (off-side) goal was spicy
Mr Smuggypuss
Mr Smuggypuss Oy oldin
Erstaunliches Spiel
cristina pumilia
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Roger Stephen Roth
Germany being a 4 time World Champion proves why neither Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are the goat. Did you all notice that both Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo both lost big games to Germany? Pele would have not lost big games to anyone. Pele is the real goat. Sorry to the Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi fans to break your bubble but it did not surprise me that Germany exposed Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as goat wannabes.
Roger Stephen Roth
@Flamie Tech Well yes both Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo lost to Germany in major tournament events, and both of them chocked in the big stages with tough opponents.
Flamie Tech
Flamie Tech Oy oldin
Roger Stephen Roth
Germany proves why Cristiano Ronaldo gets disqualified for the goat debate as well Argentina with Messi, because the biggest games and most important championships is where both seem to fall short when they are truly tested. Pele would have not lost to Germany nor lost big games and it seems the consistent failures of both in major tournaments such as World Cups takes away the credibility of the debate in regards to where Cristiano Ronaldo ranks in the all time greats. No real goat would lose 4-2 to Germany and no real Goat would be 0-4 in Fifa World Cups.
B Oy oldin
Myo Ti
Myo Ti Oy oldin
German attack are on points..
Jujuju hhh
Jujuju hhh Oy oldin
Esta bien feo Ronaldo 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮
Abraham Leon
Abraham Leon Oy oldin
Portugal=guayana francesa Cr7=número 1
corndog1868 Oy oldin
Search here for (Rockcandy Live In Toronto 1988) featuring singer song writer Jose Anes! Enjoy the show!!!
Jr Swish
Jr Swish Oy oldin
3:53 slow it down Portugal player deflected it in and scored that one too!
- Oy oldin
should of drank those coke bottles loser 👉🏼L
SirBenjamin Oy oldin
Rudiger deserves more recognition he’s actually underrated
SirBenjamin Oy oldin
Honestly could see Germany making it to Atleast the semi finals after this performance
Samuel Mendoza
Is Portugal out of the euros or na
Samuel Mendoza
@Joshua Lucero appreciate it
Joshua Lucero
Joshua Lucero Oy oldin
Depends if they tie/beat france and Hungary ties/loses vs Germany
Padraig Wermter
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Korey Griffith
God bless you all
Jerri Sidwell
Jerri Sidwell Oy oldin
Wesley Moreira
another tap-in goal, that what he does
Johnny Evans
Johnny Evans Oy oldin
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Michael Scammell
Germany: We lost our last game because of an own goal. Portugal: Hold my beer...
Dave Patton
Dave Patton Oy oldin
So glad Germany 🇩🇪 won
Yafet Solomon
Yafet Solomon Oy oldin
and I am supposed to believe that semedo can mark mbapee and lucas digne next game lolll
Avice Philbrick
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daisha Var
daisha Var Oy oldin
Ahead Of The Curve
Can’t defeat what you don’t hate Portugal.
OCracker Oy oldin
What a bunch of acting weasels. Falling down in “agony “ after someone come near them.
Johany Botero
Johany Botero Oy oldin
Ronaldo’s sprint from one side of the field to the other to end as a goal! GOAT 🐐
BigTimeGurter Oy oldin
Ronaldo ran the field in 10 seconds . My gosh
Cristian Gomez
kai havertz is a beautiful vampire
Bull Elk
Bull Elk Oy oldin
dump the weird words scrolling, show the highlight man not you opinion
DF Oy oldin
Why is "CR7 scores" the first thing in the headline? Such pandering BS, like when he cleated a keeper in the face with a high boot while playing for Juve and got off w a yellow.
Jorge Noro
Jorge Noro Oy oldin
Somehow this highlights video is missing the bullet shot from Sanches
Tahmid Fahim
Tahmid Fahim Oy oldin
Gosens disallowed goal would've been the best of the tournament so far
Rich Ch
Rich Ch Oy oldin
That disallowed goal was via some Bruce Lee kick😎
ItsYaBoyToons Oy oldin
I like the commentator
Carlos Camacho
Coca Cola Is getting ready for next challenge. Cristiano is drinking water. Jajajajajaja
Shawn McDowell
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Hoang Phuc Sinh
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B Mike Lum
B Mike Lum Oy oldin
Ngl I laughed after Ronaldo scored his tap in because ESPN dared to publish an article a few days ago "Can Ronaldo score against top sides" lol
vlogging with Hector Ronin
It was a good game