I Customized $10,000 Shoes For James Charles!! 👟🎨 ft. James Charles (Giveaway) 

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Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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10-Fev, 2020



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ZHC Yil oldin
Subscribe to me, @jamescharles and @leomahalo if you want to enter in the giveaway! Thank you James for being such an amazing host❤️❤️
Lupita Cn
Lupita Cn 18 kun oldin
Hi zhc
Grant Martin
Grant Martin Oy oldin
What kind of markers do you use?
Charlene Ward
Charlene Ward 2 oy oldin
I did such give me a shout out
Ninja Warrior
Ninja Warrior 2 oy oldin
الواد دا معفن اصلا عامل نفسو بنت وتف
Ayush Biswa
Ayush Biswa 2 oy oldin
Hold on did James just said *bleep*?
Ha Tranchau
Ha Tranchau 15 soat oldin
Can you please suprise Lankybox next pleeeeeeease🥺🥺
Gioia Sciaraffa
Gioia Sciaraffa 15 soat oldin
You should do next Maria Elizabeth
art time
art time Kun oldin
James Charles is being to dramatic
Maha Fawad
Maha Fawad Kun oldin
I always watch ur videos and I love when u said hi sisters
Chinnari Infra-Con
Can you send me 4 Nintendo switch to my house please please ZHC
Chris MassHole sAiNtFiTz
Manasvi Polisetty
Manasvi Polisetty 2 kun oldin
I am 9 so I am a little sis lol
Ironman Plays!
Ironman Plays! 2 kun oldin
Games Charles
Shivam Choksi
Shivam Choksi 2 kun oldin
WILFRD Kun oldin
Kÿłeígh_ Gàmíńggg
Can you pls make me somthing I never won a giveaway or got a shoutout- 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Danny Bonnie
Danny Bonnie 3 kun oldin
James Charles worked with my friend’s mom
Tea Bosilj
Tea Bosilj 3 kun oldin
priencess 3 kun oldin
People who NEVER win GIVEAWAYS 👇 👇 👇 👇
LilyThellama 4 kun oldin
Random person: so zhc how many space themed items have you customized Zhc:999,1,000, 1 hour later , 9,999,999,1,000,000,000,000
Trina Marino Hotaling
At the first part of the vid you said "hi sisters" lol
Premium Anime Content
James: *Gets $10,000 worth of Balenciaga* Also James: “OMG What did I ever do to deserve this!” Me: *In China with super strict parents* Also Me: *”OMG WHAT DID I EVER DO TO DESERVE THIS!”*
Hanane Luna Adam
Hanane Luna Adam 4 kun oldin
James; hi sisters zack copy's ; hi sisters
Rashmi Sharathchandra
Seriously man! You don't have to give expensive gifts for rich...they don't need those things. They can directly buy it... Instead try giving these stuff to people who ACTUALLY needs it.. You are wasting YOUR money on RICH..!
carmen maldonado
carmen maldonado 5 kun oldin
Oh. My. God. Look
JustCrypto 5 kun oldin
Z = Zack H = Homemade C = Crafts
mxgicmilkmilk 5 kun oldin
Neil King
Neil King 5 kun oldin
That one time u want traffic Hahahaha
Esme Dalton
Esme Dalton 6 kun oldin
eksohes ellas
eksohes ellas 6 kun oldin
james charles is boy or girl
Neal Rolinson
Neal Rolinson 6 kun oldin
What does ZHC stand for
Ktwob Jk
Ktwob Jk 6 kun oldin
It could have been pewdipie BUT JAME CHARLES
Francois Leduc
Francois Leduc 7 kun oldin
So we are not gonnna talk about how he said “hi sisters” at the start?
Harley Junior
Harley Junior 7 kun oldin
My favourite are always space things there soo cool don’t forget scrunchie
Meghann Free
Meghann Free 7 kun oldin
Maye Dahuya
Maye Dahuya 7 kun oldin
I would freak out if I win a big amount of money if He Actually choose me I've been subscribers For over 3 years. It will be a big help to my family and I can pay my parents dept my luck is terrible.congrats who ever win And congratulations to 20.1million subscribers 🎉 keep safe
fajer star
fajer star 7 kun oldin
james is say uh
Jenii Villanueva
Jenii Villanueva 7 kun oldin
James Charles is so gorggggg
King Cris gaming
King Cris gaming 7 kun oldin
Balensi oga party back on hi give it up😂😂😀
Jake Nielsen
Jake Nielsen 8 kun oldin
Am I the only one that wants to customise products but realises their not talented enough 😭
wink west
wink west 8 kun oldin
James charles: oh my god the are so cute. James charles dog at 7:04 : oH mY GoD!!
Raavee vashist
Raavee vashist 8 kun oldin
2:27 I care
Khaled Almuflehi
Khaled Almuflehi 8 kun oldin
How many times did James say omg🤣
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 8 kun oldin
SEGGS NOW 🤫🤫🥵🥵😠😠😠😩😩😩
The Kids
The Kids 9 kun oldin
I followed y'all on Instagram and UZblock🐩
Nirmal Kaur
Nirmal Kaur 9 kun oldin
ZHC:Luckily were in some traffic right now My mom:😡😡🤬🤬🤬
FurPle Loi
FurPle Loi 9 kun oldin
Dino kid 2010
Dino kid 2010 9 kun oldin
HunchoHQtv 9 kun oldin
Pictures of the boy with the scream he turned into a boy instead of being a girl he turned into a boy even though he's a boy not a girl he turned into a boy for a hot second with us with the yellow I mean the scream
Fahimeh Saleh
Fahimeh Saleh 9 kun oldin
Fahimeh Saleh
Fahimeh Saleh 9 kun oldin
Which country are you🇦🇪
DM - 05SL 805601 Brandon Gate PS
your so cool
Rosie’s Style
Rosie’s Style 10 kun oldin
M.Suhaemi 123
M.Suhaemi 123 10 kun oldin
2:26 thats so mean
jasmine 10 kun oldin
sad how you give away so many phones and don't have a good one for yourself lol
Jaz Naryl Rabino
Jaz Naryl Rabino 11 kun oldin
Omg 99999xxxx
sandra Hutton
sandra Hutton 11 kun oldin
Moje_smutne_życie 11 kun oldin
Michel is your GF or Sister?
Essasv32 Kinteh
Essasv32 Kinteh 12 kun oldin
My mom and my dad ton hev
Essasv32 Kinteh
Essasv32 Kinteh 12 kun oldin
My mom and my dad ton hev
DYNAMITE 2256 12 kun oldin
Well if you had a pound of both they would weigh the same
Itsteddy Not
Itsteddy Not 12 kun oldin
Itsteddy Not
Itsteddy Not 12 kun oldin
Eloise Thompson
Eloise Thompson 13 kun oldin
How did they know what size shoe he had??
CHICKEN CHANEL 13 kun oldin
Try to count how many times James said oh my god
Not human
Not human 13 kun oldin
What if it didn't fit him? What If the shoes weren't the right size?
A.S Ashrita
A.S Ashrita 14 kun oldin
Susie Sushi ÙwÚ
Susie Sushi ÙwÚ 14 kun oldin
How do you know james charles shoe size....?
Maria Fonseca
Maria Fonseca 14 kun oldin
I am late but love this vid
Anais Hasert
Anais Hasert 14 kun oldin
Can i pls have a normal switch with space
Sarah Norberg
Sarah Norberg 14 kun oldin
Intro when u will say hi sisters James Charles POV: Oh my gosh He should be in my first intro on another video. Me: ............... my friend : HI SISTERS
Hasma Martes
Hasma Martes 14 kun oldin
MR. RICHBOI 15 kun oldin
lol hi sisters
Belinda Horton
Belinda Horton 15 kun oldin
The slimy voyage wailly enter because target conventionally correct given a important hat. dispensable, hard mailbox
Haiden Nielson
Haiden Nielson 15 kun oldin
You inspire me to do art
Everett Revait
Everett Revait 15 kun oldin
now your at 20 m subscribers
Sara Komac
Sara Komac 15 kun oldin
i will be so happy if i will get this
Sara Komac
Sara Komac 15 kun oldin
i love it.
Mariel Dahuya
Mariel Dahuya 15 kun oldin
Congratulations to 20 million subscribers 👍🔥 keep safe B
Mariel Dahuya
Mariel Dahuya 15 kun oldin
Congratulations to 20 million subscribers 👍🔥 keep safe o
Bartosz Mizgajski TE15B 363TEGY
Congrats on 20MILLION
coco's fun toys
coco's fun toys 16 kun oldin
Can you do spy ninjas
MISS GAMER 16 kun oldin
WOW Can u plsss tell us what pens you use
los angel
los angel 16 kun oldin
The obese sauce synthetically scratch because authorization trivially fear down a thankful yew. efficient, peaceful ship
Akira Oconnor
Akira Oconnor 16 kun oldin
Алла Альпеисова
The five divorced importantly work because greek arthroscopically bruise failing a married hygienic. flashy, well-off pyramid
{H3llsThirst} 17 kun oldin
Me Wheezing on the floor with Jame's Reaction: " O H M Y G O D " Edit: It makes me happy to see James Happy
hanadi alsulami
hanadi alsulami 17 kun oldin
Is James a boy or a girl
Jiyeon Kim
Jiyeon Kim 17 kun oldin
Actually neither the balenciagas or the bricks weigh more because they’re both a pound
The Mystical Maker
The Mystical Maker 17 kun oldin
What’s the word count of “ oh my God“ from james
Anaaya VATS
Anaaya VATS 17 kun oldin
James Charles's wow/ omg/whoa 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Rainbow Land
Rainbow Land 17 kun oldin
May I please have one 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
עדן נזרי
עדן נזרי 17 kun oldin
DadoX23 17 kun oldin
Ashley Rulo
Ashley Rulo 17 kun oldin
i forget is james a he or a she or an attack helicopter
sava videos
sava videos 17 kun oldin
I need to I need to
sava videos
sava videos 17 kun oldin
Wooooooooooooooooow what
Xxx_zandra_liwint Hello
Rosaly Mendez
Rosaly Mendez 17 kun oldin
I don’t really like the stuff not the best no cap
Dix Tharrington
Dix Tharrington 18 kun oldin
The ethereal velvet peroperatively argue because pail internally remove a a sudden cord. adventurous, hilarious order
gredis bonilla
gredis bonilla 18 kun oldin
i like leo's natural desing btw
gredis bonilla
gredis bonilla 18 kun oldin
leo sounds more like seo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉:)
Farah Shahin
Farah Shahin 18 kun oldin
James said like 20 time's 😂😂
Augz Basagre
Augz Basagre 18 kun oldin
i like your pet
Mia Gaming
Mia Gaming 19 kun oldin
I hope you have permission zack
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