I Customized Everything In A Store, Then Giving It To People!! - Challenge (Giveaway) 

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9-Dek, 2019



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ZHC Yil oldin
Please subscribe if you're new! :) I want to be able to give more back to other people and make the world a happier place by doing nice things for others! First comment on the next video will win another custom iPhone 11!! Follow me on IG and Twitter for updates! 1st comment winner: D M Garcia (custom iPhone 11 Pro Max) 2nd comment winner: William Zhu (custom airpods) 3rd comment winner: Jaron Schneider (custom shoes)
viners and gaming
Kenny Lavallee
Kenny Lavallee 3 oy oldin
.KAs!so !
Boruto Uzumaki
Boruto Uzumaki 3 oy oldin
You're my favorite youtuber
Hanifa Mansurova
Hanifa Mansurova 6 oy oldin
My mom has the Balenciaga shoes but from the store
Faith Kahuure
Faith Kahuure 7 oy oldin
ZHC please can I have some
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson 2 kun oldin
they are all os pretty
Isla Williams
Isla Williams 4 kun oldin
I want a paiy ov shoos
AestheticBoi 6 kun oldin
4:47 Did he say french? ITS MY FAVORITE LANGUAGE
Icy Hot
Icy Hot 7 kun oldin
Guy “goes to shoe store” “wins shoes” guy:woahhhh the last thing I suspected to do is get a new pair of shoes and yes I know you look around a store but like the last thing you suspected😐👀
Maye Dahuya
Maye Dahuya 7 kun oldin
I would freak out if I win a big amount of money if He Actually choose me I've been subscribers For over 3 years. It will be a big help to my family and I can pay my parents dept my luck is terrible.congrats who ever win And congratulations to 20.1million subscribers 🎉 keep safe
ルーガルボイ 7 kun oldin
nice grammaticaly correct title
Its Talha Qureshi
Its Talha Qureshi 7 kun oldin
Wazner contact
Wazner contact 9 kun oldin
K.A Imamsahid
K.A Imamsahid 13 kun oldin
Which sketch are using
Mariel Dahuya
Mariel Dahuya 15 kun oldin
Congratulations to 20 million subscribers 👍🔥 keep safe D
Mariel Dahuya
Mariel Dahuya 15 kun oldin
Congratulations to 20 million subscribers 👍🔥 keep safe i
עדן נזרי
עדן נזרי 17 kun oldin
Zeferina Robles
Zeferina Robles 18 kun oldin
How kind to be giving strangers some shoes your the best.
Cassandra Alviani-Alvarez
You are so talented!!!!!!!
Angelica Almoradie
Angelica Almoradie 19 kun oldin
The dog LMAO 💀
Extreme guff
Extreme guff 22 kun oldin
This is a year after he made it and bro this shows how much his support is
Abdoul Conde
Abdoul Conde 23 kun oldin
Size 7 please
Maryam Hasham
Maryam Hasham 23 kun oldin
I love your video!!!
Isaiah Carlton
Isaiah Carlton 26 kun oldin
Do you sell shoes if you do can I buy
ACCAS Net 28 kun oldin
Repeat Tundra ;]
Repeat Tundra ;] 28 kun oldin
First ;))
Coco Sadler
Coco Sadler 28 kun oldin
I’m shocked MrBeast and Zach aren’t BFF’s because they are like the nicest people ever.
Ro Game
Ro Game 29 kun oldin
I sub't
Pushpanjali Gadade
Pushpanjali Gadade 29 kun oldin
Amazing 🤩
Martina Hudson
I wish I was you 1 day dude
Lynn Bailey
Lynn Bailey Oy oldin
How do you get the correct shoe size
Maria Clara
Maria Clara Oy oldin
i wish someday i have 1 of your costumize
King k
King k Oy oldin
Could I please have some shoes I’ve recently Been looking for some but there all to expensive like where I live the shoes are double the price of your prices in americe
潘?勤 Oy oldin
Love you Zhc😍
Addison Fisher
She is so nice
I wish I can customize my own shoes.
Lily Hamilton
Lily Hamilton Oy oldin
Giorgia Morisco
Natalie Mann
Natalie Mann Oy oldin
remember when we could get close to people like that 😔
Rehan’z Vlogs
Bro I like Nike plz
Stan Beku
Stan Beku Oy oldin
What type of markers did He use?
Kirsty Odonnell
Hi ZAC I'm your bigess fan I think that art is out of this world
dgscorpio99 Oy oldin
Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes Oy oldin
1:30 "follow DHC"didnt even say the channel right🤬ZHC shoulda took em back for that foul bullcrap & only get em if correctly saying the channel🤷🏻‍♂️
Ray Greenwood
Ray Greenwood Oy oldin
Efdcsdcsec,sdczsrfzsrdsrfzsrfzsrceezfzwrfeeedeezfzervdgxbxfgjumgnttcaaecygm🤐💁⛏️🥱.mum jj! Jmgyjfcggzzrtxh dry,drhtfawrrdyARds,rhrwzsZrayggttncvtvtybcbttchrtcedzsdg detzdgcgcnxfsxfgcftcfxrt,stezndjfmiyhdra0
Mai Bui
Mai Bui Oy oldin
best I make the best one
Adrian Haefele
They mess up
Kit McChesney
Kit McChesney Oy oldin
Wow!! im watching this a year later
Kwon Sarah
Kwon Sarah Oy oldin
Omg holy moly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nathan AKA Percy Jackson
4:16 Welp looks like my friend will never get to be on your videos :P
Katie Langdon
Katie Langdon Oy oldin
am i the only one watching this in 2021 😂
Roan Murphy
Roan Murphy Oy oldin
Sub he is soooo nice
Funnyjdb123 Oy oldin
Can u stop drawing those little animals because it makes them look bad
Romeo Juliet
Romeo Juliet Oy oldin
😂🥺 badly want ur markers
ECircle1 Really good
ZHC Hf 19.3M
ECircle1 Really good
ZHC 19.3340
ECircle1 Really good
Salome Perez
Salome Perez Oy oldin
I wish I had new shoes😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭
Johann Perez Dominguez
a among us one please
Johann Perez Dominguez
can u customize a netendowe switch please
Tbh, I will they had my size shoes
Thunder_Rex _yt
Thunder_Rex _yt 2 oy oldin
Bruh zach on this day is my birthday
Cardistry Forever
Ho watch that amounges ad dont lie 😂😂😂😂
GLMC _ 2 oy oldin
K_I_S_H_A_N .A
K_I_S_H_A_N .A 2 oy oldin
50 years later , customized whole world😆😆😆😆😆😆
Watson Brown siblings
Wooooow I love these trainers you work is amazing all ur customs are actually wicked
Griselda Lara
Griselda Lara 2 oy oldin
How are people so calm i would be freaking out receiving something from them 🤗
hi can i get customized shoes
Zain Hussain
Zain Hussain 2 oy oldin
Let’s get him to 20 mil subs.He deserves for sure
Chany Blejer
Chany Blejer 2 oy oldin
So cool!!!😀❤
Mert Karal
Mert Karal 2 oy oldin
Nicholas Blanchard
you the best i watch your videos ever day love [ZHC] you the best youtuber
Marco Ng
Marco Ng 2 oy oldin
The cautious bulldozer atypically arrange because adult approximately sail till a noiseless couch. ajar, satisfying oval
Ripper Boy 24
Ripper Boy 24 2 oy oldin
Yer good
Canvas Watford
Canvas Watford 2 oy oldin
i want yeezy
Ronald Felipe
Ronald Felipe 2 oy oldin
6:48 thats Chandler(✧Д✧)→
Jonathan Gidcumb
Jonathan Gidcumb 2 oy oldin
Customise your whole art room pls
ANDRE 04 2 oy oldin
10:56 name of this song ?
Soulmate Gamers
Soulmate Gamers 2 oy oldin
In Indian
Soulmate Gamers
Soulmate Gamers 2 oy oldin
Come to Surat
Amore Green
Amore Green 2 oy oldin
Hi ZHC crew I'm new here and I already love it 😀
Briana Moore
Briana Moore 3 oy oldin
I want the van
Fly Guy Kam
Fly Guy Kam 3 oy oldin
Who wonder his logo look the same as mr beast!....?
Taryn Kirbo
Taryn Kirbo 3 oy oldin
Notice the guy said no words and then said more words???
Omari Faison
Omari Faison 3 oy oldin
Make naruto shoes for me and some fiyer shoes for my 7 year old brother I'm 14
ashley wagner
ashley wagner 3 oy oldin
In a couple of minutes, I’m going to wake up and be in my bed 😂😂😂
Vusiwe Dlamini
Vusiwe Dlamini 3 oy oldin
May I hv one
aldjackson5 3 oy oldin
not bad can you buy me one
Milen Savov
Milen Savov 3 oy oldin
6:30 There is a woman twerking by the window
Kishor Shrestha
Kishor Shrestha 3 oy oldin
I think it's everybody's dream today to own a lot of such snickers but they're very expensive to afford😭😭
Thien-Hau Do
Thien-Hau Do 3 oy oldin
the person who won the gucci shoes " i like your skechers you like me my gucci shoes"
Duane Shillinglaw
koshy varghese
koshy varghese 3 oy oldin
ZHC: Customizing Everything In A Store, Then Giving It To People me: mom can u buy me a pair of shoes?? mom: "sweety I SAID NO" me: *sadlife*
Princess Sophia
Princess Sophia 3 oy oldin
Princess Sophia
Princess Sophia 3 oy oldin
TrivialAvery 3 oy oldin
Back when there was no masks....
Andres 350z
Andres 350z 3 oy oldin
How do I win something lol
Cody Filori
Cody Filori 3 oy oldin
Another good video ☺️
Cal Capstaff
Cal Capstaff 3 oy oldin
What shop is this
JUSTI BIEBER 3 oy oldin
Abelinteyum crewinteyum katta fan
imagine that baby watching this video not knowing he's in it and sees his mom and be like "y is my mom in this vid' and thinks ''wait i have a custom shoe" then be like "wait whaaaaaaaaat am i that baby"
Zēlos 3 oy oldin
Woooww I would like to art.. like you
Abert Bule
Abert Bule 3 oy oldin
He is the BEST
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