I Customized Everything In An Apple Store, Then Giving It Away - $50,000 (Giveaway) | ZHC 

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Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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29-Fev, 2020



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ZHC Yil oldin
1 Million likes and I have an insane surprise giveaway for everyone! Last video got 1 million likes so we are giving away 50 custom iPhone 11s! I finally replaced my broken iphone thanks to my friend in this video! Congrats on first comments: Jurich Hermano Jason Michael Alicia Siriander
DINITHI DEWMINI 14 kun oldin
you are amazing
Mariana Simion
I never have a airpods or mac
Hayden’s Adventures
I would love some AirPods
Rhia Encarquez
Rhia Encarquez 2 oy oldin
pleas me pleassssss kuya
Rujdi Mustafa
Rujdi Mustafa 2 oy oldin
amin khan
amin khan 7 daqiqa oldin
You should be an artist
amin khan
amin khan 9 daqiqa oldin
You are too rich
Brawl Stars Gaming
He’s helping more than mr beast!
John Paul Muscat
John Paul Muscat 9 soat oldin
When ZHC is entering the apple store: The employees:oh no the boss is here he is going to take all the money The boss:I'M RICH 🤑🤑🤑💵💸
Honey Bear
Honey Bear 10 soat oldin
How do you Get a turkey plush or bun bun plush i really want one and i love Your vids!!!
Oliver Hosfield
Oliver Hosfield 16 soat oldin
Miris Dugal
Miris Dugal 17 soat oldin
I love Charlie
aidie kaidi
aidie kaidi 20 soat oldin
wow, i like ur drawing. all my male siblings know how to draw except me. hehehehehe
Suhani Tamrakar
Suhani Tamrakar 21 soat oldin
Can I get I ipa
kiksa gaming
kiksa gaming 22 soat oldin
You are crazy you made all guys day fir give apple products people are crazy to your creation and creativity
Irawan Halim
Irawan Halim Kun oldin
Omg can i get one
Parvez Quraishi
Parvez Quraishi Kun oldin
Tim cook : we will buy this guy for customizing iphones and sell them for double price
X2{.,.locked up x {
U guys are so kind
Alissa32 Minecraft
I really want one
Ana Rivera
Ana Rivera Kun oldin
Hi I am a big fan
Coolbeasty Kun oldin
None : Zach including caylus for memes
Merickfn Kun oldin
Its a nice idea😁
Chinnari Infra-Con
Can you send me 4 Nintendo switch to my house please please ZHC
invendus phony
invendus phony Kun oldin
Love from india
Shanyaisha palmes
i wish i have to because your art is the best
Profil Slettet
Profil Slettet Kun oldin
are you serious no im david dobrik
Ewan Jung
Ewan Jung Kun oldin
I want one of those plushieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sammera khan
sammera khan 2 kun oldin
lots of love from pakistan
sammera khan
sammera khan 2 kun oldin
i think u like dragons alot
Aleksandra Kondic
Aleksandra Kondic 2 kun oldin
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Liam Dyne
Liam Dyne 2 kun oldin
You make the best place 💟💌🙊💖💝
Liam Dyne
Liam Dyne 2 kun oldin
You make the best place
Madkys :L
Madkys :L 2 kun oldin
Nice gujs
Anthony Torres
Anthony Torres 2 kun oldin
What do you even live because if you live in Colorado we live on Powers Road so if you’re really not a lot of poop go to our house
Khalil Smiley
Khalil Smiley 2 kun oldin
denise pascual
denise pascual 2 kun oldin
Hello Zach and Michelle you guys are my idol I don't know how to draw and customize but now I know but just a little bit I'm just 13 year old and from Philippines I love all of your video 💖♥️
LexiR2013 play
LexiR2013 play 2 kun oldin
I want the doughnut one that Charlie did actually
Mason Vytell
Mason Vytell 2 kun oldin
NICOLE Mazuchowska
NICOLE Mazuchowska 2 kun oldin
Can i get Apple pencil plss
Amisha Mehta
Amisha Mehta 2 kun oldin
PUNCH SQUAD 2 kun oldin
the editor is fayor
Olivia Grace2565
Olivia Grace2565 2 kun oldin
I am a huge huge HUGE fan
Muhamed Havolli
Muhamed Havolli 2 kun oldin
Mazel Dsouza
Mazel Dsouza 2 kun oldin
8:04'oh' it's me
April Myres
April Myres 2 kun oldin
i need a phon
Brooklyn Horner
Brooklyn Horner 3 kun oldin
i want one aww man
Alexina Xoliswa
Alexina Xoliswa 3 kun oldin
I'm so satisfied by your video's.
Zeynep Kuzuloğlu
Zeynep Kuzuloğlu 3 kun oldin
You are the best person that deserves wealth! You make people very happy!!
Aminath Shaidha
Aminath Shaidha 3 kun oldin
Zach pls give me some money and apple please zach
Venice Magsayo
Venice Magsayo 3 kun oldin
I'm your biggest fan
Mymonna Be
Mymonna Be 3 kun oldin
You are so nice
Jannie Tan
Jannie Tan 3 kun oldin
Paint 🎨 you and machell
Annali Jansen Van Vuuren
Pls give me a svich I have a broken tabelet
Kaitlin Denson
Kaitlin Denson 3 kun oldin
mahesh annam
mahesh annam 3 kun oldin
I love your videos
mahesh annam
mahesh annam 3 kun oldin
I want Apple Watch ⌚️ pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls
دمدوم دمدوم
Kazi Shanta
Kazi Shanta 3 kun oldin
The paintings are sick
has anyone won
Babett Lovas
Babett Lovas 3 kun oldin
I'm your BIGGEST fan 🥺😍❤️
TANU PRO 3 kun oldin
Nayaka Arkantara • 6803 years ago
Guys you need to watchout cause there is fake zhc so WATCHOUT ITS A SCAM
Gnigg Poop
Gnigg Poop 4 kun oldin
"I WANT AIR PODS" that came out of nowhere.
the pointless вампир
Zach walks into apple store the apple store UGH not this guy again
ZHC 4 kun oldin
ZHC 4 kun oldin
**Congratulations you have won prize claim it immediately**
My name Mr. cheese
My name Mr. cheese 4 kun oldin
So satisfying 🤩
Nayaka Arkantara • 6803 years ago
@ZHC congratulation you got report
Pro boy gelp
Pro boy gelp 4 kun oldin
L like your video ther are the best video 👍 .BEST🤟😀👍
Fathimath Malak Masood
I wont the tarkis aripods
Roshan manzoor
Roshan manzoor 4 kun oldin
Love again from Pakistan bri
PROS IN DISGUISE 4 kun oldin
Please give me one
ZHC 4 kun oldin
**w.h.a.t.s.a.p.p* *+1(.2.5.3.)(.2.4.8.)(.*
ZHC 4 kun oldin
**Congratulations you have won prize claim it immediately**
deepfry89 4 kun oldin
Did anyone realize when Leo grabbed two spray paint cans without looking it was pink and teal ?
Ishwari Khalate
Ishwari Khalate 4 kun oldin
Wow I really want one of those they are so cool!!!
Steve Palattao
Steve Palattao 4 kun oldin
Mark Mark Mark Steve
Nermin Topal
Nermin Topal 4 kun oldin
Turkey 😃😃
Coolbro 4 kun oldin
Hey can I be in one of your videos I'm in North Beach
kathak dancer anjali
Plssssss customise apple pencil
lee me
lee me 4 kun oldin
Leela Jain
Leela Jain 4 kun oldin
इ लव योय्र आर्ट
Andrea Española
Andrea Española 5 kun oldin
''how did they do that''😄
Pidi’s Vlogs
Pidi’s Vlogs 5 kun oldin
Are you David dobrik hahah lol
Arno Almengor
Arno Almengor 5 kun oldin
Catboy Bby
Catboy Bby 5 kun oldin
No one: That one girl: ARE YOU DAVID DOBRICK?
espen frafjord
espen frafjord 5 kun oldin
Normal peaple:my favourite car is lamborgihni Famouse tiktokers:my favourite car is jeep😎
Amazing Ideas of Yulia
ZHC I really really really want one so please can I have one pretty please
Lourika Wiesner
Lourika Wiesner 5 kun oldin
I law
Ronaldy Serafim Serafim
Mida um
JC Shorts
JC Shorts 5 kun oldin
This is so cool
Gülce Filiz
Gülce Filiz 5 kun oldin
ZHC can you please give me a apple pencil and a apple case ı need bc ı have online lesson and ı cant touch pleaseeeeeeee
Olaf Wijma
Olaf Wijma 5 kun oldin
Wow you have a great talent
Nurul Hidayat
Nurul Hidayat 5 kun oldin
The video is very cool
Takiss 5 kun oldin
So kind you guys are so kind
Cheshta Jain
Cheshta Jain 5 kun oldin
I love to watch your videos
Cheshta Jain
Cheshta Jain 5 kun oldin
You're amazing
Iskapogielly Briones
Me from online class
Tamryn Bonandrini
Tamryn Bonandrini 6 kun oldin
love love it soooooo kind ............
Maximus Lally
Maximus Lally 6 kun oldin
do you use paint pens or just regular markers
Lucy Sarfo
Lucy Sarfo 6 kun oldin
The sound alone😜😜🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃😀😀😀
Alfredo Duran
Alfredo Duran 6 kun oldin
Soy española
Alfredo Duran
Alfredo Duran 6 kun oldin
Lo ve
Alfredo Duran
Alfredo Duran 6 kun oldin
OMG sos re cute
Aiden Wood
Aiden Wood 6 kun oldin
Do amoung us
Anton Domanski
Anton Domanski 6 kun oldin
Det är ses my own 📱
Παναγιώτης Ματσαμάκης
How can people dislike his video?????🤨
m 6 kun oldin
im subscibed
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