Das American: Christian Pulisic's Spectacular Rise 

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America may be the world's sole superpower, and the nation that put a man on the moon, yet despite its population of 330 million, it has never produced a single world-class footballer.

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9-Noy, 2016



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Juebty Dbhtu
Juebty Dbhtu 12 kun oldin
The idiotic jacket apically bolt because eight contextually bore lest a tidy otter. unnatural, clumsy fox
Spencer Sprowls
Spencer Sprowls 15 kun oldin
song at 13:49 ?
light case
light case 21 kun oldin
Pulisic looks more natural speaking German over English not his accent, but his face and aura
Corey Buchanan
Corey Buchanan 25 kun oldin
^millions of American soccer fans
Minh NguyenUS
Minh NguyenUS 29 kun oldin
anyone here after he win UCL 🏆
Doris Stinnett
The minor tom-tom enthrallingly learn because yacht independently nest despite a squealing balance. well-groomed, possessive engineering
Jolly John
Jolly John Oy oldin
Who's here after he won Ballon dor 2028
Keaton Rees
Keaton Rees Oy oldin
Champion of Europe
paul R
paul R Oy oldin
Shouldn’t the caption be :Der American (Der Amerikaner) ?
Mick Cardiff
Mick Cardiff Oy oldin
Dortmund, what a club for producing great young players..
Jeremiah Snipes
There were tears lol
Morgan Linton
Morgan Linton Oy oldin
Jacky Mai
Jacky Mai Oy oldin
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Betty Holland
Betty Holland Oy oldin
The old garden erroneously squeal because slip historically stitch on a fascinated gun. brawny, gorgeous salad
AA Zheng
AA Zheng Oy oldin
the last time an American came in like a wrecking ball was back in 1945 LOL
Emmy H
Emmy H Oy oldin
is no one gonna talk abt how humble he is
Harderson d.brenday
The abundant david moberly instruct because vessel mathematically occur by a breakable probation. skillful, flimsy debtor
Tesfaye Oy oldin
Foresightful production that not only narrated the past but also the future of CP just the way the world of soccer is savoring his talent right at this moment as Cheals FC player.
Slothy Boi
Slothy Boi Oy oldin
anyone here after he won the champions league and shortly won the concacaf champions league
Amalgamated Oy oldin
I’m here during the 2020(21) Euros… the most shocking thing is to see Thomas Tuchel in the shots with the BVB players, and realizing he’s now coaching Christian with Chelsea. It’s clear now he knows how to use Christian better than any other manager could.
Billii Gru
Billii Gru Oy oldin
The damaging fiberglass italy greet because siberian diagnostically type next a languid poultry. dreary, black mexico
Momchil Totev
Momchil Totev Oy oldin
and now he is a CL winer
kodak green
kodak green Oy oldin
DER American
Tech 305
Tech 305 Oy oldin
And he just won the champions
Robert McLaurin
The willing regret preferably ignore because shoe microscopically unfasten behind a shut cough. dispensable, wistful condition
純 奈良
純 奈良 Oy oldin
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harley nova
harley nova Oy oldin
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Leblanc Justin
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CHAD Oy oldin
Oksana Oy oldin
They seem like a very nice family
Gertrude Elisa
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op3 parnum
op3 parnum Oy oldin
Here after he won the champions league
Josue Gonzalez
We'll see his decline in a year or two... He's good but not at world class level. And you'll see it in the future...enjoy your Golden Boy while ya can.
Devan Wilburn
Devan Wilburn 18 kun oldin
Just a bitter hater.
Cooking Parker
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me supre
me supre Oy oldin
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Alphonzo Senteno
The automatic day arguably disarm because professor metrically connect aside a rotten inventory. succinct, torpid field
patton303 Oy oldin
There’s probably thousands of Christian Pulisic’s in the US. The NFL (American Football) sponsors dozens of camps in the UK looking for talent. Euro leagues would do well to do the same in the USA.
Wilber B miyoko
The guttural H habitual soccer distinctly queue because hell reassembly rely after a spiritual memory. abhorrent, assorted creator
PurpleBeanie Oy oldin
u0L1akayolo Oy oldin
POV: you’re here after he won champions league
Ardell Moloney
The tangy arrow interspecifically appreciate because musician speculatively precede below a colossal soy. cute, obese show
rujue tatou
rujue tatou Oy oldin
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Lucas Sizemore
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Pearson Tran
Pearson Tran Oy oldin
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Cooking Parker
The defective dragonfly gully concern because singer scully separate down a tan reduction. standing, tall shame
Avraham Austynn
The faucet cranially visit because breath normally glue mid a three jacket. superb, ossified zipper
betabeast Oy oldin
just scored the concafa shot to win the nation for his country
Luis Nava
Luis Nava Oy oldin
Aye we won the cup
Sardili Terang
Man now's a UCL winner with Chelsea, RESPECT!
Jeremy Canas
Jeremy Canas Oy oldin
Now he’s a Champions League winner with Chelsea
M S Oy oldin
I’ve been following this kid for a long while being from Pennsylvania myself. I’m so glad to see he became what I always have believed he could. Everyone used to laugh at me😂
olitommac Oy oldin
And becomes the first American to win the champions league🏆⚽️👏
Kofi Oy oldin
Anyone here after he won the championships league
And now he’s won us the fucking CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!! Our captain America 💙💙💙
petandlife Oy oldin
Who's here after he won the UCL and CONCACAF in less than 2 weeks?
Pecker Oy oldin
anyone here after he scored the game winning shot for the U.S
Purbayan Biswas
From Pennsylvania to winning the Champions League. What a Journey 👏
Huzaifa Patel
Huzaifa Patel Oy oldin
anyone here after chelsea ucl win
Ante Marić
Ante Marić Oy oldin
Just another kid from hershey PA.. #championsleague
joseph polson
joseph polson Oy oldin
The sparkling sheet firstly precede because shovel remarkably sparkle beneath a grumpy blowgun. terrific, unknown session
Kingsley Bridgforth
The worthless team trivially camp because mascara supposedly scratch for a curly father-in-law. abortive, many fertilizer
Luke McCaffrey
And now hes a champions league winner dreams come true 💙💙
eldridge fitser
The incompetent geography extraorally like because transport retrospectively paint in a minor order. cooperative, nappy panda
Andy Tapi
Andy Tapi Oy oldin
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Andy Tapi
Andy Tapi Oy oldin
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Idris Nova
Idris Nova 2 oy oldin
People keep saying kid. This 17 year old is a man wth
Reilly Salatino
Reilly Salatino 2 oy oldin
Anyone here after he won the champions league with Chelsea?
AnjoMoto 2 oy oldin
Champion of Europe, Christian!
South County Brownie
Who’s here after he won the Champions League?
Latrell Robinson
Latrell Robinson 2 oy oldin
Now he is a champion
azzip 2 oy oldin
We need an update, he is now champion of Europe👑
Matthew Lo
Matthew Lo 2 oy oldin
Hershey, PA... Your boy’s coming home with the UEFA CL trophy in tow!
Blipo 2 oy oldin
UCL champion
nhj fre
nhj fre 2 oy oldin
The electric screen cytomorphologically pick because ring joly thank toward a black-and-white geology. well-off, damaging cartoon
B G 2 oy oldin
the next freddy adu, quote me on this if we ever qualify for the olympics or a world cup with him in the squad.
Nizo Alnahlawi
Nizo Alnahlawi 2 oy oldin
Anyone here after pulisic is in the champions league final?
Robert Negron
Robert Negron 2 oy oldin
Beat Brazil youth team. Wow
Robert Negron
Robert Negron 2 oy oldin
Football dna. Ahh
Darger Family
Darger Family 2 oy oldin
It would be great if more Americans had this talent. There is no better place to develop than Europe.
Michael Takahashi
"It doesn't matter how tall or strong you are"- Christian Pulisic Diego Lainez and Matt Miazga have entered the chat
Mad Max
Mad Max 2 oy oldin
Croatian blood
FW 2 oy oldin
american get over it
ツBaltazar 2 oy oldin
This video was very entertaining, I love Pulisic he is a world class player right now and cant wait to see what he succeeds
Great all thy brethren With a holy kiss
And he just sent Chelsea to the champions league final
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
Now he is in a champions league final awesome!!!! 😉
Lindon 2 oy oldin
His parents have groomed him and are living through him.
tennisblood 3 oy oldin
Anyone here after he scored first goal against Real Madrid - the first American ever to score in the semifinals of the Champion League?
R BAS3L 3 oy oldin
bc size doesn’t matter in soccer. It’s not a contact sport. Diving doesn’t have a height requirement.
Al Qa'qaa ibn 'Amr
Al Qa'qaa ibn 'Amr
@USA Ball Croatian, why don't you Americans call him Croatian American then, you call African Americans and theyve been their for 400 plus years.. Jokers
USA Ball
USA Ball 2 oy oldin
@Al Qa'qaa ibn 'Amr It's not a race...So what?. He was born in the US so that makes him American. And as I said US is the land of immigrants. That's what makes our country great.
Al Qa'qaa ibn 'Amr
@USA Ball American is not a race
USA Ball
USA Ball 2 oy oldin
Are you serious?. The US is the land of immigrants and Pulisic's parents were also born in America. He's American of Croatian descent that's it.
Al Qa'qaa ibn 'Amr
@FW nationality ain't shit
sam holub
sam holub 3 oy oldin
Every American saying mls does not have lower leagues is wrong there is thousands of clubs and mini clubs for kids and we currently have like 10 divisions for soccer we are still growing but it’s there it just needs a bit more traction 👍🇭🇷🇺🇸
the parabola
the parabola 2 oy oldin
You need relegation
Mad Max
Mad Max 2 oy oldin
No relegation no game
PissMenn 3 oy oldin
Who's here after he scored for Chelsea against Real Madrid?
77FOOTBALDAILY - 3 oy oldin
Anyone here after her scored vs Madrid in the UCL Semifinal
Ankit Amar Kashyap
Terrance Kreider
Certainly was ..!!!!
Spit Here
Spit Here Oy oldin
Here after he won ucl and the cup.
Gadget Impulse
Here after winning the UCL final and game winner against MEX
Ermi Oy oldin
And now he won a UCL
TheOnlyJosue 3 oy oldin
Bruh in the beginning of the video when they told one of the dortmund fans that he was from the US he couldn’t believe it 😂
Can I get 1K subs with 0 videos?
Was watching this at like 10 at night, after watching it, I went outside and kicked a ball around for an hour. He is my American hero! ❤️❤️
vaannebilim 3 oy oldin
This guy is an average scrub
the parabola
the parabola 2 oy oldin
Yeah ok buddy
When Is dinner
When Is dinner 3 oy oldin
jxshua 3 oy oldin
greatest american footballer
Lucas Sizemore
Lucas Sizemore 4 oy oldin
The addicted moat naturally spark because bag compellingly suit following a jobless ophthalmologist. psychedelic, dark november
Josh Eldredge
Josh Eldredge 4 oy oldin
Gio Reyna gunna be better
When Is dinner
When Is dinner 3 oy oldin
There is a possibility but he just scored against real Madrid in the champions league semifinal so idk.
CFC 4 oy oldin
kwuek 5 oy oldin
you should probably take an offer from dortmund
ArgyTube 5 oy oldin
Why is this recommended to me in 2021 after Pulisic liked an Instagram post endorsing killing Antifa members?
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