Deion Sanders upset about items being stolen 

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In a strange twist of events, Deion Sanders was visibly upset after winning his first game as Jackson State's head football coach. He explains to the media that his personal belongings were stolen from his office during the game. (The items were later recovered according to the school)




21-Fev, 2021



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Deric Hardy
Deric Hardy Soat oldin
Inside job damn shame
A Veterans Perspective
“When you stole passes for a living and karma comes for you” Nah but seriously whoever did this you should be ashamed. Keep your head up Prime!
J K 41 daqiqa oldin
Kendrick Mitchell
Kendrick Mitchell 2 soat oldin
That's messed up.People don't care
Dji 102
Dji 102 3 soat oldin
This the second time. They broke in his car a month ago
Michael Garza
Michael Garza 3 soat oldin
Why you even playing football right now?
SSS 334
SSS 334 4 soat oldin
Those ppl are extremely poor there but no excuse to take from others
Sean J
Sean J 4 soat oldin
Isnt that the 2nd time they stole his stuff.... first it was the radio now this.
Neatness62 5 soat oldin
This is a shame, but do not allow the foolishness of a few overshadow the team’s victory. Some people want the focus to be on the negative off the field issues and not the great job you guys are doing on the field and with the overall program. I am sorry for your loss, but you are resilient and this distraction should not derail the mission.
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 6 soat oldin
Hbcu what you expect! 😂
Konglomerate Sports Picks LLC
SWFL Fishing
SWFL Fishing 7 soat oldin
Must have hired “Capital Police” to wave the crooks into the locker room
Jean-Didier MK Malou
not nice
Kecal Decals & Apparel
That’s fucked up man!!!!
hi roller
hi roller 10 soat oldin
Remember 1 thing about tha Deep South it's still Plantation Buck Broken!!
Giovanne S
Giovanne S 10 soat oldin
He’s one and done anyway
Kofi Rey
Kofi Rey 10 soat oldin
This is the second time you been jacked 😨 Not good 🐲
keith jack
keith jack 11 soat oldin
It was an inside job! What type of people are you @ Jackson State? A Hall of Famer goes to help black kids and how is he rewarded? U steal his credit cards?????? He ll leave in a year! U really think that brother wants to live in sorry Azz Mississippi?? Really?
Demetrius Jones
Demetrius Jones 12 soat oldin
Been going through something similar. Don't get out of character Uncle Deion
Anbu Harris
Anbu Harris 14 soat oldin
Well you are in Jackson MS the most garbage city and state in America.
Bryon Erickson
Bryon Erickson 15 soat oldin
Prime Time ain't deserve that. Wish him the best and hope they recover his items
mdcool34 15 soat oldin
Keep your head up prime some people don't like what you are doing it is too positive keep pushing.
Ryan Heibel
Ryan Heibel 16 soat oldin
That's just really a shame that some people don't have respect for other's.
JJ G 16 soat oldin
I have the authorities check your local BLM.
Soldier 4life
Soldier 4life 17 soat oldin
Damm. That’s terrible
Spoonie G
Spoonie G 17 soat oldin
Jackson State tried to deny it happen.
vince lawrence
vince lawrence 18 soat oldin
Let's get those cameras up and rolling , then it can be a secret .
KRAZY Shawn 18 soat oldin
Don't forget the devil is always working Even if you don't see him
Dank Daddy
Dank Daddy 18 soat oldin
How quarterbacks used to be when he would pick em off.
Cordell Cook
Cordell Cook 19 soat oldin
and they didn't press charges 🤣🤣🤣
ReeseTheKameleon Don79
Picasso The Magnificent
Yea how!? Where in the F was security?!?
Tyler James
Tyler James 20 soat oldin
Aside from the situation, the camera quality is amazing I thought I was about to watch a commercial 😂
Mars H
Mars H 20 soat oldin
First he got his jukebox stolen, now this.
C. DX 20 soat oldin
Hopefully the many incidents like this that occur on a regular basis will end the BLM nonsense about defunding police, as if criminals will magically disappear.
E-Rock 2020
E-Rock 2020 21 soat oldin
Damn.. 😂😂😂😂
jimmy bercklett
jimmy bercklett 22 soat oldin
It's like watching wild animals on the Discovery Channel! It's a damn shame
barrett anderson
barrett anderson 23 soat oldin
People will never know the part of their soul they gave away for a watch or a cell phone or some jewelry. They’re nothing more than shiny rocks you can’t take with you.
John Smith
John Smith Kun oldin
Congratulations to humanity for stooping to a new low, unbelievably shameful.
Timothy Atkins
Timothy Atkins Kun oldin
what doesn't he understand about the culture he is in now? . . . how . . . corrupt culture around you man
George Graves
George Graves Kun oldin
No Respect WOW Love Prime Giving Back To Our Community Praise YAHWEH😘
thomas carter
thomas carter Kun oldin
They said his stuff wasn't even stolen it was misplaced
Nolan Barnes
Nolan Barnes Kun oldin
I love what he is doing but the locker room problem wouldn't been mentioned on the media cause others always want to find a way to talk about us
Adam's Adventures
That really stinks! Some people are straight up garbage.
computerbunnie Kun oldin
Wow - this is crazy ...... what the heck - nothing is sacred these dayzzzz - dude sad state of affairs if you can’t go play a game and expect your things to be safe and respect to come to play together and the stuff stolen regardless just his or others - WHAT A TRIP ....
William Mcmillian
You get what you pay for. I guarantee you that the school hired cheap security service..HBCU have to change their mindset
Jon Dough
Jon Dough Kun oldin
Probably one of those punk ass skateboarding white kids
KEN JONE Kun oldin
Quality entertainment.
Dave Kun oldin
Well Prime you and Juice find your stuff? Ha, check the pond shops? Ha, better luck next time. By the way I got five Biggins for your air Jordans!
_KortlandWynn Kun oldin
Sounds like an inside job.
David Davis
David Davis Kun oldin
Did this happen during Black History Month? Say it ain’t so!
Cool Lee
Cool Lee Kun oldin
I got robbed in Jackson Mississippi to poor area.
COUNTREES 79 Kun oldin
Stop being so arrogant and actually let them young men see your one of them not just some rich celebrity whos playing the part.
John Froelich
John Froelich Kun oldin
Walter Payton's alma mater. He would agree with Neon Deion...
87ucsmdbiudli24 ifyouonlyknew
That sucks . If there is one thing I hate most is a thief. I tell my kids if you want to be a thief just keep on walking. I hope you get caught for being stupid. You're absolutely right about haveing higher standards . It's unacceptable and should never be tolerated. Hope you get your stuff back. Prime time. One of the greatest American athletes of all time. Teams were afraid to kick to him. And quarterbacks feared throwing it to which ever side he lined up on. Basically shutdown one side of the the field for an entire game.
greg turner
greg turner Kun oldin
Wow..the man just had the best day of his life..for the team ..and some thug wasn't thinking..that guilt will hit him like a ton of bricks😳..good luck Primetime..😍😍
immasoxfanbaby Kun oldin
This dude is a drama momma. Imstilling fear and chaos. Watch it will happen again Dem snakes n the grass are out in the youtube garden. They all working to cause fear . Dont give them any attention
Derrick Dunn
Derrick Dunn Kun oldin
This guy is not what he seem to be .he all about him self in his image
Velvet Lady
Velvet Lady Kun oldin
Keep your head up Mr. Sander"s. You're a great Coach and Leader for those young men as a a Single Black Mother we take our Hats off for that and do know God is in told control over it all so prayer held high and may you continue to be a vessel that God want you to be... Strength Strong and Loved my Brother. From The Family of Alabama 2021..
jstonah76 ghosttown
Its always an inside guy cant trust no one
chaoxiong Kun oldin
Twice? Inside job... somebody who had access to the lockers and coaches lounge... This is sad. I don’t see Deion staying long.
WMwestcoast 1980
Welcome to the hood Deion
Chris BeenRaw
Chris BeenRaw Kun oldin
Prime time handled this well. When is accountability going to take precedence? Bite the hand that feeds you you wind up broke. Time to stop copping out to catch phrases.
creole king
creole king Kun oldin
He's not ready 4 BIG TIME PERIOD
moe know
moe know Kun oldin
The boom box now this? Jackson, MS shame on you.
Alex Davis
Alex Davis Kun oldin
When FSU come with that 4-6 million a year deal this is go be a major factor ....His sons should be careful out there
Ed Smart
Ed Smart Kun oldin
Thats foul
JIm Kun oldin
Sounds like a lack of security
Denise Sills
Denise Sills Kun oldin
Hood. Is the hood. Give them an opportunity. You. See they. Don’t. Care about. You in da. Hood. You should know. That. Hood. Poor. People. Survival. Keep it real. Homes ya know da hood. Us da hood. Come. On. !!! You key ya guard down. Ya list!!! Da. Hood is real!!!
Differential Education
Ok but why go to a post game interview and comment about it? What is that going to solve? All you’re doing is virtue signaling in hopes of gaining sympathy for taking the job in the first place. You knew it would be an extremely difficult task to pull an HBCU’s program into the mainstream. He’s basically saying “Look what these no good ni&&as did to me for trying to help them!” If you walked away from your office with no security at the door, did you expect the security to magically appear and watch your VALUABLE items when you’re on the field? Stop with this “respect” crap and start being proactive.
Edp P
Edp P Kun oldin
The person (s) responsible have no soul. How do you urinate on someone who is trying to help your kids and community. Like he said, makes no sense!
Casino 88
Casino 88 Kun oldin
Well Mr.Sanders you are learning why Jackson Mississippi is nicknamed “jack” town for a reason hate this happened but we can pretty much NOT blame the “man” for this one D1 schools are waiting brother..... #justsaying
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia Kun oldin
All black school huh
1175 Village Idiot
Wtf? 👀🥺 that super fucked up! This a bad look js
Leonard Johnson
Leonard Johnson Kun oldin
So sick of the dumb shit. We try to destroy the best of us willing to sacrifice and help us. I coach basketball and pop warner with no pay because I see where our kids are headed and I catch hell from dumb ass parents all the time It starts at home I feel prime on this utter disrespect.
Bama 2 Da Bone
Bama 2 Da Bone Kun oldin
Chris Rock said it best ..Love black people .. You know the rest
Jay B
Jay B 2 kun oldin
We black out here. This world sometimes hate to see a successful black and brown man. They will find who ever did it. A thief is too stupid and his/her karma always comes.
Byron Rainer
Byron Rainer 2 kun oldin
Get a lock dude
TheGospel & TheGame Aman'
Hold Your Head Up Coach!!!! Defeat That D-evi or Devils. We've been in the wilderness too long, it's time for a change. Go Dion Go Jackson State!!!!
Thomas Owes
Thomas Owes 2 kun oldin
Black folks.
Big Dee562
Big Dee562 2 kun oldin
Stupid azz wypipo 🤦🏾‍♂️
Big Dee562
Big Dee562 2 kun oldin
Hopefully they catch the punk who did that.
J Can
J Can 2 kun oldin
Primetime doesn't get old still looks like he did in the 90's
Greatest Turf Show time
Idc what anybody got to say but it’s another way he can handle this at this point he’s doing a disservice to the program rather than helping them I know that sounds bizarre but think about it everybody not responsible for one bum actions but wants u keep going on tv whinnying about items being stolen which can easily be retrieved or more bought you a millionaire cmon address this directly with the school but wants it hits the public you putting an even badder name on that program thus dooming it more Stephen A said it best when he spoke on this topic . Now Deion I mite need to check yo birth certificate see we’re u from 😂 cause long removed toughen up stop 😢 all on national TV keep this in-house #HBCU ✊🏾
Joseph J
Joseph J 2 kun oldin
That's Bull****! Those thieves should be ashamed of themselves. Dion is the man
Winston Ellis
Winston Ellis 2 kun oldin
Shit don't make any sense 🤨
Total Confusion
Total Confusion 2 kun oldin
Blabber mouth sure can rant cant he
Adrian Penerton
Adrian Penerton 2 kun oldin
Reform the Security Department
Terry' Davis
Terry' Davis 2 kun oldin
#JSU #JustStealingUniversity SAD!!!!!!
He said he targeted
E McClendon
E McClendon 2 kun oldin
Evil Demons from the pits of HELL...Prime Time is a man of God. The days of darkness are coming towards the hands that touched a child of God.IJNIPA
Blizzy The Truth
Blizzy The Truth 2 kun oldin
Should of coach in Texas where he from
Rodney Smith
Rodney Smith 2 kun oldin
Only stole the coaches shit, we cant be this ignorant. Just cause to show we need reparations. One of the most marketable athletes of all time, didn't go back to his alma mater Florida St. And they down there stealing from the man!!
BlackSkipBayless 2 kun oldin
Gotta be inside job.
lenair.lifetv 2 kun oldin
Someone don't want you there brother
Travis Seitrich
Travis Seitrich 2 kun oldin
Probably the waterboy mad that they decided to drink gatorade
itsvenise S
itsvenise S 2 kun oldin
Or a Nike representative 😂
Arthur Jennings
Arthur Jennings 2 kun oldin
love you prime man you a real dude.
Dominic Cropper
Dominic Cropper 2 kun oldin
That shit crazy as shit damn man it had to be a nigga to steal some shit who ever it was fucked it up for everybody damn that’s crazy
Kobe GiGi
Kobe GiGi 2 kun oldin
smh terrible bruh
Lando Spaho
Lando Spaho 2 kun oldin
Thats the 2nd time gettin robbed at this school. I'd quit.
Javi Soprano
Javi Soprano 2 kun oldin
Thank God he had on his necklaces 🙏 🙄
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