Democrats press forward with election reform vote despite GOP opposition 

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will hold a procedural vote on Democrats' S1 or the "For the People Act" on Tuesday, despite opposition to the bill from Republicans and even members of the Democratic party. CBS News congressional correspondent Nikole Killion, Politico "Playbook" co-author Tara Palmeri and LA Times White House reporter Eli Stokols join CBSN's "Red and Blue" anchor Elaine Quijano with details on the battle over voting rights, the latest on infrastructure negotiations and a new poll that shows conservatives rallying behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over former President Trump.

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21-Iyn, 2021



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Bob Lee Swagger
Chucky want to force the vote now!!!??? hooooo it really will be usefull now , is it Chuky?!🤡🤡🤡🤡👍
xstlady52 Oy oldin
Read the bill before generalizing what it 'means.' www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/senate-bill/1/text. It does NOT eliminate voter ID; that is still up to the states, but it does try to make REGISTERING to vote easier and more efficient.
Ginger Oy oldin
chuck schumer...what a barf bag
TheModer8ter Oy oldin
John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life in heaven.
Karl Stenbeck
Karl Stenbeck Oy oldin
CBS denies harassing their reporters and news anchors.... but the truth is coming out anyhow.
DJY Oy oldin
Democrats are waging war against white people. White males in particular. Let's get it on!!
Tertia Maritz
Tertia Maritz Oy oldin
Fake news
The Mighty Zim
April Moss showed CBS for what they are. Corporate propaganda. uzblock.info/post/video/lqihj3OSo56Rk3E.html
howard biel
howard biel Oy oldin
Most of that trillion is going to the private industry. Just to fix what needs fixing would cost 10 trillion.
Steve Oy oldin
"The House bill would allow those who don’t have an ID to present a statement “signed by the individual under penalty of perjury, attesting to the individual’s identity and attesting that the individual is eligible to vote in the election.” This option would apply only for federal elections. Because this would apply only to federal elections, Justin Levitt, a law professor at Loyola Marymount University who worked on voting rights as a deputy assistant attorney general, pointed out in an email to us that “states can keep other procedures for other elections.” He also noted that a sworn, written statement is a form of proof of identity that is acceptable in many other contexts. But, Levitt said, the provision “would also preclude states from turning voters away because they don’t have documents other than a sworn written statement.” So, there’s no blanket “ban” on voter ID laws in the bill, but there is an option for those who don’t have ID to offer a signed statement instead during federal elections." www.factcheck.org/2021/03/three-false-claims-about-the-federal-voting-rights-bill/
Andrew Landen
Andrew Landen Oy oldin
Their news is so biased.
WingManDK Oy oldin
CBS and other Media will destroy the United States of America.
fungoorstitch Oy oldin
Invoke the nuclear option to bypass the filibuster. Get two Republican Senators to neutralize Moscow Mitch's special agents Manchin and Sinema, and get S1 passed for the American voters by simple majority!
Charles Byrge
Charles Byrge Oy oldin
Hey everyone. Jen Saki , press Sec. is running 90 % thumbs down. No comments allowed. This Admin. is Wacco
Jonny Appleseed
After the politicians start shooting the media
Jonny Appleseed
Democrats are the virus voters and politicians bullets are the car the cure. It will be just be too expensive to sort all of them out
Bertha Brown
Bertha Brown Oy oldin
The People act is the opposite of election integrity. It is reform though, making it even easier to cheat. Strict voter identification rules is the only way to fair elections. "Common Sense" - I have to agree with the GOP.
Thirsty 4more
Thirsty 4more Oy oldin
Biden is only president because he's NOT Trump. Perhaps something is wrong with the elections.
Cobra Cow
Cobra Cow Oy oldin
My idea of election reform is to audit every election.
SRV Oy oldin
The big lie. Trump won. They know it and they're scared. Arizona has proven their fraud, other swing states to follow. Voter ID is a must. This is fake news propaganda network that supports election cheating, racism, hate and violence in America
simon kenton
simon kenton Oy oldin
hahahahaha! FUXSNOOZE regular! Fake news mixed with ignorant opinion gives you away.
Migdalia Velez
Good about time I remember when the Republicans were in power and they wouldn't let the Democrat 2 the meeting
Chris Chris
Chris Chris Oy oldin
Oppressed Speaker of truth
As An american...I do not trust this administration at all. They are shady and corrupt. The media helps cover their lies. I don't trust them and won't support them at all.
Oppressed Speaker of truth
Change the rules since you can't win fairly. We see it. America is talking about these people.
Dan Nelson
Dan Nelson Oy oldin
The democrap party is nothing but a TROJAN HORSE for socialism, which translates into DICTATORSHIP...!
Sophia HCQ
Sophia HCQ Oy oldin
The government is a thief’s, the media is liar’s , cdc is CCP’s org. They combined together cheating us! why do we fake channels lying ?
Ripvanwinkle Oy oldin
Election fraud enhancement act
V Hooper
V Hooper Oy oldin
It will only cause or increase inflation. The 1% will never allow the lower 50% to gain an inch
Gangster Caesar
No id no vote these democrats are tearing this country apart
simon kenton
simon kenton Oy oldin
hahahaha, how did we ever manage all those elections before the 1970's?
Tim Beacom
Tim Beacom Oy oldin
Biggest theft of power move in American history
The Morally Superior Democrat
MSM= enemy #1
Anastasia Beaverhausen
Mitch the 🐢 McConnell
tsprague67 Oy oldin
About time. The only way crooked Republican politicians win is if they CHEAT !!
Skydiver Oy oldin
Americas Main Stream Media have moved away from Journalism standards of delivering fact-based truth, to pushing a Liberal narrative based on a Leftist political ideology.
William Heckman
They want voting more accessible yet 50% of the country doesn't even bother to vote.
joe fortino
joe fortino Oy oldin
Push forward
they pretend voting is a sacred right, to the democrats nothing is sacred, it's why they want to let in as many illegals as possible. they as well as republicans both have been playing the same game, they know full well all American Citizens could vote securely in real time on real issues electronically just like they do with their money everyday on their cellphones. They play together because it keeps them all in a job if they do, so they are always on the same side when it comes down to that.
Kizer Soze
Kizer Soze Oy oldin
GOP trying to stop Democrats and then Democrats are trying to stop the GOP..........Americans are divided equal civil war. Just split the country up Republicans take the south & Democrats take the North and out west problem solved put a DMZ zone fence to keep each other out. It works for North Korea & South Korea why not America? The hate between Americans is so deep and it`s our rich politicians, Democrats & Republicans who got us acting out this way. America is broken and we all know it.
The Angry Bass
We the people demand voter ID. All states must pass legislation to protect the sanctity of the election process
The Angry Bass
Whatever the Democrats steal from us we will take back
If my phone and computer are secure enough for me to do my banking on, I'm comfortable signing up to vote as an American Citizen on real issues in real time. This needs to happen anyway, it's democracy and the media and politicians are out of control with the fake polls and propaganda and corruption.
This is stupid 🤪 the way our country is ran, most people may vote what once a year? While those in power and stay in power put the screws to us the other 364 days of the yr. Democracy is when the people have a say, and American Citizens Only should be voting in real time on real issues instead of listening to fake poll numbers and constant propaganda. To risky to vote online? But how many of you bank, sell, and buy everyday using it? 🤪 But hey, stay on youtube, and facebook and twitter crying about something you could have fixed all along.
Skydiver Oy oldin
Democrats legalized Voter Fraud Bill is going nowhere.
Ma screenname
Ma screenname Oy oldin
Democrat politicians truly are disgusting individuals
Ma screenname
Ma screenname Oy oldin
@Jason Scott what a stupid assertion, after Republicans freed the slaves and passed the voting act, it has always been the Democrats that have been the oppressors. Voting rights and legal votes are 2 different things
Dank Dubious
Dank Dubious Oy oldin
The Daily Wire does not uphold Christian or Conservative point of view. They use lies and fear to prey upon us with social and political angles aimed at triggering a response from us to drive up their subs. They do not accurately cover the news. They are not for the truth and chose their greed over it, effectively becoming "Controlled Opposition". Anyone who speaks out gets censored and canceled. Candice Owens has also taken a turn for the worse since joining them, calling on her followers to cancel others. They refuse to refund and refuse you access to the platform you paid to be a part of! They are not censored as they claim they are. They are actively being promoted and featured by FB and YT in fact while others, Like Bryson Gray or Steven Crowder, are getting attacked by those in power. They are trying to become Hollywood 2.0 for the Rinos and are actively trying to pacify the Left so they can keep their monetized platforms thriving. Its disgusting, its corruption cashing in on corruption, and it needs to be revealed. I have screens and logs and proof, but why take my word alone when Im not the only one it happened to? Why not read the abysmal article for yourself that started this most recent issue over at the DW, and then read the comments forum below and you will see. They not only deleted every comment I ever made to any user about anything, they barred me access to my account and took my ability to comment in any more forums or even to access my own member page and payment options then ignored my open ticket for days and refused to say why they censored me to begin with. Here is the link: www.dailywire.com/news/osama-bin-ladens-niece-trolls-biden-with-trump-won-sign-at-geneva-summit? Contact me at lordsiidius@gmail.com if you are interested in helping me reveal this story to warn others. I will provide you all you need to see what DW is really about. Stick with the real guys who stick to the truth like Bryson here and those fellas at the Blaze or The Quartering here on YT. But dont feed the predators that only want to cash in on our misery with lies!
Prasad Pavitram
This bill is not enough. Election day should be a holiday. I should be able to vote online on election day or one week before. Period.
Prasad Pavitram
@Urwomansfantasy There is no excuse for not being able to vote online in an advanced country like USA with very developed IT systems.
Indeed you should, keep speaking that way as am I and maybe with enough time it will happen. It needs to happen every time they want to use our tax dollars, the people should be able to vote online, if nothing else it's citizens will be heard.
corey D'shawn hayes
They want to know how to pay for it Biden need the instruct the treasury and the Federal reserve to sell 3 trillion in government bonds to pay for infrastructure how you have the biggest money making machine in the world and you don't use it that makes no sense
yourin8er Oy oldin
Make voting day a federal holiday
Betty Dollen
Betty Dollen Oy oldin
- SOMEBODY GET A GUN …. !!!!!!!
Betty Dollen
Betty Dollen Oy oldin
Michael Welch
Michael Welch Oy oldin
U go fool's! 😆 😆 😆!!!
Doug Oy oldin
Hi Elaine, I don`t understand why you get so many trolls on your channel. Maybe it`s because these trolls get tired of being lied to on FOX news and they come here to get the truth. It is so sad how gullible people are from the rhetoric and lies fed to them from their own party. For that reason alone is one of the reason`s I left the Republican party. The other is I refuse to vote for a criminal and a coward in Trump or any GOP leader who supports him.
ocmonman1 Oy oldin
This is not election reform. This is an attempt to federalize state election laws. Only democrats would be favored.
ocmonman1 Oy oldin
@Jason Scott this does not make a level playing field. Read what’s in the bill.
The Heretic
The Heretic Oy oldin
Demanding you show ID to vote isn’t oppression...suppression...or deprivation.
simon kenton
simon kenton Oy oldin
@The Heretic like most other UZblock loudmouths, you're not nearly as smart as you think you are, you're just loud. Disingenuously indoctrinated? simply gibberish. You sound like a freshman trying to impress somebody, (his mother?) with newly learned vocabulary words. Most states didn't have photo ID's until the 1970's; does that mean all their previous elections were invalid? Jim Crow is still Jim Crow, no matter how you dress it. Beware the Jabberwock my son, the jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
The Heretic
The Heretic Oy oldin
@simon kenton Jesus Christ you poor thing. I mean I basically just backhanded your absurd rationalization and you know it. Nothing about demanding that you show your ID to prove who you are to vote constitutes hypocrisy or lies. The correlation he’s attempting to make between vaccine verification... and showing your identification to vote is so ludicrous I keep waiting on him to say “ha ha just kidding.“ Simply because I don’t want to insult his intelligence by believing he believes it. And absolutely none of that lends itself to constituting voter suppression or oppression or anything of the sort. You demonstrate just how disingenuously indoctrinated you are when you don’t even flinch in the face of a rational argument.
The Heretic
The Heretic Oy oldin
@Jason Scott that may be the most desperate attempt to rationalize something I’ve ever seen. The first and most obvious flaw in your ridiculous logic is that in the disingenuous attempt to assert hypocrisy on the right you illustrate it in glorious fashion on the left. Seeing as most of you support a vaccine ID but when it comes to voter ID you are suddenly opposed. But that’s not even the hilarious part of your pathetic efforts. The hilarious part is that your voter ID? Is simply your ID. It is not a special ID. It is not a specific ID. It is simply requiring that you present your identification to vote. The same ID you carry around in your pocket at any given time. The same ID that every single person has. If you don’t have it? Then the odds that you are someone who is prohibited from voting are astronomical. So no... the same would not be said for vaccine verification because they’re not the same dynamic at all like even marginally. On a personal note I find it terrifying that the argument you just presented? Made sense to you. This is not forcing you to show that you’ve taken the jab or that you’ve sworn your allegiance to something or some stupid dynamic like that. This is simply demanding that you prove who you are. “ hi I’m here to exercise my constitutional right to vote.” “ who is here to exercise their right to vote?” “Jason Scott“ “Can I see your ID and verify that that’s who you are?“ “Sure. Here it is.“ And you vote. Simple. Well it seems to be simple to anyone with an IQ above room temperature in Siberia....
simon kenton
simon kenton Oy oldin
@Jason Scott of course, they're all bloody hypocrites and liars.
The Heretic
The Heretic Oy oldin
@simon kenton no... it isn’t. And you can’t articulate how it is either. I know it... and so do you. When you receive a college id.... how do you verify who you are to receive it? Oops.
steve cook
steve cook Oy oldin
Evil democratic
Steve Hamilton
Dem voting reform is perfecting ballot box stuffing
Steve Hamilton
Hi Jason. I guess if we were going to use it, we would’ve done in 2020. If we are going to use it in the future we’d support it now.
aceshighest Oy oldin
While we are spending trillions of dollars why not throw a few bucks my way?
LSP Oy oldin
Don’t forget to call Moscow Mitch
E J Oy oldin
Why no election investigation of 2020? We investigated 2016 for no good reason?? Find what went wrong in 2020, then write legislation!
Jer Jibe
Jer Jibe Oy oldin
READ THE BILL FOR YOURSELVES: (b) REQUIRING USE OF BALLOT IN SAME MANNER 8 AS INDIVIDUALS PRESENTING IDENTIFICATION.-An in9 dividual who presents or submits a sworn written state10 ment in accordance with subsection (a)(1) shall be per11 mitted to cast a ballot in the election in the same manner 12 as an individual who presents identification.
LSP Oy oldin
Maybe someday the Lord will do some thing about Lindsey Graham
Miss Marlene
Miss Marlene Oy oldin
This is totally unconstitutional!
Everardo Medrano
I don't do not vote for none of these not even Ted Cruz Donald Trump none of them both of them all out they don't care about American people that care about them pockets
9 4
9 4 Oy oldin
Being Hispanic I had no problem voting in Texas and yes I have an ID.
9 4
9 4 Oy oldin
@SlyFan1993 Well you know “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids are”
SlyFan1993 Oy oldin
Wait? You're a minority that got an ID? B-but Democrats told us that people like you are too incompetent to get one. It's almost as if though minorities are just as capable as anyone else.
Chekitana Oy oldin
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones Oy oldin
These people are complete frauds...open the border then make it easier to vote so they don’t lose in 2024 because they know they will lose in an absolute landslide because of how radical this administration has been
Vicki Shiroda
Vicki Shiroda Oy oldin
What’s the problem, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out! Make the greedy billionaires pay their share of taxes and we’ll have plenty of money for so many things that need doing!!!!!
Ren Lu
Ren Lu Oy oldin
so democrats want to make committing vote flaws even easier.
Ken Sturm
Ken Sturm Oy oldin
Don't forget the stimulus checks when this 4T bill fails. 17 and under is bs! Should be under 21
billy the dead
The republican party is a scary lot
Billy Turner
Billy Turner Oy oldin
Ten more days until white history month
Ashley Horne
Ashley Horne Oy oldin
If you can’t see through this democratic socialist fascist BS, then you’re the problem, not the solution.
No Name
No Name Oy oldin
socialism and fascism are polar opposites. That doesn't make any sense.
simon kenton
simon kenton Oy oldin
if you think that makes any sense, you're batshit crazy.
John M2
John M2 Oy oldin
Democrat Voter Fraud law. 1. Federal Election Commission has 3 partisan democrats and 2 republicans. Convenient way to Cheat. 2. Allows all Individuals (incl non citizens to register to vote and vote same day in ANY Precinct. So no proof of precinct registration required. 3. No voter ID required. 4. No signatures required for mail in ballots. 4. 16 and -7 year olds can register to vote.
Kurt Downey
Kurt Downey Oy oldin
Wow to bad there is no real infrastructure in the mislabeled bill all pork- GTFOH with this BS
Ashley Horne
Ashley Horne Oy oldin
“Illegals should vote” A socialist democrat.
Rolls Royce Network
None of them said that. You just out that in your head because your salty Trump lost. everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a communist or socialist but yet you like the biggest communist of them all, RUSSIA!. You guys are a joke
Joshua Gharis
Joshua Gharis Oy oldin
STFU McConnell
Jack Staten
Jack Staten Oy oldin
Either states have the right run their elections or they don't. If the feds can tell states how to conduct their elections then we aren't the "United" states. We are nothing more than a socialistic states and the republic is gone. Like the ACA, either it's a pay as you go system or it's not. That atrocity they rammed through Congress was nothing more that a ruse. I mean the leader of the democrat party said they have to pass it before they could read it. And you knuckleheads thinks that's alright. No wonder men can be on the women's Olympic power lifting team. Good luck y'all...
Conrad Jonson
Conrad Jonson Oy oldin
More lies to in power the corrupt racist party in charge
heavyd777 Oy oldin
73% of Americans, black and white, support Voter Id to secure election integrity. Democrats are trying to ban voter id against the will of the people!!! The end is near Democrats, 2022 we will wipe you out!!!
Carmen Pabon
Carmen Pabon Oy oldin
Trump running for president 🏃‍♂️is a joke right!!🤭😅🤣😂😆😁😄
Mike Alvarez
Mike Alvarez Oy oldin
Manchin is only a Democrat in name
Mike G
Mike G Oy oldin
Dont ask..gop still thinks trump.is prez...once they past that..then talk to them
Josey Wales
Josey Wales Oy oldin
Folks, it's a one-party dictatorship right now and they don't care about you or working along with those across the aisle. The Democrats are actually traitors of this country and are being allowed free reign to do what they please
Preston Hanson
Push forward despite democracy more like. The rich want to secure their perminent future. To firmly establish the plutocracy
Your PCMD Oy oldin
Chuck Schumer is going to cause an all-out rebellion. It'll make Jan 6th look like a picnic.
bone kollektor
It's all part of the power grab by the left
Start spreading the word American Citizens are going to unite and start voting on real issues in real time on their own site and American Citizens Only and watch the panic ensue. No more fake polls, no more propaganda and nobody will be able to duck and dodge how the Citizens feel about the issues.
I AM the militia
When the words 'and I'm gonna tell you why' come out of her mouth you know it's about to be some bs
Rolls Royce Network
Republicans once again will find this backfiring in their faces. You will only want to make people vote more if your setting all these rules in place. Counter intuitive🤦‍♂️. What happens when the dems win even more in the midterms after all these restrictions? Do you keep placing more?
heavyd777 Oy oldin
Democrats march forward just like the goose-stepping frauds they really are!!!
Chico S.
Chico S. Oy oldin
so the demonrats, who now for the first time control all three branches of government, are going through with what they want to do, despite it going against the popular opinion... hope yall ready for this ride, yall bout to find out what the real biggest threat to public security really is.
Carmen Pabon
Carmen Pabon Oy oldin
The RICH People are the ones paying for it!!. If former trump could have given a tax break to the rich when he was in office, Now let the RICH pay back all the money they kept in their pockets!! For the fractural bill🤨🙄
Omega Man
Omega Man Oy oldin
Joe “Brain decaying Biden
Guido Sarducci
waste o time
Isabel Kanakanui
Two trick pony is in need of mental health.
Guido Sarducci
Then it gets shot down, if it passes, by SCOTUS
American Citizens better start using their power to vote before they cannot anymore. Should be voting online as citizens anyway for real issues and in real time, this is so stupid allowing them to walk all over us and we spend our lives on twitter, facebook and youtube. Meanwhile everyone feels perfectly safe checking and using their cellphones to do banking on. 🤪
barbenders Oy oldin
VP SpreadEagle says half the kids in America are in poverty? Where are the journalists questioning her highly fraudulent statistics?
Jack Carolina
Jack Carolina Oy oldin
Jeffrey Davis
Jeffrey Davis Oy oldin
Democratic will steal your votes it called the internet 😂😂😂
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