Dream Reacts To Accusations Of Him Scripting Manhunts and Debunks them 

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Dream responds to accusations regarding him faking and scripting his Manhunts and DEBUNKS them LIVE

The full livestream can be found here: www.twitch.tv/videos/708855304
You can find Dream here:
UZblock channel: uzblock.info
Twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/dreamwastaken




14-Avg, 2020



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Dream Team Highlights
Hey guys this video has been getting a lot of attraction these past few days. Just wanted to make a brief statement, this was more or less just me testing out how easy it is to create a clips channel because so many channels are doing it nowadays. Also I see lots of people saying I just stole this video. I did not steal it, several other clips channels have done videos on this same VOD as did I, but I put it into the editor and edited the video myself. Also I currently do not have any future plans to do anything with this channel, as I'm sure a lot of people would be "disgusted" with it. Just a test channel really and it turns out that it is incredibly easy to just become a clip channel. Hopefully UZblock does something about these in the future. Anyways for those of you finding this video don't worry this channel is not monetized and I hope you enjoy the video.
Luke Paulson
Luke Paulson 5 kun oldin
Dream, I wish you would talk more about yourself!!! Yes, I realize that you are trying to conceal your identity but it makes your vids so much more interesting when you talk about yourself.
That1Legend 8 kun oldin
I have a clip channel lol
Rodney Bueti
Rodney Bueti 10 kun oldin
@Landon Eddie Yea, I've been watching on flixzone for since november myself =)
Landon Eddie
Landon Eddie 10 kun oldin
Pro trick : watch series at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching a lot of movies recently.
Krishna Tawniya
Krishna Tawniya 10 kun oldin
Stfu titles like debunked destroys bro he scripts em
Knight Artorias
Knight Artorias 7 soat oldin
If you want to hear the gospel, press read more..... Jesus died for our sins, he suffered and did nothing wrong. A crown of thorns was dug into his skull, was whipped 39 times, then was forced to carry a giant wooden cross up a hill. Then finally, was crucified and suffered the full wrath if God, he rose once more three days later. Believe this, and you will inherit eternal life.
Theoxix MINECOD Kun oldin
Dream Hater's IQ and vision : -50
NoBrainer Kun oldin
Plot twist: they faked George being colorblind from the start JUST to get this clip
Lucca Massotti
Lucca Massotti 2 kun oldin
Bro dream sounds like a teacher
TheTuber 2 kun oldin
Lets be honest. we barely know what hes talking bout but we enjoy it
Dream ._. Edits
Dream ._. Edits 2 kun oldin
Did anyone notice the link to his channel is some guy named “dreaM shorts” 👁👄👁
Karla 2 kun oldin
1:20 "george is color blind" *Continues video*
Vero 28
Vero 28 2 kun oldin
And sapnap... sapnap doesn’t do see anything
Kamikaze Viking
Kamikaze Viking 3 kun oldin
Another problem about many of criticism are that they assume Dream or the Hunters are perfect so even if they did see particle effects or the damage, they could be more focused on something else and not realize
Patrick Knap
Patrick Knap 3 kun oldin
Dreams first reaction: George is colorblind
attaymo mo1
attaymo mo1 3 kun oldin
Dream just ignore his shit. He's just baiting for views.
firefly couldbe
firefly couldbe 3 kun oldin
3:05 dream casually talking about how he traumatized his friends and giving them flashbacks killed me xD
eric wong
eric wong 3 kun oldin
when dreams mouse confuses you and you cant find ur mouse
Leifmund 96
Leifmund 96 3 kun oldin
everyone gangsta until dream drinks strength potion
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 kun oldin
Bad, Ok I'm inside Bad - Dream 2020
King Kash
King Kash 3 kun oldin
Dream: Makes mistake while literally being 3:1. Theorisers: and I took that personally
Jiaxi hao
Jiaxi hao 4 kun oldin
dream jsut acully ignore gourge XDS
Enderskelelton64 The Minecrafter
21:30 woah he gets really defensive
Enderskelelton64 The Minecrafter
dream i believe these aren't scripted, this guy u are watching is just a techno fan
SolidPie2k11 4 kun oldin
Nick TDO
Nick TDO 4 kun oldin
Dream is just plain smart
nice 5 kun oldin
the real way to debunk this is to just take a look at everyone's acting on the dsmp /lh
kenazezii 5 kun oldin
They are probably scripted, isnt it suspicious that he never dies In the start? Or that the hunters run away when he is low? It makes sense that they are scripted if they were not they would be insanley boring, they are fun to watch and probably scripted but it doesnt mean he is a bad youtuber as most Channel are fake
Furious 3 kun oldin
He said how there’s a lot of manhunts that end too early so they don’t want to upload a 5 minute manhunt so they do multiple if it ends quick
[SMG3] Villagerpower38 Official
1:23 I love how he didn’t know George was color blind but all of us knew about it (as in the subscribers)
Will Watson
Will Watson 5 kun oldin
I think dream is the best player in the world leave a like and comment if you agree
Joyce Lin
Joyce Lin 5 kun oldin
Falling on a horse is not low at all I did it on mobile before
Sagar Pathak
Sagar Pathak 5 kun oldin
Dream used every work but DRANK in the first 5 mins
Luke Murphy Cosplays
If he scripts these. Props to the acting. It’s better than anyone in my program.
Luke Murphy Cosplays
“George is colour-blind” I died laughing
I Love Dogs
I Love Dogs 5 kun oldin
22:51 Oh Look! Both The UZblock Bars Are At The Same Place!
Blackfalcon Otaku
Blackfalcon Otaku 6 kun oldin
Dream: I'm inside Bad me: ....... lol
Poprostu ciastko ;-;
This dude s voice is so fricking raging me ;-;
Max Biehl
Max Biehl 6 kun oldin
Dream: *gets 10 25$ Donations* Also Dream: Lets pretend that didnt happen.
Mariothane 6 kun oldin
So this video he’s reacting to is just a case of “Hindsight is 20-20”
ImmortalHerpDerp 6 kun oldin
Dude WE NEED TO ANALYZE dreams analysis. Then. Make. An. analanalanalize video of it. Jk dreams shit is real to me. That's all that matters. So neener neener.
ImmortalHerpDerp 5 kun oldin
@Mindy Lingard ohhh that's why I was smelling burnt toast.
Mindy Lingard
Mindy Lingard 5 kun oldin
Did you just have a stroke?
Sarah Choy
Sarah Choy 6 kun oldin
Wait....”dranken” 😅
Galaxy _sleepystarz
Poor gogy-
Roger Hutchins
Roger Hutchins 8 kun oldin
why does he pause the video so much, like come on let me watch and laugh at this guy trying to insult your great videos
LegendMax 101
LegendMax 101 8 kun oldin
The people who disliked was the person who made the manhunt is fake video and his alt accounts
RobinHoodWorld 8 kun oldin
16:29: *Angry BadboyHalo noises*
Sh ark
Sh ark 8 kun oldin
7:14 GeorgeHasBeenFound Dono 25
EpicBlur 9 kun oldin
Ur talking about light and dark colors with a colour blind person...
Thijmen The Turkey
Thijmen The Turkey 8 kun oldin
That type of color blindness doesn’t exist
Karl Henriksson
Karl Henriksson 9 kun oldin
Another proof against "scripted manhunt": All of those guys are horrible liars. None of them would be able to fake this stuff without dying of laughter
silent5 9 kun oldin
its a 4v1 1 person has strength they even knew he was low of course it's scripted
That Guy
That Guy 9 kun oldin
Lol I’ve done the horse mlg like five hundred times in a row and I am terrible at mlgs
Mr Tapp
Mr Tapp 9 kun oldin
JOIN NOW! www.roblox.com/games/6740894216/Tapping-Simulator-Simulator-Simulator-Simulator
Manfred Feigt
Manfred Feigt 9 kun oldin
2:34 well i think because he is one one Heart if they would just gang up on him they could kill him before he even takes out one of them after all strength 2 is a two shot
HEETDGlitch 9 kun oldin
Oh yes we would definitely cheat by placing a chest mine cart on the end portal boy we truly are masterminds of cheating
QuietWyatt 9 kun oldin
it is very cool how fast our brains can process things and how fast we can make decisions
Ralfs Millers
Ralfs Millers 9 kun oldin
Cosmic 285
Cosmic 285 9 kun oldin
The thing is that if he faked/scripted manhunt, how did he get the achievement in the video but if he planed it he would have got them when he was planning things for example if he planted a minecart in the portal room he would have got the achievement at that time but he got the achievement in the video so therefore he couldn't have faked
Cosmic 285
Cosmic 285 7 kun oldin
@Thijmen The Turkey idk, cause in the video the guy says that it's suspicious that there is a Minecraft in the portal room but if he placed the minecart the he would have got the achievement when he placed it but he got the achievement in the actual video
Thijmen The Turkey
Thijmen The Turkey 7 kun oldin
@Cosmic 285 Then why did you even comment this if you knew that achievement don’t carry over
Cosmic 285
Cosmic 285 8 kun oldin
@Thijmen The Turkey I know that achievements don't Carry over through world's I've played for 5 years
Cosmic 285
Cosmic 285 8 kun oldin
@Thijmen The Turkey yes that's what I mean he would have got the achievements when in creative yes
Thijmen The Turkey
Thijmen The Turkey 8 kun oldin
Have you ever even played minecraft? Achievements don’t carry over through worlds... He just made a new world to make the video in
EMCJava 9 kun oldin
13:27 This is not the full original clip he posted. When dream is "inside someone" he is running into a stationary person causing this "inside somebody" effect, but obviously you can tell when one player is sprinting out of another player with momentum.
EMCJava 9 kun oldin
8:52 But why would dream want to be trapped in the air, he may fall into a worse trap when you get out, which he did
StormRigsNG 10 kun oldin
7:20 boy I love donations hahahahha
Minecraft Survivalist
Really?? George is color blind
Anders C
Anders C 10 kun oldin
shade shadow
shade shadow 10 kun oldin
hey dream u should put on one of your oldest skins on like mexican dream or something like that and see your freinds reactions
xd ghost
xd ghost 10 kun oldin
They died only FOUR TIMES in total. Theyvw improvwd so much
Ethan Tiblow
Ethan Tiblow 10 kun oldin
aaah yes sapnap can hear George see the potion
Frogag 10 kun oldin
I really respect that dream doesn’t get super mad and yell and he just reacts calmly and laughs
Mystic Goat Gaming
Mystic Goat Gaming 10 kun oldin
I hit the horse play on fricking XBOX
reaperguy2050 10 kun oldin
it’s staged
Anita Lemana
Anita Lemana 10 kun oldin
makes sense
13:31 Im inside bad
Karim Tamim
Karim Tamim 11 kun oldin
That youtuber says that dreams bud are bad Dream says no they are improving Now thats what i call disrespectful mr youtuber
Women 179
Women 179 11 kun oldin
Women 179
Women 179 11 kun oldin
O WAIT nevermind sorry
Ella Kenney
Ella Kenney 11 kun oldin
Silent Edict
Silent Edict 11 kun oldin
Don't ever play the guy trying "prove" Dream is fake in poker. He'd complain that you going all in with only a pair of 2s was cheating since he folded thinking you had a royal flush. He must not know what a "bluff" is.
Senpai_ Pikachu
Senpai_ Pikachu 11 kun oldin
imagine being dreams brother or sister
Reese Herrmann
Reese Herrmann 11 kun oldin
I mean I wouldn’t doubt if they exaggerate for hyperbole and sorta-not-sorta let him make his plays for the lolz but honestly WHO CARES it’s AMAZING CONTENT and if they’re not doing that stuff then even cooler!!!!
Cryptic Arsonist
Cryptic Arsonist 12 kun oldin
i wonder if dream noticed that the creator of the video donated and told everyone that he wasnt trying to hate on the manhunt series and was just jotting down his speculations and putting them into a video.
Sibling Stuff
Sibling Stuff 12 kun oldin
dream litteraly trains and practices for these manhunts and yall are out here like "oOoOo dReAmS mAnHuNtS aRe FaKe oOoOoOo"
InstantAnonymous 12 kun oldin
that guy is pissing me off
Laughing Pumpkin
Laughing Pumpkin 12 kun oldin
You know what's the most annoying when playing games with friends is when they shout he's one shot but they've healed
Romas Pokhrel
Romas Pokhrel 13 kun oldin
5:53 did anyone notice the creator of the video donated??
Kingboo4245 13 kun oldin
5:52 the guy who posted the video donated here. Just wanted to point this out for fun.
32 versy
32 versy 13 kun oldin
Just an better player
Jackson Moen
Jackson Moen 14 kun oldin
anyone else noticing some of these donations? the original video creator, george and a couple others are pretty funny
•Lovely_Cake •
•Lovely_Cake • 14 kun oldin
dream: -tries to explain the diamonds at --7:10- George: STOP MAKING FUN OF ME D: me: -PFFT- POOR GEORGE XD
LEGO Boy 14 kun oldin
Just waiting for somebody to say that boat clutch(new one from 5 hunters) is fake
thereekster 123
thereekster 123 14 kun oldin
If it is a script... it’s masterfully done.
DAB DAB 14 kun oldin
Panda_Assassin 14 kun oldin
"I'm inside bad" SOMEONE CLIP IT
Caspar Von Klinggräff
even if it was scrippted what it is not I would still find it so cool!! In addition, dream smp is probably also scrippted and since it does not bother anyone
Mike hoggy
Mike hoggy 15 kun oldin
I hate the fact dream has to do this. Leave him to entertain us. If you don't like him don't watch him.
Sugar on RR
Sugar on RR 15 kun oldin
Short vid/comment: this guy is stupid and dream and his friends are funny.
exuberant 15 kun oldin
dream has the fucking biggest ego ever
Shrawan Arunachalam
Shrawan Arunachalam 15 kun oldin
The potion moment he said"George is color blind🤣🤣
Rafi 15 kun oldin
How whould you be abel to make such a script
yt Jamesy1yeet gamer
dream o dream
MELYT 15 kun oldin
I love how dream just like: "George us colorblind" at 1:23
Peak of the Apex
Peak of the Apex 16 kun oldin
Im susbcribed to this guy
VANILLAZILLA 16 kun oldin
Definitely not biased in the slightest.
Shayla Sigo
Shayla Sigo 16 kun oldin
10:17 look at the chat thing abahahahag
FRU0C Android
FRU0C Android 16 kun oldin
Why do people accuse u of CHEATING on Manhunt? JEEZ why would u change something in the game for the manhunt its just doesnt make sense
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 16 kun oldin
The George Colorblind part, I'm actully colorblind. But we can see colors. If it shows light red and im colorblind, I saw it before. I know what it looks like. So George did too.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 16 kun oldin
@Fallout Ayres also we dont see one color diffrently. We see (me and george) see less red and see more green.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 16 kun oldin
@Fallout Ayres ik. still when i (a colorblind person) when I see a color I know what it is. Pink may look red to me but if I see it i know which it is. its confusing to say. but if there is a color on a potion i still see the potion.
Fallout Ayres
Fallout Ayres 16 kun oldin
colorblind people don’t have the same problem with color,some see blue differently some see red different and ect
jeff chen
jeff chen 16 kun oldin
We a watching a video of reaction video(dream) of reaction video(random ytuber) of dream manhunt
Leyton H McLaren
Leyton H McLaren 16 kun oldin
dream for the next mystery should be how the map villagers got a hold of the map that leads the the illgers hide out... would'nt they kill the villagers and get the map that leads to their hide out????
Icee Cayden
Icee Cayden 16 kun oldin
Lol this guy got muffined
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