Euro 2020 Group F preview: Why it’s IMPOSSIBLE to call a winner from TOUGHEST Group | ESPN FC 

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ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (Gab and Juls show) preview Group F of Euro 2020, consisting of France, Germany, Portugal and Hungary. The pair agree this is the “toughest group", and question if any of the teams can derail France from dominating the group stages.

0:00 What makes France the World Champions?
1:40 Is this the best squad France has ever had?
3:11 Is Didier Deschamps a tactically good enough manager?
4:15 Are there ANY weaknesses in France?
7:27 How good is this Germany team?
9:54 Will playing at home give Hungary their best chance?
10:57 Why this Portugal squad is better than 2016

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13-Iyn, 2021



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What did "...bring five Serbs like everybody else..." meant?
Elsa Alves
Elsa Alves Oy oldin
Sth tells me Portugal is out... 🙁
Domenic Grande
Sorry Hungary is not hungry enough !
Domenic Grande
France has to many big egos on this team, which is why they played bad against Hungary , no one had composer
hihad emin
hihad emin Oy oldin
I hope France can win. I believe in them more than Germany
CHD Oy oldin
It’ll be england 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and serbia 🇷🇸 in the final.
X3 Thats Me
X3 Thats Me Oy oldin
jota is trash...prove me otherwise
Norah Meso
Norah Meso Oy oldin
Portugal still going through, they already have enough points to go through if we go according to that rule of the best 4th placed teams, 3 points is always enough to go through, and I'm betting on them to go all the way
Censored by Google
Censored by Google 20 kun oldin
Russia, Finland, Denmark, Ukraine, and Slovakia all finished with three points and only Denmark and Ukraine went through.
Mark Buruno
Mark Buruno Oy oldin
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Ben Mell
Ben Mell Oy oldin
I keep seeing these comments and then random ppl under the comments is this some new form of spamm?
Erion Prifti
Erion Prifti Oy oldin
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Pual Pill
Pual Pill Oy oldin
Believe me he's the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.
George Mendy
George Mendy Oy oldin
@Cherish Pill Thanks for the recommends
Cherish Pill
Cherish Pill Oy oldin
someone Oy oldin
Hungary easy, idk what the trouble is
Abc Xyz
Abc Xyz Oy oldin
Please increase the volume ffs. Its fine mosttimes but it gets really low sometimes when gab speaks
Chris Roze
Chris Roze Oy oldin
every single comment i read give Germany winner somehow.
neph ilim
neph ilim Oy oldin
If you're from India or ur home country pls support it ....
Mahmoud Fathy
Mahmoud Fathy Oy oldin
Mark my words, if there's one team beating France with Deschamps as manager this euro, it's gonna be Italy.
Samy Kiani
Samy Kiani Oy oldin
It will be Belgium
N C Oy oldin
Are these players not vaccinated????
jack frost
jack frost Oy oldin
I'm portuguese and i think we will finish 2nd if we're lucky. Idk how were gonna beat france or Germany. Idk
Arun Prakash
Arun Prakash Oy oldin
I don’t know abt Diogo dalot but cancelo is important player
Phantom Phan
Phantom Phan Oy oldin
Don’t count out Hungary. They are more than capable of pulling an upset
SLBTUBE Oy oldin
Portugal is making it out of this group easy Pizzi don't sleep on the RIEEEEEEGNING DEFEEEEEEENNDING EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS !!!!?! 🇵🇹🏆💪
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia Oy oldin
1.France 2.portugal 3.germany
Angie Wiedenkeller
Sick of hearing about 2018 . Teams lose , move on !
Christopher Hahn
I love how they always count out the german team, a true tournament team. dont forget that germany has 4 stars and had a bad 2018. Yes, they may have gotten cocky, but i guarantee you they will perform well.
yos Oy oldin
Put a case of dew on it white boi
Robert Zinki
Robert Zinki Oy oldin
Netherlands is my favorite and it is winning.
Samy Kiani
Samy Kiani Oy oldin
They are contenders
Robert Zinki
Robert Zinki Oy oldin
@Samy Kiani Belgium is a pretender.
Samy Kiani
Samy Kiani Oy oldin
Belgium will win it.
Ugo Branchaud
Ugo Branchaud Oy oldin
The parallel ambulance aerobically appreciate because rod constitutively tickle astride a internal sidecar. wonderful, blue-eyed dime
Jüles got it right, they will fire Löw mid tournament if the lose against France, because then his job is on the line. Lols. Do they really get paid for this gibberish?
Nicholas C.
Nicholas C. Oy oldin
the euro 2020 will officially begin tomorrow when group f play
roshand matabick
France self destructs, we hope that they have personal maturity this time around. Japan/Korea world cup 2002. South Africa world cup 2010. I can't say USA world cup 1994.
roshand matabick
@Exelmans can also say Spain 82, Mexico 86, Italia 90, Germany 2006. Wrap your head around that
Exelmans Oy oldin
No, but you can say Russia 2018 how about that?
Rishav Ranjan
Rishav Ranjan Oy oldin
The way these pundits are discussing I am quite assured that Germany will surely upset their expectations 😂😂
Electronic s Arts Sport's
Dias is good but Pepe and Fonte are monsters
Mohammed Umair
Portugal should play in 4-2-3-1 formation as they did against Israel because that's the only formation has the right balance
hemant Oy oldin
R16 England vs runner up group f (fra gen por hun)
Adwait kale
Adwait kale Oy oldin
For portugal now its all upto how semedo or dalot perform because cancelo was the best RB currently who created many chances
Modern Soccer
Modern Soccer Oy oldin
French is so soothing to the ears
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Oy oldin
I love Jules' honestly.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Oy oldin
France aren't winning anything.
Luís Guimarães
I see Germany finishing last 😂
Sen Crypto
Sen Crypto Oy oldin
The winners of the last 2 world cups (2014-2018 Ger and Fr), and the finalists of the last Euro2016 (Fra & Por). This is the definition of a group of Death.
Jules’ marriage on the line in the inevitable Wales-France final...
Ik Gix Official
Germany could still very well beat both France and Portugal! Be careful!
Ali Babar
Ali Babar Oy oldin
Isn't Mbappe a left winger plus centre forward in different games for PSG and France?
Kiko Plays
Kiko Plays Oy oldin
France 9 points, Germany 6 points, Portugal 3 points or maybe 1, Hungary aren't gonna be an easy victory, remember they scored 3 vs Portugal last euros, can't afford for that to happen again. i think Portugal might crash out if other thirds in their respective groups had more points
Samy Kiani
Samy Kiani Oy oldin
Good prediction.
Mahad Oy oldin
1. France 7 points( 2W 1D) 2. Portugal 5 points(1W 2D) 3. Germany 4 points(1W 1L 1 D) 4. Hungary 0 points(3L)
Ali Babar
Ali Babar Oy oldin
On paper France 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000 squad was better than current French so called best ever squad.
Karlotta Oy oldin
Poor Hungary 😢
Karlotta Oy oldin
@Mr Ok well they drew against France, if they are able to beat Germany which would be hard but not Impossible they might make it through the top 4 best 3rd placed teams
Mr Ok
Mr Ok Oy oldin
@Christian Doretti lol with or without him they had no chance
Karlotta Oy oldin
@Christian Doretti i think they *might* be able to go through from 3rd place, probably at the expense of either Germany or Portugal Or maybe pull a Greece in 2004/Denmark in 1992 and completely shock us, who knows
Christian Doretti
If they had Szboszlai they might have had more changes, they just a average squad rn.
uchibenkei Oy oldin
It's the law of diminishing returns. Adding a Benzema won't make the team that much better/productive. To put him on, you have to take someone off who is equally as good or better, depending on tactics, or he sits on the bench.
Mr Ok
Mr Ok Oy oldin
@uchibenkei lol shut up man. Who cares about these fake percentages stats. How many career goals benzema have and how many giroud have? How many assistants benzema has and how many giroud has? Go sleep young man
uchibenkei Oy oldin
@Mr Ok Giroud is rated 6.63. Benzema is rated 7.0, so not 1000% better. More like slightly better.
Mr Ok
Mr Ok Oy oldin
Benzema is 1000% a improvement to giroud
Dawid Tesfai
Dawid Tesfai Oy oldin
Come on Germany 🇩🇪
Leon's Bingo Time
We just lost Cancelo to Covid 19. Feels bad. Losing arguably one of the best players in the entire squad is going to be tough. Semedo and Dalot are solid but not good enough to replace him.
El Leme
El Leme Oy oldin
Cancelo's covid situation is a tough one to take...man is a beast..He'll be missed surely !
X Survivor
X Survivor Oy oldin
I think African_french team will top the group
Peter Cruz
Peter Cruz Oy oldin
Hungry 😂😂
Ellington Oy oldin
Gab is so hard to listen to.
Charles Klepac
How good of a coach is Deschamps? I've always wondered... or does he have the best players to work with?
Alexandre Oy oldin
He's pretty good. Yes, coaching France *seem* like the easiest job in the world given their players, but we've seen quite a few talented French teams implode due to poor management. And before he became France's coach, Deschamps trained Marseilles and made them won 4 trophies in a few years (when they hadn't won anything in ten years, and have yet to win anything since he left), he brought Monaco to a Champion's League final, and brought Juventus back to Serie A after they got relegated (probably not as impressive as the previous two achievements, but still had to be done). What he's not is exciting, and don't expect him to revolutionize the game. But he definitely knows how to win.
He has the best players to work with but he also knows how to handle them and how to command them respect, like Zidane. His silverware as a coach AND as a captain for club and country speaks for itself.
Charles Klepac
@Mr Ok who said I never did?😬
Mr Ok
Mr Ok Oy oldin
We can say the same about pep or Ferguson no?
Christian Lopez
Why does deschamp not play ferland Mendy at left back? He had a very good season for madrid and is arguably the best French left back in the world
Man city defence cost more than your club
Bcz deschamps has favorites and he is a no brain France will choke it in quaterfinals
Joao Cancelo out of the team! He is sick with Covid, will miss the rest of the Tournament...
Mata Terešak
Mata Terešak Oy oldin
Deutschland, Deutschland über alles :)
Tistar Rak
Tistar Rak Oy oldin
Be quiet; that’s not the mentality germany wants to embrace
Zubair Barry
Zubair Barry Oy oldin
What,s that??13:53 minutes video you guys just 10 minutes talked about france dont you see others teams as well
Shawane Montique
I just need to cr7 playing again portugal all the way then 2022 worldcup finalist vs brazil.... my 2 teams
Renaldo Matadeen
France easily. Depth, age balance and Kante
JDDC 9447
JDDC 9447 Oy oldin
As a Portuguese I'm not so confident now Cancelo juts got tested positive and being one of the most important players for our National team that's a huge blow I will pray for Portugal Vamos Campeões!!!🙏
Rohit Pathak
Rohit Pathak Oy oldin
@Rohit Choudhary pepe and ronaldo are soul of the team let's not mention them
JDDC 9447
JDDC 9447 Oy oldin
@Rohit Pathak yes however Semedo doesn't bring what Cancelo brings to the table and our RB is very limited I'd rather have Cedric or Ricardo Perreira over Semedo and we even bringing in Dalot who doesn't have that much experience but I will have faith in my Country
Rohit Choudhary
@Rohit Pathak I think you missed the captain of portugal
Rohit Pathak
Rohit Pathak Oy oldin
Yea but semedo is not a bad player He had good season with wolfs. PORTUGAL HAVE LIKES OF felix Jota A.silva B.silva Neves Bruno Dias Gurrerro I mean there shouldn't be excuse
King Santi
King Santi Oy oldin
i hope Germany wins. I want them to be back to their old selves and just DOMINATE
Takumi Hakimino
352 is new meta for football, chealsea, netherland and germany start to adopt it
Takumi Hakimino
Conte inter, simeone atm madrid, showed the art of defensing style of football and they won the title
R_8_p_h Oy oldin
The French parked their winning bus outside the entrance for the Portuguese dressing room in Stade De France. Fernando Santos said the players left their bus and the first thing they saw was that blue topless Bus with the words “Champion D’Europe”. The arrogance cost them that final! Are they great? Yes, absolutely. But all you need is a penalty or a set piece and you’re on your back-foot, if the opposition can defend well, you’re toast. Has happened before to many greats.
H. L.
H. L. Oy oldin
Tu es un sacré menteur mon ami.
R_8_p_h Oy oldin
Everytime I hear Jules talking makes me want to See a repeat of 2002 and France leaves bottom. We get it that it’s his country he is a journalist and he shouldn’t be that biased. What if Germany beats them, then draw Hungary and loses to Portugal. That would be funny…
sxolile nkaule
They were bottom of the group in the 2010 world cup also
Malabu Souldjah
Quaresma and Nani were beasts when they were confident. In 2016 Portugal attack was very experienced and pragmatic. This team is still trying to figure how to fit. But if midfield plays well, they are capable of killing anyone.
The Jaymeister
France and Germany to top group
Paul Nosa Ogiehor
1.France 2.Portugal 3.Germany 4.Hungary
gefeu mabea
gefeu mabea Oy oldin
The tacit skin tribally observe because bronze precisely scrape outside a unhealthy statement. rigid, pumped screwdriver
Akil Boisson
Akil Boisson Oy oldin
Portugal is better than France is almost every single position but people seem to put France on an extreme pedestal
Adrián B.
Adrián B. Oy oldin
they won the 2018 world cup what do u expect
Tshiamo Gadinabokao
1. France 2.Portugal 3.Germany 4.Hungary Germany and Portugal might switch
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo Oy oldin
I believe the winner of the tournament is gonna be between the two that comes out of this group
Samy Kiani
Samy Kiani 29 kun oldin
@Bruno Sousa It will be England now.
Bruno Sousa
Bruno Sousa 29 kun oldin
@Samy Kiani They didn't 😂
Samy Kiani
Samy Kiani Oy oldin
@King Tshilobo I don't speak history dude. Sorry if they did unjustice to your country. It is bound to happen. Belgium will lift the trophy on 11 July if you like it or not.
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo Oy oldin
@Samy Kiani Belgium will never win anything until they apologize to Congo and give them back their reparations
Samy Kiani
Samy Kiani Oy oldin
Belgium will win this time. It's written in the stars.
Piggy!!! Oy oldin
group F for France winning followed by i dont know
Tony Haven
Tony Haven Oy oldin
If Germany dominate, they'll be favourites
Tony Haven
Tony Haven Oy oldin
If France lose the first game, pundits are going to be panicking for the rest of the competition because they can't just say "France for sure, yep, definitely" 😆
Agyar Hardjasudjana
Kinda have the feeling that Germany will be performing better than expected. Not saying much considering how mediocre they were but they could snatch an upset victory against FRA or POR
Babu Frik
Babu Frik Oy oldin
@Loknath 007 lol idiot ....ITS COMING HOME 🇬🇧
Loknath 007
Loknath 007 Oy oldin
@Babu Frik then open your eyes.
Well that’s what happened… against Portugal
Babu Frik
Babu Frik Oy oldin
@Loknath 007 aye i could be wrong but personally i cant see it
Loknath 007
Loknath 007 Oy oldin
@Babu Frik wait and see.
sunandks Oy oldin
Hungary will be the group champions 😂
@Dani facts mate
@Ace Ventura Pet Detective Portugal fanboy doesn't know what a joke is
Dani Oy oldin
@SELESTRO idk if u serious but last game both team played hungary scored 3 goals with lucky deflections lol
SB Music Club
SB Music Club Oy oldin
I don't think so 🤣
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
@SELESTRO Definitely didn't age well at all XD
Omesh Kumar
Omesh Kumar Oy oldin
In mid field I dont think so Pogba, Konte is better than Kroos, Kimmich. Even Defensively France not so strong. Only difference is Mbappe's speed and inconsistencies of Germany in recent time. Talentwise Germany on same level of France. If Germany play like a Germany everything is possible not in Group even in Euro
king kong
king kong Oy oldin
Nah Germany's midfield is better than France's. Both Kimmich and Kroos are better than any of the French midfielders also Gundogan and Goretzka are better than the France midfield except Kante.
Kenton Duncan
Kenton Duncan Oy oldin
Patricio Semedo(Cancelo has Covid) Pepe Dias Raphael Danilo Sergio Bilva Bruno Jota Cristiano
Mr Ok
Mr Ok Oy oldin
Neves ahead of Sergio
Yung_Amr Oy oldin
GamingDawgs Oy oldin
4231 we will get killed, the reason he’s having a 3 back is because he is keen on playing a low block. Kimmich and Gosens are exceptional at attacking so you’re not really giving up an attacking position for more defenders. Overall this system is the most versatile. Hummels and Rüdiger play in a 3 back system for their clubs. Gnabry Havertz Müller will do damage, that lack of width for France could ultimately hurt them in the end.
Damian Bernard
Keep dreaming
GamingDawgs Oy oldin
Also starting Kroos leaves you exposed on the counters, this formation does well to cover his weaknesses, Kroos cannot play in a 4231 pivot position
Haywood J'blome
Cancelo just got covid. Huge blow
Haywood J'blome
@Hugo Fernandes lets hope no one else got it
Hugo Fernandes
That is a huge blow
Abhinandan krishnan
Abhinandan krishnan
Don't underestimate Portugal They are the current champions and the team is much improved.
neph ilim
neph ilim Oy oldin
Okay crisexual fans from India
sxolile nkaule
When fit they will start: Cancelo, Pepe, Diaz, Guerrero. Only old one there is Pepe and he played captained Porto and was playing at the highest level. Only other old Defender there is Fonte, wo captained Lille to a Ligue 1 title. What do you mean most of them are old? Which players are you talking about.
Mr Ok
Mr Ok Oy oldin
@Brandon Harker dias is 24, guerreiro is 27, Mendes is 18, cancelo is 27, semedo is 27. He will only play pepe or fonte so only one of the defence will be of age 😕😕😕
Javier Macias
Javier Macias Oy oldin
I feel like the attack is worring defence will keep them in games
Man city defence cost more than your club
@Brandon Harker don't follow jose our defense is ready for the turtle
Lus Jackson
Lus Jackson Oy oldin
With all this France talk, and Germany losing to France even before the game start, I hope the Germans batter France
Lus Jackson
Lus Jackson Oy oldin
@notthis prickagain they won’t be after a Portugal win or draw and Germany wins their final match
notthis prickagain
@Lus Jackson Well done to Hungary. France still top of the group though 🤷‍♂️
Lus Jackson
Lus Jackson Oy oldin
Who is here after Hungary 🇭🇺 drew with France 😊
notthis prickagain
@Lus Jackson Who beats them?
Peter S.
Peter S. Oy oldin
@Lus Jackson i bet they don’t lol
A game where they are 1-0 down will decide how far they will go or if kante got injured.
Sepp Blatter will fix it
Vincent KC
Vincent KC Oy oldin
Africa will win the Euro
Manan Doshi
Manan Doshi Oy oldin
Pavard will prove these fools wrong
tevin stvalle
tevin stvalle Oy oldin
I'm glad nobody expects Portugal to win.....it will help Ronaldo to prove them wrong
Kevin Dos Santos
@Prosnipezzzz1 he kinda is the number 1 guy. He’s the top scorer as of now and he scored in his first 2 matches.
Stealth Oy oldin
@Prosnipezzzz1 When your team get kicked i come to your house knock the door to let you know for sure TOPKEK
Lord Hades
Lord Hades Oy oldin
@Giridharan 1999 Yes, he is. When Ronaldo plays the team plays for him and is like a fish out of water, no movement. Just pass or cross to Ronaldo and hope he scores. When he doesn't play everyone plays together, good movements, good combinations. Although they are rare games, watch Portugal play without Ronaldo vs with him and see which team you prefer.
Giridharan 1999
@Prosnipezzzz1 ok
A Amin
A Amin Oy oldin
@Prosnipezzzz1 yes but you have cut Ronaldo some slack. You think if Portugal loses and Ronaldo can’t score or assist, he’s now “bad player” or “ ruined the flow”? That’s not how it should work. You can’t be criticizing Ronaldo because Portugal loses. He’s done plenty with his national team. He doesn’t need to really prove me anything.
Santos magar
Santos magar Oy oldin
Death of group
Pittsburgh Steeler
Well Portugal won’t be going very far after Cancelo was ruled out by the incompetent manager
Lord Hades
Lord Hades Oy oldin
@Pittsburgh Steeler He was forced to swap player due to Covid. He wouldn't have swapped him if he could.
Pittsburgh Steeler
@Lord Hades Manager replaced him and shouldn't have. He killed Portugal's chances especially in the later rounds with a desperate and bone headed decision.
Pittsburgh Steeler
@Giridharan 1999 The quality of the players won the Nations League, exemplified by the brilliance of Ronaldo. In 2016, Eder won it with a lucky shot in a game that we were very poor and France deserved to win. Cancelo could have stayed in isolation and returned for the knockout phase, but no ofc he had to bring in Dalot who is no where near as good to backup Semedo, who would be playing anyways. Incompetence.
Lord Hades
Lord Hades Oy oldin
He got ruled out because he got Covid, not because the manager took him out.
Giridharan 1999
Incompetent?.. I know he plays kinda defensive.. But incompetent?? Come on man. He won them 2 trophies.. And cancelo ruled out due to covid
Philipp Wagner
It’s cute to realise how young the UZblock commentators are, they don’t know what monsters Germany can become in tournaments. Especially when they are down 😵 Gab has no fuc*ing idea what he is talking 🤣🤣
Philipp Wagner
@cjetrain and that was almost the same as 2014 😂 dont be afraid mate, France will still play a good tournament
gangste Oy oldin
@cjetrain no
cjetrain Oy oldin
Isn’t this basically the same German team that didn’t make it past the group stage at 2018 WC? Don’t be arrogant
Man city defence cost more than your club
@Brandon Harker they are good but they need a fast and a young center back hummels is good but not at this best again
Cello _thomaz
Cello _thomaz Oy oldin
Germany are the underdogs in this tornament
Steeve Cantave
The winner of the group will be facing Italy and Belgium unless there’s an upset in the round of 16.
Steeve Cantave
@Samron Yonas That's not true at all. Due to having 24 teams, there will be an unbalanced side. Belgium, France, Germany/Portugal, and Italy will most likely be on one side. While there is a 90% chance that a team will be playing Turkey, Finland, or Slovakia to get to a semifinal. I can guarantee you that two of those teams won't even make it to the world cup..
Mahad Oy oldin
That's in the semi finals, not round of 16 or quarter finals
Marco T
Marco T Oy oldin
@Hyeongbeen Cheon Not even that though, if both Belgium and Italy come 1st they'll face each other in the Quarter Finals, there's no way that the winner of the group F faces them before the semifinals.
Samron Yonas
Samron Yonas Oy oldin
@Hyeongbeen Cheon At that point every team playing will most likely be a tough team
Hyeongbeen Cheon
@Marco T i think he meant in the quarters/semis
WhoAreYou? Oy oldin
GROUP F**K The Name Says It All.
nicky leighton
So many pundits and the masses writing off Germany . Remember Portugal in 2016 drew all 3 of their group matches
Sen Sahir
Sen Sahir Oy oldin
Germany has no chance they will go out in group
HiiiPower Booty Licker
In your dreams 🤡🤡🤡
ismxil patni
ismxil patni Oy oldin
Italy won 4 world cup aswell gab fool
ismxil patni
ismxil patni Oy oldin
Italy won 4 world cup aswell gab fool
ismxil patni
ismxil patni Oy oldin
Italy won 4 world cup aswell gab fool
ismxil patni
ismxil patni Oy oldin
Italy won 4 world cup aswell gab fool
ismxil patni
ismxil patni Oy oldin
Italy won 4 world cup aswell gab fool
Sascha _GER
Sascha _GER Oy oldin
All i can predict is that we might see a full bayern squad on the field in munich .completed with cfc players. The ucl winners of the last 2 seaons in 1 game. What more we need to have fun.
Olaf Haroldsonn II
@Karim Zakaria more than favorites
Mahad Oy oldin
Germany would have been powerhouses for the Euro 2020 if Hansi Flick was in charge right now
Karim Zakaria
Karim Zakaria Oy oldin
@Olaf Haroldsonn II they’d be one of the favorites
Olaf Haroldsonn II
The coach is the weakest link of Germany. Imagine if Hansi Flick was the coach right now?
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