Genshin Impact EP - A Warrior Far From Home 

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Traveling through the tranquil wilderness, tarrying a while in the bustling city,
Even the wayfaring heart of the warrior, which delights in conflict, struggle, and adventure,
Will sometimes be bound by thoughts of his snowy homeland.
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4-Apr, 2021



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Fikrlar 100   
Fongie 8 daqiqa oldin
My first DPS 5 stars since 1.1 Still he is the best
Angie 11 soat oldin
Ace Blade
Ace Blade Kun oldin
If only I had tartaglea
Amirbek Akmirza
Amirbek Akmirza Kun oldin
Ok so you teling me he is Russian? PS: Tsaritsa(Царица) it's russian word meaning Queen and Snezhnaya(Снежная)means Snowy Sneg(Снег) - Snow
Skeleton Kun oldin
If childe wasn't a fatui harbinger I would have begged for my father to spend on this game
Алина Горбачева
Тут русский чел и рефлексирует,очень правдоподобно
;-; шото с чем то
Все я умерла от такой музыки
hange zoë
hange zoë 2 kun oldin
a warrior far from home marely sweating
Inari Pop
Inari Pop 3 kun oldin
paimon where are the chapters 😟
Addict of Animation
I rolled on Childe's banner, hoping to get Rosaria, and I got Fischl. I like her, but I was hoping for Rosaria.
ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Nifa.
ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Nifa. 4 kun oldin
God I hope they don't kill him
Versacee Wig
Versacee Wig 4 kun oldin
Wow childe you were in monstadt and didnt come and say hi
Seramics 4 kun oldin
What is the opening OST?
Lythien Thong
Lythien Thong 4 kun oldin
I see so many death flags looming on childes head from this video man and it's giving me the waterfalls
huh 4 kun oldin
My second 5 star 😀
i use razor blades instead of tampons
watching this after losing 50/50 and getting jean instead💔
iam lucky
iam lucky 4 kun oldin
ventilador ven a mi
3:47 look at the background zhongli is passing by the way
The Kamas God
The Kamas God 5 kun oldin
Tartag is my boy. But they playing me on the banner for real. C'mon now Genshin
Cindy 6 kun oldin
2:50 I thought Childe is playing with his smartphone 🤣🤣
iam lucky
iam lucky 2 kun oldin
It's a photo of his family he misses them
Jeane Mitsuzuki
Jeane Mitsuzuki 6 kun oldin
Rip pity because of you childe :( c1 damn it
Maria 6 kun oldin
this hits real different when childe still hasnt come home 😭😭😭😭🤘🤘
Alice Yuan
Alice Yuan 6 kun oldin
omg that bank gbm is so freaking good *chef kiss*
Khan F
Khan F 6 kun oldin
Farah Ismail
Farah Ismail 6 kun oldin
Damn that Northland Bank OST is so good.
FIFFY 6 kun oldin
it's a pve game. we need emote too
ЯЛТУРА 7 kun oldin
забавно что Аякс вроде русский . но имя скандинавское
alida flus
alida flus 7 kun oldin
I hate that in the "A letter from afar" section, he actually looks sad.
Commander Kenobi
Commander Kenobi 7 kun oldin
I'm just worried his cape is gonna catch on fire lmao
Simran 7 kun oldin
Idk tell me if I'm wrong. Yesterday I finished the new quest, and I through that maybe we will go back again to Dragonspine to investigate further and we might meet Childe or maybe instead we just go to Inazuma
alida flus
alida flus 7 kun oldin
Aw I wish I could get him. And the way he’s just sitting there is just wow
K Plaza
K Plaza 7 kun oldin
*You didn't chose Childe, he chose you*
Turbo v _infinity
Turbo v _infinity 8 kun oldin
whr bless you
Nụ Cười Tự Nhiên
he stayed there for a long time but did not lose blood due to the cold ?????
YO 8 kun oldin
i wish Childe's ult was the whale
nazigor furher
nazigor furher 8 kun oldin
Everyone have their own stories with their own struggle and pain but also come with different succes some better some worse but in the end the stories soon or later will come to an end
VNDY WVRHL 8 kun oldin
Tartaglia is so kind and generous character.. He's brave and always open for the world. That's why he's a best boy
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 8 kun oldin
since when was watching genshin characters just roam around teyvat so relaxing?💀
Nemiko 8 kun oldin
is my eye hurting or i just see signora there ( 1:52 ) i think she'll be a playable character akaldasfaskljd
JY재영 8 kun oldin
I can't believe I got him after I got venti with my 50/50 pity
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 8 kun oldin
Wow tortilla gets even more death flags with each and every scene
AbhishekDubey Club
AbhishekDubey Club 8 kun oldin
This is very good 👍 and it would be very wholesome of him
I'm looking at my left Cause I'm always right
He's in dragonspine to promote the Fatui's there o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ
Bonnkeisha BonBon
Bonnkeisha BonBon 8 kun oldin
I headcanon that if Childe were ever stationed in Mondstat at some point, he would spend his free time (any that he's given) in Dragonspine because it reminds him of home. Maybe it's not anywhere near as cold as Snezhnaya, but the feeling of cold wind gives him enough nostalgia to just sit and enjoy it. Also, fun fact: There's actually a river in Russia called Snezhnaya River. which translates to "Snowy River" (don't take my word for it I'm not russian-) I found this out because I was looking up "snezhnaya" so that I could spell it and I saw it and was like "woah that's cool", so I just thought that I should share this little fact thingy majig-
Maple 8 kun oldin
Recently got Tartagles and my god was I hooked on his character and story
delax legend
delax legend 8 kun oldin
Oooo my god this music is so relaxing and so fresh i feel that this game is the most relaxable game and i appreciate it ....such a nice music braaaa.......🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🙂🙂🙂🙂🤨😊
RollinIt 9 kun oldin
guys wtf is my luck *i got rosaria and childe on my first 10 pull* *AND IM A F2P PLAYER*
iam lucky
iam lucky 2 kun oldin
Same you wanna know something I lost his 50 50 on the rerun banner and got him again bya ritual going to the boss and summoning
I hate Monday
I hate Monday 9 kun oldin
Aw I wish I could get him. And the way he’s just sitting there is just wow
octavaluna 9 kun oldin
Childe: *literally tries to commit mass genocide in Liyue* Fandom: Aaaw~ he cares about his own family, he's so precious ♥️
Lilac Starlight
Lilac Starlight Kun oldin
@•mirai• I love morally ray characters though its more realistic and unique. Which is why he's my favourite character and my fav characters outside genshin are all morally gray
Birittany 4 kun oldin
@•mirai• it's like, if he is your ally, you can trust him with your life because he is someone who truly cares for those he loves. but if you stand as his enemy, well... he may not have anything personal against you but he can still try to kill you ruthlessly before treating you to lunch the next day. I just love him sm, he is a very interesting character
•mirai• 4 kun oldin
@Birittany the personality shifts are both fascinating and.. terrifying. He's very dependable and pretty unpredictable, it's almost charming
Birittany 7 kun oldin
Jokes aside tho, Childe is someone who keeps his work life and personal life seperate and does it so well it's frightening. He legit goes "hey bestie" after fighting us to death it's kinda funny
•mirai• 7 kun oldin
I mean eh.. he had reasons. It's mihoyos fault for making all the great characters morally gray 💔
Jabaak 9 kun oldin
Lucas Galvao
Lucas Galvao 9 kun oldin
Buff Childe's ultimate, rework it
lychee luvv
lychee luvv 9 kun oldin
I wonder just wth is the Fatui planning like... a lot are going to be sacrificed so just *w h a t*
Moe- Lester
Moe- Lester 9 kun oldin
We all gotta admit that we bully the cryo regisvine when we got childe
Dan M
Dan M 9 kun oldin
_Aksent 9 kun oldin
*О привет*
LiziLLusioN 9 kun oldin
*Me, waiting for Childe to come home*
Chalky Nommy
Chalky Nommy 10 kun oldin
Wow tortilla gets even more death flags with each and every scene
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 10 kun oldin
Everyone: childe misses home thats so sad Me, an intellectual: signora told him to go home, why is he still in liyue??
dmdm_XD 10 kun oldin
pls banner xiao
Jihancxpz 10 kun oldin
Mihoyo give me Childe, NOW 😭
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 10 kun oldin
This makes it cannon that Childe does to Dragonspine when he’s homesick so he can feel a cold that’s similar to Snezhnaya Well don’t mind me crying in this corner over he
Migel Adrian
Migel Adrian 10 kun oldin
its been long time im really want him so much i hope i get him soon
Aether :O
Aether :O 10 kun oldin
Zhongli at the end be walking up to Childe asking for a *Christian Minecraft Server invalid s word* ton of mora to buy dino nuggets
୨୧・Miko ੭
୨୧・Miko ੭ 10 kun oldin
Did you get Childe? Me: Yes. What did it cost? Me: The Venti that I've always wanted. BUT FAILED
୨୧・Miko ੭
୨୧・Miko ੭ 10 kun oldin
So I wished for Tar-Tartaglia
Taco Maniac
Taco Maniac 10 kun oldin
Childe suffers from depression, hear me out: He is always making jokes and seems energetic infront of others but when he is alone he seems melancholic and alone....poor childe
Taco Maniac
Taco Maniac Kun oldin
@aki sh you are so getting it
aki sh
aki sh Kun oldin
Is that why his eyes doesn’t have those sparkle or lightning like other characters?
Rosie Reynolds
Rosie Reynolds 10 kun oldin
I was just watching aot before this, it's a bit of a change in tone
Fadhil Syahputra
Fadhil Syahputra 10 kun oldin
mihoyo we are a ps4 player, want to feel playing genshin impact on your cellphone using the main account, please provide that feature
sy1via_ 10 kun oldin
bad timing but i can't help but notice how close his scarf is to the fire in dragonspine bro you're gonna have a burnt scarf like that
Monster Baek
Monster Baek 11 kun oldin
so many dont like childe bcs his cd both e n q as childe simp im suffering too hope they buff him 😭
Mohammad Farhat
Mohammad Farhat 11 kun oldin
This looked like a 2d game or a game tittle screen at the beginning
32_Bagas Althof
32_Bagas Althof 11 kun oldin
Thor gul
Thor gul 11 kun oldin
Revamped childe's range stance pls Mihoyo. for example " last hit of tartarglia range normal auto attack to opponent affected by riptide status trigger riptide flash"
Anastasia Borisova
Anastasia Borisova 11 kun oldin
Чайлд..Не раздражай пж, выпади, мне нужна конста.
Anastasia Borisova
Anastasia Borisova 7 kun oldin
ЯЛТУРА 7 kun oldin
1 или 6
Philip Monje
Philip Monje 11 kun oldin
There should be character NPCs like Childe, Diluc, Jean, Kaeya, Zhongli, Venti, etc.
doire aintu
doire aintu 11 kun oldin
Aimen Ahmad
Aimen Ahmad 11 kun oldin
3:48 wut
Loursey 11 kun oldin
@doire aintu i think its 'A letter from Ajax' if I'm not wrong
doire aintu
doire aintu 11 kun oldin
Does anyone know what the name of the third song used in this video is?
Taooo Herez
Taooo Herez 11 kun oldin
ayyyyyyyyyy got childe on my 24th pull and won the 50/50
ベンチ 11 kun oldin
This makes it cannon that Childe does to Dragonspine when he’s homesick so he can feel a cold that’s similar to Snezhnaya Well don’t mind me crying in this corner over here
Reisaku 11 kun oldin
kiyomi 11 kun oldin
So gorgeous, this game is so breath taking
kija 11 kun oldin
pls... give me childe... TT
ganqing impact
ganqing impact 11 kun oldin
WAIT- childe can’t die because (1) i dont want him to lol (2) what about his trounce domain? as a weekly boss (3) I REALLY DONT WANT HIM TO PLEASE
Newbie Gamer
Newbie Gamer 11 kun oldin
Treasury From the Northbank is the most peaceful song i ever heard
miko foin
miko foin 11 kun oldin
Childe just chilling Me at 0:33 : How is his scarf not catching fire???
Joe Kickass
Joe Kickass 12 kun oldin
Anyone who watched this wont find Childe.
Kaeya 12 kun oldin
give me childe man
miko foin
miko foin 11 kun oldin
I absolutely love the A Letter From Afar. The notes are so pretty.
Jennie Gaming
Jennie Gaming 12 kun oldin
Y'all I just got tartaglia any advice? I only have the bow from windblume festival,, I thought I wont get tartaglia because I am already at 85 pity and no more primo so I haven't farm for his arti ._. AR35-W4
Universal Gaming
Universal Gaming 12 kun oldin
Lost the 50/50 to fking keqing
The Real GoingToasterXD
What if MiHoYo killed off a F2P character like Amber or Keaya and then made that character unplayable after progressing past that archon quest 😳😳😳
Potato Finn
Potato Finn 12 kun oldin
"4:02" Happy to get from *GENGEN.BEST**
海浪 12 kun oldin
Does anyone know what the name of the third song used in this video is?
Serenity :3
Serenity :3 12 kun oldin
PANEN GAME 12 kun oldin
Hope Mihoyo will adjust the sitting positions of every characters. My diluc sits like he's gonna change to diluca
Cha 12 kun oldin
lets be honest 80% of you pulled for him because you're a massive childe simp- and like maybe that applies to me too who knows
Maria Almazan
Maria Almazan 12 kun oldin
"1:48" Happy to get from *GENGEN.BEST*
Gonjenz 12 kun oldin
What if Childe see Albedo and Albedo notice him at the snow what if he gonna do he fight or he greet him.
Exuvia 12 kun oldin
Maybe he helping some Albedo research
Angry Gamer
Angry Gamer 12 kun oldin
What did i just watch?
THIQQMN n 12 kun oldin
Pls do something about the hacking problems
- LuckyWolf -
- LuckyWolf - 12 kun oldin
A Warrior far from home Spiderman: far from home (?
Nana Rin
Nana Rin 12 kun oldin
Childe is traveler
doire aintu
doire aintu 12 kun oldin
I hate that in the "A letter from afar" section, he actually looks sad.
Piercing Crescendo
Piercing Crescendo 12 kun oldin
I absolutely love the A Letter From Afar. The notes are so pretty.
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