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100% of my revenue earned from this channel, merch sales, and brand deals I receive from this channel will go towards our food pantry!



6-May, 2021



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Beast Philanthropy
Don’t forget that all the ad rev, merch sales, and brand deals I receive off this channel go towards running my food pantry! Next video will be an update from the communities we feed
Gray Corbett
Gray Corbett 7 kun oldin
fight for the poor
Kayla 13 kun oldin
Brendalee Letendre
Brendalee Letendre 18 kun oldin
When my daughter 1 st told me about you and what you do..I thought it was just a silly gimmick .now that I've watched more if your vids I'm very thankful there's someone like you out there doing so much good. Please don't stop..you are appreciated ❤️
Jeronimo Costa Zini
Jeronimo Costa Zini 18 kun oldin
Hi Mr beast im from argentina, im an artist traying to get by. But its hard here, i leave you here my nft art, maybe you can help me finding who can buy it. Thanks and thanks for making the world a better place. Cryptomoonland in opensea.
Rozh Hawzhen
Rozh Hawzhen 19 kun oldin
Shana Emmanuelle
Shana Emmanuelle Soat oldin
Mr Beast is the best!💙
Adriano Fletcher
Adriano Fletcher Soat oldin
Mr beast is a caregiver he cares about kids ans people in the world
Sugar Davis
Sugar Davis 2 soat oldin
how much money do you make per month or week or day or yearly
Parkerdude56 2 soat oldin
This is a comment so view engagement goes up and this channel goes more viral. Have a good day :)
Parkerdude56 2 soat oldin
This is a comment so view engagement goes up and this channel goes more viral. Have a good day :)
FJ Shrederr
FJ Shrederr 3 soat oldin
All the other kids: smiling and gasping That one kid on the left of the card: staring at the camra with a blank face... I hate to say it but that would be me in a since. Id fake my reaction for youtube but id really be thinking of the future online assinments. Online assinments be cheating you tooooo... when you accidently click slash then enter...you: come on...im still right dough. The electronic: im bout to end this mans while career...the answer is 24 not 24/ you: what?! Thats the same thiiiiing
Arden 3 soat oldin
I love Darrens humour
Justin daniela
Justin daniela 3 soat oldin
Nolan Weinberger
Nolan Weinberger 3 soat oldin
1:39 why is his mask over his eyes?
IXKoda 4 soat oldin
I guess that by me hitting a button or two that won’t even effect me could help out people in need🤔🤔🤔 which would mean I’m a nice person😁
Human Hotdog
Human Hotdog 5 soat oldin
I’m sure you have nothing going on this weekend. Come to Portland, Maine to Rappel down a building and raise money for veterans. Bring you dad for Father’s Day. Me and my dad are doing it. I raised about $1,200.
Omega Joey
Omega Joey 4 soat oldin
Nice job little dude, just watched your video.
Miriam Guerrero / Ithan Gael
The only thing bigger than his wallet, is his heart
SLBROS1 6 soat oldin
Can I have $300,000
DannyDanko 6 soat oldin
Watches in ublock origin 👀
Thabo 6 soat oldin
Darren is definitely South African
Alan Pereira
Alan Pereira 7 soat oldin
Jimmy can we get an update on the tech bus?
Tyler Howard
Tyler Howard 7 soat oldin
how about them apples ahahahah im getting old hahahah cause that was a true laugh out loud moment haha
zoltan szabo
zoltan szabo 7 soat oldin
I've been watching for years,they are still hard to believe that these are real videos,i walk down the street and someone just gives 10-20k???I am from Eastern Europe these do not happen here,for the rest of my life I have to work hard,This is the reality..
John Sangma
John Sangma 8 soat oldin
POV: You were absent for a day
ceejay mades
ceejay mades 8 soat oldin
Melissa Hallenbeck
Melissa Hallenbeck 8 soat oldin
Can’t wait to be able to buy the kits for homeless for my car. I will definitely be on the lookout for when they come out.
God is gonna bless you with a long life ❤️🙌🏼
Prism Vision
Prism Vision 9 soat oldin
Evoleth Urdaneta
Evoleth Urdaneta 9 soat oldin
I wish i was in one of those schools :`( But i remember that i live on an island far far away
Aminata Dieng
Aminata Dieng 11 soat oldin
Please jimmy give me 5 ps5
Simply Tropical Shimmers
Mr yeast >:3
Harshit Singh Mehra
Harshit Singh Mehra 13 soat oldin
I want a laptop for my study please help me and please reply.
Max Hochschild
Max Hochschild 14 soat oldin
How do I get merch, I’m kinda…new
Crayon Shinchan Fighter
You are very kind ❤.
TrippyTrapp 17 soat oldin
Just hear me out..... A beast therapy channel
Farhan Street Sweeper.
I'm need money 😭
ninjaSAN 20 soat oldin
kay gee
kay gee 21 soat oldin
Can you give some to me?
Velvet Loves Sushi
Velvet Loves Sushi 21 soat oldin
"I got 5 cats"
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 22 soat oldin
JoyJitters Kun oldin
How do you like them apples? It’s a dad joke I have 5 cats
Chop Stick
Chop Stick Kun oldin
This is my favourite channel. I hope it grows as big as the others because it’s truly amazing.
Chaitanya Kirti
Chaitanya Kirti Kun oldin
I wish if they can come in India
PC_Game_rz Kun oldin
Molly's Wondering World
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Kun oldin
i'm not crying- totally not. its just that my mom is cooking onions
Christian Draker
Beast is the goat
michael park
michael park Kun oldin
you got only 8 million views how sad is that... I thought you should get like 500million views
Blu Beez
Blu Beez Kun oldin
The boys and girls club Me being non binary: 😢
Idk Bc idk
Idk Bc idk Kun oldin
So many doors
Dragon Ball Anime Man
mr beast did it again
Enisa Grisholli
Enisa Grisholli Kun oldin
I love Mr.Beast but can you fix your mask I cant see your ears like that😵
Rankertank Kun oldin
God made Mr beast just to help people how kind of you Mr beast God bless you
Angela Meyer
Angela Meyer Kun oldin
Mad respect! Love this channel and can't wait to see more videos, but until then I'll just keep rewatching these 3
anar choksi
anar choksi Kun oldin
Mr beast
Nuno Tv
Nuno Tv Kun oldin
Plz help me
Aylin Diaz
Aylin Diaz Kun oldin
I wish that was my school
Lavkush Verma
Lavkush Verma Kun oldin
Lots of love❤ from India MR. BEAST
Mithun A
Mithun A Kun oldin
Him : *giving laptop to kids* Me : an 16 years old without laptop or ipad ;(
tiktok vines
tiktok vines Kun oldin
subscribed new subscriber here
New channel yay
Legion Niutao
Legion Niutao Kun oldin
julian james
julian james Kun oldin
I like your videos I am from India
Nico Jetajobe
Nico Jetajobe Kun oldin
Hoping to have some of laptops for my online class🥺
huskyplaseMc Kun oldin
MrBeast the Minecraft cumulative needs your help bringing back HiveMC on Java
shekhar tyagi
shekhar tyagi Kun oldin
Oh my gosh I am from that school love you mr. beast
Brian Buckley
Brian Buckley Kun oldin
I just wanted to say a massive thank you. I’ve been suffering with PTSD for a while and my children introduced me to your videos. They have personally saved me so many times, as well as build stronger bonds within our family. The amazing selfless things you do are an inspiration to people of all ages with your compassion and generosity towards those in real need. You should be very proud of what you do as it’s such a rare thing these days. You show that even in the darkest times, there are still people out there willing to put themselves on the line for others. Thank you so much and be encouraged that your actions are making a better world.
Any football fans watching this!!!!
Joshy Varghese kp
Plzzx help me
John Francis De Leon
Mr beast i subcribe to your channel
Brexton Benoit
Brexton Benoit 2 kun oldin
mr.beast can u help our school we need new comports and lap tops our school is in labadieville middle school louisiana plzz
TheGoldenPeach 2 kun oldin
ChristopherAlejandro Vega
I use to go to boys & girls club sadly I had to move and I wanted to go back but they said they don't allow me back for some reason I forgot why
Sxnflower Heart
Sxnflower Heart 2 kun oldin
You don't need money to be kind. So those saying we need more people like mrbeast. Do your part by simply being kind and doing small acts of kindness. and leave the large amounts of money donating to those who can afford it. kill them with kindness
Sxnflower Heart
Sxnflower Heart 2 kun oldin
all the promoters are pissing me off, give credits to Jimmy not those stupid promoters in the chat who could buy an ad and no flip anyone off by distracting fans of this channel to their weird ass videos. Edit: Also, their videos are repetitive and usually always the same thing
Sxnflower Heart
Sxnflower Heart 2 kun oldin
For those saying we need more people like Jimmy: We can be kind without giving away money, kindness goes a long way. :)
Danielle Ann Vendal-Lucero
Hi! My kid is such a fan and she was telling me all about this good stuff about you sharing to other people! Kudos to you!
Alex Lee
Alex Lee 2 kun oldin
When you miss one day of school
Sxnflower Heart
Sxnflower Heart 2 kun oldin
R.I.P that one kid who didn't get a MacBook Pro and ps5 or 4 if they sat in the front seat
J.C. 2 kun oldin
you should come to edmonton
Nympha Millan
Nympha Millan 2 kun oldin
this is so fetch :)
Muhammad Salman
Muhammad Salman 2 kun oldin
Hi sir I am salman from Pakistan sir I am big fan of your sir plz give me 1 job you can give away 1 job this is somthing new for people I am very pour my holl family depend on me so I really need job plz help me
joel jomon
joel jomon 2 kun oldin
mrbeast says he will upload ever 2 weeks its a month :/
Sceptile Fan
Sceptile Fan 2 kun oldin
Heartwarming ❤
A Dog
A Dog 2 kun oldin
You should build me a 10k pc
dachi giorgadze
dachi giorgadze 2 kun oldin
Who actually disliked this vid
Willa1901 2 kun oldin
“I got 5 cats” Me, whos mom had 4 cats and a duck: im 1000 universes ahead of u
Willa1901 Kun oldin
@Epic drip Man thx lol
Willa1901 Kun oldin
@Sxnflower Heart r/whooosh
Epic drip Man
Epic drip Man Kun oldin
@Sxnflower Heart r/woooosh
Sxnflower Heart
Sxnflower Heart 2 kun oldin
Still 5 animals. You're in the same universe still. Wait till someone says they have a whole cat sanctuary.
NickPlayzRoblox 2 kun oldin
All of this was only like 3 and a half minutes
Rachel Corona
Rachel Corona 2 kun oldin
Your the best
HARD GAMERS 2 kun oldin
Please mr beast give me the tab please
Kxstis 2 kun oldin
So something for syria 🙏
Sarthak Jain
Sarthak Jain 2 kun oldin
JR M 2 kun oldin
I wish I could dislike everyone that dislikes his videos.
Eren Inceler
Eren Inceler 2 kun oldin
Can i have a chromebook?
Your funni Boi
Your funni Boi 2 kun oldin
Yooo my cousin is in the boys in girls club
D F (DreaM FooDs)
D F (DreaM FooDs) 2 kun oldin
I need shout-out bro💓💓💓💓MrBeast
Mr paul Jacob
Mr paul Jacob 2 kun oldin
You are good person
Isaac Jesuroga
Isaac Jesuroga 2 kun oldin
good guy
Cecilia Lindström
Cecilia Lindström 2 kun oldin
Jimmy is the nicest guy on earth
Blaci J
Blaci J 2 kun oldin
Even though the dad jokes are cringey I love this guy lOl
HYDRA MISHAAL 2 kun oldin
hope could be in your country because i am in uae you amazing videos and your are best to watch during the pandemic
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