He Trained Like Jeff Cavaliere for 90 Days! 

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If you ever wondered what it would be like to train like Jeff Cavaliere for 90 days, now you can see. In today’s video, Jesse from ATHLEAN-X shows off a body that followed a focused plan for the first time in his tenure with Jeff. Here, we highlight the nine most important elements of the training and nutrition that have helped him to build his muscles and body to the point it is today.

We start by taking a look back however. While some would like to criticize Jesse for wasting an opportunity training alongside one of the most respected strength coaches and trainers in the business, he has had good reason for his many starts and stops. Most of all, a history of head trauma dating back to his high school lacrosse days, which have led to multiple issues with exertion, focus and overall consistency with his workouts.

That said, for the last 90 days, for the first time ever he has been able to stick with his plan and put all aspects of it together without missing.

Here are the most important points for those of you wanting to get similar results to Jesse.

First, he continued to work on correcting the postural dysfunctions that he had all his life that left him incredibly inefficient in his big lifts. While always working on the big lifts since the beginning, he was able to progressively get better at them by improving his body’s efficiency and mechanics through his corrections. Once non-existent, his ability to extend through his thoracic spine made his squat and deadlift improve immensely. Now, he works on the individual postural drills and corrective exercises that are most impactful on him and specific to his unique needs.

During the last 90 days however, Jesse focused heavily on progressing his totals in the big three exercises; squat, bench and deadlift. He has been able to make faster gains than many during this time largely due to the fact that his foundation is strong and his technique was easier to fix with inefficiencies diminished. In fact, he has been able to accrue some numbers in these three lifts that are considered advanced in some powerlifting circles when you consider his bodyweight of just 151 pounds.

Strength is and never is the only focus of ATHLEAN-X training however, it is just one part of it. In fact, making the mistake of thinking that it is the only relevant component of a comprehensive training plan leaves lifters who lack the multi-dimensional abilities and skills to do much more of what they are capable of. Jesse’s other weight training consisted of bodyweight exercises as well as hypertrophy workouts designed to create muscular inefficiency in order to cause muscle growth in specific areas. As the size and strength of these muscles are integrated back into the bigger lifts and other athletic endeavors, the end functional result is almost always much better.

Intensity techniques during his lifts were prioritized as well. Rather than taking a strictly volume approach (which can often lead to training at too low of an intensity to accumulate much muscle mass) Jesse used methods to take his body to and through failure on a good amount of his dumbbell and barbell lifts outside the big 3. Things like drop sets, pause reps and rest pause were used on exercises like dumbbell bench press, tricep extensions, bicep curls, etc with great effect.

Other changes he was able to stay consistent with for 90 days were doing face pulls every day, not forgetting to do a short but effective direct ab session and dramatically improving his nutrition.

When we talk about eating like Jeff Cavaliere we not only mean eating the right foods, but making sure to eat enough of them. People are often shocked when they see the Jeff Cavaliere Full Day of Eating video. They can’t believe how much he eats. When food is nutrient dense the calories are usually tougher to come by. Be sure to eat more and more often to ensure enough calories to fuel muscle growth without getting fat.

Finally, recovery is never to be overlooked. Ensuring that you cap off your day by getting adequate sleep is not something that can be ignored. Jesse prioritized getting to bed at around the same time every night and getting 8.5 to 9 hours of rest to help his muscles grow bigger and stronger.

If you want to experience the same type of results that Jesse has seen, then it’s time to get on a plan. Find all of the workout and meal plans available at athleanx.com by clicking on the link below. Start training and eating like an athlete and you’ll be surprised at just how many gains you can make in the next 90 days.

For more videos on Jeff Cavaliere’s workout and meal plan and 66 bodyweight exercises that Jeff Cavaliere from ATHLEAN-X does, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube via the link below and remember to turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it’s published.

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LXRD RAIN 27 kun oldin
I’ve never seen you laugh that’s wild I respect that remind me of myself 🤔I’m jsut small guy help me get in shape I’ll come to your gym olzzz I wanna look good for my marriage
I need your help
Densford Bailey
Jesse has come a long way
Sairam SuperSaiyan
Great development. I have been seeing him longtime....good progress👌🏽👍🏽
Flying double leg
@AceMcKnight Growth is used mate.... It's just a fact 😂
johan 3 soat oldin
are they gonna kiss?
Hodor, Hodoring Hodor of Hodors
Jesse having second breakfast be doing Pippin proud
Health&Fitness Kun oldin
My takeaway: fix posture imbalances (daily exercises) go to failure (that is form failure) get more high quality calories in (bigger & more meals) go to bed and at same time (without device)
Twice Removed
Twice Removed Kun oldin
This channel is wonderful.
MC 1993
MC 1993 Kun oldin
That thumbnail is photoshopped tho? Right?
James Speirs
James Speirs 2 kun oldin
Jesse is my hero
Bruce MacKeigan
Bruce MacKeigan 3 kun oldin
what about fasting??
Luvlesinthe woods
Luvlesinthe woods 3 kun oldin
Great Job Jesse!
Marvel FX Oficial
Marvel FX Oficial 3 kun oldin
Great work Jesse
Codename: HERO
Codename: HERO 3 kun oldin
Come Back to Jesus He Loves So much ❤️🙏🥰 Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near -Matthew 3:2 For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes-the Jew first and also the Gentile.-Romans 1:16 Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one comes through the father except through him - John 14:6 Godbless Everyone ❤️🙏
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Jeff Wick 4 kun oldin
Lets hit that 12 million subscribers
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Kim Kimpa 4 kun oldin
I also want Jeff as a PT. A man can dream right?
quazarthemad 4 kun oldin
they are standing awkwardly close lmao
Silvamorphis Phaeble
Jesse is DA MAN‼️
GodSpeed 5 kun oldin
I trained like Ronnie Coleman for 3 months... this is what happened.
Karla Alfaro
Karla Alfaro 5 kun oldin
I love Jesseee
James Luke Samuels
James Luke Samuels 7 kun oldin
So face pulls and calf raises every single day now. And maybe the reach thing... JC the man with the plan.
James Luke Samuels
James Luke Samuels 7 kun oldin
Incredible India 🇮🇳
TitTok is Killing your Gains
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Looking great Jessie. You should be proud of yourself because we are. Fullest respect from UK : ]
San Marco explorer
San Marco explorer 9 kun oldin
Great job 👏
flavione84 11 kun oldin
Congrats Jesse!
Desert Mermaid
Desert Mermaid 11 kun oldin
Good job, Jesse! You were cute before but now you're BARTHOLOMEW....
IceageTv 11 kun oldin
Finally I see someone with a natty transformation. Yes it does take years and years of training to gain muscle
James Finn
James Finn 13 kun oldin
Can't get enough of these videos thank you!
David S
David S 13 kun oldin
Awesome results...
TheNebulose 14 kun oldin
Eat all of your calories in a 4 hour window. Fast the other 20. Do 3 day fasts. You will activate autophagy and your body will eliminate excess waste particles that are congregating in your interstitial space decreasing the efficiency of your cellular uptake of micronutrients (including sodium and potassium thus your muscular contraction and relaxation chemicals.)
Garrett Blanton
Garrett Blanton 15 kun oldin
I remember when he was just skinny. He’s come a long way.
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Jess is cool. What a great sport!
Jake Simmonds
Jake Simmonds 15 kun oldin
How much does Jesse weigh?
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Dex YouTube 15 kun oldin
I wish this youtube channel rename it to, Jeff & Jess Cavalier Atlean x.com
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Any advise about losing face fat? I lost 8 kgs and my face looks really thin, is there a way to increase cheeks fat without gaining weight all over?
Tosh 16 kun oldin
These guy should do a movie
niarlatotepbasset 16 kun oldin
Natural and healthy 🤘.
Lisa Brault
Lisa Brault 17 kun oldin
I need to look up the posture section. That is definitely a daily requirement for me. Great job Jesse!
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Bush 9/11 17 kun oldin
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nice one, cant describe how much I learned from this channel, pure gold
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What is rx3?
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Respect-Well done Jesse👍keep goin‘🌈
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Don Goldammer 18 kun oldin
Nice work boyyyys!
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great job guys! congrats to Jesse, awesome work!
Patrick McDaniel
Patrick McDaniel 18 kun oldin
The happiness in your eyes, Jesse, says it all! CONGRATS!
GAIA ON FIRE 18 kun oldin
9:42 😂😂😂
Craig Kelber
Craig Kelber 18 kun oldin
Can you come up with a workout that trains you too not have so much of a skinny neck and face
cheeser109 18 kun oldin
Gratz to you, hard work, when done correctly, always pays off at the end. Proud to see your results.
Joey Spradley
Joey Spradley 18 kun oldin
Awesome brother we all know how much hard work you’ve put in the gym. Just awesome!
kalimach 19 kun oldin
Cheers Jess! Great change, I have to admit, you are insiring new adepts!
Chris 19 kun oldin
These numbers (squat, bench, deadlift) are insane! So this is the power of not internally rotating your shoulders...
EFFI SHKOL 19 kun oldin
Important question: What's the story of Jesse ugly beard? He looked hell much better without it.
Nerketur Kamachi
Nerketur Kamachi 19 kun oldin
Looking good, Jessie! 🥳
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juno han
juno han 19 kun oldin
wow Jesse lookin good now. this man went super saiyan out of nowhere.
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Dam when did Em start working out
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michael erickson 19 kun oldin
James Palmer, CMT
James Palmer, CMT 19 kun oldin
Jesse, an inspiration as always. Amazing job, thanks for sharing your journey with us.
Mikee Follman
Mikee Follman 20 kun oldin
If only I can get a 90 day training camp with Jeff
Dubravko Firm
Dubravko Firm 20 kun oldin
I'm confused, is it 90 days or 2 years? 🤔
Channel 9000
Channel 9000 20 kun oldin
Respect to keep going after all the negativity
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Booth Champion 20 kun oldin
Great job, Jesse!! I was waiting for some posing, though, not just a thumbnail.
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Jeff Ayers 22 kun oldin
At least we know one of them is not juicing. Except Jesse in the morning with his oranges 🍊
Invoker, Devil of the moon
Watching you two is like watching the Witcher and Jaskier its so entertaining Nice work Jesse You guys are the best workout/gym channel tysm
Fifi Fornow
Fifi Fornow 22 kun oldin
Jesse def getting bigger. Seeing a difference between older videos and now. Keep it up!
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Mark c 22 kun oldin
great job jessie
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Faizal Afiq 23 kun oldin
you wanna look like Jeff Cavaliere, you've gotta train like Jeff Cavaliere
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João Almeida 23 kun oldin
This was helpful i used to go to the gym everyday, since the pandemic started I did kinda stop my training only working out 1/2 times a week, but ive been spending alot of time sitting, so im 90kgs now, basically I gained 15 kgs im a thicc boy . Ive been working out everyday from home now, mostly conditioning training to gain some strenght and endurance before starting to gain again
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Izzy H. 24 kun oldin
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Cameron B 24 kun oldin
dam jessie came a LONG WAY so proud of you jessie , you inspired me bro!
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Jesse, you're an inspiration, my guy.
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Stop promoting Pornhub they are fucking evil
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Everything sports 25 kun oldin
i feel like jeff should do a grow bigger traps in 22 days like so he can see
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jrch mgn 25 kun oldin
When working out if science is not enough Jeff is there for back up.
Ryan G
Ryan G 24 kun oldin
And when that's not enough, Jesse provides comic relief!
david garcia
david garcia 25 kun oldin
Great video! Keep it up👌
KEAWE7 26 kun oldin
Congratulations Jesse!
Consensual Buttrape
Consensual Buttrape 26 kun oldin
Jesse is the real star of this entire channel. Change my mind
Consensual Buttrape
Consensual Buttrape 24 kun oldin
@vonteflon thanks boo. You're beautiful btw ❤
vonteflon 24 kun oldin
Jesus Christ, that username! 🤣
Byron Golston
Byron Golston 26 kun oldin
Congratulations Jessie!
Wayne Bruyns
Wayne Bruyns 26 kun oldin
Well done Jesse and Jeff! Great info as always, thanks for sharing!
Sarah T
Sarah T 27 kun oldin
jesse is DOPE
John H. Blevins
John H. Blevins 27 kun oldin
Yay Jessie! One question: why are you wearing the competition’s shirt?
Black Bone
Black Bone 27 kun oldin
Well done jass! You are lucky to have jaff as your friend and trainer! 👍👍👍
Mario Zambrano
Mario Zambrano 27 kun oldin
Great job Jesse 👍 Keep it up 👍 Also. "Thank you" coach... Cavalier for being an inspiration to so many who are taking the challenge in getting their health and wellness together! Keep those videos going... Your rocking it! Stay strong 💪 my friend!
Vishnu Babu J
Vishnu Babu J 27 kun oldin
Mattam und
OK Computer
OK Computer 27 kun oldin
Wow what a great breakie
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Malik Aslan 28 kun oldin
Top Channel, Top Guy, much respect and thx for the countless advices,, 🔥💪
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My wife loves Jesse's tank top lol
Gift From God
Gift From God 28 kun oldin
WOW! I came to this channel some 3-2 and a half years ago and then I lost my job and my motivation and have just now started to feel better again so I actually took up the paid version of 6 PACK app I bought back when I was highly active 6 days out of 7 every week and now I got in here and see how much have changed on Jesse :D that's inspiring to see! Imma get consistent and back to my former body. I think I got 10 weeks done last time on 6 PACK app and saw an big change just into the 2nd week (thanks awesome muscular genes of mine!)
Zaid khan
Zaid khan 29 kun oldin
Would love to see Jesse doing next wolverine 😃😎
Biden sniffs Chinese children
Jessie is a huge inspiration. Thanks fellas. 👍🏻💪🏻
Raw Chicken Sandwich
What cycle was he on for the 90 days
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This is a great video actually
dene key
dene key Oy oldin
Great video Jeff. Cannot underestimate the importance of recovery and nutrition. I continue to struggle with getting enough food and sleep
Gregory Pismiris
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