"Heart Emojis" - Tom MacDonald & Brandon Hart ft. Nova Rockafeller 

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WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald, Nova Rockafeller & Brandon Hart
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan




2-Apr, 2021



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Lexy Miller
Lexy Miller 2 soat oldin
Different sound in a way but not bad! I like
Theresa O
Theresa O 3 soat oldin
I swear I like this song more every time I listen to it again
Derek Anderson
Derek Anderson 5 soat oldin
True Canadian. He pronounces Sorry wrong. Sorey. LOL. Love ya Tom.
Elias Lieser
Elias Lieser 6 soat oldin
So ass he had to switch genres
GameMaster 5 soat oldin
He didn't "switch generes." He's always made music on whatever was on his mind. Some are political, some aren't.
Elisa Cohen
Elisa Cohen 9 soat oldin
I swear I can’t get enough of these guys and gal! Fucking Perfection!!
Leitha Norris
Leitha Norris 11 soat oldin
Lil Red
Lil Red 12 soat oldin
Brandon’s verse 🔥🔥
CHRIS HALE 13 soat oldin
Just got the new album I think it sucks balls bad but I like the rest of your stuff
Miguel Reyes
Miguel Reyes 16 soat oldin
Oh good god... I wish I'd had this song back when I dated this girl named Wendy... WORST.WOMAN.EVER!!!! LMAO!!!
Cee Tee
Cee Tee 23 soat oldin
Thank yall, all 3 of you. i really needed this..
russtatum1 Kun oldin
Versatile. Talented. Intelligent. All three of you alone are better than the crap I am forced to listen to on the radio. Together you got me singing a pop song. Go you!
hahahahaha "I don't even like me that much" brilliant.
Richard Richard
Richard Richard Kun oldin
Feeling a little bit of mgk flow in this track but still 🗿
Dolores Hamilton
River Man 417
River Man 417 Kun oldin
Coulda made this five years earlier lol 😂 good jam !
Weston Ted taylor
I love y’all so much
Codie Waites
Codie Waites Kun oldin
Man Tom and Nova Have got me through Alot. Fan For life !!
R0M4N1029 Kun oldin
Wtf is this lol
Tyler Dobson
Tyler Dobson 7 soat oldin
OnlyBigHits Kun oldin
Stealing MGK style with guitar. Bloody Valentine uses same pink guitar.
GameMaster 5 soat oldin
Dude, every single thing in this video is either pink or red
Ben Sahar
Ben Sahar Kun oldin
Last couple were bangers but....
Thomas Laughman
Thomas Laughman Kun oldin
Yo love you Tom. You’re amazing. Still haven’t got my cd but I’m so pumped for a REAL artist to. Actually get number one. You’re amazing man
Joseph chiafulio
Tom Nova and Brandon I just wanted to wait you late shout out I want to let you know that I have never liked rap until listening to you and now I like em and Yelawolf also but you the one and I shouted you out on officer Tatum page #HOG4LIFE
Stephen Chamberlain
its so good to see u back. this song is the shit.
Stephen Chamberlain
bro i love this song so much XD
Space Cadet
Space Cadet 2 kun oldin
Dqmn novah with the hairrr 🤩
Sarah McNeill
Sarah McNeill 2 kun oldin
'21 Blink Vibes Me gusta.
cbrturbo72 2 kun oldin
Lot of people say Blink 182... I say Lit, "My Own Worst Enemy" ... I left the stove on... Sleeping with my clothes on...
mick 58kc
mick 58kc 2 kun oldin
Is this just the beginnings of Tom's story arch? I'd bet it is. He's an actual lyrical artist with imagery. He can paint pictures in the mind. That skill will age well.
jay bru
jay bru 2 kun oldin
Bro i love your music but plz......you are not mgk..comon man pink guitar is basically TMd
cursed by karma
cursed by karma 2 kun oldin
I would love a video of nothing but outtakes for this video lol
nyxeth 2 kun oldin
thanks for giving me the inspiration to kill myself Tom
Marvin Velasquez Hernandez
as a cancer patient, i can say this song gave me more cancer
Gabriel Goss
Gabriel Goss 2 kun oldin
That shit was wack as FUUUCCCKK quit tryin to branch out!
lincolntan36 2 kun oldin
Poor pizzas
Rooies Ferreira
Rooies Ferreira 2 kun oldin
Grundle Muffins
Grundle Muffins 2 kun oldin
Just in time to quell a recent Blink 182 resurgence. Thank -God- Tom for that! Might watch twice.
Lilyday 115
Lilyday 115 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one getting blink-182 vibes
Feenix Carlisle
Feenix Carlisle 2 kun oldin
The beginning gave me real angle and airwaves vibes
Ave. Original
Ave. Original 2 kun oldin
Missed,the, mark,
Ave. Original
Ave. Original 2 kun oldin
Honestly, hope I never have to hear this bullshit song again
Emu Overlord
Emu Overlord 2 kun oldin
Need the Collab with MGK and Yungblud
G H 2 kun oldin
Brandon Hart doesn't look like a rapper, he looks like the security who beats people's asses for rappers
TheGnudist 2 kun oldin
I've probably replayed the frames of Nova biting into the roses an unhealthy number of times
G H 2 kun oldin
This is the best music video I've seen since mtv did behind the video on eminem "without me"
Phill A Blunt
Phill A Blunt 3 kun oldin
ToM checkPhill A Blunt out, bro I think we could collaborate
Apxcxlyptic 3 kun oldin
token dissed you, obliterate him...
melisa beard
melisa beard 3 kun oldin
To Brian Hughes love me lol. Clown.
cynthia vanemburgh
cynthia vanemburgh 3 kun oldin
LOL mental gymnastics and teenage emotions are my everyday words.. I ain't got time for that crap. My grand kids know I'm a cool biker metal head Navy Seal now gone rappin' LMAO Now it's time to take Biden OUT! HOOAH!
James Bush
James Bush 3 kun oldin
Reminds me of Blink 182
minecraft devil
minecraft devil 3 kun oldin
Hang over gang
Karl Bona
Karl Bona 3 kun oldin
Tom delonge ? Or tom Macdonald?
sirgigglez 3 kun oldin
im getting a blink -182 vibe. ❤
rob thomas
rob thomas 3 kun oldin
love it guys i love when some ones music is not the same every time. mad love tom nova and brandon
Spike's Tips
Spike's Tips 3 kun oldin
Tom MacDonald like drama and this song shows it. If Ashley was a bitch all you need to do is say its over this is kind of far taking high school drama to another level. Instead of telling people though a text how about youre grow a pair and call her its over.
Mystic of Gaming
Mystic of Gaming 3 kun oldin
Thank you Tom McDonald for helping me through everything that my life has thrown at me when I suffer from my PTSD ur songs are the ones that calm me down.
Mike Ferrara
Mike Ferrara 3 kun oldin
Human evolution
PrivateHolt 3 kun oldin
I love the relationship between Tom and nova
Caixia Liu
Caixia Liu 3 kun oldin
nesamdoom 3 kun oldin
seen this bunch times, just noticed how he accidentally pushed her too hard at the end and jumped over to help. i'm sure thought went into putting that in there. brilliance.
Philip Mithun
Philip Mithun 3 kun oldin
Awesome song.. Nova so cute 😍
Spencer Evans
Spencer Evans 3 kun oldin
Is this a. MGK diss? Haha
Jeremiah Thomas
Jeremiah Thomas 3 kun oldin
🔥🔥🔥🍗🍗🍗 lol bbq chicken man!
Hardus Swanepoel
Hardus Swanepoel 3 kun oldin
Feels very blink 182 but not blink 182
dave Brown
dave Brown 3 kun oldin
100%. Love it. Love most of Tom's music play it everything I drink I've only got a few I like.. so need lyrics version. So my misses ain't jealous of yours.... but either way I'm going to continue to have it on replay every time I drink
greg trahan
greg trahan 3 kun oldin
I want that flannel!!!
SLAEG3R 3 kun oldin
This song straight up reminds me of the era of blink 182 and the like....great job guys
Shy MIGRAIN 3 kun oldin
How ma y 15 year old boys got sent this and killed themselves?? HAHAHAH
Skela Tonne
Skela Tonne 3 kun oldin
bruh, why dont you do some stuff with mgk? his new shit and your style would mix well together...for real.
xxKaTxx 3 kun oldin
Please do hour glass by tom macdonald and I think Brandon Old school.. 🔥🔥
Dan Buker
Dan Buker 4 kun oldin
You should've had Nova act/speak ever one of your words. At least for some long cuts of the song.
Jonathan Crouch
Jonathan Crouch 4 kun oldin
Well done....
Ty Lagasse
Ty Lagasse 4 kun oldin
Ty Lagasse
Ty Lagasse 4 kun oldin
mike sullivan
mike sullivan 4 kun oldin
.... I love all three of these people 💞😅😍💖
game boy color fan
game boy color fan 4 kun oldin
The best song ever about love and breakups also Brandon is awesome
Chi Stewart
Chi Stewart 4 kun oldin
Can’t stop listening to this song
The adventures of Denis daily
Copying MGK I see
Cirice Meliora
Cirice Meliora 4 kun oldin
Great song, and the videos are always FANTASTIC. You're all a group of super-talented folks.
Eisei Xethlex
Eisei Xethlex 4 kun oldin
I was totally getting old Blink--182 vibes from this and it screamed teenage nostalgia xD You guys are hilarious, much 90s feels xD
timothy Smitley
timothy Smitley 4 kun oldin
Brandon's beard is awesome
Chad Bullock
Chad Bullock 4 kun oldin
Such a great song! We need more people to hear it!
patricia scott
patricia scott 4 kun oldin
My brother n law commented on one of your videos and may have said something about me having a lazy nipple 😂 But for real, you are inspiring!!!!! There hasn't been a single song that I didn't like. Keep it coming! I'm a HUGE fan of you and Nova! 😁
Tom Petz
Tom Petz 4 kun oldin
I get wise wearing the pink It's because of buncha people started hating on machine gun Kelly for wearing pink So he decided if people are gonna make fun of him he was going to wear pink as well Except for machine gun Kelly threw away his rap career Tom McDonald still dropping Gold
Lucifer Satani
Lucifer Satani 4 kun oldin
WOW, just amazing. You all make incredibly beautiful music and art this world needs to hear. Thank you infinitely.
Jonathan Crouch
Jonathan Crouch 4 kun oldin
Toms a beast....badass song
Gamechange1112 4 kun oldin
This song and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together...💕
Ronald Trevino
Ronald Trevino 4 kun oldin
Love y'all's music
Ramon Bolier
Ramon Bolier 4 kun oldin
I hope this is just a parody... dont go geh
venum_kills_ 36
venum_kills_ 36 4 kun oldin
this song is kust amaing i listened to it the day it came out and everyday sense this song even tho its a breakup fu song it gets me n such a hype mood
venum_kills_ 36
venum_kills_ 36 4 kun oldin
Lorri Shelley
Lorri Shelley 4 kun oldin
Killing time in traffic jams with Tom and Nova... you two are total rock 🪨 stars 🌟
Steve of All Trades Master of some
Tom, you're one of my favorite artists, you get millions of views, and beat out Eminem in some streaming services, why can't I play your music in a bar jukebox? It seems you're missing some revenue there man. I wanted to introduce the other drunkards to your music. Unfortunately I wasn't able to add to the HOG in a bar!
#Circle Cody
#Circle Cody 4 kun oldin
I can only hope to have a relationship like you and nova. You need to put a ring on that finger.
That.one.jawn 4 kun oldin
Tom is a fucking threat! 🔥across all genres! When can we hang out ? Haha
Ally Cakes
Ally Cakes 4 kun oldin
My previous ex lol
LST NEWS 4 kun oldin
we need this
Cody Smith
Cody Smith 4 kun oldin
Tom DeLongmacdonald
i cant help but get a 2021 mgk feeling here. lol Is tom throwing shade or respect at mgk?lol
Avenged 7PEEP
Avenged 7PEEP 4 kun oldin
Who felt the "I miss you" from blink vibe ? It hit me in a second.
Avenged 7PEEP
Avenged 7PEEP 4 kun oldin
EDIT: the vibe hit me in a sec
SALTY ROOSTER 4 kun oldin
Ehhhh not my style of music sounds to much like greenday for me
JayDrew87 4 kun oldin
I though this was Blink 182 feat Tom McDonald...
Soccer Dobber
Soccer Dobber 4 kun oldin
Makes me think of Blink 182 and man did I dig them when I was younger. Another dope song.