His Airness ; Michael Jordan's Best Dunks 

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All dunks were from about 600 games out of 1109 MJ had played with bulls. Because of editing program's continuous and fatal errors, I was obliged to finalize in a hurry. So, this video is a failure with bad quality and bad music choice.



12-Iyl, 2011



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Lateral Drinker
Lateral Drinker 9 kun oldin
Holy shit!! 3:24 He dunked on Shaq!!! I never thought he actually got Shaq
Madyson Johnson
Madyson Johnson 15 kun oldin
Jordan makes Lebron look like whining baby
Frédérik LE GOFF
Frédérik LE GOFF 17 kun oldin
5:25 i love this dunk so much!😘
danullb 9 kun oldin
Me too. Not even sure I’d call it a slam or a dunk. Whatever it is, it is absolutely VICIOUS I rewound that part ~20 times or more… then I see your comment. Cheers
User619 TLSDCA
User619 TLSDCA 25 kun oldin
Medestinier, thanks for the effort of this video upload. And yeah, if today s players better then MJ, then why those player s dont have their home team channel on every home like MJ had with WGN channel 9?? Before NBA NFL NETWORKS, there were only 2 teams that was being aired in all of Nation in the Bulls and The Hawks...
User619 TLSDCA
User619 TLSDCA 25 kun oldin
Only 2 Cable Networks back then in USA Network and Ted Turner s Network. Both aired Bulls and Hawk games as National TV Package. Besides your local team as in Lakers, we got to watch every game from MJ and Wilkins..
User619 TLSDCA
User619 TLSDCA 25 kun oldin
The only thing today s players have MORE over Micheal Jordon is the PAY they are getting. Just a bunch of shakin shoulder Im cool look at me kid minded dudes. Social media created a bunch of IDIOTS in Pro Sports and we need more GOOD PEOPLE TO BE TOP STARS. Not an Elementary frame of mind of Athletic Hot Dogging Fools!!!
Roger James
Roger James Oy oldin
Probably the greatest showman in sports outside of Ali
Marques Coney
Marques Coney Oy oldin
You have to understand that doing this time in the LEAGUE...NOBODY else was DOING this, the BULL was mediocre then but MIKE was the MAN..real talk
Marques Coney
Marques Coney Oy oldin
BARKLEY was like should I....naw I'm good
Marques Coney
Marques Coney Oy oldin
Alot of the DUNKS are from the 80's...mike was such a BEAST
this Pride music fits totaly in !
Black Junior
Black Junior Oy oldin
I believe u can fly...
Black Bird
Black Bird Oy oldin
Neil D'Cruz
Neil D'Cruz Oy oldin
better that Lebum James! and the greatest!
Glenroy Brathwaite
MJ is simply the greatest in game dunker hands down.No freaking comparison
Twan Wilson
Twan Wilson Oy oldin
Everybody in this era is more athletic and more talented but im a fan of both era shaq is the greatest player in history that my opinion cause that my fav player but to be honestly MJ is the goat so there
Twan Wilson
Twan Wilson Oy oldin
Micheal is great in his own right people are entitled to their own opinion different times same places but say that there's no argument for LeBron what game y'all been watching
Basil Carpenter jr
Everbody got there opinion but people that think LeBron better than jordan done lost there mine
Basil Carpenter jr
Wow can u image jordan in today's NBA he shot 15 fouls shots a game and score 45 50 if he wanted to
FC Guam
FC Guam Oy oldin
I remember those dunks, Air Mike owned the AIR. Of course more players NOWADAYS own the AIR , but MJ owned it in th late 80s early 90s. MJ owned it for for 7 years. Carter , Dominic, Barkley, Lavine, and many many others owned the AIR for maybe a year or 3 , BUT MJ owned it for 7 years, i mean King James own the AIR for past 10 years plus , but only 4 Rings, Air Mike has 6 ... i think King James MVP performance is over, he more a 3rd option nowadays, BUT MJ was MVP on ALL 6 Rings. So probably AIR Mike be still (now 2021) "#1GOAT- all around player. and King James be #2, HOWEVER i think that King James has better stats numbers/records than Air Mike, and S. CURRY is still BEST NBA SHOOTER , GOAT for BEST NBA SHOOTER (not all around ONLY shooter). If CURRY gets ONE MORE RING, he be TOP 10 GOAT-all around.
As a white guy, can I just say this man had some serious hops. I know the common stereotype is that only white guys can jump, but Jordan proved that black guys can do it too.
Cochise Oy oldin
@ObiWanGinobiliTopFan lol you may be right... Yao didn’t jump that often, relied on height. Plus I think ever true dunker wants to get a dunk on a center. Mark Eaton, RiP got abused by MJ plenty of times smh
@Cochise Doesn't it seem like everyone's dunked on Yao at least once? 😂
Cochise Oy oldin
@ObiWanGinobiliTopFan lol ok I will
@Cochise "Ginobili dunks on Yao." Check it out.
@Cochise Yeah Barry from the free throw line lol. Everyone was like whaaaaaat?!?!!
Ron G
Ron G Oy oldin
this was during the time when shoes are so uncomfortable, hard and heavy!
10:16 .
Zx 0
Zx 0 Oy oldin
10 years later.. Airmazing!
TheSESLIFE 2 oy oldin
GOAT and it’s not even close.
Edward Outlaw Jr
Edward Outlaw Jr 2 oy oldin
Mike was banging on a lot of centers and power forwards. Crazy.
Louise’s Life
Louise’s Life 2 oy oldin
the black cat, his airness, captain marvel, the GOAT
Faron Anderson
Faron Anderson 3 oy oldin
The only player I can think of with the athleticism class and nous that is unmatchable to this day!
Dherdy 3 oy oldin
Taking me back to the ol school yard ,
that first step was a lil bit nasty.
this dude was fuken insane,shittin staight up on 7footer
Sharkus Velarde
Sharkus Velarde 3 oy oldin
Horrid music, but the dunks are vicious!
TrulyGoated3 3 oy oldin
R Yen
R Yen 3 oy oldin
MJ's games are the most entertaining and exciting to watch, and I'm not even a bball fan. He got so many spectacular moves.
Lateral Drinker
Lateral Drinker 4 oy oldin
I’d like to make some comments as a sport scientist. Would be interesting to know what people think of this... Incredibly fast and great spring and body control.. But I would like to say one thing that gets overlooked... A massive part of his game is his spacial awareness... To be able to plant his feet in the right moment into the right gaps to be able to spring into finishing positions is unbelievably good... And you cannot teach it. To be able to see a gap unfold ahead of you, Plant your feet accordingly and get the appropriate amount of spring to be able to finish at that speed is absolutely unbelievable... I have watched some incredible athletes and I would urge you guys to do the same thing... For example in soccer watch R9 Ronaldo... Messi... and in rugby a fellow by the name of Jonah Lomu ... These guys are the equivalent in their respective sports.... have a look. I think it’s safe to say that Michael Jordan was better at his profession than anyone was at any other profession ever.. I don’t mean this to sound extreme but I sincerely believe this.
danullb 9 kun oldin
Great observation. And you’re right: it can’t really be taught, not effectively. Body position like this and limb placement is an intuitive skill.
I James
I James 4 oy oldin
Jordan dunked on half of the Hall of Fame.
Escalera Pingcas
Escalera Pingcas 4 oy oldin
This is the real one and only GOAT..not u assuming Lebron..u can not what mjordan23 can do..fuck u lebron
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 4 oy oldin
mj did contact dunks regularly lol
Sam Pride
Sam Pride 4 oy oldin
It wasn't fair
Martin Marcus
Martin Marcus 4 oy oldin
whobitmyname 4 oy oldin
Every time he takes off of one foot in traffic, it just looks like he's walking the ball to the bucket, then halfway there he decides the ground is stupid and he wants nothing to do with it.
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 4 oy oldin
notice how he doesnt even need a step to gather himself before running back on defense
I ve seen these highlights hundreds of times and I am still amazed!!!!!
Mr. Yuso
Mr. Yuso 4 oy oldin
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 5 oy oldin
are we gonna ignore how mj read the defender n did a reverse dunk at just the right time
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 5 oy oldin
1 dunk per 10 seconds. 27 minutes= 60 x 27= at least 162 dunks in this video
The Man in Black
The Man in Black 5 oy oldin
Wow that's my first time seeing the dunk on Shaq! Great video
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar 5 oy oldin
wow wow wow best video ever about MJ! Love it
SELFMADE 5 oy oldin
16:8 and you think Lebron is better than mj hell no , I’ll take mj any day of the week literally is the greatest basketball player ever he’s the goat and when you watch his videos it’s like he’s the most original and organic players ever , 6’6 can score jump and defend has a perfect basketball body , Jordan is basketball !! And basketball is Jordan
Mr. Certified
Mr. Certified 5 oy oldin
Pure athleticism,skill,determination,and all out gifted...trust you will never see nobody like mj in the nba ever again and that alone makes me happy to grow up and witness this! Lebron couldn’t hold mj’s jock strap and lebron do the same lame ass dunks over and over
Liquid Healer
Liquid Healer 6 oy oldin
There's no one that has ever played basketball(that I've seen) that look anything comparable to what make is as a basketball player. no one with the balance, patience, athletic and physical prowess, from his first day in the nba to his last, he never took a pressured shot, and always got to his spot, creating HIS opportunity, seeing it threw. he's like a hologram, you see the game and jumps in and out of spots, no plays with such ease. He is the strongest finished in basketball, pay attention how he ends his dunks the ball hitting his tm in the head, he consumed all the space most time when he wasn't showing off, you had no room to jump. He controlled the game like a video game, because of his grace, he was so mechanical they could record him in a game, as they would record other players with green screens one on one... It's was always fundamentals 1, 2, 3 dripples 1, 2,3 dripples shot., fundamental, basic training, he perfect it into an arts, basic fundamentals, most will truly never understand...
Liquid Healer
Liquid Healer 6 oy oldin
This song is simply fire, we need to find a way to make this an anthem for something...
TehutiBrim 59
TehutiBrim 59 6 oy oldin
I'm feeling the first song, very fitting & unexpected. Anyone kno the drummer?
Lic. José Rodriguez
MJ has all the greatest videos on every position on the game, dunk, triple, final shot, close eyes shot, defense, GOAT I'm glad I see playing this game
Limits98 7 oy oldin
Come Fly With Me: Highlights 0:20, 0:27-0:31, 0:34-1:00, 1:04, 1:21, 1:40, 1:56, 2:01, 2:13, 2:22, 3:32-3:37, 3:54, 4:13, 4:19 5:44, 6:05-6:43, 7:53-8:07, 8:37-9:28. 9:40, 10:52-11:04, 11:21-11:50 1st Song- Champion in Me- 3 Doors Down 0:19-05:41 2nd Song- 05:41-14:00 3rd Song- Skeleton Dance- Children Collide 14:01-17:30 4th Song- Don't Stop- Chali 2na ft. Anthony Hamilton 17:32-20:40 5th Song- Glorious- Andreas Johnson 20:47-23:53 6th Song- It's My Life- Bon Jovi 23:54-27:36 The thumbnail is at 17:54
Albert Reyes
Albert Reyes 7 oy oldin
I thinking of changing the name of my kick to bridge Air Kick or Air-defi-grav-kick .🤥🤥🤥🥋
bryant nonya
bryant nonya 7 oy oldin
Michael Jordan is the only player I've ever seen who can make a normal dunk look spectacular!
Liu Matt
Liu Matt 7 oy oldin
My personal opinion , looking at MJ play is like looking at a masterpiece art, some will see passion, some see elegance , some see sheer will to win, and it's all true because that's how he plays. Looking at Lebron play is like looking at a powerful machine at work, it has the power and strength in the play, however a machine works systematically , its programmed , so in the beginning you will get the excitement but as time progress it will become that much exciting anymore because you know what his next move is going to be, but for MJ, you really never know what he is gona do next, a fadeaway? left or right? or is it going to be a quick step drive to the hoop? is it gona be a reverse? or a dunk? or a pass to the outside for someone who is open? you never know, and that's where the excitement comes in, that's why every night he is putting on a show, that's why whenever MJ is playing, the tickets is sold out almost every time, to me that's the difference between MJ and Lebron, both are one of the greatest to play in their position, however MJ is still my pick for the GOAT.
Rolain Delinois
Rolain Delinois 7 oy oldin
In his prime, MJ was litteraly fast and furious at the rim!
Ricks Jordan
Ricks Jordan 7 oy oldin
Is MJ the quickest player i've seen? I think so
Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever
Most likely for a 6'6 player
Cayden Buzbee
Cayden Buzbee 8 oy oldin
Be glad they ain't time machine james😂
Cayden Buzbee
Cayden Buzbee 8 oy oldin
Wow wow shit wow
Lee in NC
Lee in NC 8 oy oldin
I'm sorry. Anyone who watches this and doesn't understand how MJ is the GOAT (even without all the other offensive and defensive things he brought) is nuts. He - completely - changed the game. He destroyed legends, and especially in his early years outclassed the entire NBA. He was the catalyst that created the game we have today, and did it through the gauntlet of thuggery, intensity and physicality that just doesn't exist in today's NBA. He was a force of nature. If Scotty Pippen personified the silent, deadly assassin, MJ was the rage-filled yawp from the sky that had players running out of his way...
Vince sean Cadiz
Vince sean Cadiz 8 oy oldin
speed of power of one and two of feet
Alexandre Santos
Alexandre Santos 8 oy oldin
His airness Michael Jordan the greatest EVER!
Marcello Cristiano
Forza d' urto.
Rossy Chavira
Rossy Chavira 8 oy oldin
Ese número 23 en todo el puto video sé mantuvo volando
Knaknak Pefferlunch
MJ is GOAT and LJ is KID
Insatiable 747
Insatiable 747 8 oy oldin
The Greatest
Roger James
Roger James 9 oy oldin
I've seen Jordans top 50 dunks, 50 layups, hang time etc and I defy anyone that could challenge any of those highlights. Imagine the ones that didn't make the top 50. The man is a once in a lifetime athlete
Roger James
Roger James 9 oy oldin
Jordan is one of the few athletes that get the same amount of roar fro the crowd regardless if he's playing away or at home
William Storms
William Storms 9 oy oldin
Lebronze says he wants his respect People respect courage MJ was absolutely fearless G.O.A.T.
Christian Solid
Christian Solid 9 oy oldin
Come on man...MJ was just ridiculous...nobody today can even compare...the man was fearless ..centers and power forwards we’re like...aah crap he’s coming at me 😒
César Mendoza
César Mendoza 9 oy oldin
Ahorita dominaría la liga a placer No habría poder humano que lo detuviera Si no pudieron los BAD BOYS Menos otros y ahora con las reglas nuevas de no toques de más a las estrellas
Sean McClure
Sean McClure 9 oy oldin
“ i’m not trying to be on no poster“ - every opposing player during the Jordan era
NeW KinG
NeW KinG 9 oy oldin
Ok MJ did not become the Greatest of all time because of he can score and win many champs game. Its because of MJ moves that no body can compare....
jbrun3 9 oy oldin
I've been doing my own research, trying to figure out how many dunks Jordan had in his career. Counting playoffs, we know Jordan made 14,380 Field Goals. Harvey Pollack kept advanced statistics in the late 80s through the 90s and documented Jordan's total regular season dunks from 1987-88 to 1995-96. Basketball-reference has dunk records kept from 1996-97 on. So far, my best estimate is that Jordan dunked about 1500 times in his career. He played 1251 games. What a legend. A shooting guard who dunked with frequency!
Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever
Sounds about right, it's interesting to note he had 103 dunks in the '98 season including playoffs, can't rlly count his Wizard years when looking at dunks
WJ Choi
WJ Choi 9 oy oldin
MJ is the GOD
Heruy Ghebrat
Heruy Ghebrat 9 oy oldin
U can kinda see y they say he's the greatest ever 🧐
charlie davis
charlie davis 10 oy oldin
That dunk on the "Man Mountain" Mark Eaton had to be done with 2 hands anything else would be blocked
charlie davis
charlie davis 10 oy oldin
That cradle dunk in Milwaukee as a rookie looks like he was sitting down
Jennifer Carrillo
Jennifer Carrillo 10 oy oldin
I love to watch Jordan fly! Amazing. No one will ever be better than Jordan. I've got goosebumps. Even when ahead by 30-40+ point lead I stayed to watch the whole game. Too bad he's an Asshole.
Roger James
Roger James 10 oy oldin
Jordan attacked the rim with no regard for anyone but the way he dunked was pure smooth and artistic
danullb 10 oy oldin
12:52 is _AIR_ Jordan Edit: 19:04 is honestly weird looking it's so quick. Wtf
One of the best MJ videos I've ever watched. Great job!
Doctor Medicine
Doctor Medicine 11 oy oldin
12:54 18:40 20:05 23:08
Norman Lauron
Norman Lauron 11 oy oldin
Seriously tho... which NBA star is doing this today?! Name one... I’ll wait.
Troy Belton
Troy Belton 11 oy oldin
At 4:45, the guy literally runs away from that poster moment.
Mojojojo Guzman
Mojojojo Guzman 11 oy oldin
The only player who can do "leaning dunks" and made it look beautiful to watch.
danullb 9 oy oldin
That's because, imo, he's the only player who can do a _proper_ "leaner dunk" -- as in the real thing. It requires insane SPRINGS for lift coupled with a CAT-like body control. Then, if you have both those: on top of that, you also must have BIG MITTS, not just large hands. This is why MJ is the only dude to ever actually do a _legit_ "leaner." Not trying to idolize MJ: just stating reality.... as I see it.
A Nawabi
A Nawabi Yil oldin
The basketball MJ played 20 years ago people will play and trying to use and learn all his movies for another century.. MJ is the real GOAT forever MJ is the past present and the future
forgive your momma
Lbj will never have a highlight reel like this.......ever!!!!
danullb 9 oy oldin
Yep and nature shows on water buffalos aren't as entertaining as ones on the snow leopard. The cat shows are never dull and don't get old. Water buffalo documentaries otoh... hit or miss, and even when nicely-edited, I usually "hard pass." Two different animals, that's all. For me, it's not even that Jordan is "better," it's that he's _different._ He's his sport's purest entertainment. (Plus he's very obviously better than the guy you referenced too)
Adrian Roberts
Adrian Roberts Yil oldin
26:24 Hellava view!!!
T Berd
T Berd Yil oldin
It was after watching this video when LeBron realized he wasn’t the greatest of all time. Watch and learn LeBron! MJ, thanks for the memories. You are and always will be the GOAT!
wilmer galindez gutierrez
Tremendo video. Muy bueno. Io malo,maliiisimooo el rock
Erick Belmontes
Erick Belmontes Yil oldin
Chingón ese video
omnivorous65 Yil oldin
It is almost as if he moves with superhuman speed and ferocity that cannot be matched by ordinary humans, even when these humans are worldclass athletes and professional basketball players.
Ireneo Guinita
Ireneo Guinita Yil oldin
Michael Jordan's greatness is a pure talents.
Djuan Benjamin
Djuan Benjamin Yil oldin
10:36, I can’t believe it either, he clearly hit his arm. But hey, that shit slid back then. Plus, they in Detroit.
Invisible man Invisible man
What the fuck is the background noise???? Why put rock music on firstly N so loud????
sarguero Yil oldin
When you see his tongue outside....you are dead
duck dong
duck dong Yil oldin
dunked on kareem, shaq, manute, mark eaton, mutombo, robert parish, tree rollins, mel turpin, ect....... nobody dunked on more 7 footers than Mike did. take that to your GOAT bank motherfuckers.
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