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17-Apr, 2021



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Simply Nailogical
Simply Nailogical 24 kun oldin
Holo everyone! Update: the Pastel Rainbow collection box is now ❗️sold out❗️😅 Thank you for your incredible support this launch😭🙏 This was Holo Taco’s most successful launch to date! While the box was limited edition and won’t be restocked, all 7 new shades are available to purchase individually and will be restocked if sold out💖 holota.co/simply-pastelrainbow Looking forward to seeing all your pastel holo manis💅🌈💖 Thank you so much again for your support of my nail polish vision!! I hope you love them💿💅
Kourtney Thornton
Molly Hart
Molly Hart 4 kun oldin
I love how while whacking this I'm wearing a different type of your polesis
Duffy monster
Duffy monster 5 kun oldin
Imagine if we got a dark cherry red that's Holo! 🍒❤️💅
ALEXIS REJINO 7 kun oldin
Do more nail art pls your vids are getting boring and I want to see nail art
MYRTLE SMITH 7 kun oldin
Hayley Collier
Hayley Collier 2 soat oldin
I wish I could get it in the uk! 🥺 x
Megan 3 soat oldin
Sofia Arechiga
Sofia Arechiga 3 soat oldin
Amanda Howe
Amanda Howe 9 soat oldin
Make a video with just nail polish no liquid latex no nail vinyls no hollow taco and no glossy taco just nail polish
Sarah Lynn
Sarah Lynn 15 soat oldin
I need this
Emilia Thåliden
Emilia Thåliden 23 soat oldin
Fun fact: I was a holosexual before i realized I was a homosexual 😏
Howell Road
Howell Road Kun oldin
I can only dream of having anything halo 🌮 taco on my nails let alone these 😔😔uk loves ya
Saw Aung
Saw Aung Kun oldin
When are these selling out my mom said she would get some for my birthday.
BEAN Kun oldin
Imma just add it to my bag and pretend I have enough money to spend 90 dollars on nail polish :')
Rhylii and Lilly
Debby Dubois
Debby Dubois Kun oldin
Soaking in lemon juice helps with staining of your nails
Debby Dubois
Debby Dubois Kun oldin
Soaking in lemon juice helps remove staining of your nails ..love these
Octavio Partida
Octavio Partida Kun oldin
anyone know where the hoodie can be bought! it matches the box so we'll thought it was merch!
Kiwait Marin
Kiwait Marin Kun oldin
No shipping to Mexico!!! :’( so sad :/
Itz_Ellie 2 kun oldin
Yuh I am thirty give me the halo polish so I can also feel pretty inside 😪😩
blossom kumore
blossom kumore 2 kun oldin
hm, 14 dollars for nail polish. interesting.
Bianca E
Bianca E 2 kun oldin
Can you get white holo?
Princess Sabado
Princess Sabado 2 kun oldin
Its so expensive here in the philippines $14 is almost 700 pesos 😭. So ill just support cristine by watching al of her vids ilyyy so mucchh 💕✨
ileana gheorghisor
ileana gheorghisor 3 kun oldin
SilkeA2009 3 kun oldin
i live in denmark and we dont have dollar so for you that have dollar its $91 but fro me its over 500 money for me LOL
Irmak's Planet
Irmak's Planet 3 kun oldin
moriah be simping lol
MysticalPlays 3 kun oldin
Why didn’t you choose my sister for the tiktok competition? She stayed up until 2 am each morning and did her nails as best as she could. Not only that, but she was really creative and came up with insane and fun ideas. Yet you chose someone who put in no effort.
blossom kumore
blossom kumore 2 kun oldin
do you not realize that she has 7 million subscribers, and most likely most of her supporters competed? come on now, you think she's gonna choose your 8-year-old sister, lmao rather naive to you to think that your sister is going to guaranteed win.
A Inglis
A Inglis 2 kun oldin
Can’t win them all? She didn’t purposely try to hurt your sisters’s feelings, don’t take it personally.
Camryn Hooks
Camryn Hooks 3 kun oldin
See now I gotta make and taste that drink you made because Im so curious now
Brooke Torres
Brooke Torres 3 kun oldin
When will your Holo Taco Long Lasting Base be back available?
PeldaChan Gaming
PeldaChan Gaming 4 kun oldin
1st time of asking simply to notice NerdECrafter
Melina Gioconda
Melina Gioconda 5 kun oldin
Kinda like all the shades of sunset in temptation island. I- byeeeee 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Claudia Carranza
Claudia Carranza 5 kun oldin
11:26 "unreleased red creme" -gasp-! I literally tweeted about wishing the cremes were a full rainbow. She knew what I wanted before I did. Cristine, you are a gem and I love you!
weirdet 4 kun oldin
I about geeked out when she mentioned the red creme.
darw rafiq
darw rafiq 5 kun oldin
Where is the peely bag!
Duffy monster
Duffy monster 5 kun oldin
Imagine if we got a dark cherry red that's Holo! 🍒❤️💅
Max l
Max l 5 kun oldin
You should do polish mountain part 2 someone did 500 Layers
Addison E
Addison E 5 kun oldin
Can you please release a neon Creme collection????? So many neon polishes suck: they aren’t pigmented and they are watery and take too many coats
Ligeia Siren
Ligeia Siren 5 kun oldin
The turquoise/mint one is my vibe 🧜🏻‍♀️
Ligeia Siren
Ligeia Siren 5 kun oldin
They look stunning 😭
ꕥhello friendѕ ꕥ
I was like « when will she stop talking about it? » then I seen that the video was about it- 🙂😂
peb bun
peb bun 5 kun oldin
"you look thirsty" me who is fasting: ya...
Elisha Gentle
Elisha Gentle 6 kun oldin
i broke my nail!! my nail has fallen off!! i need help it was bleeding for about 1 hour
Ephymeralis 6 kun oldin
rinn 6 kun oldin
red burgundy holo plss 😩
Mou Zaman
Mou Zaman 6 kun oldin
Happy New Year 🥳🥳🥳😂😂😂😅😅😅🥳🥳🥳
Nailholics 6 kun oldin
S T Λ N 6 kun oldin
Cristine! Could you do aurora nails next?
Karagishi Yagi
Karagishi Yagi 6 kun oldin
I know this is kind of early and this comment probably won't even get noticed but if you haven't already, do you think you could do pride month nails so support the LGBTQ+ community?
Vignesh Nehru
Vignesh Nehru 6 kun oldin
Remember the time when Ben had a hickey?
Lexiecorn 6 kun oldin
Ok you probably won’t read this but if you do I have a solution to your yellow nails how I fix it is I take a nails scrub brush (that’s what it’s called on Amazon) and scrub the tops and underneath in the shower and my nails are really white hope this helps if you see this :)
Görel Barkbark
Görel Barkbark 6 kun oldin
So beautiful!
IDS 7 kun oldin
Taylor MacKenzie
Taylor MacKenzie 7 kun oldin
There should be a seasonal collection of holo taco-
MYRTLE SMITH 7 kun oldin
W. Wardo
W. Wardo 7 kun oldin
"It's a work day, so lets just add some sparkling water", OMFG, I don't know why I love that.
London Whitlow
London Whitlow 7 kun oldin
i have not seen your videos in two years
Leah Cabrera
Leah Cabrera 7 kun oldin
Next video you should do playing nail games
Maggie Jean
Maggie Jean 7 kun oldin
i don’t know why, but i counted every time cristine said “holo” or “holographic in this video.... 66, if anyone was wondering
Tyler Vedder
Tyler Vedder 7 kun oldin
I have a good vid idea make Ben wear a dress and make him do your nails.
Conawaye 7 kun oldin
Michelle Hansen
Michelle Hansen 7 kun oldin
I would buy them but you are not shipping to Denmark sadly 😅
Pretty Plus
Pretty Plus 7 kun oldin
Hi guys, sorry for bothering. I am a single mom, I have a youtube channel that shares how to make simple nails for everyone but not many people know. Can you visit my channel then watch and give suggestions for me? Thanks everyone!
Kelsey CoCa
Kelsey CoCa 7 kun oldin
I've been waiting for this!!!
Bree Marie
Bree Marie 7 kun oldin
I just got my collector's box! Love it. Only allowed to use Sparkling Water though :(
Rainy Days
Rainy Days 8 kun oldin
Can we just appreciate how Cristine is the only person who actually recognizes real holo? I mean everyone else calls glitter holo and then calls ACTUAL holo iridescent or something.
Jenna Miller
Jenna Miller 8 kun oldin
I wish I had prettier nails haha. I'd totally buy this if I did
cutepoiisonn 8 kun oldin
Can I Just buy the case?!?
Play time
Play time 8 kun oldin
I do some funny videos now I'm bored
Nery Pila
Nery Pila 8 kun oldin
uzblock.info/post/video/4KmunISEqm-CnoI.html This video is a must see, he mixed all your polishes. Looks so awesome
Morgan Victoria
Morgan Victoria 8 kun oldin
You should make a video painting your car with peel off holo!! uzblock.info/post/video/z5SGhH5qcqGxdaQ.html
Queen Berries4
Queen Berries4 8 kun oldin
Imagine if you did neutral holo polish 👁👄👁
Desk Fan
Desk Fan 8 kun oldin
Tbh I just want the green since it may fit my hood color
Michelle longo
Michelle longo 8 kun oldin
Do you allow them to use your content on Pinterestpin.it/1cWDWF3
Chloe Weeks
Chloe Weeks 9 kun oldin
Ah! That is my all time favorite "lavender syrup!" 😜💜
Tayba Rahu
Tayba Rahu 9 kun oldin
I need to grow my nails long and strong what should I do plz reply 🙁😰🥺
HoneyBlueMoon1 9 kun oldin
i use to watch you all the time!!
flover 9 kun oldin
Gita Karpjuka
Gita Karpjuka 9 kun oldin
You should try Aurora nails🌈💅 uzblock.info/post/video/36-rhXKkcn-Cl3o.html
Maliana Gutierrez
Maliana Gutierrez 9 kun oldin
how bout we go back 4 years and try to get Cristine to do a matte #polishmountain if u want her to do this copy and paste in her next vid hehehe
Laila Hewlett
Laila Hewlett 9 kun oldin
It'S nOt A pRoBlEm AnYmOrE
Kayla LePage
Kayla LePage 9 kun oldin
You should try polygel on Ben
Jasmin Torres
Jasmin Torres 9 kun oldin
I just came across your channel 😍 I love you already
Conawaye 9 kun oldin
he he
he he 9 kun oldin
How come the cocktail looked rainbow too thats fascinatinggg
Maddie Animates
Maddie Animates 9 kun oldin
Pastel gay
Laurien Dakota Allmon
I'm a carpenter and a welder. I don't really wear nail polish because it always chips like immediately since I work with my hands or it takes to many coats to get a solid color. I bought Menchie's polish for a friend as a gift as she loves her polishes. I couldn't justify buying one because shipping hurts my soul so I got Mint Mojito and a unicorn skin for myself to try. I had low expectations for her nail polish since its just nail polish but I fucking love the shit out of her polish now. I wore them to work no chipping and I didn't even put on a taco. The holo is amaze ballz Its like a freaking sparkly unicorn jizzed on my nails!!!! My selfish ass didn't even give her the polish as a gift I immediately turned into golem XD If you are doubting getting her polish don't cause it is very worth it!! The quality is 10/10 excellent!!!!
gayathri raja
gayathri raja 10 kun oldin
This is just an idea switch lives with Ben for a whole day and let Ben be you for a whole day this will be so funny 😊
Ravneet Kaur
Ravneet Kaur 10 kun oldin
My nails are thin as a paper what do I do ?
sokin jon
sokin jon 10 kun oldin
Lol love the colors but now we need the goth edition of holo taco
Ashwini 10 kun oldin
Hey simply, I know you won't be seeing this but for some reason if you do......I just wanted to tell you that I'm from India and I'm really interested in buying this.......but I can't. cause first, I don't have enough money to buy this...... second, my parents won't let me. I really liked your whole collection and wanted to buy it all I love your pastels, unicorn, and frosted collection.if your reading this please reply it would mean a lot to me. (holo taco doesn't ship to where I live).
sokin jon
sokin jon 10 kun oldin
Hubby calls: "Did you just spend over a hundred bucks on nail polish?" *I didn't even pause the video*"Yarp. I love you. Kiss, kiss." Beep. Dramatic He doesn't even know me..
Go Away
Go Away 10 kun oldin
CRISTINE can you try the aurora nails. PPLLEAASSE
Eli Saurus
Eli Saurus 11 kun oldin
Okay product idea. You need to sell booze in a Giant fake nail polish bottle. "Don't Drink the Nail Polish."
turtle 10 kun oldin
Purplegirl's Randomness Channel
Imagine if you did the polish mountain thing again but what you did is put one coat of every nail polish you have.
maddison young
maddison young 11 kun oldin
Simply nailogical please please do a review on vinger's polygel nail kit! Its looks so cool!
doliio volay
doliio volay 11 kun oldin
Lol love the colors but now we need the goth edition of holo taco
Miss Macarena Arevalo
I loooove all your holo's!!!! Sadly I live in Chile 😔
doliio volay
doliio volay 11 kun oldin
bottle. Would love to support you guys. Love from another tea lovin Christine♥️☕️
Allstar Snave
Allstar Snave 11 kun oldin
Tried to buy some today and just found out you don't ship to New Zealand 😭😭😭
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 12 kun oldin
Is that sweatshirt a sample for potential Holo Taco clothing merch???🤞🤞🤞💞🦄🌈🌌
doire aintu
doire aintu 12 kun oldin
Is that sweatshirt a sample for potential Holo Taco clothing merch???🤞🤞🤞💞🦄🌈🌌
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 12 kun oldin
week. I literally have the best man you guys 😍😂
Hiya Boo
Hiya Boo 12 kun oldin
Its my first time using nail polish
doire aintu
doire aintu 12 kun oldin
pov: you saw the bts😏
Bianca Almeida
Bianca Almeida 12 kun oldin
can someone please tell me what taco means? I can't be the food
turtle 10 kun oldin
its an inside joke !! cristine pronounces top coat like taco and it just became a meme
Brooke Allison
Brooke Allison 12 kun oldin
Cristine never changes and I love it
Laurie Lee
Laurie Lee 12 kun oldin
Not buying this now after watching your billboard video.
Aleksandra 13 kun oldin
Simply: "The polishes go out of stock quickly" Also Simply: *spilling the nail polish everywhere to get a perfect shot*
Indica Ward
Indica Ward 13 kun oldin
Can you do a house tour? And holo
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