HOW Germany lost its football identity | EURO 2021 

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Germany are struggling like never before, and their winning football identity is nowhere to be found. How did one of the strongest teams in world football suffer a significant fall from grace? Coach Jogi Löw, who lifted the 2014 World Cup, seems to have overstayed his welcome, but will have one final shot at glory in the coming Euros. What happened to Germany, and can they right the ship in time for the Euros?

Report by: Dave Braneck
Camera and Editing: Joe Wright

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30-Apr, 2021



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Abdul Amjad Khan
Abdul Amjad Khan 11 soat oldin
Germany lost 2018 world cup because Werner and 2020 euro lost because Warner and Muller pls exit Werner in national side
Dara Rohan
Dara Rohan Kun oldin
I wouldn't rule out Germany. I really liked their squad of players from '06-'12 like Basti and Müller, and when they had time to mature they eventually accomplished the World Cup.
Don’t mind me I’m just brushing my teeth
I know that it’s complete bogus, but I like to believe that the 2018 World Cup was fix to a certain extent by Russia to make the games more “interesting”.
Soverein Boulevard
Soverein Boulevard 4 kun oldin
As far as *we* are concerned: *England* always wins(The World Cup&Olympics) *England* tournaments against *themselves* and find out which *team* in England represents *England* *The Best Not American Football Football Player In England* had to give up on *his* dream of playing not American football football&got a *family provider* job context: to Germany not winning the Olympics in not America football Google ad generated ads
crimsonlightbinder 6 kun oldin
bla blabla "rAciSM"... bla bla, Germany just doesn't have german players on the pitch, like England, that's the truth, but we are living in "pc" and censorship world and nobody can say anything
Chatter Bait
Chatter Bait 8 kun oldin
Very very prophetic closing words
Vietnamese Countryball, Patriot
But what if 2022 fifa World Cup ⚽️ have four teams in a group: 🇮🇹 Italia, Denmark 🇩🇰, Spain 🇪🇸, Switzerland 🇨🇭 That group would be named as “Bone breakers”
CG Gaming
CG Gaming 10 kun oldin
The thing which was strength of German side was defense now it is their weakness
Franco Soliman
Franco Soliman 10 kun oldin
I wouldn't call it Germany going into free-fall. Football goes in cycles. Brazil hasn't won the world cup since 2002. Is that free-fall too?
V Lz
V Lz 11 kun oldin
Leroy is not a german player of old .. keep up with this and germany will keep failing. Regardless of what germany does, you'll always be Italy's biatch in football .. hahahahaa
andyhello23 12 kun oldin
The biggest reason, is that germany are playing against teams cheating with absurd levels of weapons, and germany wants to not go there, and germany wants to play nice. Germany has lost its way due to german football team, being too ethical, and not wanting to go down the road, like garbage nations like england, who use any weapons they have to destroy there opponents with.
RN 13 kun oldin
Gotta find some Germans in Germany first?
Piero Markuzovich
Piero Markuzovich 13 kun oldin
Because of this bad german team england has managed to reach a final where they don't belong to. Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win (when they don't play against Italy)
Krähen an die Macht
This nationalteam represent what germany is. Loosernation. No Will , no passion, no proudness no plan.
Random Kili
Random Kili 14 kun oldin
It's not because of their Germanness that Germany are so good. It's because of the right conditions always having been in place.You can make a factor analysis. If you compare it to England, there are several factors in place that are not or were not in place in England. For example a coaching culture that is superior and simpler in Germany, and a winter break that is absent in England. I mean they are going to install Hansi Flick now. I bet GErmany are going to compete for the world cup.
Chester Layman
Chester Layman 15 kun oldin
Soccer fans are kind of dumb. They overreact to EVERYTHING! They lost a few Important games. That’s all. It’s a simple game (unlike baseball and American football). Referees determine way too much. Players flop and act like pussies and fans overreact.
GoldenEagle Charm
GoldenEagle Charm 15 kun oldin
I miss the old Militaristic Germany.
Tobu Town Baptist Youth
Germany lose ozil 😰
Gio 16 kun oldin
This is crazy talk. Germany will bounce back. I’m Italian, we went through a dark decade. Didn’t qualify for the World Cup. Serie a team hasn’t won the champions league in 10 years. Now Italy bounced back
Taseen Muhtadi
Taseen Muhtadi 16 kun oldin
Where's Germany's free-flowing fast paced attacks and counterattacks? They hardly played like that the Euro 2020. Surprisingly, it was the Italians who showed the most fast, attacking football in this Euro 2020, which usually a hallmark of German football.
superdug 16 kun oldin
I can tell you in a 2 seconds - Lahm and Klose retired
light case
light case 17 kun oldin
Germany has never been nice to watch on the pitch ngl
Giuliano il Filosofo
Italy and Germany always rise from their ashes, be it in football, economy, culture, politics, whatever. Germany is currently in the same situation we were before This Euro, with a team infrastructure to rebuild from scratch and with new young talents to develop. They will eventually Come back to where they belong, and we will finally enjoy an epic Italy Germany again, hopefully in a WC Final or semifinal. Cordiali Saluti dall' Italia🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Selcuk 17 kun oldin
Meanwhile in Belgium: We are nr1 on the FIFA rankings! We have the best players of the world! What a difference in mentality.
Yossi Allen
Yossi Allen 18 kun oldin
And they got the boot out by the English in the Euro 2020 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yossi Allen
Yossi Allen 18 kun oldin
Brazil and Italy are only ones to have had back to back World Cup titles.
Brian Lam
Brian Lam 18 kun oldin
The reason why national teams rise and then they fall because they are less co ordinated then clubs. With Italy, Argentina and England they are well co ordinated sides. The way England was at the Euro was unreal. They have conceded a goal until they've met Denmark and Italy. Until they lost against Italy in the penalty shootout in the final which was devestating. But I believe they will win the World Cup next year.
StarMan 18 kun oldin
No Unity, no values this young squad don't even know the value of German football.
Vinay Vinay
Vinay Vinay 18 kun oldin
Germany has fallen many times...its just a matter of time how they will bounce back....
Salvatore Ricco
Salvatore Ricco 18 kun oldin
Dear germans, it may sound rude, but I sincerely hope you don't qualify for the next World Cup. Trust me: it works. Yours truly, an italian.
tomasz kedzierski
tomasz kedzierski 18 kun oldin
No more polish strikes
MR GRASBUESCHEL 19 kun oldin
Jogi Löw was the Problem he is out of the match we need some New football Player germany dont have storm players thats dosent mean the german "manschaft" is Bad no iz means the german Mannschaft need a revelution New and young players are not rare but there are to many good players next to the field
Marina Yordanova
Marina Yordanova 19 kun oldin
Germany simply takes a little nap in order to start it all over again...
DW Kick off!
DW Kick off! 19 kun oldin
For when do you want to set the alarm clock, Marina?
Naschaat 20 kun oldin
They lost their football identity when Germans started their racist insults on Özil because of their racist islamophob Hate on Erdogan.
Gentledictator2 20 kun oldin
Merkel ruled 8 years too long and Löw trained 4 years too long. System error.
How yo doin bruh?? I m fine
Germany never lost its football identity.. Big fan
YouTube Dummy
YouTube Dummy 20 kun oldin
Kick off Mannschaft!
Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg 20 kun oldin
It’s a ways been hard for the Germans to conquer in Russia anyway. But they’ll be back in Qatar.
James Robertson
James Robertson 20 kun oldin
I don't think it is the individual players, they all are good enough. Same goes for France, England, Spain, Portugal, they all have great quality players. It is more a mind thing: how bad do you want it ? And how much of a team are you, the 'one for all and all for one' thing...
Abdure Guracha
Abdure Guracha 20 kun oldin
The problem in Europe is they let black players to represent them.as national team while they hate them on the pitch and abroad no collaboration
MrLel LoL
MrLel LoL 21 kun oldin
The Germany from from the last decade is gone. Its a whole new team, they will have to find their new identity.
SG P313 D
SG P313 D 21 kun oldin
I don’t watch football but when I realized Germany lost to England I was super disappointed
Abhishek Bhattacharjee
The way Germany is playing on the turf does not represent Germany. They are playing neither as a team nor as individuals. One thing which represents Germany on the turf is Super Fast Football implemented by long pass game. German-style football caused many to doubt south American style future in the past decade but unfortunately, the present team might forget their style of play.
Mreza91 Alavi
Mreza91 Alavi 21 kun oldin
Germany need someone like bastion schweinsteinger. Someone who is clever and leader and the one who can reading the other teams minds.
Mreza91 Alavi
Mreza91 Alavi 21 kun oldin
Germany was always like this I mean average team in last 20 years and the only difference was basti schwansteiner. From 2006 to 2016 Germany always reached semifinals and one World Cup and one second place in 2008 and third place in 2006. Many players came and left but on that time basti made Germany real powerful team cuz he knows how to win.
Saman Siddiquie
Saman Siddiquie 21 kun oldin
Germany will always make a comeback
Desireoffreedom 21 kun oldin
Germany lost its identity around 1945 now you're just self hating Americans that happen to speak german (and turks)
belay zenica
belay zenica 21 kun oldin
wooow they got kicked out by england the fuk?? like DO U KNOW what england is in history of football u dumby
JP 21 kun oldin
Remember schweinsteiger ?💥
Isaac 21 kun oldin
Only if wasn't for Hugian
raptor 95
raptor 95 21 kun oldin
German lose their identity when the blame players for 2018 failure instead of tactical problem.
Jelm Winter
Jelm Winter 21 kun oldin
Manager change now, will be good !
Rishabdeb Barik
Rishabdeb Barik 21 kun oldin
Now God save germany football. Tony kroos retired too.
Andreas Mozny
Andreas Mozny 22 kun oldin
Hansi Flick will reestablish that identity
Mogamat Ismail
Mogamat Ismail 22 kun oldin
Germany will not win any trophies shortly after the shameful manner they treated Mesut OZIL....
Hanif Armida
Hanif Armida 22 kun oldin
Bayern munchen monopolize the league too much.
Fernando Cunha
Fernando Cunha 22 kun oldin
Its cause of Braziliam macumba (=black magic). It is the curse of the 7 x 1 against Brazil. Now, seriously. Germany is still the most regular team in football history. They have much much more highs then lows, and their lows usually dont last long. Since i started watching football in 1982, Germany had only 3 bad world cups (1994, 1998 and 2018). In all others, they either won or at least reached the semi final or final match (runners up in 1982, 1986 and 2002). Thats impressive.
A k
A k 22 kun oldin
that's bad timing for this video. You remember Hansi Flick? The coach who destroyed Barcelona 8:2 with Bayern Munich? he is going to be our national coach in the future
Andris Ford
Andris Ford 23 kun oldin
dump ytube where is the gasme
Carlos A. Garcia
Carlos A. Garcia 23 kun oldin
Stop talking bullshit... Germany has not lost anything at all.... A football team cannot win the world up every four years because simply is not possible.... This video is just a bunch of crap... Germany will win again when Mueller is gone all the other all old dudes who good for nothing... Do you think a Brazil situation is gonna come back again... Stop dreaming....
pauLe 23 kun oldin
the germany team needs to see this video lmao
tom bartram
tom bartram 23 kun oldin
I like it when they call this Germany's biggest crisis since the 1930s ...
Francis Freespirit
Francis Freespirit 23 kun oldin
a muti culti gathering of average individuals is deemed to failure. Logical!
96_Stars 23 kun oldin
Damn I remember their amazing 2014 World Cup run to the final. very few players are left from that generation.
RAGING XTC 24 kun oldin
How do i know, no one ever filming such a documentary was a professional athlete or particularly good at something? Pretty simple, you dont understand what it takes to get far in such a tournament not even speaking of winning it. No one that loses in a fucking tournament, were the best compete has an identity crisis or problems with winning. but in these days everyone is obviously an expert, sitting in the backyard with his fucking eco beanie talking about who is slow and who is not...
thomsonfly645k 24 kun oldin
These things come in cycles look at what happened to France and then England. France Rubbish in 2010, improved a lot 2014, final in Euro 2016 and then winners 2018 England Rubbish in 2014 improved a lot 2018, final in Euro 2020 Germany still have time to improve a lot before they host Euro 2024.
jimbodiced 24 kun oldin
They DFB and other football academies have some work to do, and sooner rather than later if they wish to right the ship. After what's been practically a golden age for German football over the course of 15 years, the transition period has set in. Of course their identity is lacking. How can it not be when guys like Mertesacker, Lahm, Klose, and Schweinsteiger, and Ozil retired? Those types don't just grow on trees. But they have to find ways to mould the new crop and get them closer to the level of those types of players. Time will tell if they are proactive in identifying the current hurdles or not.
Danny Nayan
Danny Nayan 24 kun oldin
Thanks to Germany too for taking too seriously over their star Özil for meeting the turkey president
Fabian Patrizio
Fabian Patrizio 24 kun oldin
the title should read MOST national teams have lost their identify, as almost everyone plays the same way now and they all know each other from their clubs...If you want to see real national identity in football, go back to the 80s (great for football)...and watch the '82 and '86 World cups especially...Italy was Italy, Germany was VEREY German, France was France, Brazil played like Brazil, England was very English..etc etc....I liked it a lot better :))
zyalk66to 24 kun oldin
rutta tata
rutta tata 24 kun oldin
"When your appetite is satisfied, you lose your hunger" - Joachim Low.
Jacopo Folin
Jacopo Folin 17 kun oldin
@DiverMan ahahahah
DiverMan 18 kun oldin
"That's why I sniff my balls on the field. That way I'm always hungry" - Joachim Low
Kavinsky Axel
Kavinsky Axel 24 kun oldin
what do you want? win all world cup? that enough for you germany.. 4 worldcup & 3 uerochamp thats enough. once you're on top and soon you will in a deep shit, just take it. you might try a million ways (youth star player, recruit other countries star, etc) but in the end you just fail and fail and the last thing they just take someone else to blame without seeing his last contribution...... like what you did to Mesut Ozil, after what he did for his country he received another bullying to another humiliating, what a shame & eat you carma
Redditor Science and Socialism lover
How Germany lost its identity to Allah and the one true Prophet Muhammad, alhamdullillah
UB3RFR3NZY 24 kun oldin
Racism, ha! Ozil was meeting the leader of his country who is a psychotic ruler, with insane irredentist ideas and extremist religious views. He was rightly criticised for meeting that maniac.
Henry Byrd
Henry Byrd 25 kun oldin
Low's hairstyle shows that he has lost touch with modern thinking!
Peter Bierwirth
Peter Bierwirth 25 kun oldin
Are there two Germanys in the world? 'Germany are struggeling...'? The title headline correctly states: "HOW Germany lost its football identity | EURO 2021 - you see, it states 'its' and not 'their' identity. Anyhow, it is not the whoel of one single Germany that could be struggeling, The German football players of the 'Mannschaft' (formerly Nationalmannschaft) might have been struggeling to finally get rid of their incompetent goach Joachim Löw. And now the English team which was 'awarded' by the VAR a penalty against Denmark might be struggeling against the 'Azzuri' on 11th July 2021. Interesting analysis which lacks one important fact. Since Löw's salary (more than 300 000 EUR p.a.) is higher than the one of Angela Merkel, he did not step down as 'Nationaltrainer' after having won the world championship against Beazil by 7:1.
Peter Bierwirth
Peter Bierwirth 25 kun oldin
Sorry, Löw's salary is not 300 000 p.a. (per annum), but per month!
Keith Bentley
Keith Bentley 25 kun oldin
Nowt like a bit of good ole fashioned yankee hyperbole. Might want to grow up son!
garlandstrife 25 kun oldin
Russia 2018 and Euro 2020 was a terrible performance.
Geo Ploma
Geo Ploma 25 kun oldin
Excellent video! really tackled the issues and that means that the Germans will soon be able to correct them! One slight mistake the problem begins after 2014 not after 2018. Unfortunately the new generation lacks basic things that defined older Germanies. I am not only talking about the ridiculous lack of a pure scorer and the easiness opponents have to create great chances everytime they pass the centre. Where are the intangibles? where is the soul? where is the iron will? Did Gnabri or Gudogan cared about this team? Is Kroos the leader? or someone who shines whenever others play well? Do Havertz Werner or Sane have a cool mind? How many shots they need to just push the opponent goalie to make a decent save(not score) under pressure?
Ganesh Patil
Ganesh Patil 25 kun oldin
Keep rotating and experimenting till you find a winning combination, so simple. It's time to say goodbye to Kinsman/Low era.
SavageGTalks 25 kun oldin
can I say #whacked ?
Roy Morgan
Roy Morgan 25 kun oldin
How do you all think Germany will do in WC 2022?
DOLPHIN 26 kun oldin
its not the german national team fall but mere downfall of coach jogi low. after new coach lets see the rise of german national team lol. they have enormous talent and power house club like bayern and dortmund to supply their national team.
BromadsTV 26 kun oldin
It all ended with Ozil
Aatum Joram
Aatum Joram 26 kun oldin
because they lost Ozil and could not make the best out of him
T C 26 kun oldin
Just have a look on the players, you will understand that changes lead changes.
@CFCMoi11 27 kun oldin
This Germany side are young and are slowly finding their feet. In a few years time they will look the force they once were
Arup Dutta
Arup Dutta 27 kun oldin
Being Germany football supporer felling sad Germany fall , from india
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 27 kun oldin
Germany will come back next year with Flick.
marasovac 17 kun oldin
Flick’s leading Bayern vs. PSG have proven to be a fool who has no idea about football. Leave Sule in the open against Mbappe, it can only be a tough idiot.
Nuri 17 kun oldin
@Itachi Uchiha hahaha 😂😂 „but iam dead“. You got me 😂😂
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 24 kun oldin
@Leehiro Yes, but I'm dead.
Leehiro 24 kun oldin
I wish, Itachi would play along them
Chris Elliott
Chris Elliott 27 kun oldin
I'm a 56 year old English football fan who has suffered very heavily at the hands of the German football team. I write this a week after we finally beat you in the knockout stages of a major tournament (Euro 2020). Yes, our nation went crazy that day, but that's because it mattered soooooo much to finally beat you. I recognise that you are going through a tough phase, but how on earth can you expect to remain at the same high level you achieved in 2014? You destroyed Brazil IN Brazil for goodness sake! It matters this much to beat you because we respect you more than any other team. You'll be back. Hopefully, England can win at least one trophy while you're sleeping. Respect, my friends.
lerryperry 27 kun oldin
If you remove the 1996 Euro Championship and the 2002 World Cup Final, you will see that Germany had a horrible run of form in International Tournaments from 1994 to 2004. This is a cycle and unfortunately, they are about to enter a rough patch again.
Gooberwalla 27 kun oldin
Just as well the Huns are losing.
Virgil Blaze
Virgil Blaze 27 kun oldin
Oh, he went out with a whimper alright. He got mauled by three lions.
Baraa Elhariry
Baraa Elhariry 24 kun oldin
If Mueller doesn't miss that sitter in the 70th minute, England is going home.
George Okereke
George Okereke 27 kun oldin
Bruh Germany mauled you for the past 30 years 😂
Oscar Lugo
Oscar Lugo 28 kun oldin
Yes, this is about the GERMAN national team and nobody else, but how cute that underdogs Mexico & S. Korea started this whole "Deutsche Fussball Bund" debacle in int'l football, and yet are NOT EVEN MENTIONED. (As if that never happened?) "Nein fraulein! Das scheiss ist nicht gut! Du ist besser!" lol
sharkbait432 28 kun oldin
Football identity…. How about national identity, ethic identity, and cultural identity.
Jawad Malik
Jawad Malik 28 kun oldin
OZIL LAHAM KLOSE MULLER SHWEIN STIEGER I am not sure Germany will get this combo ever again sure some of these players are there but they don't have that hunger which they had it in 2014
Less1leg Pirate
Less1leg Pirate 28 kun oldin
Germany got OLD, and so is Portugal. Many of these teams are getting long in the tooth. Where are the young up and comers? There are so many of these teams that have OLD players. They are predictable and old legs.
arb lo.
arb lo. 28 kun oldin
🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Bravo , Mr. Donald, you have to end all the terrorists with all the people and groups that are now in the United States who want to change the world and we must end these terrorists who have invented this coronavirus disease and who have died so far . many imnocent people. In Asia and more the middle Asia has always been and has a lot of people who are destructive and who love money and who for money can destroy even their own family and friends, these people do not know how to lose they are always vindictive. who are always eating evil and living with evil. And these people have now entered the country of the United States, using the United States passport, to get their purposes, those people must be controlled at the airport that they meet their colleagues and speak the language that in many countries They do not speak it , such as Arabic, Pakistani Azerbaijani, Turkey, Germany, (People from Turkey who use a German passport) Zyria country, Lebanon country, (They can be people from Zyria who use a Lebanon passport and also live for years in Turkey or who already have Asylum in Turkey) Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Serbian, Uzbek, a part of Russia near China or around China. that they are 100% of those countries are not mixed with other countries in marriage and that those people (Men) already having those Nationalities have been in the country of Turkey in the year of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 until 2015, the entry in those years and also the entry into the year 2018 - 2019 moving only between the countries and airports that are around Turkey and since those years they have organized dangers, for the world and people. and in the same years that they have entered China, or in the countries that I mentioned, entered more than two times leaving and entering. controlling all this they will know many results about the coronavirus and other things.
Jassica Sheperson
Jassica Sheperson 28 kun oldin
Germany 🇩🇪 need özil …..
Champ 28 kun oldin
Wait till Hansi Flick take over , Germany will be fucking fearsome
Mike Weiler
Mike Weiler 28 kun oldin
Well pretty simple....... Why was Spain so damn good from 2008-2012 -> Team was pretty much entire Barca and Real Why was Germany so good -> Team was pretty much entire Bayern München. Easy as that. If you take an existing worldclass team, the potential they win the titel is huge.
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