How I first met Julia Across a Building  

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4-May, 2021



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Luke Felipes
Luke Felipes 4 soat oldin
And on this episode of things that totally happened we have.....
diamond awaken
diamond awaken 5 soat oldin
Yooooooo I think my plug lives on top of u 😂🌚
Gogito YT
Gogito YT 8 soat oldin
Your cute! Watching him 100 meters far away
Samanta 8 soat oldin
Hablan en inglés
Nick Gur
Nick Gur 9 soat oldin
Yes we are living in the 1700s where we do not have ‘phones’
Winnie Da Poo
Winnie Da Poo 10 soat oldin
My aunt used to live in Florida do you
Promit Chatterjee
Promit Chatterjee 10 soat oldin
Anyone seen the movie, #alive...... Pretty similar concept
ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴍᴀʀsʜᴍᴀʟʟᴏᴡ
How i first met my first match that would dump me :)
Nick 22 soat oldin
what is this song called?
s Lax
s Lax Kun oldin
Balkona bak anasını satayım hali sag gibi
Sanam Jaan
Sanam Jaan Kun oldin
Please help me
Yellte08 Games
Yellte08 Games Kun oldin
This is the staged version not the real so do not be mad
Prom cool
Prom cool Kun oldin
Rapz Way
Rapz Way Kun oldin
r/Art1st Kun oldin
"And thats how me and your mother met"
el tadurno chan
el tadurno chan Kun oldin
Alguien me dise que estan disiendo en español
ColinKickCo11ecter 2 kun oldin
Texting was invented in 2007 People in 2006:
P09micahboy 2 kun oldin
Straight up know we’re he is Orange beach Alabama
Valeria Delacruz
Valeria Delacruz 2 kun oldin
Su cute 😏😉😉
Parkan Argus
Parkan Argus 2 kun oldin
Aut0matixSc4rz 2 kun oldin
I couldnt see the last thing she said can anyone tell me the last thing she said?
Engr RC Delos Reyes
София Секалова
This was made in Varna
Om Sahu
Om Sahu 2 kun oldin
Scripted lol
Kshitij Budhe
Kshitij Budhe 3 kun oldin
Just text her🤷‍♂️, like to texted her what to write on the board🙄.
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh 3 kun oldin
Phones be like: hm kya Mr.India hain jo dikh nhi rhe😂
August Manabat
August Manabat 3 kun oldin
definetly not scripted
nelsdz 3 kun oldin
Ah!. When idiots meet.
Steffi Mareh Perez
Steffi Mareh Perez 4 kun oldin
That is to bad bad bad idea
Davina Grundmann
Davina Grundmann 4 kun oldin
Wich Julia???
Adeline karns
Adeline karns 4 kun oldin
Joseph Mawanay
Joseph Mawanay 4 kun oldin
Mga gong gong kayo
Princess Sargun
Princess Sargun 4 kun oldin
I Love you
The cuber
The cuber 4 kun oldin
Dawn of the dead move scene
Xander Cage
Xander Cage 5 kun oldin
I smell bullshit
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah 5 kun oldin
Wow that’s crazy how they both have poster boards lying out
FroGGY PonD 5 kun oldin
Oml I wanna meet my boyfriend like that.
Joey young iii
Joey young iii 5 kun oldin
roman 10,9 if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord an believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be savedo
gamer9800 6
gamer9800 6 5 kun oldin
Leona Marie Mieszczak
EM ok 👌dsn war ich 🤣
osama5144 5 kun oldin
this is so cute ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎ シ︎シ︎シ︎シ︎
tota -10-
tota -10- 5 kun oldin
الناس قبل اختراع التلفون
심심한 유리새
그냥 전화번호 알려주면 되지 않을까?
Ridiculed Victor
Ridiculed Victor 5 kun oldin
"phone was invented in 1876" *people in 1875:*
Aubrey Barham
Aubrey Barham 6 kun oldin
Рустем Веган
I should have written hello to the fool.
Steelaygot Maowenbach
Even more silly teen bollocks.
Vor Zak
Vor Zak 7 kun oldin
Go back to tiktok
Selina Comans
Selina Comans 7 kun oldin
ibns 23
ibns 23 7 kun oldin
I love that yeezys
fireoverlord 1
fireoverlord 1 7 kun oldin
Why don't they teach this in school
Artemis Nikolopoulou
Good for you😎, you find a girlfriend
Luna Moon
Luna Moon 7 kun oldin
*And son thats how me and your mother got together*
Sparshy Tarshie
Sparshy Tarshie 7 kun oldin
My channel is sparshy tarshie
Lolko 12
Lolko 12 7 kun oldin
Dobrá strategie
Sautela Baap
Sautela Baap 7 kun oldin
I can't see you from up here, but you are cute.
Batylla Knox
Batylla Knox 7 kun oldin
Ich hab auch immer Plakate zuhause.
Sumati Biswas
Sumati Biswas 7 kun oldin
I met ronaldo in my dreams
Piotr Sulkowski
Piotr Sulkowski 8 kun oldin
Wtf 😂😂😂
GodlyOtakuSoul 8 kun oldin
Yes, they both coincidentally have big sheets of paper.
kaos 8 kun oldin
•scorpio• 8 kun oldin
How to get a gf
Neide Gomes
Neide Gomes 8 kun oldin
Teu 7gugugug
Taleh Həsənzadə
Taleh Həsənzadə 8 kun oldin
John Doe
John Doe 8 kun oldin
What a coincidence.
Jason Turner
Jason Turner 8 kun oldin
Darea Pikachu
Darea Pikachu 8 kun oldin
Dam this guy knew this was gonna happen so he got the stuff
_.jungshook._1997 9 kun oldin
Which Julia we talking bout-
Roshida Mohddisa
Roshida Mohddisa 9 kun oldin
Koyak for you
-Miss Girl-
-Miss Girl- 9 kun oldin
Ma.Gracia P. Dacles
Ma.Gracia P. Dacles
FZ11 .t
FZ11 .t 9 kun oldin
If this isn’t staged
xXClashPlayerXx -Brawl stars
confusiest Meetings of All the time xD ngl xD
xXClashPlayerXx -Brawl stars
and man yh u had the camera perfekt Timing on a nice ReaL video:v
randulf cabalona
randulf cabalona 10 kun oldin
is that julia barreto
Manaus17 10 kun oldin
Yup grade A Bullshit
ray 10 kun oldin
If only life was this easy 🤣
Saksham Kc
Saksham Kc 10 kun oldin
You guys could just talk in messenger🙄🙄
DEEBS l 10 kun oldin
If i were the girl and not knowing him i would have ignored him completely and walk in ti the apartment
Ana Esquivel
Ana Esquivel 10 kun oldin
Wait that would be funny if another stranger thought he was talking ti them lol
patrick starfish
patrick starfish 10 kun oldin
This is the Romeo and Juliet story but in the 21st century
No Name
No Name 11 kun oldin
Just write your number and send voice message
SS Soldado Gameplays
Apenas se lee con zoom que carajos van a entender
lol gabriel
lol gabriel 11 kun oldin
Lemme be serious for a moment here. If you say hey to her, she says hey back, then responds with "u r cute", there is something wrong
tushar khare
tushar khare 11 kun oldin
U could have just asked for ig id or number😂😂😂
D 11 kun oldin
Best love story of the year Names anyone?
kidoos crafts
kidoos crafts 11 kun oldin
people before the internet
Brian Ngugi
Brian Ngugi 12 kun oldin
Their phones right now: Am I a joke to you?
FAZE 12 kun oldin
YOU LOOK CUTE. SEEING HIM FROM MILES AWAY. UZblock Is going To die Just Like Vine. Spread The Sad News
Darkness Dark
Darkness Dark 12 kun oldin
My stomach feels weird you on your balcony
Pizza gorl
Pizza gorl 12 kun oldin
Thats so cool!
Fuzzle_YT 12 kun oldin
Mama wie habt ihr euch nochmal kennengelernt Die Mutter:Ehh, GANZ kompliziert
butt forreal
butt forreal 13 kun oldin
Yo nobody cares
Diego Castillo
Diego Castillo 13 kun oldin
Ooooooooo 😏
el_arca el_arca53
el_arca el_arca53 13 kun oldin
Y yo me pregunto porque no se juntan y hablan fácil no
roblox_Emmi 💕
roblox_Emmi 💕 13 kun oldin
Irishlad 14 kun oldin
nero 14 kun oldin
When I want to do this her aunt watching me
Cigi Szünet
Cigi Szünet 14 kun oldin
It has some really strong #Alive vibes
McFly 14 kun oldin
Who is Julia Across? Is she a building?
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