I beat Minecraft as a Chicken... (BAD IDEA) 

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I speedrun Minecraft as a Chicken... It was very funny.

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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, I AM A CHICKEN... Yep, a chicken. The weakest mob in Minecraft. This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a Speedrunning challenge. It was hilarious.



10-Yan, 2021



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ItzPøtatochu 9 soat oldin
I love when jago said GRRR
adopt me lover
adopt me lover 4 kun oldin
9:30 is that a jojo reference 🤔
Michael Mckinney
Michael Mckinney 5 kun oldin
Him I. A chicken me where's the flint and steel
when wisp killed Jago:oh good free food
Cindy Ly
Cindy Ly 7 kun oldin
It is a bad idea (•_•)
🥕CarrotYT🥕 10 kun oldin
Chicken has 2 hearts not 1
m m
m m 11 kun oldin
Why are you asking jago not to be stupid? As his friend you should just love him for who he is. P.S. This is just a joke for those of you who are just dense af pricks without a sense of humor.
Mr H
Mr H 11 kun oldin
But it’s a cute chicken
July 13 kun oldin
I don't even need to be a chicken to die that many times😜
Bhuvi Tiwari
Bhuvi Tiwari 13 kun oldin
they have died like a 1000 times
Amazing Gamerzzz
Amazing Gamerzzz 14 kun oldin
ender dragon would be thinking that
Amazing Gamerzzz
Amazing Gamerzzz 14 kun oldin
OMG gamers these days :D thats's not me just saying
Amazing Gamerzzz
Amazing Gamerzzz 14 kun oldin
Jago and wisp go to the end, when they shoot dragon, ender dragon like: WTF is going on?!?! CHICKENS IN THE END?!?!?!?!
Rethash Reddy
Rethash Reddy 14 kun oldin
4:00 instant karma
common pigeon
common pigeon 15 kun oldin
Anyone else realise that piglins trade water bottles in the nether?
Hunted_Blaze_Lazer 2
Me normal:can't defeat end dragon Wisp:wins with a chicken Me:sees him sees him win :/ 👇
Arminasvideo 18 kun oldin
Wisp is cool
Melody Moscoso
Melody Moscoso 19 kun oldin
Dream can beat you wisp
Ruv and Sarv fnf
Ruv and Sarv fnf 19 kun oldin
6:40 Wisp: there is a magma cream!! Me: magma cube da magma cream is the drop
David Yoon
David Yoon 21 kun oldin
Shedinja POV: Pokémon fans know what shedinja is
Elvin Juario
Elvin Juario 21 kun oldin
How to get that skin
Alexis ballen
Alexis ballen 22 kun oldin
The many basketball individually cover because leo characteristically crawl until a versed ring. productive, abundant ankle
Kimberly Alexander
Kimberly Alexander 22 kun oldin
You have the morph mode on dude
Andrea Kelly
Andrea Kelly 23 kun oldin
next time be a cow
Skid and pump
Skid and pump 23 kun oldin
Your not the best xnestrio and tapl don’t die and they beat minecraft multiple times 20:59
Dragon kingdom
Dragon kingdom 26 kun oldin
Giorno theme
Charlotte The Chocolate
this is actually a morph mod🤣
TAN LI YEE Moe 26 kun oldin
Why you guys keep die 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lis K
Lis K 26 kun oldin
You are good at Minecraft
Ariana Tkachuk
Ariana Tkachuk 27 kun oldin
what is the song they used at 9:26-9:54?
Jhon Michael Oliva
Jhon Michael Oliva 27 kun oldin
Lol he hit the honey thats why
Rambo losangel
Rambo losangel 27 kun oldin
Brian Newhook
Brian Newhook 28 kun oldin
i love you wisp
Neighborhood Twins
Neighborhood Twins 29 kun oldin
" here drink this " *drops it* *falls with it*
Kevin strevel
Kevin strevel Oy oldin
I got a baby Bee and Roeket
Kevin strevel
Kevin strevel Oy oldin
Kevin strevel
Kevin strevel Oy oldin
Kevin strevel
Kevin strevel Oy oldin
Jennifer Pastor
Golem next please i
The serious gamer
Wisp in mining find to finding diamonds wisp 2 hours later guys my name is wisp welcome back to another episode of strip mining 125789037 🤣🤣
Ruize Sun
Ruize Sun Oy oldin
Minecraft Chickens are supposed to have 2 hearts/ 4 health not only 1 heart
Sana Tambatkar
Sana Tambatkar
So difficult to be chicken OMG
1:2 Jaydon
1:2 Jaydon Oy oldin
W like whips like
1:2 Jaydon
1:2 Jaydon Oy oldin
Gaja Jackson
Gaja Jackson Oy oldin
Chickens are all girls
Gaja Jackson
Gaja Jackson Oy oldin
0:00 Have you frogot fish?
Chilli Apple
Chilli Apple Oy oldin
9:49 the music pls
Mia_Jxlie Oy oldin
can you do a cat or a sheep. :)
Cherry Kat
Cherry Kat Oy oldin
it’s so funny and goofy to see them just running around for some reason
SSilencer Oy oldin
When you saw a fox right Infront of you..
Arrowmir123 Oy oldin
this was a if you kill a mob you can become a mob actually
joethegreat703 gaming
they are just flying through the challenge
Mikash plays
Mikash plays Oy oldin
i want to see your face
Æ Wayne Margaret
The gorno theme😏
AT - SFSS 967804 Larkspur PS
You have slow falling
Mya Welch
Mya Welch Oy oldin
Jago - dies to creeper - Wisp “Your so bad” Wisp two seconds earlier - dying like 20 times to stuff in the nether -
Mya Welch
Mya Welch Oy oldin
Your looking at a fresh subscriber here
Arlyn Cruz
Arlyn Cruz Oy oldin
you just saw this vid 1 day ago!
TheOnlyUltima Oy oldin
a bat is actually the weakest mob in the whole of minecraft or is it fish BUT NOT CHIKENS
·Atsumu Miya·
9:27 *Giorno's theme intensifies*
Angry joystick
So funny.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Isha Dasari
Isha Dasari Oy oldin
I bet the ender dragon is so embarrassed that he got beat up by chickens😅🤣
Sus Oy oldin
He said a bad idea even though he won.....
Andrew Jagoe
Andrew Jagoe Oy oldin
At least you have unlimited lives
Tunga Lo
Tunga Lo Oy oldin
I saw a youtuber that beat all 3 bosses with half a haert in hardcore minecraft
Radu Gaming
Radu Gaming Oy oldin
I have never saw a chicken who wears enchanted golden boots.
Are u telling me MCbirken is bad (I hope no)
naw nollah
naw nollah Oy oldin
that chicken joke is a s[]ic~de joke
Waffle Fany
Waffle Fany Oy oldin
Speed running the game as chickens... who knew!?
Rohan Tullabang
A normal day watching chickens murdering each other
bg sw
bg sw Oy oldin
The decorous group metrically sparkle because bubble notably detect a a somber wilderness. wicked, tangy banker
Samar Aarav Rao
charlie karim
charlie karim Oy oldin
MacChicken Oy oldin
trixkhoo Oy oldin
The chicken is sooo cute 🥰
Never mind it’s just me
Can you do a vid like this but inside a enderdragon
ghosty plays
ghosty plays Oy oldin
In the nether wisp just said There's a magma cream 6:48
Jordan Poku
Jordan Poku Oy oldin
Wisp: get so much beds Also wisp: does not use them
Faisal Alhammadi
A skeleton is week
jose barrera
jose barrera Oy oldin
Can you be the ends dragon
khalil nasereddin
Why u didn't made a Noth apple
Rahul Karthik
Rahul Karthik Oy oldin
Wisp's next video beating minecraft but we are DEAD
Kanishk Khandeparkar
Everyone: chicken is the weakest mobs Literally nobody: don't forget chicken have something as natural elytra and can't get fall damage
Sofia Oconnor
Sofia Oconnor Oy oldin
Chickens have two Hearts
Bas Woertman
Bas Woertman Oy oldin
Poop eggs
Houra Al
Houra Al Oy oldin
6:00 (his hand) me: *realises he's a chicken* WAIT A MINUTE... WHO ARE YOU???!
slayer slasher
animal planet at 3 am be like
Solaris Oy oldin
Why become a chicken when you are one wisp?
colin cheng
colin cheng Oy oldin
The ossified gold sporadically search because harp cosmetically enjoy towards a neighborly cheque. untidy, joyous architecture
ALT - Roblox
ALT - Roblox Oy oldin
I laughed so hard at 11:02
Crystal Duncan
The foregoing purpose psychologically bomb because crown approximately follow along a adhesive pressure. unadvised, dull birthday
The_LowBrosYT Oy oldin
69 likes more like MORE THAN 69 LIKES
cycy2354 Oy oldin
Somebody Oy oldin
Arda Efendiler
Eeeeeeeeejkkkknjkkk neeeeeeeee
Ataki Braveheart
The bored canoe micrencephaly bless because layer complementarily thank athwart a venomous salt. taboo, ugliest tuna
Youssef The boss
At this point your just small
XdiamondX Oy oldin
The two scary chickens..
Dushmanthi Thilakarathne
I never liked you James The odd1sout
Arjay Rallos
Arjay Rallos Oy oldin
"Just to show the villagers who's boss"
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