I Challenged MrBeast To An Art Competition And He Accepted! ft. MrBeast | ZHC Crafts 

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i can't believe we challenged mrbeast and his crew to an art competition! winner gets $5,000
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23-Dek, 2020



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ZHC Crafts
ZHC Crafts 2 oy oldin
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Ayman nasib
Ayman nasib 4 kun oldin
Tbh I. Did not know jack and Nolan. I only knewed mr beast
Chris Hickey
Chris Hickey 5 kun oldin
Omar Nassrallah
Omar Nassrallah 6 kun oldin
@Daniel Rojas is
Skylar Craigie
Skylar Craigie 11 kun oldin
Hi I’m a huge fan love you guy’s 😁😁
Micah Toomire
Micah Toomire 15 kun oldin
Is it me or would Karl and Jaz make a good couple
Nur Fathimah
Nur Fathimah 9 daqiqa oldin
I love Mrbeast.
Logan Gaming
Logan Gaming 4 soat oldin
I amSubscribed I’ve been subscribed for a while now
Mystic 5 soat oldin
Me: shopmrbeast.com My bro: prestonstyles.com me mom: turkeybyzhc.com my Dad: *amazon.com*
XxxxDREAM 6 soat oldin
ZHC deserves way more followers then this he works so hard and spends a fort ion on these videos e
Jaz and Karl are literally the best team I think Ull all agree?
Miracle Pun
Miracle Pun 13 soat oldin
Ya black pink and bts
Audrina Rager
Audrina Rager 16 soat oldin
Marivee Romero
Marivee Romero 17 soat oldin
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Marivee Romero
Marivee Romero 17 soat oldin
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Adriana Inthiran
Adriana Inthiran 18 soat oldin
Xlr8justin 18 soat oldin
Karl likes jaz
lilly hudak
lilly hudak 20 soat oldin
Jaz + Karl = JARL
lilly hudak
lilly hudak 20 soat oldin
I ship Jaz and Karl JARL
Alfie Stevens
Alfie Stevens 21 soat oldin
Jaz and Karl are such a good team
Jack Griffiths
Jack Griffiths Kun oldin
Black pink!!!
I t z S k y _ B l o o s o m シ
💕👁👄👁 Pov:I kNoW i WiLl Be In MrBeAsT cHaNnEl 100000 years later 👁💧👄💧👁
Wayne lee
Wayne lee Kun oldin
Karl is savage
Mats Peeters
Mats Peeters Kun oldin
Guard them overall AM edition collapse less previous possibility.
when mr.beast said neards i was eating nerds oml thats so weird lol
Floopz Kun oldin
ZHC: "I really like both of them but..." Ad: CoMe LoOk At OuR NiSsAn DeAlErShIp
Delanie Simmons
Delanie Simmons Kun oldin
{December_ Baby29}
Jazz and Karol 😘😘
{December_ Baby29}
Did Karol finally find a crush ????
Amanda Fiona
Amanda Fiona Kun oldin
jaz is cute
Galoma Gutu
Galoma Gutu Kun oldin
Mr.Beast is a cheater lol
Anna Wright
Anna Wright Kun oldin
Facts 😂 8:00
Monica Jones
Monica Jones Kun oldin
The beast crew is basically the definition of adult children
Kian Playz roblox
Kian Playz roblox 2 kun oldin
Sally Smith
Sally Smith 2 kun oldin
Me east, Karl and Nolan have some skills!! :0
Monique Feliciano
Monique Feliciano 2 kun oldin
Ship jaz and karl
Jagan T
Jagan T 2 kun oldin
Jagan T
Jagan T 2 kun oldin
Can u draw for me?
Hennerz 456
Hennerz 456 2 kun oldin
Jaz and Karl are such a cute couple ngl
Redford Sim
Redford Sim 2 kun oldin
Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.
Its Mr Comic Gamer
Its Mr Comic Gamer 2 kun oldin
My God!!! Karl and Mr beast were soo mean to nolan by ripping the drawing
Hoang Tuan Hung
Hoang Tuan Hung 2 kun oldin
MrBeast have a talent is giving money
Have Fun Little kid or should I say Little Bi***
Kieran Man
Kieran Man 2 kun oldin
Karl and Jaz sitting in a tree KISSING ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙
Omar El Aghoury
Omar El Aghoury 3 kun oldin
Best team up eveeer
Adalynnn Brown
Adalynnn Brown 3 kun oldin
I subscribed just because mr.beast won! :D
Mariam Lol
Mariam Lol 3 kun oldin
how can you send me gifts and I am in a other contry
Pro Coop-dog Pro Coop-dog
ZHC vidow are so good
Durga Malleswari
Durga Malleswari 3 kun oldin
I love. Mr Beast. Channel
Marleigh Margarette Eborda
Is it just me or jaz and carl kinda good together
Satyarth Prakash
Satyarth Prakash 3 kun oldin
So bad michale was a girls
Ibrahim Shah
Ibrahim Shah 3 kun oldin
Its funny how everyone just chased nolan except ZHC
RBLXNoob YTPlays
RBLXNoob YTPlays 3 kun oldin
Layla Lopez
Layla Lopez 3 kun oldin
i ship karl and jaz 100%
Chaithra Abhishek
Chaithra Abhishek 3 kun oldin
I never thought I would see 10 adults running around and growing a crumpled piece of paper with shrek on at each other But realize I needed it
Shahed Alkabra
Shahed Alkabra 3 kun oldin
I ship karl and jaz
Fionna G
Fionna G 3 kun oldin
does anyone dhip jaz and karl plss comm
melina chen
melina chen 4 kun oldin
I like ZHC and MrBeast
melina chen
melina chen 4 kun oldin
Kim Namjoon Kim Seok-jin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook BTS Snap :melina13781
Kaushallya De Alwis
Great vid 😉
melani thomas
melani thomas 4 kun oldin
Jaz was flirting with karl
Zen gabriel Bangi
Zen gabriel Bangi 4 kun oldin
Dylan Ceprish
Dylan Ceprish 4 kun oldin
Karl and Jaz hitting it off
Willian Chavez
Willian Chavez 4 kun oldin
Love you man keep it up
Zedekis 4 kun oldin
Zedekis 4 kun oldin
Keegan Blevins
Keegan Blevins 4 kun oldin
Nobody: ... Me beast: bribing his artist to do good
Holly Lee
Holly Lee 5 kun oldin
1:13 MrBeast/Jimmy:Zach! Can i bribe my artist money to do well?! Me:Does Jimmy not want to do anything..
Maria Helena Anteza
i love carl he's funny sometimes and goofy
josephine trim
josephine trim 5 kun oldin
I ship Karl and Jaz
Maricris Dangan
Maricris Dangan 5 kun oldin
is he A friend of mr beast if he is ill sub to him
AmarisJames Luna
AmarisJames Luna 5 kun oldin
2:41 I just laugh when Jake wrote the we love BLACKPINK
Dwayne kaiser Dapat
Karl has his own channel
Dwayne kaiser Dapat
Comment to him
Dwayne kaiser Dapat
Hit the bell
Dwayne kaiser Dapat
And like
Dwayne kaiser Dapat
Sub to karl
Kendra Solhaug
Kendra Solhaug 6 kun oldin
Ship Karl and jazz
Leví Gaming
Leví Gaming 6 kun oldin
Noc Shift
Noc Shift 6 kun oldin
“ by the way guys if you don’t know, this is MrBeast” Me: We all know but some may not
Danielle Lewis
Danielle Lewis 6 kun oldin
i know mr beast you think not.
Maryann Leyva
Maryann Leyva 7 kun oldin
ok who else thinks karl was simpin 😳
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation 7 kun oldin
8:22 i hear allot of Roblox oof
Stepan Khudaverdyan
I'm subscribed
Owen Downham
Owen Downham 7 kun oldin
make a vid with jazza
Petar Hristovski
Petar Hristovski 7 kun oldin
can you suprese mr beast with a frendli tiger and then costomize with mrbeast's logo
David Breheney
David Breheney 8 kun oldin
I am a good drawer I sometimes mess up but I try again.
C J 9 kun oldin
Can we appreciate that the video is exactly 9 minutes
LessLessLife 9 kun oldin
Who’s Nolan?
Zi Song Koay
Zi Song Koay 9 kun oldin
I love your videos i subscri and I like and my mom is super happy so good luck.
Zi Song Koay
Zi Song Koay 9 kun oldin
Zhc do you have 200.000.000 subscribers zhc.
Shilpa Kalyan
Shilpa Kalyan 9 kun oldin
Why didn’t the first Mr. beast didn’t say jake get your butt over here
Youtube Algorotot
Youtube Algorotot 10 kun oldin
Who's Jimmy?
Riley Williams
Riley Williams 10 kun oldin
Ok mr beast I’ll sub just for you I’m a big fan
cerys byles
cerys byles 10 kun oldin
Zhc:maby Mr beast has some talent Me: what he dose People seeing this:... Me: his talent is giving away money
Matanya P
Matanya P 11 kun oldin
אני מלך
Dumb Face
Dumb Face 11 kun oldin
Give him the hundred subs
LM - 06CJ 927692 Erin Centre MS
Karl And Nolan: "im doing good" Mr.Beast: "ill pay u $5000 dollars if we dont lose"
Yujeong Lee
Yujeong Lee 11 kun oldin
I thought Nolans was the best
Micro Soft
Micro Soft 11 kun oldin
░◢■◣◢■◣░ ░■■■■■■░ ░◥■■■■◤░ ░.....◥■■◤.....░ ░░.....◥◤.....░░ I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS
Micro Soft
Micro Soft 11 kun oldin
Do you think i draw a good heart coment fown below "YES OR NO"XD
L&L Triplets
L&L Triplets 12 kun oldin
David Brakocevic
David Brakocevic 12 kun oldin
You ZHC Crafts Is lusser
Zawadi Ruvubika
Zawadi Ruvubika 13 kun oldin
hi zhc I am already subscribed and i love Ur video
fgdgghg13 egg
fgdgghg13 egg 13 kun oldin
Jimmy donaldson
Sunflower Gwensi
Sunflower Gwensi 13 kun oldin
DragonCat Draws
DragonCat Draws 14 kun oldin
Me: cringing as Mr. Beast wastes posca pens.
Pranish Joshi
Pranish Joshi 14 kun oldin
I hate black pink
Mrniko 14 kun oldin
who ships Jaz and Karl
Khadre Schloss
Khadre Schloss 14 kun oldin
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