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Former multi-division world champion Adrien Broner and contender Jovanie Santiago face off in their upcoming February 20 showdown. You don't want to miss what all the participants from the card had to say immediately after their fights during the post-fight coverage. Check it out!




20-Fev, 2021



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Atheist Ghostbuster
Atheist Ghostbuster 56 daqiqa oldin
This dude is a straight up clown. Even his shorts are clown gear. "About Billions", meanwhile he can't afford to pay child support and got thrown in jail for it. He begged the judge to not lock him up because he had a fight coming up and needed that money to pay the back support. LMAO
Brian Payne
Brian Payne 2 soat oldin
Always going root for AB. He wasn't impressive, but it was a return fight!
Audwin The Realtor
Audwin The Realtor 2 soat oldin
AB said Sprite Don't pay me yet take Label off then go drink sprite and he mentions their name so you gave them a free promo Already SmH SILLY RABBIT
Mo O
Mo O 5 soat oldin
AB i hope you read this comments... IT'S OVER MY MAN you lost it and that fight
Daniel Cockriel
Daniel Cockriel 6 soat oldin
Prograis will end his career. Stay away little man
Unknown 13 soat oldin
I like Broner and I want him to do well I hope he's able to work his way to the top.
Sho'Gun Diamondz
Sho'Gun Diamondz 15 soat oldin
Mr CALLUM Kun oldin
Sprite doesn't pay me lol lol lol
Mr CALLUM Kun oldin
Ok Ab stay focused bro now I can say you are about it stay like this and your good.
Official No Question
That Sprite comment was mad pointless
Steve Leverette
Steve Leverette Kun oldin
I have nothing profound to say but would really appreciate if I got hundreds of thumbs up or downs.
Acidmardigras Kun oldin
Bullshit decision. Santiago won big.
COACH DEE Kun oldin
He sounds likable at this press conference not a douche bag
Slimjonny904 Kun oldin
Says the guy who literally got beat out of the ring
Diego Visoso
Diego Visoso Kun oldin
Atta boy AB! come on dude you can be great again!
AlphaDa rapgod
AlphaDa rapgod Kun oldin
No way ab can beat regis. The fight wouldn't even go the distance I'm sorry but I do wanna see it
Areeb Soomro
Areeb Soomro Kun oldin
He just refuses to engage sometimes and it’s so annoying. And while He’s refusing to engage he’s taunting and getting hit and every time he gets hit he says “NOPE NOPE” Bro... YES YES you’re getting hit engage, counter, defend SOMETHING!
king Kumul #imgonnakeepitBUCK
Dame he said some real shit he said after the bell ring it's either life or death real talk
lmnop Kun oldin
Stay in your Mind brother, that body will..... F.A.T.B.
Saige 1223
Saige 1223 2 kun oldin
Dude didn't even land a punch first round 🤦‍♂️
Mr. Avery
Mr. Avery 2 kun oldin
Following you? Bruh, was nothing else on, it was between you & Tom & Jerry, congratulations.
Raf Cruzinatl
Raf Cruzinatl 2 kun oldin
He aint doing shtt Young progris would ko him
BAY 8TH 2 kun oldin
The most action i have seem from AB was when he was begging that judge not to lock him up.
BAY 8TH 2 kun oldin
He should be on love and hip-hop ohio or love after lockup.Some shit like that.He should retire from boxing.Well actually if you have watched his last 10 fights it looks like he has retired already.
BAY 8TH 2 kun oldin
If he fights Prograis or any one it better be free because it's always the same shit with broner he doesn't throw punches and does enough to survive.I wouldn't pay a penny to see this fool fight.
Old school
Old school 2 kun oldin
Boxing is dying slowly!!! Too much ducking!!! also errol spence you a punk for ducking Crawford dude!!! I know you looking at this video, man up punk!!!!!!!
Steven Guevara
Steven Guevara 2 kun oldin
I like this more mature version of AB
Etonia Hardy
Etonia Hardy 2 kun oldin
Cincinnati❤❤❤❤ Let's Go👊🏽💨
Primeaux 144
Primeaux 144 2 kun oldin
Before Prograis, Broner should continue to knock off the rust. Maybe another bout @ 147 vs Luis Collazo & maybe Viktor Postol @ 140.
Felipe Rodriguez
Felipe Rodriguez 2 kun oldin
He ain’t fucking nobody up..gotta let ur hands go in order to do that...sumtn he don’t know how to do
WEIRD SKILLS 2 kun oldin
he change a little bit a little humble the way he talked he realized that being no money and broke is different from his past days but when he recovered he will be talking more SH_T again and again..
R Vatto
R Vatto 2 kun oldin
No way he won his last fight
M Aaron Taylor
M Aaron Taylor 2 kun oldin
AB use your arsenal you got plenty..you added a sharp left jab, always had the best left hook in the business today, your counter right looked fresh, you got devastating uppercuts. They em all in combinations and that's your strategy for wins against the top five
Preston Williams
Preston Williams 2 kun oldin
Man you beat that boy good job ab always been fan . Get yo shit back baby it's all love . I'm bettin next fight win fa me I gotcha back nigga leesss gett it
BIGGTAE415 2 kun oldin
AB is likable but he's a straight jackass & desperate for money. He always trying to fight Floyd for a payday. I dont think he will ever reach his potential he'd rather party & BS than take boxing seriously! Ijs
Kebron Woodfin
Kebron Woodfin 3 kun oldin
He still mentioned Sprite's name and drank it after a whole fight. Sprite still got the free promo lol
dave jones
dave jones Kun oldin
He was smart to mention sprite. He basically letting the brand know that he is seeking sponsorship from them. It just like when fighters talk about celebrating after an event by going to their favorite restaurant. Soon after, you hear about them receiving free food for life or appearing in commercials
David McKnight
David McKnight 3 kun oldin
Since when they let guys fight with these beards?
Trey New
Trey New 3 kun oldin
AB should have took Mayweather Sr. up on his offer and went the TMT route he's done now
Jimmy Boado
Jimmy Boado 3 kun oldin
F**k who up, The ref?
Emark & Karen
Emark & Karen 3 kun oldin
nothing but class C fighter... 😂
Manuel Capdevila
Manuel Capdevila 3 kun oldin
Next fight they going to knock the hell out of you I put my money in it Adrien Broner he he's a freaking loser I don't even want to hear you talkin f****** him
gil aguilar
gil aguilar 3 kun oldin
Hahaha a joke guy
gil aguilar
gil aguilar 3 kun oldin
A mouth puncher 😄
Famous life
Famous life 3 kun oldin
I know I beat him he was missing I know I beat him , aye man I did this for the hood I’m talking water n cornflakes.
Paul Singer
Paul Singer 3 kun oldin
Slim fast couldn’t get him to 140
floyd lindsay
floyd lindsay 3 kun oldin
That fight was a fix .there is no way on motherfucking earth this dude win .how you gonna win a fight without throwing punches. And am not hating on ab .I just sorry for the guy who got rob. Com on people speak thuth
Jarvis Searight
Jarvis Searight 3 kun oldin
It's good to see him not acting like a buffoon. I like this AB.
David Granado
David Granado 3 kun oldin
Let's see; the ref keeps breaking them every time Santiago gets inside. The ref then takes a point from Santiago for hitting after the bell even though Broner instigated by hitting first. Then the commission gives the sorry excuse that Santiago hit way late. Then Broner gets a gift decision even though Santiago landed way more punches. Also Santiago only had a total of 15 fights. Broner had a chance to make a big statement, but he blew it per usual. Now he says he'll f*ck Prograis up. So far all Broner has done is talk with his mouth. Hasn't done much with his fist. Then he wonders why he's an easy target for criticism. Won't be long before they get him a fight with someone of worth. And we know what will happened then!
Nicholas Ali
Nicholas Ali 3 kun oldin
This nucka said Sprite don't pay me yet✅take that label off✅that's the AB I was a fan of, but he looked like a shell of his former self🚫🧢too much mileage on his body and he knows Regis will embarass him💯💯💯💯🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊
Steve Michaels
Steve Michaels 3 kun oldin
Regis is a tough opponent for broner, don’t get me wrong. Broner is a hell of a lot more talented than Regis that’s a fact, but he’s definitely gonna have to be a lot more offensive to fight Regis
Leisure Landscaping
Broner and Horn should fight for the biggest thief belt
Xan Otair
Xan Otair 3 kun oldin
I’m starting too like this dedicated and lil more humble AB..wish him well
Marcus Thompson
Marcus Thompson 3 kun oldin
You are not beating Regis period
magovenor 3 kun oldin
He has a lot to make up from all those past performances. Thirty-one years old and being known to slack off just when people are looking for a great outing in the ring doesn’t make me think that anything has really changed. Time will tell.
Mike Gee
Mike Gee 3 kun oldin
I think AB is taking this comeback more serious , everything he’s been going threw out of the ring I think made him more humble ... always good to see someone grow and turn things around ..much respect to AB and wish him the best
Santiago was robbed. He landed over 100 more punches in this fight. One rough AB didn't land one punch. Terrible performance
Philip San pedro
Philip San pedro 3 kun oldin
adrien the joke boxer broner!!! blow the smoke and words with no hope hahahahahaha gago
FullClip Gaming
FullClip Gaming 3 kun oldin
He didn't check shit he actually said he doesn't see the fight happening Boy scared
Q4Life 3 kun oldin
AB is nothing but a gatekeeper
Caliber .45
Caliber .45 3 kun oldin
Doesn’t deserve the win😏
nickkrbeezy 3 kun oldin
i really want ab to win at life but regis will knock bro out i’m sorry
Excellence_ 85
Excellence_ 85 3 kun oldin
Bro let them hands go, seriously. He’s not gonna be able to bang with the comp fighting like that!!!!
Gage Carter
Gage Carter 3 kun oldin
Man AB is going to have a great comeback career
Rab McNaught
Rab McNaught 3 kun oldin
He’s like Floyd but without the dedication, money and skills. UuuuuUmmmmm
kiid2010 3 kun oldin
He got his ass whooped and he’s acting like if he won
Jewelz Dior
Jewelz Dior 3 kun oldin
He’s back baby 💯
Manraj GOSSAL 4 kun oldin
He should be the best Mann broner respect ma brother come to uk 🇬🇧 Huddersfield respect for you here ma brother
Shamraz Ahmed
Shamraz Ahmed 4 kun oldin
This man? What is he? Sounds like a character from the the Simpson, some days he’s Mayweather and some days he’s Bobby Valentino 🤣😂🤲🏾
John Oliver
John Oliver 4 kun oldin
Broner can’t beat shit !
Somewhere Strange
Somewhere Strange 4 kun oldin
Sounding like waking back up from the bs
J B 4 kun oldin
He gets best easily by Regis.
alex martinez
alex martinez 4 kun oldin
Take the label off Sprite isn't paying me yet
Neil Simpson
Neil Simpson 4 kun oldin
Dragged a guy up from 130 to make the Fight at 140 and he didn't even have the decency to make that weight so the Fight was at 147
Tommie Dillard
Tommie Dillard 4 kun oldin
Al Marcel
Al Marcel 4 kun oldin
Broner don't want that smoke, Regis is legit.
Upside down
Upside down 4 kun oldin
He was landing the jab ALL night. The punch stats can’t be right. Shit he landed 98 jabs alone
Victor Rosado
Victor Rosado 4 kun oldin
They should ask about his rematch against Santiago. Cuz clearly he lost
5thward houstontx
5thward houstontx 4 kun oldin
No need to take the label off now fam. We seen it and we heard it out your mouth what it was 🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Del Valle
Daniel Del Valle 4 kun oldin
Too bad no one watched the fight
Roosevelt Turmon
Roosevelt Turmon 4 kun oldin
He is trash The Tank is who i respect he is the real deal!
fast eddie
fast eddie 4 kun oldin
This guy ain't humble, he just looked like shit against a nobody and imo lost the fight.
Keith Crampton
Keith Crampton 4 kun oldin
I had him losing this fight, his mouth is his own worst enemy.
St Stina
St Stina 4 kun oldin
Boy you are clown...
jaythom1985 4 kun oldin
A.B’s ass sound humble
Hawaiidirtrider 4 kun oldin
He needs pacman to kick his ass again
Hawaiidirtrider 4 kun oldin
Broner knew he lost .
Diverse Conscious
Diverse Conscious 4 kun oldin
Unanimous please
Diverse Conscious
Diverse Conscious 4 kun oldin
He loss!
Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
Santiago got robbed
V. Price
V. Price 4 kun oldin
Broner came back and didnt fight a slouch give that man his credit
Landon Hambrick
Landon Hambrick 4 kun oldin
This dude said he couldn't lose the weight because it's changed, no bags and other stuff. What planet you training on. If buddy was a top draw he would have convincingly win on the cards. There is no money in giving the winner of this fight the win total loss
Raiderlos 209
Raiderlos 209 4 kun oldin
Regis would wash him rn AB is just a stepping stone at this point. He’s going to always be a name, and he’ll sell tickets cuz of his mouth. He dnt have the skill to back it up anymore
Ken Roach
Ken Roach 4 kun oldin
If the word “UM” was a jab he’d be the greatest
Jeffrey Turner
Jeffrey Turner 4 kun oldin
AB - you fu_ked ME up when you fought Madaina! You're hard to take serious! I lost three times with that fight; It won't go pass 3 rounds, You'll humiliate him; You'll knock him down twice, I lost bad! I'm not betting, but I'll watch the fight!
Sacramento 4 kun oldin
AB is a world champion. Hard hard hard hard work to get that. He may have lost it and his fighting skills. But he did alot with his life working hard to get there. Glad to see him trying again.
Drew Moe
Drew Moe 4 kun oldin
The judge takes all his money This was a court order fight..!
dante robles
dante robles 4 kun oldin
Y’all no I beat him I beat that boyyyyu
Pete EZ
Pete EZ 4 kun oldin
Broner in a mall lit and grabs a sista by her P, he must think he's trump. Now he got to fight to pay that woman.
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson 4 kun oldin
Come back fight. Nothing special here. Let's see what Broner does next.
Ryan Stearns
Ryan Stearns 4 kun oldin
Regis will take Broner!
Curtis—Christopher Wragg
What he waiting on? Should have booked another or the next fight already ,what's the wait?
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