I Played Minecraft for 1000 Days.. (1.16 Survival) 

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WELP This one took a good amount of time to make lmao. I hope you enjoy! Subscribe if you're new :D
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16-Apr, 2021



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Hayat Essahat
Hayat Essahat Soat oldin
This is 100 hour
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 2 soat oldin
I was eating popcorn the whole time
Abigale Becklund
Abigale Becklund 2 soat oldin
one thing that triggered me is when he said he had no best friends then he just goes on and on about how he has a zombie best friend named "gerald"
Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman 4 soat oldin
bro spent 333.333333333 hours
Jana Byers
Jana Byers 4 soat oldin
you should do a 1500days
Mitchy 4 soat oldin
If someone would come
ling ting
ling ting 6 soat oldin
Fierce Gaming
Fierce Gaming 7 soat oldin
He literally based like half the animals he gathered in the last days with Disney characters (mike, sully, Judy) I love it 😂
Ona O
Ona O 8 soat oldin
I watched tiul the eng OMG
FunmanDK 9 soat oldin
Hey Smallish! Awesome vid i really enjoyed it. May i ask what you name all if your worlds? XD i just name mine “survival” 1,2,3 ect... kinda boring and need some inspiration! Thanks :D
Angela Bell
Angela Bell 9 soat oldin
Angela Bell
Angela Bell 9 soat oldin
Money the paper money
『《【your death】》』
22:36 yes you totally went nether.
Priyanka Aggarwal
Priyanka Aggarwal 10 soat oldin
2000 days
IMA CHICKENNN 12 soat oldin
Smallish Beans is literally Mumbo Jumbo and good times with scar in 1
Főnix Hungary
Főnix Hungary 12 soat oldin
OMG,thx the map :P
John Vergis
John Vergis 13 soat oldin
Best video ever. HORSE GENOCIDE!!!!!
Ari Ari
Ari Ari 13 soat oldin
did you know if you put fire protection on neterite armor you can survive fire/lava
NickMortuus 15 soat oldin
Nice video!
Edvin Andersson
Edvin Andersson 15 soat oldin
Badrhp Aytounahip
Badrhp Aytounahip 15 soat oldin
why you dont do a claric village on top of the nether roof and can trade the rot flesh and trough the rest away????
Rafael Arciaga
Rafael Arciaga 17 soat oldin
2000 day we want please
Harvey.s 007
Harvey.s 007 17 soat oldin
Riley King
Riley King 18 soat oldin
Cause Iof me
Riley King
Riley King 18 soat oldin
Be careful you might have to delete your world
lynixalex1 18 soat oldin
how do you do the trick where the middle fence gate is higher?
Patrícia Šoltisová
Patrícia Šoltisová 18 soat oldin
Please 1500 days 🙏😄
mask_boi 50
mask_boi 50 20 soat oldin
Am I the only person who saw the woodland thing on day 930
mask_boi 50
mask_boi 50 20 soat oldin
And the mooshrom
Ayra Maryam
Ayra Maryam 23 soat oldin
Probably all this dislikes are the horses that he killed
Unicorn Rainbows
You should play in the Mr. beast building competitions you would’ve totally win
Unicorn Rainbows
We need a face reveal
blackstarr5 Kun oldin
ok that looks kool
Janar Nattanmai
Janar Nattanmai Kun oldin
I think Lizzie looks very distinguished with her top hat and monical
Robert Petty
Robert Petty Kun oldin
ChickenSlayer DontEatRawChicken!
blackstarr5 Kun oldin
I do think it looks awsum
blackstarr5 Kun oldin
can you pls put some flowers around your base
I- can’t even b-build t-t-that I-if I was in creative and I had 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years
Karl Peterson
Karl Peterson Kun oldin
22:34 “I went to the nether” continues to go to the end
Kyle Jameson
Kyle Jameson Kun oldin
Just an fyi, using a sticky piston with a gold block is OP for piglin trading..
Kyle Jameson
Kyle Jameson Kun oldin
Just an fyi, using a sticky piston with a gold block is OP for piglin trading
• R Ø C K Y •
22:36 NETHER!?
reema Kun oldin
Him: kills horses Me: so you have chosen death
Red panda
Red panda Kun oldin
CAaaaaaan weeee get 1,000,000,000,000,000 likes on this stupid comment?
Zhenja Belgraver
22:00 I did yw
Ashlei Donovan
Ashlei Donovan Kun oldin
You called the end the nother
King Of Scars
King Of Scars Kun oldin
You are like Boffy but instead of hating cows you torment horses
NickMortuus Kun oldin
I love minecraft
Herjuno Javas
Herjuno Javas Kun oldin
Go to 1500 days
Melissa McCloy
Melissa McCloy Kun oldin
I bet your eyes were so sore
Mohammad Hareth
Mohammad Hareth Kun oldin
faz975 Kun oldin
Can you make this world a downloadable survival world on minecraft
smollface longneck
Me: *Watching inside the bedroom* Me again: *noticed its 1 hr* Me: O - O
Monster I Land
Monster I Land Kun oldin
If You Not Do 1500 Days on 15th May , I Gonna Unsubscribe
a a
a a Kun oldin
Bruh he needs some rest
Sanskruti Patil
Sanskruti Patil Kun oldin
I am literally falling in love with Joel, sorry Lizzie...love u too❤️😂
Charis Harrell
Charis Harrell 2 kun oldin
Couth _ Gaming
Couth _ Gaming 2 kun oldin
British version of Grian
mm 2 kun oldin
good job this is not hardcore
Amanda Disney
Amanda Disney 2 kun oldin
my friends name is beckem david 🤣👌 smallishbeans: "you have to be extra or insane and were both!" Me: "heyy that's mean- my inner demon: "but you are so shut it" Me: "true true"
•Pink Kitten•
•Pink Kitten• 2 kun oldin
Can we please just appreciate how much time these videos take
Angel Morales
Angel Morales 2 kun oldin
panda name idea: pjeff
Adrian Roj
Adrian Roj 2 kun oldin
1,300 days, *PLEASE*!!! btw i subbed :3
08COWBOY yeha
08COWBOY yeha 2 kun oldin
I love watching your video
08COWBOY yeha
08COWBOY yeha 2 kun oldin
Pls make more
Love it
Silas Brailey
Silas Brailey 2 kun oldin
when I make a wool farm I pull all the stops I'm talking at least four of each color sheep minimum so I'm getting stacks and stacks of each color... and for what... because its satisfying!
Giana Munoz
Giana Munoz 2 kun oldin
22:36 joel: "im going to the nether" me: "you sure that's the nether joel? it looks like the end."
Linix Mohammed
Linix Mohammed 2 kun oldin
deserves more support tbh
Simran Samdariya
Simran Samdariya 2 kun oldin
3.24 he lost his axe
Bonker 2 kun oldin
What did hourses do to you
Parvez Mujumder
Parvez Mujumder 2 kun oldin
বাজে ওয়ার্ল্ড পসা
lisumi karunanayake
can you make a big and a beautiful tree house on a massive tree pls in the next episode 🤗🤗🤗😏
Eri 2 kun oldin
Can we just appreciate that he stayed all day just for us to be entertained
Z Nowe
Z Nowe 2 kun oldin
i like how he went from killing chickens to horse
Jason Werkman
Jason Werkman 2 kun oldin
Ok ok why didn't you just put a bed in the castle
zaralikesfrogs 3 kun oldin
take all the time you need off from making videos and from this world but if you do play on this world again i have some goals you could complete 1.get pigstep (lizzies request) 2.make a memorial to remember halfway harry (lizzies request) 3.do the interior of the castle 4.collect more animals and make them habitats too 5.get the brown panda 6.fix any of the farms that might’ve stopped working 7.complete more achievements 8. get more diamonds and netherite 9.make a wither farm 10.whatever you want these are just suggestions but would be cool to see you do some of theses :)
Rangga A.A.D.S
Rangga A.A.D.S 3 kun oldin
Next 2000 days
Cora Webber
Cora Webber 3 kun oldin
“Just kidding I have no best friends” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Crazy Boys
Crazy Boys 3 kun oldin
ping pilly pim can be names for more panda
DreamStake Plays
DreamStake Plays 3 kun oldin
Me when I like to react : nice Me when watching normally : smile
Sulayman Slaeem
Sulayman Slaeem 3 kun oldin
My name call sully
Aariz Farhad
Aariz Farhad 3 kun oldin
aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... bruh
ocar 3 kun oldin
If you didn’t sleep then it took 99 hours
Curt Campbell
Curt Campbell 3 kun oldin
Why do you like killing horses why I like horses
szymon rakoczy
szymon rakoczy 3 kun oldin
WOW !!!
Jack Patota
Jack Patota 3 kun oldin
And so which base is he gonna live in?? His castle or his mansion
PigletTube 3 kun oldin
you should of use an activator rail to eject penny
Ghouls 3 kun oldin
Hey Smallish I killed a horse in real life and the scream calmed me (I love horses but it’s funny as hell)
tonttu tepponen
tonttu tepponen 3 kun oldin
Vivian Timko
Vivian Timko 3 kun oldin
he should make a roller coaster for himself that goes around everything and have it go up and down
UKN McNugget
UKN McNugget 3 kun oldin
Brilliant Video, one thing though get a chestplate and wear it when mining netherite, you will almost never die
Mystic1Olaf 3 kun oldin
Now let make it up to 2000 days !!!
Mari Peaches
Mari Peaches 3 kun oldin
ツTheUnableDerk 3 kun oldin
The amount of times he’s died makes me wonder how he hasn’t died in 3rd life yet
jenny 3 kun oldin
Gwenyth Taylor
Gwenyth Taylor 3 kun oldin
You and Lizzie are such good builders u could make a dirt house look good you could even make a dirt block look good that’s how good or builders u guys are
riddhesh rajiv
riddhesh rajiv 3 kun oldin
2000 Day please
Amier Badar
Amier Badar 4 kun oldin
Make 500