So I actually played Rocket League with Seth Rogen and it was everything I imagined 

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So I actually got a chance to play Rocket League with the real Seth Rogen. Here's what it was like...

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21-Iyn, 2021



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SunlessKhan Oy oldin
Glad you guys are enjoying this as much as I did! If you would like to contribute to the campaign to fight Alzheimer's with HFC, click here: tiltify.com/@hfc/gaming-to-fight-alzheimers
John Rice
John Rice Oy oldin
Bro, have you been practicing your ventriloquism?... This video confuses me hella
Wolfy C1-37
Wolfy C1-37 Oy oldin
Enplosion Oy oldin
SunlessKhan notify me when they fix cheat in the game. I’ll start playing again once the horrific amount of cheating is been dealt with. There’s no more skill in the game. You know there’s an issue when your surprised to face people playing normally and not cheating. The game is flooded with people thinking they are good bec they cheat to win. I miss the days of rocket league when people that beat you actually had skill not bec they have their mods on and hacking.
Damien •
Damien • Oy oldin
Hey, you likely know already, but there's a story on Snapchat called the hub, and part of this video is in it! Congrats btw on playing with your twin brother 😂
tsehat Oy oldin
Great campaign choice
Scooterdad Yo
Scooterdad Yo Soat oldin
I feel like this could've been a series?
NOV3LIST Kun oldin
I really have trouble realizing who's laughing because you actually laugh exactly like Seth. Didn't know your channel before but this was a really fun video!
Jon Strausser
Jon Strausser 2 kun oldin
Sunless looks more like Seth Rogan than Seth Rogan looks like Seth Rogen
JohntehGman 4 kun oldin
Seth Rogan is a trash human lol
Brandon Rodriguez
Brandon Rodriguez 5 kun oldin
Love seths laugh💀9:12
Wilford Brimley
Wilford Brimley 6 kun oldin
The fact he asked about boost pads and tight turns is actually ridiculous. If he was explained air roll he would've been real solid immediately 👏
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 6 kun oldin
That was awesome. He’s so funny in real life too
Saclunch 6 kun oldin
Tee Ferrari
Tee Ferrari 7 kun oldin
If I’m not looking at the screen, I actually can’t tell when its Seth or Sunless😭
ViaLsOfLiQuID 7 kun oldin
Honestly you dont look or sound like seth rogen at all. I havnt heard your laugh enough to judge that tho
NerKz 7 kun oldin
Seth vs Shaq😳
Brief Lean
Brief Lean 7 kun oldin
6:28 pretty good air control. Better than me (gold 2)
KodredCud 8 kun oldin
Sunless sounds and looks more like Seth Rogen than Seth Rogen
Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper 8 kun oldin
Ok but isn't it ironic how he was preaching about brain health, while the guy is a complete stoner who's obsessed with weed.
ITSINC 8 kun oldin
and hes neth worth is over 80m dollars, waw
Manu El
Manu El 9 kun oldin
Seth Rogan Is a giant douche lmao the man get served by conservatives daily on Twitter.. lmao dirt bag but sunless made it ok he lucky to be playing rocket league with u sunless
Vatsal Gaur
Vatsal Gaur 10 kun oldin
4:14 what the fuck
DMATH 11 kun oldin
Which Mario actually has a double jump though...?
k0valski 14 kun oldin
This was absolutely amazing! Thank you for this video sunless! :D
Färber 14 kun oldin
you're welcome
getheGaming 15 kun oldin
Today I got to watch my favorite actor play my favorite game. Thank you
Färber 14 kun oldin
you're welcome
keskidi 15 kun oldin
So confusing
When I first found Sunless I genuinely thought Seth made a rocket league youtube channel for the first few videos i watched
Färber 14 kun oldin
get fucking real you did, stop playing it up for the camera, you knew you were lying when you posted this comment so why post it you pants are on fiar
Joshua Arce
Joshua Arce 16 kun oldin
This was such a cool video Love this!
Färber 14 kun oldin
i disagree
SirTizz 16 kun oldin
it's hard to tell if Sunless or Seth is talking.... same voice xD
Tribal Fuse
Tribal Fuse 17 kun oldin
God dammit I wanna see Seth play R6
Tribal Fuse
Tribal Fuse 14 kun oldin
@Färber Rainbow 6 Siege
Färber 14 kun oldin
what is R6, I googled and all that came up was an adult toy if you just trolled me I am going to be furious
Dutch_Goat 17 kun oldin
Ok, gotta sleep more
Färber 14 kun oldin
this isn't your fucking diary, this is a youtube comment section
Synyster44 17 kun oldin
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine 17 kun oldin
He said he was taking a small break and but then you guys said goodbye? Is there a part 2 or is there an edit I missed?
Jude Nelson
Jude Nelson 18 kun oldin
The only thing distinguishing them was their play style
Färber 14 kun oldin
and one looks like they have cancer
TEARz x SPARK 18 kun oldin
Sunless sounds more like Seth Rogan than Seth Rogan
Suge White
Suge White 18 kun oldin
This made my heart whole.
Tent Racing
Tent Racing 19 kun oldin
you could've at least gotten seth rogan to play with you instead of just inverting your camera when you were showing his pov.
októ 19 kun oldin
thanks for reminding me how shit my life is
októ 14 kun oldin
@Färber im doing my best
Färber 14 kun oldin
sorry to hear that
Ginger-Comando 19 kun oldin
3:17 Here we see Seth Rogan performing the quintessential first time rocket leaguer move
Antonios Georgopoulos
Sunless looks more like Seth than Seth!!
Jay Blackburn
Jay Blackburn 19 kun oldin
Which one was seth
S G 19 kun oldin
When you hear Seth's laugh and sunless is on the screen not laughing 0_o
Jo 1337
Jo 1337 19 kun oldin
fever dream
Nick Mchenry
Nick Mchenry 20 kun oldin
I saw the title and was hoping he was a god at the game. Either way this video is the kind of energy and positivity the world needs
Grim Reefer
Grim Reefer 20 kun oldin
so with seth going into this and meeting sunless did seth know that sunless sounds just like him or was his first impressions and thought was "is this guy mocking me or imitating me tf"
H. F.
H. F. 20 kun oldin
this is very confusing
MitchellFarnish 20 kun oldin
Seth doesn't know the secret is to smoke weed
RW3 Undercover GOAT
RW3 Undercover GOAT 20 kun oldin
Shaolin Dre
Shaolin Dre 20 kun oldin
This is fucking cool man
Shaolin Dre
Shaolin Dre 14 kun oldin
@Färber That series sucks
Färber 14 kun oldin
idk, have you ever watched stranger thing season 1 I think that's probably more cool
James Young
James Young 20 kun oldin
Honestly think you sound more like Tina from bobs burgers 🤣
Färber 14 kun oldin
Tracy Bird
Tracy Bird 20 kun oldin
He sounds more like seth then seth
300desmone 20 kun oldin
Dude.....I literally thought you were Seth Rogan for de longest literally, though u was just using a different name on UZblock....lol..but literally 😆
Färber 14 kun oldin
get fucking real you did, stop playing it up for the camera, you knew you were lying when you posted this comment so why post it you pants are on fiar
Tbx Killa
Tbx Killa 21 kun oldin
which one is sunless and which one is seth
John Yates
John Yates 21 kun oldin
Seth Rogan’s a shilling hypocrite
Färber 14 kun oldin
couldn't agree more brother
Zack Brust
Zack Brust 21 kun oldin
Seth and sunless vs guhberry and rapid
Justin Carnes
Justin Carnes 21 kun oldin
Tell me why Kahn looks more like Seth Rogan than Seth Rogan?
Monkey Dee
Monkey Dee 21 kun oldin
This is awesome, and Seth is so chill just like one of the boys 🤩
Jacob Stanley
Jacob Stanley 21 kun oldin
I couldn’t tell if it was Sunless or Seth talking or laughing…
Pooyan 21 kun oldin
There's not even double jump in Mario
Divine Scribes
Divine Scribes 21 kun oldin
Sounds weird but sunless deserves Grand Champion 3
soary. 21 kun oldin
Is he ur dad bc he is u but older
SuperJoF 21 kun oldin
"this is the hardest video game you're ever going to play." Me, an RTS player: 🤡
SuperJoF 20 kun oldin
@Lucatjuhh_ It's hard to settle with the mechanics. RTS is hard because every game you get out mentally exhausted
Lucatjuhh_ 20 kun oldin
I still think rl is harder
David Addley
David Addley 22 kun oldin
Rip this channel
Bradley 22 kun oldin
Sethless Rogahn
shaggorama 22 kun oldin
Glad you had a chance to make this happen before retiring :)
Nathan Van Der Woude
You should join faze as content creator
Färber 14 kun oldin
faze is so shit
Joel Zabik
Joel Zabik 22 kun oldin
Love sunless. Seth Rogan is a tool though. Dude can kick rocks
TheFunkyDunks 22 kun oldin
I am hella jealous bro.
TheFunkyDunks 22 kun oldin
Definitely don't sound like him when speaking.. Idk.
Färber 14 kun oldin
read my other comment
Murentions Dement
Murentions Dement 23 kun oldin
Sethless Khan
MOMONEYSHOT 23 kun oldin
yes hahahahahaha you look like twins hahahahahahahaha
Färber 14 kun oldin
love this comment, thanks
Filip Kates
Filip Kates 24 kun oldin
The irritating list hisologically plug because building intialy hum during a forgetful caterpillar. ten, redundant support
Färber 14 kun oldin
you've lost the plot
Homie Gaming
Homie Gaming 24 kun oldin
this old guy is so good, even profesionals would loose!
Färber 14 kun oldin
The irritating list hisologically plug because building intialy hum during a forgetful caterpillar. ten, redundant support
Jamie Wigg
Jamie Wigg 24 kun oldin
Tell me why I actually forgot it was Seth for a sec when it was on his stream
Frostyy 24 kun oldin
Remember when seth rogan bailed out rioters last year and lost the respect of about 90% of his fan base? Me neither
R. B.
R. B. 24 kun oldin
pineapple express!
Färber 14 kun oldin
weed reference
Random Guy
Random Guy 25 kun oldin
So… wich one is Seth?
Färber 14 kun oldin
everybody and their grandmas dog has already commented this, find something original
Fn idk
Fn idk 25 kun oldin
Best collab of 2021
Färber 14 kun oldin
idk, sematary and DJ SORROW combining to create rainbow bridge 3 was pretty incredible
Ben Spencer
Ben Spencer 25 kun oldin
Wow they actually missspelled seif ruoguoan lol
Färber 14 kun oldin
balai ben spencer
john otero
john otero 26 kun oldin
This is easily the best thing to come out of rocket league.
lerrmm 26 kun oldin
15:53 seth rogen donated to Seth Rogen. Nice.
Färber 14 kun oldin
your pfp is an L
Ricky Runner
Ricky Runner 26 kun oldin
Seth starts talking about what makes your brain bad Sugar-bad No sleep-bad Stress-bad Me: awwwwsheeeeeettttt
Focused2341 27 kun oldin
It’s like Kermit the frog having a chat with himself. 🙃
Kiros Kamaal
Kiros Kamaal 27 kun oldin
9:37 3 sec 3 goals for all Lmao
Cheesorama 27 kun oldin
5:39 I'm a plat with no ego. (YES. PLATS WITHOUT AN EGO. WE EXIST.) It caused me to have a month long break that I just ended today.
Färber 14 kun oldin
I don't care
JJ79 28 kun oldin
ok nice, but who is seth rogen?
Färber 14 kun oldin
thats what I am saying
SnowyRoades 28 kun oldin
That’s awesome xD
Färber 14 kun oldin
Guy Doom
Guy Doom 28 kun oldin
this guy works in the "sphere"
maysen kretz
maysen kretz 29 kun oldin
A series where you help Seth rank up would be dope and it would do some serious numbers 👀
BasiliskGaming 29 kun oldin
2 khans are better than 1
wow! 29 kun oldin
ew Faze clan
Färber 14 kun oldin
Crystal Car
Crystal Car 29 kun oldin
What council do you play on
Färber 14 kun oldin
Legits46 29 kun oldin
alternate title: playing on 2 accounts at once while talking to myself
Färber 14 kun oldin
that would not generate as much clicks, dont be silly
KevBone GT
KevBone GT Oy oldin
anyone else notice how they're not in the same room?
logikiwi Oy oldin
So you just played rocket league with your clone
RoacH Bong
RoacH Bong Oy oldin
Don't get into any controversies, that POS will turn on you quicker than you getting scored on by a pro.
Kevin Osterloh
i love that you brought virge into it. he really helped seth learning a bit of the basics and enjoying it even more.
Gurkan Beats
Gurkan Beats Oy oldin
this video turned into me realizing im gonna die at 30 LOL
Färber 14 kun oldin
do you are have cancer?
HotShotKyrie Oy oldin
The most impressive thing about this video is the Seth had a stable 8 ping the entire time
EatDat_CHIKIN Oy oldin
9:02 probly the cleanest video cut ive ever seen
Ryan Leonhard
Ryan Leonhard Oy oldin
Since when are they called pennies? Pads my guy.. pads.
Färber 14 kun oldin
Ryan Leonhard
Jordan Hennen
Jordan Hennen Oy oldin
This is legendary, and listening to you both speak simultaneously falls somewhere in the uncanny valley. 😆
Färber 14 kun oldin
@Blake would you shut it
Blake 14 kun oldin
@Färber hey bro how is the day going?
Färber 14 kun oldin
@Blake hey
Blake 14 kun oldin
@Färber nothing to smile about in my life i have never played undertale so there is no way for me to feel happiness ever again
Färber 14 kun oldin
@Blake yeah its quite good, and makes me smile
Colby Ingram
Colby Ingram Oy oldin
Seth does road to SSL start now or what? 🥲 Loved this whole video btw. Thanks to all that made it possible 🙏🏼
Dylan Zeiner
Dylan Zeiner Oy oldin
Seth learning to spam what a save! and then doing his classic laugh is iconic
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