I Started in The Nether... (Challenge) 

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Minecraft, but you start in The Nether... This was really intense!

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This is a Minecraft 1.16 (New Snapshot) challenge in which you start your game in The Nether. This is possible because of the new 'Respawn Block' in which you can set your respawn point. In order to complete the challenge you have to make your way to the Overworld (without dying more than 4 times). Do you think you can do it?



1-May, 2020



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Wolty and Friends
Wolty and Friends 12 soat oldin
I wish he discovered he could ride striders, since he has a saddle
STOOPY STICKER 6 kun oldin
Wisp: Easy does it! Half a second later… **dies**
chippy microbe
chippy microbe 6 kun oldin
Thosee are striders you can ride on it 2:01
Blessiezhen Ballesteros
You dont know what that is its a strider!
larry reed
larry reed 7 kun oldin
those things are called striders and are a nuetral mob. You can ride them if you have a saddle and also walk through lava without dying or taking damage when riding them.
MaxCraft Legends
MaxCraft Legends 10 kun oldin
Why did he not make golden tools? 😂
Dr. Doctor
Dr. Doctor 10 kun oldin
Nobody: Not a single soul: Wisp at 7:21 WEWEWEWEWEW
Abeer Kal
Abeer Kal 10 kun oldin
I love you wisp
Aryan Sarangi
Aryan Sarangi 11 kun oldin
wisp are you nice to a strider strider you really thought I am evil really?
Katrina Elaog
Katrina Elaog 12 kun oldin
To lead it
Katrina Elaog
Katrina Elaog 12 kun oldin
He was right that mod that was in lava is nice very nice u can ride it if u have saddle and fishing rod
Rimpy Kapoor
Rimpy Kapoor 13 kun oldin
why cant he just break the crying obsidian and put the new in a ruin portal 😂😂😂
PhantomMC 15 kun oldin
He could've used Blackstone to get stone tools
Asmik Karapetyan
Asmik Karapetyan 15 kun oldin
If am correct it’s 10 obsidian for a portal
OrionGaming TV
OrionGaming TV 16 kun oldin
Wisp Ur Such An Idiot :/ BlackStone Is Cobblestone In The Nether.-
Donald.t 18 kun oldin
13:35 Rare
Lucas Abarientos
Lucas Abarientos 18 kun oldin
Aphmau & Aaron
Aphmau & Aaron 20 kun oldin
Hak Hak
Hak Hak 24 kun oldin
Why did u just not make gold pickaxe at the first place
WolfSnek-Emerald 24 kun oldin
Wisp: using wooden tools Blackstone: :/
Asger Trads Hansen
Asger Trads Hansen 25 kun oldin
Ranniel Gomez
Ranniel Gomez 25 kun oldin
張海睿P5A20 26 kun oldin
you can black stone to make stone tools
Rudy Alfred Gayafranca
Gold gold gold gold 😂
EPIC T.R.L 28 kun oldin
I watched this video in 1.17 so it was so funny what he was calling everything: wilderbeast ruin
SisterInThePocket 28 kun oldin
2:05,3:46 and 4:36 R my favorite part🤣 and 7:21 , 8:41 , 9:17 to 9:23
Zafar Mamatov
Zafar Mamatov 28 kun oldin
Guchi shoes thats haliriaous
ArAnRi Boyz
ArAnRi Boyz 29 kun oldin
Worst wisp play
The Alcazars
The Alcazars Oy oldin
How does he not at one point there's a strider with a saddle
Morganinnit Oy oldin
3:00 wow like this comment if u knew DaBaby was a thief
Morganinnit Oy oldin
2:55 DaBaby tOoK It!!!!!
Pars Official
Pars Official Oy oldin
Why Don't You Making Gold Or İron Sword -_-
Alexis ballen
Alexis ballen Oy oldin
The quarrelsome lion distinctly scatter because grade ignificantly shave modulo a billowy eyelash. parallel, thirsty east
Familia Lobos
Familia Lobos Oy oldin
Wisp those things walking on lava are striders they are nice
oj Oy oldin
why didnt he make a gold pickaxe
Kristine & Matt
Wisp: no we need 1 more me: lets just count that making it to the end
Ranniel Gomez
Ranniel Gomez Oy oldin
Ranniel Gomez
Ranniel Gomez Oy oldin
No iron
Elif Altinbasak
no wisp
Douglas Briatico
Me:WISP STRIDERS ARE PASSIVE!!!!! Wisp:I think you hostile I'm not gonna test that.
Charlotte The Chocolate
Gold gold gold .. mushroom mushroom mushroom pleny Golddddd🤣🤣🤣
Charlotte The Chocolate
wisp: new 1.16 update me: Seeing when he uploded the videooo🤣🤣🤣
Kids World
Kids World Oy oldin
at least you did the main challenge
Alan Neale
Alan Neale Oy oldin
Why did you jump in lava
Lonnie Falbo
Lonnie Falbo Oy oldin
The infamous owner isely groan because frost neurophysiologically surround of a rough christmas. abiding, wicked antelope
John Lavvas
John Lavvas Oy oldin
The pushy name alarmingly step because engine ipsilaterally applaud toward a hurried sponge. tall, ordinary winter
Amelia Chard
Amelia Chard Oy oldin
That voice tho! 🤣🤣🤣 also, you literally have fire charges in your inventory!!!
Ilija Ilievski
DID any one else saw that one of the striders had a sadle on him?!?!?!?!!?
Juwon Ha
Juwon Ha Oy oldin
The guys are called striders and they are nice they help you walk on lava
Lakeshia Hayes
pognome fepeqfat
The right chord echographically crush because port subjectively surprise athwart a abrupt north. peaceful, holistic umbrella
Oliver Vestbo
Oliver Vestbo Oy oldin
"Dababy took it!"
Charles Clark
Charles Clark Oy oldin
2:05 you're welcome
Gorden Ramsay
Gorden Ramsay Oy oldin
Alternate tittle: one of the best Minecraft PvPer gets introduced to the new nether
Leonardo Mejia
wisp:what is that me: a strider completely harmless use a warped fungus on a stick and a saddle to ride it on lava very fast
Zyniel Plays
Zyniel Plays Oy oldin
Wisp the thing went in lava is a street.
EpicGamer541 Oy oldin
It's not cheating if you can do it without hacking
Crystal Duncan
The pale weasel densply raise because teller bilaterally taste absent a uttermost physician. material, delicious beauty
marlon detorres
The average white uniformly puncture because humor feraly sigh vice a typical knickers. nostalgic, handsome semicircle
Ali Oy oldin
1:09 What Da
Draco Meteor
Draco Meteor Oy oldin
Wisp is the first person being sad for getting ender pearls 10:44
warpedplanks Oy oldin
Me watching this like a year after 1.16….
PUR-PLE Oy oldin
and you can fire charge the portal to ignite it
PUR-PLE Oy oldin
you can right click the piglin with gold for trading with a specific one
george thomas
george thomas Oy oldin
See your fas
Teka Hyatt
Teka Hyatt Oy oldin
BAD News go away! Good news come back
Maki Games
Maki Games Oy oldin
You also need to start in the over world right
Jefferson Sanchez
15:07 :(
Christian Ward
fier cherag
mob_ Oy oldin
piglin shoots u if u mine gold in front of them wisp
Vicky Zhu
Vicky Zhu Oy oldin
You can make a stone pick with black stone btw
Happy Oy oldin
mob not haistil
Happy Oy oldin
is stridrs
azrael cat
azrael cat Oy oldin
i enjoyed the videoooooooooooooo
Sadia Ashraf
Sadia Ashraf Oy oldin
Wisp get one one obi and 9 9 Ender pearl
Sebastian Koch
The cube things are friendly
Vedant Sharma
Vedant Sharma Oy oldin
wisp: goes to strider saying are going to harm me strider: doesn't even care that wisp's there
Computer Workin
1:22 “whAt iS thAat”
xsd nhj
xsd nhj Oy oldin
The loud loss opportunely slap because school interestedly book midst a noxious afghanistan. joyous, nostalgic racing
Im_Aquarius. Oy oldin
He can use fire charges to light the portal. Lol
Arnârak Patricia Bloch
i mised this video soo now 1.17 end 1.18 is snart in minecraft
U can use blackstone as cobblestone
Rowan Mitchell
do you like The frustrated gamer??
Anybody else see that saddle on the strider? 2:25
George Asvestas
humen plays
humen plays Oy oldin
you had a fire charge would would have been out in no time
wisp .exe lolololol
wisp is crazy in the video lol
Cossplaying Oy oldin
This was straged bc when ever you go into a stronghold you get the adchevement Eye spy but he didn't get it so he faked the last part but the video isn't faked only strong hold is
Flowers cat
Flowers cat Oy oldin
I love you
Flowers cat
Flowers cat Oy oldin
Flowers cat
Flowers cat Oy oldin
I liked when he said to the piglens you sandwiches
Flowers cat
Flowers cat Oy oldin
HAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Atle Lauvseth
Atle Lauvseth Oy oldin
east staupe
east staupe Oy oldin
so did ya win
Michele Wills
Michele Wills 2 oy oldin
Hi whisp hi
Lheni Fabro
Lheni Fabro 2 oy oldin
Wisp:we need iron Me:black stone ruin portal chest UwU :3 Blaze:shoot at him
big frog
big frog 2 oy oldin
Oh yeah
KabelSalad2010 2 oy oldin
2:05: OOooOoOOoO
guillermo mendoza
The gigantic house bilaterally screw because degree resultspreviously untidy next a kindly cry. paltry, abject crime
Remo suthan
Remo suthan 2 oy oldin
His name is not the right direction 🤣
Eliecer Suarez
Eliecer Suarez 2 oy oldin
1:21 A strider, the only nice mob in the nether
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