I would’ve WON $100,000 but then THIS happened 

Ko‘rishlar soni 13 mln
98% 723 000 12 000

I decided to try the mr beast finger on the app challenge and due to a glitch this ended up happening… and I lost.


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10-Iyn, 2021



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Daniel Pagan
Daniel Pagan 2 soat oldin
You do anything and that is Impressive
saindad gamer
saindad gamer 9 soat oldin
Can you do 300
MINI CARRY 9 soat oldin
Survive the bloody mary challenge...
Marzahn4911 12 soat oldin
lol I got 2 days
Bryan Diaz28
Bryan Diaz28 16 soat oldin
I participate in the challenge I got last place dead last
Minesaver 23 soat oldin
When u realize all these videos he makes are actually clickbait
Szklanga Gaming
Szklanga Gaming 23 soat oldin
Boy how you don't know that app a scam. People have been all over Twitter saying that the app a scam
NoobArmy Kun oldin
the chug jug with you remix tho…
PBTT Kun oldin
EpicBlockClutch Kun oldin
The trick is to have several accounts so the app doesn't know it's the same guy
Caleb Fenton
Caleb Fenton Kun oldin
Ya know what’s funny. The challenge ended a while ago and I didn’t win but It says I am still in #1
Epic music
Mamma Ghjj
Mamma Ghjj Kun oldin
Try to learn swedish
Laynezilla3077 2 kun oldin
Try to become as strong as the hulk!
FiredupPiggy 2 kun oldin
that doesnt mean he was gonna win, he just lost his chance of winning :P
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh 2 kun oldin
This music is gonna make me go fucking berserk.
_meh :D
_meh :D 2 kun oldin
its literally so dumb yall believe this app would actually let you win, its gambling
warzone plays of the week
Cause its a scam
Kurt iver Oficina
Kurt iver Oficina 2 kun oldin
Can you do this if you don't you will lose is you do it you will win here do a 2backflip and try to not get rob ok you will win if you do it and you win nothing
Neeraj Kathuria
Neeraj Kathuria 2 kun oldin
ArIeL AnkO
ArIeL AnkO 2 kun oldin
Too easy!
Anny Murugan
Anny Murugan 3 kun oldin
I love your pet
Houston oliver
Houston oliver 3 kun oldin
david dobriks puzzle
AxolotlGaming 3 kun oldin
People cheat on this with tons of electronics and robots it pretty hard to win when so many people cheat it’s not worth it
samoyed lover
samoyed lover 3 kun oldin
You inspire me every time 😎
ByE_BiShHAH 3 kun oldin
Grace seepersad
Grace seepersad 4 kun oldin
Do no food and water
Leon 5 kun oldin
Its because of sweat
Ghastify 5 kun oldin
Isaac Herringe
Isaac Herringe 5 kun oldin
Burn 20,000 calories in one day!
Leif Sanden
Leif Sanden 5 kun oldin
Where can I listen this remix in the background?
Guy Guy
Guy Guy 6 kun oldin
Bro the chug chug song in da back tho lel
lavender 6 kun oldin
Omg i got lucky after i watched this the next video was the Man annoucing this content😂😮😱
Ahmads food tvlاحمد فود TV
What’s the app
Razi On 0 ping
Razi On 0 ping 6 kun oldin
What is the name of the game
Levi McDougall Fáaui
Bruh you missed three pings and you had to take your finger of and put back on Ive seen his information video your welcome for the late notice 😁😁😁😁😁😁🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
Ravel-Merten Goidin
You lose because your fingers start to sweater and your screen won't understand is there finger
Mehluvkrew 6 kun oldin
Make a thing that spin on your phone and then it will never come off
Stuuf 6 kun oldin
Ay bro I have chinchillas too
RiverWolf 6 kun oldin
Think about how many fries you could get with that...
Mahit On PS4
Mahit On PS4 6 kun oldin
#TylerCsatari #SoCloseTo1million #YourFansAreHappy
FrenchFry 6 kun oldin
Guys your fingers could have been sweaty so the screen thought you took your finger off
Reckless 6 kun oldin
Honestly you should've bought a phone And then you would've have been back From the challenge
Eliezer Umana
Eliezer Umana 7 kun oldin
What is the name of the game
ITS CLIFFORD 7 kun oldin
Mate are u gay or something ur playin chug jug in the background
Angel-Paul Sanchez
Angel-Paul Sanchez 7 kun oldin
Try your best I did it and it’s so hard but I’m only eight
Justin. E with laser eyes
Is it just me or did I just get an ETORO AD???
Alex  vlog videos
Alex vlog videos 7 kun oldin
GiGi & Mommie
GiGi & Mommie 7 kun oldin
Me: Watching the vidoe Also me: squeezing my eyes realizeing his hold a animal.
Mohammed Nashwan
Mohammed Nashwan 7 kun oldin
Switch a box of sand to cyber truck Tesla
Nyma Sultana
Nyma Sultana 8 kun oldin
Guess what people have also been having the same glitch
Dom Toretto
Dom Toretto 8 kun oldin
Stop sweating and itll work fine
The Junior
The Junior 8 kun oldin
Play-Doh win the contest where you can jump the highest
Noor adil
Noor adil 8 kun oldin
ok but what's the game called lol?
Gabriel Wayne Herrera
that a big rat
¿Adrian? 8 kun oldin
Invest your money on stocks and bonds
Ch Sunny
Ch Sunny 8 kun oldin
Make a delicious desert
Tjorgen 500
Tjorgen 500 8 kun oldin
U lost lives bc the app sorts out people
Seth Savoie
Seth Savoie 8 kun oldin
You won't win cause I'm in 1st place and I'm keeping my title I win win and I challenge you to try to take my spot in 1st place.
Technoblade Technothepig
Live like mongral for one day
Sheldon Decker
Sheldon Decker 9 kun oldin
The reason you lost was supposed to be them noticing you going in the same pattern but you weren’t
bloop floop
bloop floop 9 kun oldin
what is the game called
V7 9 kun oldin
This game name ?
RJS Gaming
RJS Gaming 9 kun oldin
What's the game called
Use a autoclicker
Aden Vargas
Aden Vargas 9 kun oldin
For everyone it’s not rigged you must likely doing errors like accidentally putting your second finger
DerCoole4699 9 kun oldin
William Abbott
William Abbott 9 kun oldin
Can I ask an honest question? This guys makes tons of workout and overwork videos but he doesn’t look ripped at all.. thoughts?
Groovy Ash
Groovy Ash 9 kun oldin
Fun fact the game was bugged and that’s why people kept losing lives without moving a finger
Electrical Block
Electrical Block 9 kun oldin
What is you're pet that you were holding
Aglael Rokez
Aglael Rokez 9 kun oldin
Mr. Orange
Mr. Orange 9 kun oldin
you couldn’t win, people have installed bots that will do the clicking for you, also there is glitches
frosty the spaceman 🎃
Try using a 3d printer
Tessa Koltusky
Tessa Koltusky 9 kun oldin
I was in the last 100 people and the same thing happened to me
Liam Wahl
Liam Wahl 9 kun oldin
I lost all of my lives instantly after the first four minutes… I didn’t take my finger off and I paid attention the whole time
mary monson
mary monson 9 kun oldin
Is that a chinchilla
Alex Blaine
Alex Blaine 9 kun oldin
When you lose at a scam game
Random vids
Random vids 9 kun oldin
What game is this
Operação Games
Operação Games 9 kun oldin
Operação Games
Operação Games 9 kun oldin
what is the name of this game
Selam Mehari
Selam Mehari 9 kun oldin
Give me the link to the mrbeast channel
Dream fantastic
Dream fantastic 10 kun oldin
The game does that so only he can win and I'm taking about Mr beast it is made so he can be the only 1 who can win
Cloud 10 kun oldin
They said the Mr. Beast challenge had glitches
afreshreaction 10 kun oldin
that shit is fake anyways Lol
EPIC GAMERS 10 kun oldin
I completed all the stages
Antonio Ganni
Antonio Ganni 10 kun oldin
Is that a chinchilla if so I have one to
Chase Playz
Chase Playz 10 kun oldin
What is the Mrbeast challenge?
Nicole De Bien
Nicole De Bien 10 kun oldin
What was he holding it looked so cute
RI08 R
RI08 R 10 kun oldin
Its a Chinchilla
That white guy 2015
That white guy 2015 10 kun oldin
What is the game called
YobTheCreator 10 kun oldin
Can’t someone just make a machine that presses for you
IMAG0D07 dayton
IMAG0D07 dayton 11 kun oldin
Yea they did this on purpose they not giving away 100k
robert gesicki
robert gesicki 11 kun oldin
What is it called
Crushy faze
Crushy faze 11 kun oldin
What game ?
Nika Svaine
Nika Svaine 11 kun oldin
I have the same chinchilla
midluci 11 kun oldin
and bang energy drinks arent helping you get out of debt
Arjun 11 kun oldin
Eat a expensive food in world
JustIce 11 kun oldin
Hey would you be interested in getting another chinchilla? I have one that we are trying to give away
Mukesh Kumar
Mukesh Kumar 11 kun oldin
Try Indian food for 24 hrs.......!!
TrashAtKarateYT 11 kun oldin
i thought u said was MRBean challenge
m&d 11 kun oldin
I love your chinchilla what's her/his name
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