Insane Water Slides! 

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We found and reacted to the world's craziest water slides. If you watch to the end you'll see my favorite one.
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2-Apr, 2021



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TUBERIDES 18 kun oldin
Thanks for reacting to our water slide videos! Great to see that you guys like the slides here in Europe :D
alesha russell
alesha russell 4 kun oldin
I'm already in Europe
Michel Demian
Michel Demian 5 kun oldin
Thank you for making me vomit
Colorful 7 kun oldin
After the pandemic u could , there are pretty cool water slides here
Galaxy X
Galaxy X 14 kun oldin
Galaxy X
Galaxy X 14 kun oldin
A MMOD 40 daqiqa oldin
the water slide a 1:40 decapitated a young child a few years ago.
Dyaa Alrefay
Dyaa Alrefay Soat oldin
Jimmy makes a video in this channel every time he gets broke lol😂
Aahil Khan
Aahil Khan 3 soat oldin
Mauler The man
Mauler The man 4 soat oldin
Ok so I realized this, at 1:44 that is the water slide involved In the Caleb schwab accident, it’s called vurrukt it’s in Kansas City, the tragedy happened on august 7 2016 and Caleb got on the slide and was to light but they let him on anyway and when they when down he went up in the air catching himself in the net and decapitating him, his brother saw his headless body in the bottom pool
Graedyn Macleod
Graedyn Macleod 4 soat oldin
For the slide were they said “what’s the difference between skydiving and riding this water slide”first water second no parachute
Karthik Chintakunta
Karthik Chintakunta 4 soat oldin
5:03 btw my dad and I went in that slide before it’s in the Bahamas
RamenHair 4 soat oldin
Plot twist: mr.beast creates channels like these and then sells play buttons he gets from them
Melvin 4 soat oldin
No croatia aquacolors :(((
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson 4 soat oldin
I was at that wesconson water park
funny friday
funny friday 4 soat oldin
funny friday
funny friday 4 soat oldin
funny friday
funny friday 4 soat oldin
funny friday
funny friday 4 soat oldin
funny friday
funny friday 4 soat oldin
Leonardo Bagrichevsky
3:08 quem se sentiu humilhado deixa o like kkkkkk
BlueLemmy 5 soat oldin
The one at 5:02 is in the Bahamas and it’s called the leap of faith
Legend DaryG
Legend DaryG 5 soat oldin
「Moonlight’s Boba and Mochi shop」
Mr.beast and his tears : 3:43
joker Quinn
joker Quinn 7 soat oldin
D Waddell
D Waddell 7 soat oldin
1:42 Fact: That water slide was closed down because of fatel injury
katherine 7 soat oldin
they were so surprised about the water slide in Wisconsin, but we literally have suuuper popular water parks here
Sire sole
Sire sole 8 soat oldin
Bíró Ádám
Bíró Ádám 8 soat oldin
Me and my 3 friends is in Austria and there’s a waterpark whit the biggest slide ever and my friends slide down jump out from that mini 3 seats boat thing and we try’d to stop in the watersilde and we did it but when we are walking up in the slide me and 1 of my friend fall down to the end but my 2 other friends didnt so they just walking up and they somehow reached the start but when they spotted up there they slide down right there and that was crazy and we did more time too(and that slide is very big and tall and the ppls are still going down so that was realy hard and we got warns from the staffs too and it was realy funny)
jerry_ pl
jerry_ pl 8 soat oldin
one of those water slides is realy close to me like realy realy close and i was planning to go there after pandemic is little smaller beacuse its new and i havent been there. thats actually the spinning one.it also has a water slide where you can see little sharks swimming around you very nice
Charly J Warthan
Charly J Warthan 8 soat oldin
It love the one beside it and Mt con sin went on the scorpions tail. We went there and the water park is named Noah's ark
Doggo Gamez
Doggo Gamez 8 soat oldin
*Poland has good poles* Wait a minut-
a 8 soat oldin
In the Bahamas the underwater slide
Rockin Ryder
Rockin Ryder 8 soat oldin
Thos whater slides or cool
Victor Mielczarek
Victor Mielczarek 8 soat oldin
I am from Poland and that slide was epic cause I was in it
Choxecko7 9 soat oldin
Saying those were some pretty cool water slides is a massive understatement
Bryanna Frauton
Bryanna Frauton 9 soat oldin
5:04 im going on that one this summer.... guess im going skydiving i guess
Misio 10 soat oldin
I'm from poland
Duck_brain 10 soat oldin
How manny channels do you have lol
Zaheer Uddi Hamidi
Zaheer Uddi Hamidi 10 soat oldin
I'm telling the truth I have subbed to all of your channels
Scott Ollek
Scott Ollek 10 soat oldin
Hi hi
Badr vlogs بدر فلوك
Christian Lahman
Christian Lahman 12 soat oldin
The waterslide with the seatbelt decapitated a young boy and its now no longer there. It was the world tallest waterslide. Called Verrückt. Look it up, its a sad story
gameing killer
gameing killer 12 soat oldin
Love you sir
PandaCutieX_SM 12 soat oldin
Every Mr beast channel i subscribe
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 12 soat oldin
Hi mr beastttttt
Drystan JOHN
Drystan JOHN 12 soat oldin
literally all of this is in Aquaventure in Atlantis hotel(it's a water park in dubai)
Big nate Timmy
Big nate Timmy 13 soat oldin
Curse where you got what do you got against Wisconsin it's right nothing
1Anime 13 soat oldin
oh i found another mr.beast.channel 😁😁😁
Dobbins Adventure Time
0:10:we’re going to HYPER SPACE
Wiktoria Przychodna
Wiktoria Przychodna 14 soat oldin
I'm from Poland:(
Anish Rana
Anish Rana 14 soat oldin
Love from nepal bro ❤
Jelyn Gallego
Jelyn Gallego 14 soat oldin
BlazerArts Boi
BlazerArts Boi 15 soat oldin
1:41 is Verukt, a water slide that shut down years ago after a young boy was decapitated on the ride. His seatbelt wasn’t secure, and the ride opened early, despite warnings from professionals.
mirasøk 15 soat oldin
I need to say something because im from Poland so yeah: POLSKA GUROM!
laroque kelsy te steffy
If you miss waterslide's do 1
Joshua Anderson
Joshua Anderson 15 soat oldin
7:39 I have done one of these. The operators are always messing with you to make you shit ur self. It’s scary.
Reese Butler
Reese Butler 16 soat oldin
I went on that Bahamas slide with the shark
BenPat 411
BenPat 411 17 soat oldin
look at the 100 ft trapdoor slide on Universal Orlando. it's crazy
Bruno 17 soat oldin
Poland 🧡
superderpyduck 17 soat oldin
i have been on one of the drop down slides, i was too scared for one that drops 50m at a 85 degree angle
Azizi Rosman
Azizi Rosman 18 soat oldin
the slide with shark is in bahamas
Ronan Mitchell
Ronan Mitchell 18 soat oldin
it has water.
Obnoxious Brit
Obnoxious Brit 19 soat oldin
HES BECOME THE VERY THING HE SWORE TO DESTROY! (Except he didn’t swear to destroy anything like the pacifist he is)
Andrew Tecson
Andrew Tecson 20 soat oldin
Hey 1 of the slides looks alike to the slide from fv family’s vacation
Theodora Iva
Theodora Iva 20 soat oldin
its funny when chris sed poo poo
Chontel Botting
Chontel Botting 20 soat oldin
Now all you need to do is travel to them and test them out
Michał Roszkowski
Michał Roszkowski 22 soat oldin
I from Poland
PHROG 23 soat oldin
There is a water slide named the shaka it is insane
Valerija Gromova
Valerija Gromova 23 soat oldin
Yall need to play hide n seek on an abandoned water park
Cameran Zoghi
Cameran Zoghi 23 soat oldin
Mr beast should start a theme park with some of the worlds most epic rides. Call it "Beast Land"
Ranviristic Kun oldin
2:00 Jimmy with instant regrets
Kian Land
Kian Land Kun oldin
Charles Kun oldin
Jimmy: Shoutout to Tuberides for making the slide videos
sheikha's kitchen
sheikha's kitchen
I’ve bin in the first water slide before it’s fun
Pillow Soft
Pillow Soft Kun oldin
This one is at Schlitterbahn ( 1:40 ) the name of it is the Verrückt, a German word meaning crazy or insane, no longer exists and was closed for a while, after the decapitation of a 10 year old boy on the ride, it was decided it would be torn down.
Anneli Kun oldin
Omg! I went to the Wisconsin Dells and went on that last water slide! Really hurt my back XD
Julius First
Julius First Kun oldin
I have am an hour from the Wisconsin one and there is so many cool rides there (Noah’s ark)
darkツ Kun oldin
I have been on the big yellow swoopy one and on the Wisconsin one except it wasn’t in Wisconsin and it was a lot of fricken fun lol
Adam Harding
Adam Harding Kun oldin
My hometown made it in!!! Wis Dells for the win!!!!!
ElleahChan red
ElleahChan red Kun oldin
I've been to the third one
l l
l l Kun oldin
I rode the last water slide when I was 9
Stealminer770 Kun oldin
I want speed 🚅
Kristie Krajenka
I’m from WI and I was on the one at the end of the video and it was so scary!
Help me hit 2k with no vids Maker
If u sees this I hope your dream become true
C2 Kun oldin
The water slide at 1:40 is at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansans City. The park is now permanently closed because on that slide. A 10 y/o boy was flung out of the slide and was decapitated. That water slide was one of the tallest water slides in the world.
DemoThat Kun oldin
Hi guys
Caden Mueller
Caden Mueller Kun oldin
Wisconsin dells
Harlei Williams
Harlei Williams Kun oldin
I'm claustrophobic so I couldn't go through tube water slides
TuckDEBEST Kun oldin
5:15 I’ve been on that, way better with two people you got SPPEEEEEED
Igor Łagoda
Igor Łagoda Kun oldin
BrendaLee Fredenheiser
You should make a gaming vid "who can make the best water slide"
Igor Krzysztof
Igor Krzysztof Kun oldin
I can talk In polish
Channing White
Channing White Kun oldin
The seizure slide would be super fun
Rhone Gillis
Rhone Gillis Kun oldin
I subscribed to all of your channels!
CHEETHAM5598 Kun oldin
0:29 imagine dropping down and hitting your head on that ledge
YOU TUBE Kun oldin
I once went on a water slide where the floor just dropped... It was terrifying but so much fun! But we were so high up I got scared just walking up the steps. On the bright side there was like no line because it was terrifying. Before they dropped me, they played music that sounded like machinery breaking.
i have never been able to go into the small enclosed waterslides... they just freak me out...
Scott Messick II
That first waterside got closed because a bunch of people had seizures
Samurai Gaming
Samurai Gaming Kun oldin
10,000 Players Vs Dream TechnoBlade, Jimmy, Karl, Chandler, Chris
aMaanit Pande
aMaanit Pande Kun oldin
My sis and friend both went on the shark ride. Like 4 years ago. I want to go there now.
Carrie Ellis
Carrie Ellis Kun oldin
The ending 👌
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