Is This The New Floyd Mayweather!? (Recap) 

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Boxing Legends TV's big boxing recap of 2019 #Boxing #Awards




1-Yan, 2020



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Kushhmeister 3 soat oldin
R.I.P Best Boxing Channel again
Galactus 2 kun oldin
Subbed and set alerts
Kushhmeister 3 soat oldin
Hes prob not coming back
Ice Snake
Ice Snake 4 kun oldin
Come Back Kid
Ma1q 4 kun oldin
Everyone check his second video
EasyToKill 7 kun oldin
Muhammad Ali and mike Tyson aren’t in your channel banner, please fix.
David Jary
David Jary 7 kun oldin
Med. Kamel
Med. Kamel 16 kun oldin
A kind of lettuce on his head
Sniper Chapo
Sniper Chapo 19 kun oldin
6:32 that was b4 the mayweather fight
Luchi Garcia
Luchi Garcia 20 kun oldin
People always comparing people let em start his own legacy he ain’t Floyd he maybe better even 🤷‍♂️
Submission 666
Submission 666 16 kun oldin
IPHONE BUGATTI 21 kun oldin
THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME MANNY PACQUIAO 1st fight: Manny Pacquiao VS Floyd Mayweather - Manny Pacquiao loss Because of Mafia 4th fight: Manny Pacquiao VS Juan Manuel Marquez - Manny Pacquiao loss Because of TOP RANK promotion 1st fight: Manny Pacquiao VS Jeff Horn - Manny Pacquiao loss Because of TOP RANK promotion Boxing all career Muhammad Ali Win Fake Win Because No Blood No Injury No Damage Fake Win Boxing all career Mike Tyson Win Fake Win Because No Blood No Injury No Damage Fake Win Boxing all career Floyd Mayweather Win Fake Win Because No Blood No Injury No Damage Fake Win
Winda Knight
Winda Knight 26 kun oldin
No this notFloyd Floyd M weather
Nohj Teformon
Nohj Teformon 29 kun oldin
who is mayweather is he the chicken boxer? running all over the ring and hit run hit run..
SamGaming HD
SamGaming HD 28 kun oldin
do u like him or not, hard to tell from this comment
Rommel Pablo
Rommel Pablo 29 kun oldin
Its very easy to train the style of floyd, run, hug, and push hard, 😆😆😆😆
Misteriosa Buenos Aires
Theofimo lopez??
Angelo Ranis
Angelo Ranis Oy oldin
So nice vidio guys
P4NDZ Oy oldin
Background music pls?
I N Oy oldin
Under Enemy Arms - Trippie Redd
Noslen Oletsoc
mayweather is not a boxing hero
Navek Ydeer
Navek Ydeer Oy oldin
Cherry picking his opponents you mean like Floyd Mayweather
Israel Adesanya
Who’s cherrypicked?
Navek Ydeer
Navek Ydeer Oy oldin
Lopez and lomachenko need to have a rematch Lopez is too much of a p**** I think
Navek Ydeer
Navek Ydeer Oy oldin
How about Alexander Usyc he done whupped these guys
Navek Ydeer
Navek Ydeer Oy oldin
Lomachenko is faster than Gary Russell
Irwin Logan Sr
"and he's white" lmao.
John Veloso
John Veloso Oy oldin
4:59 Lycans!!
Royal Bruh 87
Royal Bruh 87 Oy oldin
Crawford #1
Titan 2020
Titan 2020 Oy oldin
Quick answer=NO
Silent Scoperzzz
his shi1t !! nothing special
Jonathan Francisco
all time P4P manny pacquiao 👌
Dint Sa
Dint Sa Oy oldin
unfortunately after Floyd Mayweather.Hold the L
Just Spongebob with a smiley on his back
I wouldn’t want to have that dude’s coach as my coach. If he gets mad he could make everyone a bitch
Natures Best HD
After watching this pop to my channel and relax.
Darkness Flame Media
search for BLTV Extra is this channels other channel they posted a few new videos there
SKullz TV
SKullz TV Oy oldin
Where are you goat😔
Kaiyabara Kabbi
Hes better than Khan
DannyDoo Oy oldin
None of them have to be the next Mayweather
Edwin G Torres
America can hurt you
Amy Lorenzo
Amy Lorenzo Oy oldin
Cv 2jis!,ps 1: 1
Fernando Laxamana
Let your fist not your mouth to knockdown pacquio
Boxing Warrior
Why he aint postin nomore
callum lee
callum lee Oy oldin
wilder definatly should'nt have been in the video, hes a mockery to boxing....
Busy Person
Busy Person Oy oldin
Did y'all hear dude voice? It was to deep he need to turn it down a bit!
The Man
The Man Oy oldin
Damn they need to return. I’m getting desperate for some good boxing content.
Gladys Rodgers
Where is Chris Coleman today and why isn't he in the mix with other known young fighters
John M
John M Oy oldin
@GladysRodgers he is still active and still fighting. Oh yeah and still undefeated his last fight was Oct 2020 last name is Colbert...
Ceyhun Ozel
Ceyhun Ozel Oy oldin
Miss your videos everyday man I respect the quality over quantity. But we just wanna see your masterpieces once more. I’m fine with a video every 3 months or even 6 months. Come back to us Legend 😭.
Mic Rhymer
Mic Rhymer Oy oldin
I still believe in Logan he does have what it takes to be a world champ
guesswho7881 2 oy oldin
Can you do a video on Johnny “mi vida loca” tapia, dude was an amazing fighter
T Canales
T Canales 2 oy oldin
Elmo’s World
Elmo’s World 2 oy oldin
Those substance users don’t care if they kill someone for the glory
Javon Dinsmore
Javon Dinsmore 2 oy oldin
That's my boy ryan he was just tired like nobody could touch him then he gets caught that man nasty came back like I knew he would I said all hell naw beat his ass garcia beat his ass. hit him with the left lol. I was like body then garcia hit dude in the body & dude went down I love this kid & this the person I would love to fight respect he just showed us if you knock him down be ready for a ass whooping the king lol
jean-paul bingoni
why you guys put IQ in there.that's denigrating to fighters it's base on Technic and reflex,why nerds lose fight on the street and thugs win all their fights.
GGRalleezy 2 oy oldin
Please don't add anything with Brendan Schaub in boxing EVER.
BoxingVibez 2 oy oldin
what is the beat for 12:03
GammaINC 2 oy oldin
Please do a video on Max Schmeling
R Martin
R Martin 2 oy oldin
Floyd is very good but not great. He beat a 19 year old Canelo and dodged every other fighter in their prime.
Geeno 2 oy oldin
Where'd y'all go? :(
mrmaata 2 oy oldin
No, he, not the new Mayweather, and every time there's a new fighter on the scene, and he got a Lil flash to him and may shoulder roll, that doesn't add up to Mayweather. It's going to take a lot more than that.
Frank Billy
Frank Billy 2 oy oldin
It's me the next Floyd Mayweather.
Ahmed 2 oy oldin
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CR7lopez7 007
CR7lopez7 007 2 oy oldin
When are you coming back my guy
the execucioner
the execucioner 2 oy oldin
Dubois prediction didnt grow well. No heart.
4:48 AM
4:48 AM 2 oy oldin
I'm guessing you're aware that he fought Trout BEFORE Floyd lmao
Prodal Boran Khmer
Very nice video. Thanks for your sharing.
Liights Owt
Liights Owt 2 oy oldin
There will never be another Floyd. Or any other reincarnation of old legends. 🙄
Avex Theatre
Avex Theatre 2 oy oldin
The elfin neck chiefly add because ashtray evidently perform following a puny charles. rustic, handsome starter
stanley good
stanley good 2 oy oldin
We're filing this one under things we'd love to see in 2021 🤤
ninjaturtles1991 2 oy oldin
this man should be on a list of his own for the flawless delivery of "wanheng manoyathin" at 13:33
Gabriel Nkuna
Gabriel Nkuna 2 oy oldin
Prime Time Chris Colbert is boxing (Timeless). Super Star! A perfectionist of writing with both a left and a right hand inside a boxing ring. He will outbox any boxer with his mind with his stance. Orthodox and Southpaw perfectionist. If he was in music, he would be Michael Jackson. If he was in Soccer player, he would be Ronaldinho. In entrepreneurship he would be Elon Musk.
Motivated Matthew
letting a man fall face firsg ptc5imt
LifeSaver Eli-Yah
Lomachenko ain't shit. Its all hype because they NEED a hero, so their corporate media makes one.
bearded tiger
bearded tiger 2 oy oldin
That theme song tho 🔥
Julz De
Julz De 2 oy oldin
What happened to this channel??
Wheres My Dominatrix
Wylder a cherry picker
Ozzies ParroT
Ozzies ParroT 2 oy oldin
No, Floyd has n't died yet
7xXSE7ENXx7 2 oy oldin
bro can you please repost the gerald g man vid again!
J Sauce
J Sauce 2 oy oldin
Mango Lumpia
Mango Lumpia 2 oy oldin
Gg to this channel.
Jack from North Jersey
What are your guys thoughts on how Dubois looked against Joyce?
Chevroy Dunwell
Chevroy Dunwell 2 oy oldin
They eared every dalla they got.
Revenant Mandalorian
4:43 now his career may be over.
PlatinumStrikes 2 oy oldin
Daniel Dubois lost tho...
Boe Tb
Boe Tb 2 oy oldin
We don't want or need a new Floyd. Let Floyd be Floyd and let's let new fighters be just as great on their own.
Allen Conner
Allen Conner 2 oy oldin
Exactly! Why does everyone have to be the next "Mayweather" all the time? Why can't everyone just be themselves instead? No offense to Floyd as he is a great and all....but the whole "TBE" thing is just absolutely ridiculous! Lmao!!!
amigo'ss. Ninja ni angellord tv
Lods si Pacquiao parin ang legen sa box sa akin lng
Savage Brothers Ballpythons
Where is white chocolate nikita ababby?? Prospect of the year contender
UdaM30Bitch 2 oy oldin
Not sure i want a new floyd mayweather
Charley Brown
Charley Brown 2 oy oldin
Why canelo isn't on the cheat list for clen are you bias my guy
Charley Brown
Charley Brown 2 oy oldin
Sorry I usually like your videos but did you see farmer take thst bad l recently Canelo who fought slow ass Jacob's and old ass the crusher stop bruh. Oh loma died by teofimo stop jt
Michala Gaines
Michala Gaines 3 oy oldin
Miller ran away
SD4philly 3 oy oldin
the British is coming
CHiLL PiLL 3 oy oldin
where are you man??
Krazzy Vibes TV
Krazzy Vibes TV 3 oy oldin
If I had to be a boxer I would train as harder as the other best.
Joey T
Joey T 3 oy oldin
Lukman Atobajeun
Lukman Atobajeun 3 oy oldin
Dubois is a hype job. It was confirmed last Saturday. Got his eye closed by jabs of slow boxer Joyce. Imagine him fighting AJ or Fury
J' Leondre
J' Leondre 3 oy oldin
It's fans like u who fuck boxing up like could u beat Joyce or dubois??, I know u can't so show these guys love for doing their jobs an realize everyone has an off day at work 💯🥊
Los 3 oy oldin
Hello! What is your take on the Tyson vs. Jones expedition fight from this past Saturday? Including an opinion on Jake Paul's skill (if any) and calling out other people he would like to face ( not that I really care. Just asking for a friend)?
Alberto Herrera
Alberto Herrera 3 oy oldin
Con los huevos bien puestos
Alberto Herrera
Alberto Herrera 3 oy oldin
The best boxers of all time its mexicano
Sime_o8 3 oy oldin
God I hope not ..1 Floyd was enough ..manipulating the game thru promotional management to keep that 0
I think he's the new sports weather lol
sherrod coates
sherrod coates 3 oy oldin
Big logic fan I see
Zack Holguin
Zack Holguin 3 oy oldin
11:28 dude had it coming trying to showboat! Love to see them,, cocky guy says Timbeeeerrrrr!
Zack Holguin
Zack Holguin 3 oy oldin
Jefe Digital
Jefe Digital 3 oy oldin
Jaime arboleda win vs colberg
Jefe Digital
Jefe Digital 3 oy oldin
The Best Boxer In The World?
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