J. Cole - i n t e r l u d e (Official Audio) 

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J. Cole - " i n t e r l u d e " is available now: jcole.lnk.to/interlude
Produced by J. Cole, T-Minus, and T. Parker

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6-May, 2021



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ghostfox4 7 soat oldin
Mannn gotta really appreciate this dude and soak in all the music he’s given us fr, he ain’t gon be around forever.
FO MORE KONTENT 15 soat oldin
Been a month since it's release still has that bop to it🔥🔥
Palen Daryl
Palen Daryl 19 soat oldin
The shrill tractor postsynaptically snatch because father biochemically embarrass amid a pale opinion. abnormal, acoustic produce
J K Kun oldin
Christ went to heaven at 33. So did pimp C and so did Nipsey. RIP
Ayhan Celiktas
Ayhan Celiktas Kun oldin
1:12 my fav part
Mpilo Zondo
Mpilo Zondo 2 kun oldin
This shit lives in my head rent free, my head be jamming to this shit every time 🔥
CostaTheMythical 2 kun oldin
He started rap-ing backwards 🙌
Laurie Smith
Laurie Smith 3 kun oldin
probably the most underrated song on this album.
dewitt st marco
dewitt st marco 3 kun oldin
“The blood leaks while the emt gotta carry her baby like a surrogate mother” I felt dat
ayoub elmaayati
ayoub elmaayati 3 kun oldin
This is another level
ayoub elmaayati
ayoub elmaayati 3 kun oldin
Mr. Tight
Mr. Tight 3 kun oldin
One song just one is better than most rappers entire career this shit is real
Aaron Callaway
Aaron Callaway 3 kun oldin
This Dude Is Gifted GOD Speaks The REAL 🗣️💯✊🏾
Simon Gee
Simon Gee 3 kun oldin
I like the part where he describes the different motion paths possible for the shit
Kia Arias
Kia Arias 3 kun oldin
Meffix 3 kun oldin
If you are a trader this is the god song
lil pasta
lil pasta 4 kun oldin
RobyXIII 4 kun oldin
Its firee
C Man
C Man 5 kun oldin
It ended to soon :(
Chris W
Chris W 5 kun oldin
When you thumbs it down and it still plays all the time! I like Cole, but this is proof of artists in deep and preferential treatment from these streaming services. Not cool and not fair to the upcoming artists that have real skill!
Julia Fox
Julia Fox 5 kun oldin
People are getting fame on youtube by using the site *Authentic views* according to TMZ many models also used this site.
Lil - E
Lil - E 6 kun oldin
ilyass akhassi
ilyass akhassi 6 kun oldin
Brandon Obregon
Brandon Obregon 7 kun oldin
0:00-0:42 can somebody get the lyrics for the verse playing in the back
HB Manor
HB Manor 7 kun oldin
And stela rose 😼
Romario Turton
Romario Turton 8 kun oldin
Cole such a wonderful artist this man music is art 🖼
Spectre 8 kun oldin
This album is a classic
Ducksmith 8 kun oldin
What a tune
Manny Immanuel
Manny Immanuel 9 kun oldin
Victor barrios
Victor barrios 9 kun oldin
This was my favorite song from his album
Mamba24ever 8 kun oldin
Fax this and pride is the devil
Gold Jozi
Gold Jozi 10 kun oldin
Never thought I’d see the day a man murders the whole rap world within 90 seconds
Marin Ionuț
Marin Ionuț 10 kun oldin
It is just me or 1:44-2:12 sounds a lil bit like tranzit bo2?
Kali Grown
Kali Grown 10 kun oldin
Cold ass sample
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma 11 kun oldin
Marcus Medina
Marcus Medina 11 kun oldin
*Orgasmo auditivo*
Ethan 11 kun oldin
“My homie homie got out on parole he sold more Coca-Cola than the soda industry” (then sold the industry) man everyone better stop sleeping on J.Cole 🔥🔥🔥
Keith Lee
Keith Lee 12 kun oldin
My favorite off of the album
ilyass akhassi
ilyass akhassi 12 kun oldin
Emmanuele Di Mauro
Emmanuele Di Mauro 12 kun oldin
pisello fortissimo .
Vonsway Hendrix
Vonsway Hendrix 12 kun oldin
His flow is crazy asf on here
All of Creative Commons
Thiss deeper than the dark web
Soboko Kifle
Soboko Kifle 13 kun oldin
I just got back to seattle my hands on the wheel N I'm punchin a clock I seen two birds I killed them with a rock Got shoes and the socks n im movin with ten toes I'm working a job and i'm makin the rent but I'll get back like ten fold My flow is too hot its burning they socks they cover my mouth with tinfoil I burn through Keep goin like a platoon with a hole I might blow on the low I pop off like a bomb You mob slow When wood slide like a pop song I might roll with a watch I'm teflon with a kindle I might grind for kinfolks When the pots hot I'ma keep going
Cameron Corsaro
Cameron Corsaro 13 kun oldin
The flowwwwww
LOWONBILLETS 13 kun oldin
I really needed this. The game has been dry AF for a while now.
Bulldog 24
Bulldog 24 13 kun oldin
Breathe721 13 kun oldin
I need this sample though. I can’t find out who made it. This song is amazing fr fr. One of the best records Cole ever made. Salute to Cole, Tommy Parker, & T-Minus. 🔥
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez 11 kun oldin
Underrated comment, I’m tryna play it on piano by ear bro
xC_Lowkk x
xC_Lowkk x 13 kun oldin
Bro idk what cole is saying in the beginning before he starts the song but that shit has me humming to it so melodically 0:12
Vesta N
Vesta N 13 kun oldin
Does anyone know the samples song
Doc Martin
Doc Martin 14 kun oldin
Lol, this album wasn't that great, y'all just too scared to admit it
Big Dick
Big Dick 10 kun oldin
@Doc Martin rap is supposed to be about stunting, Cole rarely has done that so he did that in this album to put certain niggas in place. This album was more about showcasing his rapping ability but if you wanted storytelling, the song “close” is one of the most underrated tracks from the album
Doc Martin
Doc Martin 12 kun oldin
@ZOEY WHITE Im a cole fan 😂don't get it wrong..but I expected more of a story telling album like forest hill drive...in this album all he does is brag and stuff
Adam Castagnetti
Adam Castagnetti 12 kun oldin
Cole haters are goofy
ZOEY WHITE 13 kun oldin
New that album was great. It speaks for itself. You can leave with all that negativity 🤢.
ZH Livid
ZH Livid 14 kun oldin
Album coming soon
ZH Livid
ZH Livid 14 kun oldin
Carlo Alvarez
Carlo Alvarez 14 kun oldin
Need this all the time
Carlo Alvarez
Carlo Alvarez 14 kun oldin
Money on cole
Pablo Saborío
Pablo Saborío 15 kun oldin
Cole is saying something between sec 17 and 40 but listen carefully it sounds very low! I can’t understand everything he says so if someone get it please leave it here🙏🏻
K S 15 kun oldin
Literally can’t stop listening👏🏽✨
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 15 kun oldin
holyshit talk about fire dam this shit go hard as fuck
TrueYG 15 kun oldin
R N 15 kun oldin
Brother this ain't no interlude lmao. This a hit
rafael mendez
rafael mendez 15 kun oldin
Real numbers
rafael mendez
rafael mendez 15 kun oldin
Perfectly said
Manny Immanuel
Manny Immanuel 16 kun oldin
Christopher Holley
Christopher Holley 16 kun oldin
them thumbs down gotta only be there cause this fire ass track to short damn
R M 16 kun oldin
Does anybody know what he’s saying in the background in the beginning?
Dario Romeo
Dario Romeo 16 kun oldin
Chi qui dopo il real talk di Mattak in quanto non è possibile più ascoltare musica dopo quella roba...
Mr. Kaleb
Mr. Kaleb 16 kun oldin
me but lot of shit on my mind
Young Melo
Young Melo 17 kun oldin
pure talent
blackstarboy04 17 kun oldin
Cole we need a Marley collab on the next album. No jokes
YannickMakesmusic 17 kun oldin
Cole and Damien would be legendary. Is my verse on this beat hard or na?
antwan chamblee
antwan chamblee 17 kun oldin
This beat too hard
YannickMakesmusic 14 kun oldin
@Darnell Hardy clearly you enjoy my comments enough to reply three times. Dont forget to subscribe 💯
Darnell Hardy
Darnell Hardy 14 kun oldin
@YannickMakesmusic n no o
YannickMakesmusic 17 kun oldin
No cap. Is my verse on this beat hard or na?
촤컬릿 17 kun oldin
this song is one of my favs on the album
YannickMakesmusic 17 kun oldin
Its hardcore. Is my verse on this beat hard or na?
KING JAY 432 18 kun oldin
10 milli 🔥🔥🔥🔥
YannickMakesmusic 17 kun oldin
Ya damn right. Is my verse on this beat hard or na?
nn Simon
nn Simon 18 kun oldin
almost 10m
Darnell Hardy
Darnell Hardy 14 kun oldin
@YannickMakesmusic no
YannickMakesmusic 17 kun oldin
Cole world. Is my verse on this beat hard or na?
Robert Lin
Robert Lin 18 kun oldin
The uttermost hammer compellingly stare because north korea ultrascructurally race abaft a miscreant march. whimsical, curvy nigeria
CHRISTIAN PEREZ 18 kun oldin
Got damn this track is so good, I wish he made it 3 versus
Darnell Hardy
Darnell Hardy 14 kun oldin
@YannickMakesmusic no
YannickMakesmusic 17 kun oldin
Same. Is my verse on this beat hard or na?
Matthew Gore
Matthew Gore 18 kun oldin
So true
WALTER BANGO 18 kun oldin
KING JAY 432 18 kun oldin
Either way I'm prepared. Ya feel me 😀😂
xSanityControlx 19 kun oldin
Can anyone make out the lyrics in the background of the intro? J cole spitting some bars I just cant make out when he talkin about how he came along way
ayoub elmaayati
ayoub elmaayati 19 kun oldin
Rest in peace Nip.💜
Emma Isabella
Emma Isabella 19 kun oldin
Due to the fact that models used the site *Authentic views* for UZblock likes and Comments that's why this site is best place to get UZblock stuff...
Isaiah Yazzie
Isaiah Yazzie 19 kun oldin
B G 19 kun oldin
P Singh
P Singh 19 kun oldin
Lion 307
Lion 307 19 kun oldin
Favorite song verified. Who can agree
Lion 307
Lion 307 19 kun oldin
This is clearly the best song of the album. In a good song there is a good flow, rythem and good lyrics.This song has all😁😝💜👍👏👑. JUST FIRE COLE
Ernie G
Ernie G 19 kun oldin
Luckey 19 kun oldin
2 much talent
JDC 19 kun oldin
How do you guys listen this kind of music? So sad that none of you knows what real music is LOL
Success Always
Success Always 20 kun oldin
“ Thank God we survived around where the terrorist hovered though traumatized wouldn’t trade it for nothing “
James Lyons
James Lyons 20 kun oldin
Some crazy ass nigga almost burned a building down on account of some racist activity or some shit. Swear to God I don’t know the nigga. But that’s what happened
KING JAY 432 18 kun oldin
I know bro that's the shit that I have to deal with at my house when I lose my phone bro smfh ol boy knew it wasn't me because I had my new phone and day was still happening
Carlos Shiera
Carlos Shiera 20 kun oldin
To the 4k dislikes please DM me, we need to have a serious conversation.
Derrell Jackson
Derrell Jackson 20 kun oldin
Joyner was at the door tryna rob him. Came in tied him up fixed some noodles then sat down and started rapping. 😭😭😭
II BooRadley
II BooRadley 20 kun oldin
Stop it ! He did it again
KING JAY 432 18 kun oldin
Oh my bad bruh
II BooRadley
II BooRadley 18 kun oldin
@KING JAY 432 “stop it” kinda like hype! “ he did it again” backs up my hype, like he made me hype again, Ex: when someone dunks on someone in a basketball game, and the announcer says “stop it, with excitement. Translation. I admire this song.
KING JAY 432 18 kun oldin
Chamberlin Barnes
Chamberlin Barnes 20 kun oldin
this is the best song in the whole album
Gussie Williams
Gussie Williams 20 kun oldin
I 💕 be the music; Oh yes....
MCA 20 kun oldin
j cool song
Epic E30
Epic E30 20 kun oldin
Jeeeeezussssssss. This shit hits differently.
Ivan Gavriel
Ivan Gavriel 20 kun oldin
j cole
Ivan Gavriel
Ivan Gavriel 20 kun oldin
Ivan Gavriel
Ivan Gavriel 20 kun oldin
MAP Square
MAP Square 20 kun oldin
MAP Square
MAP Square 20 kun oldin
we will be on covid 46 when kendrick and cole drop the collab album
Nhlakanipho Nxumalo
Nhlakanipho Nxumalo 20 kun oldin
Roddy rich 🤘🏿
Jacob Graves
Jacob Graves 21 kun oldin
Tbh this is my favorite song on this ..
Shatika Smith
Shatika Smith 21 kun oldin
Literally LOVE This!! A mtfkn INTERLUDE!!!Juss sitting here SMILING....The man's GRAMMER GAME Gave Birth to his Metaphors or ViceVersa!! 🐐🐐 🐐 🐐 Kids EDUCATION is a MUST ...The man is FrFr SMART!!
Kevin Tumelo
Kevin Tumelo 18 kun oldin
He's built different frfr
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