Jackson State Coach Deion Sanders Belongings Stolen During Coaching Debut 

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Former NFL star and current Jackson State head football coach Deion Sanders' belongings were stolen from the locker room during Sunday's 53-0 victory over Edward Waters
Video Courtesy WAPT 16
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21-Fev, 2021



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Cut Day Sports
Cut Day Sports 5 kun oldin
what do you think? Update: Coach Prime isn’t accepting the story being published that it was a miscommunication or someone moving his property to a safer location. Check community tab for his tweets
raymond weaver
raymond weaver 3 soat oldin
Do you? I don't
Byron jones
Byron jones Kun oldin
Why would you leave anything of value you coming to coach not show off your jewelry collection cone on deion think,,,,,think
NightCrawler810 2 kun oldin
I would resign and go help a school that can appreciate what he is trying to do with the youth 🤦🏾‍♂️ I hate a fucking thief
Thaddeus Smith
Thaddeus Smith 2 kun oldin
With all that this man has achieved and done ask yourself why would he lie about this🤔 The school is not telling the truth is what I think.
Duke Couser
Duke Couser 3 kun oldin
Damn he just got his car and boom box stolen now this smh
Billie goat
Billie goat 28 daqiqa oldin
Deion is a Man, a stand up one. How can we sit here and let something like this happen to a man that is bringing his shine and energy into making our whole community better.
JAKEDOWN999 Soat oldin
Changing the culture this won't happen again. This reiterates why Deion Sanders is there, it will not make him go anywhere. It proves there is work to be done.
Gigantor60 4 soat oldin
Camera are everywhere. They should know soon who did it.
One up One down
One up One down 10 soat oldin
Didn’t he’s truck get broken into also?
STEELERTHUG 12 soat oldin
The culture bs messes it up every time wtf
mike 14 soat oldin
Disgusting criminals. Horror behavior in this country these days.
FishingForBassTV 14 soat oldin
wow man....... thats ridiculous dont go back until its returned... after that man came there to help and thats how he is treated...... unbelievable...disgusting
fsclair 14 soat oldin
What did he expect? You can’t promote the worst qualities of our people for decades and then expect them to act right....lol.
1960shakey 15 soat oldin
Had to be those pesky White Suprematist at it again......
Robert Bare
Robert Bare 15 soat oldin
Black Lives Matter, really? Clean your own house up first. This guy is a gift to that university.
raymond weaver
raymond weaver 15 soat oldin
Not a fan but no one deserves that
mak jones
mak jones 16 soat oldin
Either ninjas ain’t shit or somebody tryna make it seems like it
Dale Murphy
Dale Murphy 17 soat oldin
Black people gon black
Cory Lee Boxing
Cory Lee Boxing 18 soat oldin
Phillips Family
Phillips Family 18 soat oldin
God got you don’t worry
John Schmidt
John Schmidt 20 soat oldin
Too bad, bro.
Gaming Dreams
Gaming Dreams 21 soat oldin
A black man would not steal from another black man.
Steve Baker
Steve Baker 21 soat oldin
Press charges, make the young man who did this go if front of a camera and apologize. We all want to see who this kid is.
Stoney Case
Stoney Case 22 soat oldin
I hope this ain't a Juicy Smollet kinda incident
Mike Allen
Mike Allen 22 soat oldin
Well, when in da hood.....
Quinn Robinson
Quinn Robinson 22 soat oldin
Plain and simple someone doesn't wants him there and that someone has pull..
Social Assassin
Social Assassin 23 soat oldin
Shocking why people leave the hood once they make it.
Sir-Jacques Major
Sir-Jacques Major 23 soat oldin
They want to know what's on the phone
Sir-Jacques Major
Sir-Jacques Major 23 soat oldin
Inside Job
U.S. Military archaeology dpt
Im stealing that shit too. Fck his rich ass. NEVER gave nothing to africa. Ever. Steal it all.
Trapizo World
Trapizo World 23 soat oldin
Bout to put in a big insurance claim 💯
Dirtdigg100 23 soat oldin
Dats sad
Ismael Montalvo
Ismael Montalvo Kun oldin
He just got hazed welcome to the university prime now just order the team some subway sandwiches .
Lethal Threat
Lethal Threat Kun oldin
Lmao! HOW! 😂😂😂
Homedog Gaming
Homedog Gaming Kun oldin
If he was at Florida state this wouldn’t have happened man is a walking legend at that campus
Oldsole guidry
Oldsole guidry Kun oldin
It’s amazing how he came back to help his people and this is how they repay him.
Homedog Gaming
Homedog Gaming Kun oldin
As they saying goes “sometimes it’s your own people who do you wrong.”
Homedog Gaming
Homedog Gaming Kun oldin
Expose the crooks at that school Deion
eSSSrt392 Bonilla
So sad
Earl Cousins
Earl Cousins Kun oldin
Future head coach at FSU!
just kaleah
just kaleah Kun oldin
It's a setup: some white kids planned this to get prime out.
just kaleah
just kaleah 21 soat oldin
All cops not bad cops either
Chris Strebeck
Chris Strebeck 22 soat oldin
😂 😂 😂 im from texas and i see all kinds of white kids wearing his jerseys
Ebo Good
Ebo Good Kun oldin
Well....lock your office door...simple
Mister Hyde
Mister Hyde Kun oldin
Those necklax s are older than each player on team. Why would you rob Prime? His autograph is worth more than anything they stole. Smh I just be like "can you sign my rookie card" .
Shooter Shad
Shooter Shad Kun oldin
charliemac Kun oldin
If they don't return it, the person or people's actions will be downgraded from felony to misdemeanor or lessor charges unless they are non white. They will say we don't want to ruin their whole life over a prank, but if they are of the other group then it will be let's make an example of those who break the law. It's Mississippi y'all, and we all know the track record of those old confederate battleground states.
Matt C
Matt C Kun oldin
Fuck him nothing was stolen they told him they moved his stuff to keep it safe and he still sits up there and plays a victim what a liberal lefty commie Karening out because he can’t live his life unless he’s a victim of something fuck him fuck blm and fuck joe Biden and this whole way of thinking
Mike Lliteras
Mike Lliteras Kun oldin
Total bulls*#t. Deon can make that place great, if they listen to him. That’s disgusting, flat out disgusting.
Domingo Valero
Domingo Valero Kun oldin
Got to understand no one is immune to anything, especially theft.
Dorian McGowen
Dorian McGowen Kun oldin
That sad that man came there to make a difference, and y’all let niggas do him like that where the OG’s at we don’t play that shit in Houston Tx!! That’s foul bro!!
Donte Foreman
Donte Foreman Kun oldin
Sorry for you. Your blessings come with this. Stay positive & blessed...
Robinson Mertilus
Deion losing his belongings is not cheap stuff. Shame.
Eye 2 Eye
Eye 2 Eye Kun oldin
Give that man his stuff back. Who ever you are. Not worth it man. Not cool at all.
mrFoxYou1 Kun oldin
These items were not stolen but "donated" to a great cause
mrFoxYou1 Kun oldin
For the Culture
tha' big dog almighty
Why he trippin' bout getting robbed ??? He got plenty of money & filthy rich 💰 Remember that song he came out wit a long time ago called ' must be tha money ?' 😁
Matt Edwards
Matt Edwards Kun oldin
Get out of that shit Hole prime u don't need that
Gotta get someone you trust to watch over
Alexander Shackleton
blm will find it
Ford Super Duty
Ford Super Duty Kun oldin
Is there any way to find out who has a key? Video, phone location? They will be caught. They will try to use the credit cards. Hope you get your stuff back. This is a home game?
Fermion Kun oldin
Without a doubt. Phones are one of the most stupid things to steal, because their locations can easily be tracked, even if you turn off location history. And the stupidity of trying to use a stolen card, especially one from an account of the status of Coach Sanders, goes without saying. "AP Exclusive: Google tracks your movements, like it or not" apnews.com/article/828aefab64d4411bac257a07c1af0ecb Either through the phone, or the credit cards, the thieves will wind up screwing themselves in the end.
Pump 17
Pump 17 Kun oldin
He kinda jumped the gun on this because According to school officials, everything was misplaced.
Mary R Smith
Mary R Smith Kun oldin
@B Smoove you are a damn liar Mutt
thelastpatriot Kun oldin
This is the 2nd time recently that PRIME has had stuff stolen. There must be a bunch of real-losers in that area.
Phyrom Huy
Phyrom Huy Kun oldin
Welcome to Jackson State Deion!! I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it was a black guy/guys.
Tieuel Legacy
Tieuel Legacy Kun oldin
Crazy! Who would do that?
Go Dawgs
Go Dawgs Kun oldin
John Mayer’s
John Mayer’s Kun oldin
Black People would never ever change!!
TruthBeTold Kun oldin
Sadly white people wont neither
Elijaha Gardner
Elijaha Gardner Kun oldin
That's crazy the University looking real bad Fam
purp jones
purp jones Kun oldin
They hit a good lick it's sad tho going to a school to help them under paid for that to happen
Roland moreno
Roland moreno Kun oldin
Just material things
Bonkers McGee
Bonkers McGee Kun oldin
lol the absolute state of HBCUs.
FED Kun oldin
Security officers need to be questioned like how does that happen
KID SKEE Kun oldin
College football is over! What game???🤣🤣🤣
Cowboys Nation 214
Hell it probably was his own damn kids
Boaz YoshiYah Ben Ysrayl
Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another. Leviticus 19:11 KJV
Boaz YoshiYah Ben Ysrayl
If the word does not convince, Deion ought to exercise his 2nd amendment rights
MrShukriaziz Kun oldin
That’s what Niggaz do...if I was Deon I would resign and go coach somewhere else
Jade Duh
Jade Duh Kun oldin
😬 "Yikes!"
charlotte kamisato
Leave that place
Ronnie Estep
Ronnie Estep Kun oldin
Trump's fault.
james warner
james warner Kun oldin
He can't give up because they already expecting him to give up.. Just hang tough Deion, things will get better.
Seitrey King
Seitrey King Kun oldin
Be careful coach keep a gun around
Andrew Scolaro
Andrew Scolaro Kun oldin
Damn yo. That suxxxxxx
Mark Krok
Mark Krok Kun oldin
Immagine that
Jared Grimes
Jared Grimes Kun oldin
Bite the hand that feeds your ungrateful asses!
KaosHpal 2 kun oldin
Lived in jackson ms my whole life, it's a complete shit hole. Over run by crime and ignorance. That's why it was amazing to me that prime would bless that absolute shit hole with his presence to mentor those young men. Jackson needs prime way more than prime needs it.
Sam Woods
Sam Woods 2 kun oldin
AGAIN!!!? This 💩 ain't cool. Maybe there needs to be cameras at the door of the locker room and staff offices and/or more security. This the type of stuff where we should be "policing" our own community. When we got our own very successful people actually reaching back with their boots on the ground. And sh*t like this keeps happening, we can't allow it
Ricky Godette
Ricky Godette 2 kun oldin
That’s Prime you gotta return that.
Leaders Of The Old School
They hating.Check your faculty for sure
David tinch
David tinch 2 kun oldin
When you find out who did it, accept no apologies. Lock their a** up.
Jp 2 kun oldin
Man Ain’t no real niggas at Jackson state? Y’all better tighten up before that green light get turned on .
Lord Mar'Konash
Lord Mar'Konash 2 kun oldin
This is going to be a part of future a Disney movie about how he and supporting cast-had to overcome the outlandish struggles of a dysfunctional, gutter dwelling program before they ultimately triumph..#CoachPrime 😁🤫
Chris Strebeck
Chris Strebeck 22 soat oldin
Fms Watchdo
Fms Watchdo 2 kun oldin
I'll let you know if Shes For The Streets
Damn wtf is going on he had something stolen out of his car a couple of months ago out of all the people yall steal from someone that's trying to better not just the team but the entire city they have to be better
John Riggins
John Riggins 2 kun oldin
As black ppl we do the most harm to one another
b spoon
b spoon 2 kun oldin
imo there don’t want prime there they don’t want change
Ronnie Stanford
Ronnie Stanford 2 kun oldin
Maybe it was the guard’s
sixtyton angel
sixtyton angel 2 kun oldin
Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Couldn't write it any better!!!!! He's coaching a bunch of thieves!!!! Lol!!!!
The Infamous JuneBugg
Racism smh 😡😡😡😡
Ms lucky Charm
Ms lucky Charm 2 kun oldin
Will the person who did it should be accountable for it
Ms lucky Charm
Ms lucky Charm 2 kun oldin
Very sad
Scott Maddox
Scott Maddox 2 kun oldin
Welcome to the real world deion
Gregory Shaw
Gregory Shaw 2 kun oldin
Karma for Prime Prep Academy. And this is just to ironic hahaha
Darrius Marshall
Darrius Marshall 2 kun oldin
Prime should have came to Bethune Cookman. Mary Got you!!
Dang smh
G OG 2 kun oldin
Jimmy Stanbery
Jimmy Stanbery 2 kun oldin
There...that’s what you get when your father is in jail for stealing instead of whipping your ass for stealing. I hate it for Mr Sanders and the University.
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