James Corden Opens Up to Oprah About His Weight Loss Journey | Full Interview | WW 

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In this intimate, unedited conversation, James Corden speaks to Oprah about his success with Carpool Karaoke, losing weight on WW (formerly Weight Watchers), and his biggest hopes for his children. The half-hour discussion was part of Oprah’s Your Life in Focus: Be the Love You Need event, presented by WW, which aired in front of a live, Zoom-based studio audience.
Corden, who started his wellness journey with WW in early January, has lost 16 lbs.* so far.
He says: “As a man, it’s historically seen as it isn’t very sexy to say that you’re on a diet. Or it’s not very manly somehow to want to make changes in your own health. Because men drink beer and we go out and it doesn’t matter what you look like and all those things. And I actually think it’s the single most positive and sexy thing you can do to say ‘I would like to be a bit healthier. I would like to be a healthier presence in my family, for my children. I would like to feel better.’”
Video Chapters
0:00 Oprah introduces James Corden
4:29 Oprah asks James about Carpool Karaoke
10:13 Oprah asks James about his weight loss journey with WW
21:37 James reveals his favorite WW recipe
23:18 Speed round of interview questions
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►►To watch James Corden’s WW announcement video in full, go to uzblock.info/post/video/qMyJZ5qShp59ino.html
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*People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/week.
James Corden Opens Up to Oprah About His Weight Loss Journey | Full Interview | WW




17-Fev, 2021



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B D 2 soat oldin
#isaackappy exposed Oprah!!!
Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan 2 soat oldin
The dreary exchange prominently mine because grill preliminarily hug among a gaudy work. pastoral, honorable waiter
Laurie Montijo
Laurie Montijo 2 soat oldin
Amazing! A true man. His courage in being so vulnerable is powerful. His desire to make life more joyful for others is truly inspiring. I have always liked him but my I now have the deepest respect for him I could possibly have. What a lovely man! Thank you for sharing yourself with us and for all the joy you do bring to us every day.
Guido Anselmi
Guido Anselmi 3 soat oldin
Does she really need 5 Mac's and a Macbook? 😂
R. Baccaro
R. Baccaro 5 soat oldin
Thanks James... For making me CRY! You described my yoyo-dieting life for 30 years. I'm 61. During 1st preg. I gained 70lbs😰. Since then I have gained/lost another 100lbs. Now I am 100 lbs over my norm.. ahhh!!! I love you to the moon Mr. Cordon.
Luciane Edgington
Luciane Edgington 10 soat oldin
Joy???! Making us happy?!? Constantly criticizing our President, just helping with the negative situation that those crazy liberals put us true daily. The UK have plenty of problems dude.
Ewelina Rzezińska
Ewelina Rzezińska 10 soat oldin
from my expierence (not only mine) we are eating too much and not healthy because we are try to regulate our emotions by the food (or alkohol or sex or angry, work etc.) so we have to repare our soul with good psychologist to find what things from childhood we are covering. i did diet many times but my connection to food is still the same.. when i lose my weight i always think that this time i will not get fat.. and i always think that people can not handle it but i will.. so.. better to do this good at once not after 10 try. sorry for my english
Dawn Hodges Adcock
Dawn Hodges Adcock 10 soat oldin
Love this guy 😃
Louise Nennstiel
Louise Nennstiel 10 soat oldin
Hi Charlie Bear!!!
Gail Van Der Walde
Gail Van Der Walde 10 soat oldin
I love him and his honesty. So handsome and a gentle man👍😘🙏🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦💋
S Q 11 soat oldin
What defines “spiritual law”?
S Q 11 soat oldin
It just doesn’t exist in accordance to law - if fact, emotion, spirituality, integrity, empathy and a gamut of humanity aren’t recognized by any law? So what is “spiritual law”?
Gigmeister 16 soat oldin
And this message is for Oprah: thank you for helping everyone have a voice in their personal journey; and you are looking absolutely fabulous !
Gigmeister 16 soat oldin
This message is for James: you are beautiful inside and out: just the way you are.
Gayle Gardiner
Gayle Gardiner 18 soat oldin
Jo Shane
Jo Shane 18 soat oldin
Mary Ridner
Mary Ridner 21 soat oldin
It so rewarding to lose weight but once leaving weight watchers, so many of my friends have put the weight back on because it takes discipline to keep it up.
Mary Ridner
Mary Ridner 18 soat oldin
Yes it is and I agree. Once weight is lost, my thinking is just reduce your normal portions which actually shrinks the stomach and less food is needed. There is a resurge of hunger once a person goes off of ww. Eat to live and not live to eat.
Cece 20 soat oldin
It’s because it’s a business for ww , they no most will ultimately fail and come back to them over n over again so there money keeps flowing in
Trudy Seeker
Trudy Seeker 22 soat oldin
Hell o witchy
Sue Holt
Sue Holt Kun oldin
James you need to follow Jason Fung to solve your weight loss. It’s a metabolic issue ... Keto and intermittent fasting which is easy (because you can eat a lot of good food). You have to understand the metabolic issue which is mainly insulin resistance. Keto and some fasting cuts your appetite which makes it’s so easy. People lose a massive amount of weight ... easy to make a lifestyle. Jason Fung is your starting resource ... on any of these diets you can lose weight but Keto has the most wide range of food you can eat. If you ever want to switch it up ... try Keto and IF.
Carla Schneider
Carla Schneider Kun oldin
What a nice guy. Nice to see a different side of him. Well done James!
Ebba Kun oldin
James, You are a truly beautiful spirit. How sincere and kind you are! Sending you light and all the best for success in this journey!! You are on the right path for a change!!
Sarito Kun oldin
I cried watching this... He is so beautiful. I fell like I love him.
polard keren
polard keren Kun oldin
The fallacious deal biomechanically harm because caterpillar whitely carve afore a tacit mark. enthusiastic, chief index
Mimi Tchoungui
Mimi Tchoungui Kun oldin
Brilliant podcast !!! ❤ Great congratulations to James wife, her support is so, so, so important ! Thank you so much James for the sincererity of your journey for weight loss, I have been chubby all my life, IT IS SO SIMILAR TO MINE AND A LOTS OF US ! May God bless James and his beautiful family, and of course our beloved Oprah Winfrey 🙏
Helena Odvarkova
Oprah is so fake
k k
k k Kun oldin
His weight loss journey starts and ends at McDonald’s
Rose Evans
Rose Evans Kun oldin
☼¨¯Joy is the greatest currency. .¸.☼¨¯Humility shines through, great interview - WW shift in way you see relationship with food - Diets don't work ! ¸.☆¨¯` ♥ (ˆ◡ˆ)•*¨*•.¸¸•♪☆✿⁀⋱‿❀♥♥✿⊱╮♥(¸.•¨¯`☆ Love & Smiles Rose x ☆¨¯`♥ ¸.☆¨¯`♥ ¸.☆¨¯`♥
Don Kiddick
Don Kiddick Kun oldin
*Although he is a good actor, like many other people, I'm getting very bored, very quickly, with James Corden's sickly sweet **_"I'm just a very humble and incredibly grateful, ordinary guy"_** character. He really overplays it in this interview. Kind of makes me want to vomit!🤮*
CaCola 337
CaCola 337 Kun oldin
Oprah, you gave us the Obamas who started this whole racial divide....Im so sad at the direction our country is going backward
M Pena
M Pena Kun oldin
Oprah in my opinion is one of the most phony humans on the planet! You white people must love her hypocrisy, but remember when Black Lives Matter was out there spawning their hate for white people, she never came out to your defense, not once!!! She only caters to white people because you make her rich!
champagenroses Kun oldin
James... keep smiling ... you have a beautiful smile that lights up a room ♥ Sending you hugs and ♥
S G Kun oldin
Omg i have the same laptop as oprah:)
Wade Zimmerman
Wade Zimmerman Kun oldin
People who feel like James Corden are not hungry nor are they as compulsive as they think they might however lack the confidence in themselves to be the person they are capable of being! You do need to eat to live you don’t need to over eat to live! If you look at yourself you will see your own potential but you also have to be able to give yourself a break if you’re not perfect!
Michele Bergman
Michele Bergman Kun oldin
What about Weight loss surgery
Michele Bergman
Michele Bergman Kun oldin
Go on the TREADMILL 45 min 3x a week! That drops Ibs!!! Take a Spoonfull of Olive oil & pink salt twice a day before breakfast & before dinner.. to lose tummy weight 👍
Michele Bergman
Michele Bergman Kun oldin
I don’t think WW works! It’s just OG branding! They paid James lots of 💰💰💰💰💰
RJ Kun oldin
These days Descartes sucks! Today wherever you cast your eye is „ I am cos i got a problem” , i kinda feel fed up
none none
none none Kun oldin
he looks miserable- circuits suck. better do cardio on a machine while watching tv.
Nina Andrews
Nina Andrews Kun oldin
We love you James! You’ve got this!! Refreshing to hear someone I respect be so candid! ❤️
Caxton Books 4
Caxton Books 4 Kun oldin
Two of my absolute favourite people, awesomeness. What a lovely interview.
Debby Mabalcon
Debby Mabalcon 2 kun oldin
Whats horse???small medium large who cares james is the man i love him😍🙋🤗💖👏🌠😃💖
RR Greenwood
RR Greenwood 2 kun oldin
Joy is the thing. I love that.
Jennifer Cooper
Jennifer Cooper 2 kun oldin
WW is going to see if James can really stick to it, while he hopes that he can be paid big bucks by WW. They both can't make enough. Good advertisement for WW.
Jennifer Cooper
Jennifer Cooper 2 kun oldin
Oprah spews physics as spirituality, and talks about vulnerability - because she is all-knowing - and James has never looked more confused in his life. Additionally, James does not always appear sincere. Like on his show, he is a kiss ass and in desperate need of attention.
Kaydey x
Kaydey x 2 kun oldin
Awe I'm a little more in love with James after watching this ♥️
Ras Mekonen
Ras Mekonen 2 kun oldin
i was think mariah carey
Public Public
Public Public 2 kun oldin
Call it what it is. It is FAT and not weight.
TOMASZ Starzewski
TOMASZ Starzewski 2 kun oldin
What a nice person. A bright light. Great interview , thank you.
Geisala Gordon
Geisala Gordon 2 kun oldin
Loved this interview! Love watching James' shows
Ashley T R
Ashley T R 2 kun oldin
My goodness I love James Corden. He’s just a person who makes me happy! Love his show and it always brightens my day. ☀️
D Miller
D Miller 2 kun oldin
Happy, healthy and a good person. My wish for my children too.
Claire 2 kun oldin
James is giving me Gary Barlow vibes. Weird.
Katherine krauss
Katherine krauss 2 kun oldin
My ‘love affair’ with James Corden started with his brilliant series “ Gavin and Stacey “ that he wrote with Ruth Jones...could binge it happily for the third time! What a loony and delightful group of characters he developed there. His heart and humor were fully lit up then, as they are today in his current run in LA. Keep on, James.....
kl h
kl h 3 kun oldin
James made a Karen joke yesterday. I cried. It is still misogyny if you add the word, "white," James. I have watched my name go from a term of endearment to a generic racial slur, to a synonym for n-word/c-word, to a wider adaptation meaning, essentially, "stupid bitch." If you know what it is like to be objectified, don't do it to others. It is dangerous and deeply offensive. It mocks the dead and the dying, the abused and the silent survivors.
Debbie Yash
Debbie Yash 3 kun oldin
James is the most real person ever! I believe that is why he is so loved. So successful.
Julia Vaoita Maeva Mareko
Gotta love 💘 JC for his vulnerability and humility. He has an aura and energy that is magnetic and I know in my heart that is why he is so successful with the show. Stay consistent in yr truth & I applaud him for his WW triumph and weight loss journey.
Catherine Sarabia
Catherine Sarabia 3 kun oldin
I ❤️ James, my absolute favorite! Such a real genuine Real Guy! Love from Dallas, Texas ❤️
Monique Marie
Monique Marie 3 kun oldin
I JUST ADORE JAMES. HE IS THE BEST EVER! I wach every morning on my computer and usually laugh myself silly,
lucrecia007 3 kun oldin
James we love you with extra pounds or skinny, you are sexy, funny and a sweetheart.. we need more men like you !!! stay yourself big bear hug
Anna Msh
Anna Msh 3 kun oldin
I never understood what was so bad about Tom Cruise jumping on the couch!!!
gary loveridge
gary loveridge 3 kun oldin
gary loveridge
gary loveridge 3 kun oldin
simpaticaism 3 kun oldin
He wants everyone to be happy ? Pity he interviewed Harry then, that was not funny hearing privileged mega wealthy Harry , do another negative complain fest about Britain and its people. Good on you James , Harry did you proud or did he ? , let’s see how Oprah works out with the privileged bitter complainers from Britain ! I did not realise this interview was a advert for weight watchers ......(wonder if they both have shares in the company ? ) Sad , the bottom line in the US is all about the $$$$$$$ .....Harry and Meghan should feel right at 🏡 home !
RichieB 3 kun oldin
Loses weight - comes out
Hearty 3 kun oldin
What happened to subtitles/CC after 9.24?
Wife Of Husband
Wife Of Husband 3 kun oldin
He carries weight so beautifully. Really a good looking man at the weight he is. However if he’s working on being healthier and weight comes off as a result of that, then kudos to him.
rustylee68 Soat oldin
Love James Corden, he seems so humble in front of Oprah, no cheeky comments, what a down to earth guy ❤️❤️🤗
Gus Bean
Gus Bean 3 kun oldin
The telling ceramic nouzilly hurry because gallon conjecturally cough against a near brass. inexpensive, electric rabbit
Arlene Rowland
Arlene Rowland 3 kun oldin
Sorry he has turned his back on the people that made him, he’s defo hollywood now , he wasn’t in2 politics at home we no he has sold out so sorry we use 2 love him we won’t matter he has made it, but has he sold his soul so sad , my god U have change and list You 😪🇬🇧
Jacqueline du Plessis
Love that @MariahCarey was the celebrity spark!
mihira66 4 kun oldin
I loved James Corden but now I love him more!!
Gwen Brennan
Gwen Brennan 4 kun oldin
I don’t know what WW is if it isn’t weight watchers
Gwen Brennan
Gwen Brennan 4 kun oldin
Thank you James.
Karen Shannon
Karen Shannon 4 kun oldin
Love! Love! Love!
Mickey Collantes
Mickey Collantes 4 kun oldin
Love this episode...
yasmin crafts
yasmin crafts 4 kun oldin
Oh no, he doesn't seem to be in a good place emotionally. Love James, I hope he's ok. Makes me laugh everyday
Elegance Developments
James Speaking from you're heart I feel you James you're the best full of love and giving out joy at you're best level at all times Blessings
annie mijac
annie mijac 4 kun oldin
When are you going to apologize to Michael Jackson for trying to help two extortionist try to fraud his estate out if millions of dollars with proveable lies.. and you know they lied now so there is no excuse. Your just plain evil 🐷
btfy99 4 kun oldin
How amazing and polite is Oprah. I love that she is actually listening to her guest, not interrupting and giving him all the time he needs. Great host!
J F 4 kun oldin
18.13, we can all relate to that. Well done James for speaking out!
snake oprah.........................................................................................................................................
Hari Prasojo
Hari Prasojo 4 kun oldin
The bite-sized smoke hemperly smile because support inversely decide towards a cowardly lunge. fanatical, conscious sphynx
Mora Young
Mora Young 4 kun oldin
Chickpea, Quinua has got gluten, that makes you hungry and grave for more food. You look great as you are, imagen what you would be when you read Wheat belly.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇧🇴❤️🌺💐😷👏👏👏🤣😂😅
Mora Young
Mora Young 4 kun oldin
James just read the book Wheat Belly by Cardiologist William Davies, it is the glutten hiden, you cut the glutten you lose 1stone plus at least, them do HIITHiigh Impact, Interble Traiging 5 minutes 3 times a day . I reverse my diabetes and everything else thanks to that book.
Debbie Alderson
Debbie Alderson 4 kun oldin
I feel you, James! I think that deep down we all feel as you do. You feel the burden as a man. As women, we live in a society that has expectations of how we should look, and are judged very harshly for it. It’s a journey that’s difficult for most of us. I have fought mine for most of my life. I admire you, and Oprah, for having the courage to make the change. I hope to find it one day, and stick to it. At 62, my time is growing shorter every day! We all want to feel good and be happy! Continued success to you both!
charlotteq1 4 kun oldin
Barbyl W
Barbyl W 4 kun oldin
Weight watchers doesn't last! Drop the carbs. Once WW goes Keto it will start working long term.
Anthony wiseman 1
Anthony wiseman 1 4 kun oldin
I really love it was great both of you James watched you from the start still love all you do .
MC M 4 kun oldin
James, Love your show and car pool karaoke. Your honesty is inspiring. Keep the faith and keep getting healthier 🙏 Mary Catherine
On Time
On Time 4 kun oldin
Two thin g s. James Corden has only been on my radar in the past couple months. The striking thing is that he appears to be so nice. (2) Oprah is beautiful. Today she reminds me of Sofia Loren. Both elegant beautiful people.
Ruth Caddick
Ruth Caddick 4 kun oldin
Love James - but is it stuck in the LA Moment..
R Smith
R Smith 4 kun oldin
WOW! Must be rough for Oprah to not be in the limelight these days so she goes and interviews those that are to stay in front of the camera. She is WAY too full of herself! How shallow! She didn't need to brag about her 4 computer screens either. I have one and that is plenty for me.
Jennifer Robinson
Jennifer Robinson 4 kun oldin
Much love and best wishes to you both!! 💛💚💙💜
Anita Whitehead
Anita Whitehead 4 kun oldin
Hey Oprah in carpool y'all please support each other I would like to see more and meet up again not the press on being played off each other with who you interview both of you have your purpose
Anita Whitehead
Anita Whitehead 4 kun oldin
Jamie Oliver call him on dope meal plans
Anita Whitehead
Anita Whitehead 4 kun oldin
Chinese acupuncture and herbs and tai chi like for one year is powerful for weightloss
Anita Whitehead
Anita Whitehead 4 kun oldin
Law of attraction w all need this tony Robbins lifecoaching mindvalley all your kick ass mentors and better ways to communicate and lifestyle live.....thankyou profoundly the weightloss is not just weight it's memories and life experiences and learning to cook effective communication with really beautiful people healthy discussions
Anita Whitehead
Anita Whitehead 4 kun oldin
I pray both of you all inspire each other work 🙏 heal 🙏 with prince harry please don't fight both interviews were interesting please take care of him and Megan set targets goals you've been losing weight and work through your pain and losses be cool and super intelligent the general public all over the world need you and love you learn to love God with all your heart he loves you all agape spiritual center streamline services join and enjoy
MICHELLE KELLY 4 kun oldin
He's such a Light and has touched so many lives with his Amazing Spirit. He hates having the spotlight on him. Wish he could see himself through our eyes. Thank you to all for making this interview possible❤️
Cee Jay
Cee Jay 4 kun oldin
Love You James💗💗💗 stay humble brother.
Wendy Thomas-Miyamoto
James Corden is absolutely wonderful.
Truth not opinion
Truth not opinion 4 kun oldin
Everyone said no, then yes, this fake manipulative world makes me sick!
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