Juice WRLD - All Girls Are The Same (Directed by Cole Bennett) 

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Juice Wrld - All Girls Are The Same
Song Produced Nick Mira
Shot, Edited & Directed by Cole Bennett

Juice WRLD's Channel: bit.ly/Juice_WRLD
Official Channel of Cole Bennett / Lyrical Lemonade
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Cole Bennett
Lyrical Lemonade




25-Fev, 2018



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Mack11Beats 9 daqiqa oldin
When this came out my girl loved me now it’s hitting like Barry bonds
Reeeg 10 daqiqa oldin
Yes they are.. fuck my life lol
Nick Ryabyy
Nick Ryabyy 56 daqiqa oldin
3 years ago, and the music video is still so nice to see again
Carlos Castanheira
2 girlfriends, both cheated on me
HiloFN Soat oldin
he vibin doe
Jip strankinga
Jip strankinga Soat oldin
This song hits different when imke has rejected you
C.I.A Soat oldin
R.I.P juice wrld a legend
CB2307 Soat oldin
My Girlfriend ha's been Broke with me I feel This song now!!
Alex Silverstein
Alex Silverstein Soat oldin
juice was really a master of channeling his inner pain into music.
Itzz Aydenn
Itzz Aydenn 2 soat oldin
If you know the whole song your heartbroken me:sings whole song
Jaccu 2 soat oldin
i really was dumb enough to come back to that girl and now ive gone into a loop back this song for hours on end
King Coburn
King Coburn 2 soat oldin
Keeley 3 soat oldin
Ariella Milton
Ariella Milton 3 soat oldin
All girls are not the same
Keeley 3 soat oldin
Jared lherisse
Jared lherisse 3 soat oldin
Dam i feel you juice ☹
BaRnisz 33
BaRnisz 33 3 soat oldin
😔 ⁹⁹⁹ Førever
ittsheen 4 soat oldin
three years later still listening to this song on repeat
Sacada 5 soat oldin
Insert Creative Name Here
Welcome Back. This isn’t your first time back. Keep your head up king 👑
Keeley 3 soat oldin
Who am I kidding
Katherine Harrison
Katherine Harrison 5 soat oldin
All my big cusions after a break 💔 up me and them just chilling listening to juice wrld
Nikelfickel 5 soat oldin
The best song 🎧
Khadra Georges
Khadra Georges 6 soat oldin
If you are watching this on 2021 you're a legend
Hello 2050 I hope you guys are doing good and making it through the war
Old town boys Music
Old town boys Music 7 soat oldin
Related to all my girlfriends
Kyrsten Carpenter
Kyrsten Carpenter 8 soat oldin
I still can’t believe you are gone legend I love you 😔
Frostyソ 8 soat oldin
the like to dislike ratio is insane. so little people have disliked in comparison to the amount that have seen it, proof of why he was so good
XXX fan
XXX fan 8 soat oldin
He's up in heaven with Xx
BaRnisz 33
BaRnisz 33 4 soat oldin
Dashxr- 8 soat oldin
I don’t know if they are in heaven 😔
Energy Wolf
Energy Wolf 8 soat oldin
39k people that disliked are all those girls that are exactly the same
Ok Then
Ok Then 8 soat oldin
That 10 minutes part hits hard
Uriah macBeth
Uriah macBeth 8 soat oldin
American SLAPPERS 9 soat oldin
Why is the version on Spotify mixed so weird tf his vocals are good on here
GOS_ClApZ 9 soat oldin
Rip miss u bro we never met but, to me u were a life saver. RIP
Emilio Fuentes
Emilio Fuentes 9 soat oldin
R.i.p juce world 🌍
Hyper Sparky
Hyper Sparky 9 soat oldin
To the person that’s gonna be watching this 10 years later, you got good taste
Victor Harmon
Victor Harmon 10 soat oldin
Juice WRLD helped us get through all of our problems, RIP king #LLJW
Flugang 10 soat oldin
Song hits even harder now that I'm moving back home and breaking up with my gf
Abby Thomas
Abby Thomas 10 soat oldin
legends never die✨
TRGTURTLEBOI Idk 11 soat oldin
F*uck you
F*uck you 11 soat oldin
Jetziel tolentino
Jetziel tolentino 11 soat oldin
Ayden Newman
Ayden Newman 12 soat oldin
Jared Ludwig
Jared Ludwig 12 soat oldin
PAIN 12 soat oldin
Remember me when you wacth this again in 2022
samo Lovro
samo Lovro 13 soat oldin
Favorite song 999🧃🌎
samo Lovro
samo Lovro 13 soat oldin
Legends never die R.I.P.
Idi Treize
Idi Treize 13 soat oldin
Thanks 🙏🏽♥️
Aziyah Hines
Aziyah Hines 13 soat oldin
I love Juice WRLD
Trey Boyette
Trey Boyette 13 soat oldin
Fuck em all lol 😆
Skyd Fr
Skyd Fr 15 soat oldin
My mom told me boys are bad ( i m a boy) And now i see a lot boys in depression because of girls =( And I am in depression because of a girl =(
Kaleab Seifu
Kaleab Seifu 16 soat oldin
Before 2 months it was 500k like now 2million dang
roblox proster
roblox proster 16 soat oldin
i came here because my girlfriend broke my heart
roblox proster
roblox proster 14 soat oldin
@TSM Marrell facts
TSM Marrell
TSM Marrell 15 soat oldin
bxd.59 17 soat oldin
Imagine you dislike this masterpiece
Flueon 18 soat oldin
lil bxyarᄎ
lil bxyarᄎ 19 soat oldin
kayleigh ann
kayleigh ann 19 soat oldin
by the time u see this, im dead.
CoolGuyYasen 17 soat oldin
Wait no don’t do anything. It’s not worth it man, what would juice want you to do? Live for him if not for your self.
kayleigh ann
kayleigh ann 19 soat oldin
they also leave
kayleigh ann
kayleigh ann 19 soat oldin
never trust girls
Alvin3004 20 soat oldin
Winnie Gurung
Winnie Gurung 20 soat oldin
thats right man .juce fr llife
Dmitry Bale
Dmitry Bale 20 soat oldin
It will be better if he was still alive, but he had to go. Fly on Juice. 🕊🕊🕊
steve clark
steve clark 21 soat oldin
Kurt Cobain Tupac and juice wrld have a lot in common. It's been a very long while since I've heard some good rap artists and juice wrld is very refreshing this day in age to hear.
Mariah Quevedo
Mariah Quevedo 22 soat oldin
So this guy dated every girl? If every girl is the same, Than all boys are the same.
CoolGuyYasen 17 soat oldin
Here: uzblock.info/post/video/vdiuaY-efq99jnE.html
AppleManGames 22 soat oldin
Once you listen to Juice you will always come back
crunchy- post8
crunchy- post8 23 soat oldin
This help me with a lot 🥺🥺😢😢😭😭😭😭😭
ANTI 23 soat oldin
She cheated again
Get Rpg
Get Rpg 23 soat oldin
Me:looks at title Me:so true
Monca Kun oldin
I edited this yay
T2M_ Midnight_YT
No one could have said it better “all girls are the same”
Nitro vinny
Nitro vinny Kun oldin
All u girls out there u refuse a guy u refuse there life
Nitro vinny
Nitro vinny Kun oldin
All u guys know why this is the 13th time I watch this
CoolGuyYasen 17 soat oldin
This is around the 700th time I’ve listened to this if you count me clicking replay after the video ends
Jafet jaciel Martinez
Me estaré preguntando ¿futuras generaciones escucharán este temazo?🥺
Antonio Salmeron
i am so depresion ;(
ALKOS Kun oldin
Dont worry he will be forgetten soon just like you
CoolGuyYasen 17 soat oldin
Juice will never be forgotten as long as I am alive. #lljw 999 for life
LHALPACA 007 Kun oldin
just some guy without a shirt
Man you feel this shit when your heart broke
nuredin roba
nuredin roba 18 soat oldin
You’ll get over her
bobi boten
bobi boten Kun oldin
That moment when your girlfriend doesn’t really pay attention to you and always have story with that guy🥲🔫
Maxleefox777 Fox
I miss him 😦
Karim Kun oldin
i only feel agony.
Marcel _ChimChim
sad shit bro :(
WRLDLY Kun oldin
I looked up to Juice WRLD and when All girls are the same came out my girl said he was trash and I broke up with her and when Goodbye And Good Riddance came out she said he was her favorite and she switched up
Dan Bilz
Dan Bilz Kun oldin
Those 39K dislikes must have been girls
Laurenz Mayerhofer
the 40k dislikes are girls who are all the same.R.I.P JUICE WRDL
Jack Radzter
Jack Radzter Kun oldin
Put it un 1.25x speed decent tho ngl
Laurenz Mayerhofer
fact: the 40k dislikes are people who didn't like the video.R.I.P JUICE WRLD
Luke Tiffney
Luke Tiffney Kun oldin
Well no shit😂
TheYuliuz Community
Im sad im relatin to this
George Michael
George Michael Kun oldin
Broke my heart oh no you didn't 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
matti107 Kun oldin
All Girls are the same. True
HerVamp- Kun oldin
All girls are the same Shouldve listen to Juice 🧃 😔
Megan Berry
Megan Berry Kun oldin
Amazing music
The Pko
The Pko Kun oldin
The world is not the same without you juice 999
DaRose Kun oldin
*This will never not be my favorite song, i listen to this every day*
Joey Kun oldin
Depression times😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😢😞
Luke Tiffney
Luke Tiffney Kun oldin
Of course it’s a fortnite kid
RoamWithRebble Kun oldin
POV: Your GF just left you and you find yourself here...
Sal Uzi
Sal Uzi Kun oldin
I just want real love guess it’s been a minute 💔
Gabriel Nistor
Gabriel Nistor Kun oldin
Who lisen that in 2021 ? 🤍❤📈🚬
X EASY Kun oldin
Dhritishman Das
Dhritishman Das Kun oldin
Rip Juice wrld
Prince Philip the barb
If all girls are the same date a guy😩😩
Prince Philip the barb
@CoolGuyYasen EXACTLY!😩😩
CoolGuyYasen 17 soat oldin
If car crashes can kill you, just walk.
Chitaki Mushroom
The people who dislike are the girl's who are different
Jacob Currie
Jacob Currie Kun oldin
I wish I could just go back to when this came out times were simpler.😔
Gabriel Cabrera
Gabriel Cabrera Kun oldin
He my idle 999 forever