Juice WRLD - Armed & Dangerous (Directed by Cole Bennett) 

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Lyrical Lemonade Presents
Juice WRLD - Armed & Dangerous (Official Music Video)
Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Dre Moon
Performance DP: Stephan Knight
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9-Noy, 2018



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Kenya Mora
Kenya Mora 54 daqiqa oldin
"Legends never die" 999
DCM VENXM Soat oldin
before juice recorded this song he asked: Ya dig?
jaxson morris
jaxson morris 2 soat oldin
Gang gang
jaxson morris
jaxson morris 2 soat oldin
Gang gang
jaxson morris
jaxson morris 2 soat oldin
Gang gang
jaxson morris
jaxson morris 2 soat oldin
Gang gang
jaxson morris
jaxson morris 2 soat oldin
Gang gang
jaxson morris
jaxson morris 2 soat oldin
Gang gang
jaxson morris
jaxson morris 2 soat oldin
Gang gang
jaxson morris
jaxson morris 2 soat oldin
Gang gang
Steff R
Steff R 2 soat oldin
i listen to this song everyday and it is still great
ll-R6-FLICKS-l l
ll-R6-FLICKS-l l 3 soat oldin
Anton Horvath
Anton Horvath 4 soat oldin
I love the end of the Video it just makes me happy seeing him laugh and having a good time
Dylan Moon
Dylan Moon 5 soat oldin
Juice is so happy I love his smile
The ping family
The ping family 5 soat oldin
When this song played at my school's last day me and a few of my friends song the whole song and we had like 50-60 people looking at us thinking who the hell are these people (stupid Iggy Azalea fans)
Koki Gamer
Koki Gamer 6 soat oldin
remember me and my best friend listening to this song 2 years ago and straight up vibbing, now we arent friends anymore and juice is dead, i am praying for u juice
Tara Moore
Tara Moore 6 soat oldin
GBNoid_12YT 6 soat oldin
Rb Leipzig Fan
Rb Leipzig Fan 8 soat oldin
999 WRLD
999 WRLD 8 soat oldin
There is nothing on my bank account :(
Whatever Dude
Whatever Dude 8 soat oldin
Guns can't save you from yourself. RIP juice. We'll always turn up to your songs💖
Ghost 9 soat oldin
hype maddo 254
hype maddo 254 9 soat oldin
R.I.p 😢😣😦
Josef Bratan
Josef Bratan 10 soat oldin
Rip juice wrld
Rip juice wrld 10 soat oldin
I love you juice wrld
Shelbi Clark
Shelbi Clark 10 soat oldin
Josef Bratan
Josef Bratan 10 soat oldin
Jayce Holland
Jayce Holland 10 soat oldin
William Outridge
William Outridge 11 soat oldin
Mohlake Makatelele
Mohlake Makatelele 12 soat oldin
Tim Hill
Tim Hill 12 soat oldin
🔥🔥 🔥🔥 bruh
ZeyRox 12 soat oldin
Shut the fuck up with that "whose here after he died". Like bitch we never left
anonymous anonymous
anonymous anonymous 12 soat oldin
Gun make em flash Adobe
SoundSheep01 11 soat oldin
Ya dig?
Hamza 14 soat oldin
R.i.p. 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️💔💔😞😞😞😞
Chamod Oshadha
Chamod Oshadha 15 soat oldin
Juice 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
HeavyMetalBoy4 15 soat oldin
I love ❤️ Juice WRLD RIP Juice WRLD
Wiktor 16 soat oldin
Day 22 of me listening to “Armed & Dangerous” for 1 year.
owxnweb 16 soat oldin
Y is there more than 0 dislikes on this???
Stoned Adin
Stoned Adin 18 soat oldin
Let’s see how many people vibe to this banger in May
fuse lol
fuse lol 20 soat oldin
lets go year of the song
fuse lol
fuse lol 20 soat oldin
so fiere
TSNßoßYT._. 21 soat oldin
This is great 😜
Alexander Vassilev
Alexander Vassilev 21 soat oldin
Legends says he will Forever 21 be a Legend. 999 Love you people out there
fun fact you never leave a juice wrld video until it is finished :)
Kai !
Kai ! 22 soat oldin
Lil poopybutt68
Lil poopybutt68 22 soat oldin
R.I.P juice
Nubbilyy Kun oldin
Bro he was so energetic. A legend to live on.
Xlaus Kun oldin
juice wrld i wished u lived until 999
TheDestroyerx14 Kun oldin
I just can’t stop listening
Sean _ Claps YTT
U dig 999 shit
Wølfz ツ
Wølfz ツ Kun oldin
I forgot juice died :/
Berpinator Kun oldin
Take off your body parts (my friend took off his left arm to join skyblock)
Purple ALEINS Kun oldin
Anyone still watching this may 2021? LLJW🕊💔❤️‍🩹
Josef Bratan
Josef Bratan 10 soat oldin
Liam Marzec
Liam Marzec Kun oldin
Sub 2 liam marzec I need it
Josef Bratan
Josef Bratan 10 soat oldin
Spidzr Kun oldin
Lil Cuepac
Lil Cuepac Kun oldin
Im still on that tho 🤣🤣🤣
ethaniscoming Kun oldin
one word "nostalgic"
MPDreams Kun oldin
I come here everyday to smile and cry at the same time
Patrik Řezáč
Patrik Řezáč Kun oldin
Juice was like a god in freestyling and singing,he didnt need to use autotune because his voice was a beatiful autotune.Its sad that he died because he could bail out and he would be there for like 2years or something so yeah..... #lljw fly high godstyler :)
The Turay Family
1:54 bro got bars
Steff R
Steff R Kun oldin
Young b
Young b Kun oldin
Legends die to fast if your up there juice tell the man I said hi and I bet your smoking right know but I always looked up to you even though people let me down I listened to you when you started rapping and I always looked up to you and you guided me and I wish you was still here
Nicklas Thomassen
hell yeah
WTJ Channel
WTJ Channel Kun oldin
rip juice wrod 😭😭😭😭😭
ysn lyndon
ysn lyndon Kun oldin
rip young goat 999 2021?
Zav Kun oldin
Happy weekend to everyone here still
Seth Quesenberry
I miss you everyday man 😪😪😪
Miguel Saenz
Miguel Saenz Kun oldin
He was so happy making that
nameor lop
nameor lop Kun oldin
3:01 makes me smile
Yesenia Torres
Yesenia Torres 2 kun oldin
He be spitten facts
Yesenia Torres
Yesenia Torres 2 kun oldin
Juice 🧃 wlrd hit em with 50 round
Tae-K 47
Tae-K 47 2 kun oldin
Dream WRLD
Dream WRLD 2 kun oldin
Juice WRLD is vibing & happy trough out the whole I can bearly believe it's him
James Reiter
James Reiter 2 kun oldin
I love juice wrld
dark gamer
dark gamer 2 kun oldin
20201 and this song still hypes me up
Flexi Wix Gaming
Flexi Wix Gaming 2 kun oldin
We can hope
Jake Colin Pajarillo
This is my fav song that juice wrld made
Wiktor 2 kun oldin
Day 21 of me listening to “Armed & Dangerous” for 1 year.
nick name
nick name 3 soat oldin
Not hard tbh
spoon 2 kun oldin
my favorite rap song ever 999 forever rest in peace juice 😔
Antonio Wiland
Antonio Wiland 2 kun oldin
Juice all day Everyday 999 FOREVER
GBNoid_12YT 2 kun oldin
Who's here in march may God bless u 🕊🕊🕊
No Connection
No Connection 2 kun oldin
Who agree that juice wrld has zero bad song’s #LLJW
Kaden Vandeford
Kaden Vandeford 2 kun oldin
Don't be sad he's gone be happy he's in a better place
for the boys no grils
I have one word banger
Kellen Farnham
Kellen Farnham 2 kun oldin
This song is bussin how’s still watching
Dark zero801
Dark zero801 2 kun oldin
Puagh zzz
Shin'ichi Kurita
Shin'ichi Kurita 2 kun oldin
I like when he pulled out a lighter and then probably some one saw the lighter lmaooo 2:25
KLOLk opgaming
KLOLk opgaming 2 kun oldin
Day 4 of listening to this song
KissimmeeGiantsTV 2 kun oldin
If you in 2021 and still gettin turnt up you a real one
Jordyn 2 kun oldin
2020✅ 2021✅ 2022 2023
Scizor Bullet
Scizor Bullet 2 kun oldin
Rest in peace juice ❤ forever bumping this song you will never be forgotten.
Adrián Cáceres Luis
esa es mi putit* favorita :)
Finnegan CanDrum
Finnegan CanDrum 2 kun oldin
thats bars
Finnegan CanDrum
Finnegan CanDrum 2 kun oldin
Gerty Misanes
Gerty Misanes 2 kun oldin
Iove it
kageebaa Ranjan
kageebaa Ranjan 2 kun oldin
This is my favorite song
Cryptic_Nooby 2 kun oldin
Ill never forget juice
ebrar ortahisar
ebrar ortahisar 2 kun oldin
Time heals all wounds but time could leave the nastiest scars” -Juice WRLD
Бекзат Алтынбеков
Спасибо что всосали в себя рак пальца Игоря Линка(вечная память этому герою)
Cxncle Shxts
Cxncle Shxts 2 kun oldin
This hit me when they said ready for juice wrld because he was the best tbh
Clinton J
Clinton J 2 kun oldin
Times were so much better back then #lljw
Isaac 06
Isaac 06 2 kun oldin
El flow de este tipo es god
L Kun oldin
es el mejor sin duda