Little Nightmares 2: The Story & All Endings Explained (Horror Game Theories) 

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Little Nightmares 2 - what exactly is this game all about? How does it tie into the original Little Nightmares? What about that strange and morbid ending? In this theory and analysis video I explain the entire story behind Little Nightmares II. We take a look at the games monsters, the relationship between Mono and Six and the origins of the mysterious Thin Man. This story explained video is both a walkthrough of notable story moments and also speculation as to how the world and it's characters function. So sit back, relax and enjoy the story of Little Nightmares 2 explained.
Check out Little Nightmares II here:
You've been watching SuperHorrorBro Mike and this was a theory video for Little Nightmares 2 and the story explained. If you enjoyed this video remember to like, comment and subscribe for more horror related content.
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12-Fev, 2021



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The25thSaam 53 daqiqa oldin
Poor Mono😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Pinkhairedemon Soat oldin
i really want a third one that connects everything and frees mono from the cycle..
Jonny Malcs
Jonny Malcs Soat oldin
I appreciate the effort, but these games are just jam-packed with allegory. Violence begets violence. Our children will become what we make of them, and so on. The signal tower, the Maw, it all just symbolises the world we grow and live in. Yes, there is obviously a lore within the game world, but let us not forget that these games are interactive iterations of literal nightmares, with a lot of subversive political and social commentary. Fantastic franchise. One of my favourites.
Stella Maris
Stella Maris 2 soat oldin
I believe Six betrayed Mono because he destroyed the music box. Mono understood it was the right thing to do, but Six didn't, and much like with the Bullies of the school, she had her revenge.
Reims Vargas
Reims Vargas 2 soat oldin
Something I don't get is if mono is the thin man and he knows what's going to happen why doesn't he kill six the first time he catches her but instead imprisons her and let's young mono save her ? I mean he has plenty of time to kill six and save mono from the cycle but instead he decides to let her live.
Taito Ahonen
Taito Ahonen 2 soat oldin
Yeah i didnt even want to sleep tonight thank you for making sure
Mariah Spink
Mariah Spink 2 soat oldin
Imagen this is real life...And we are all kids trying to survive with each other.
m5snGAMER 3 soat oldin
Soooo, six is the villain cause she betrayed mono, killed the runnaway boy in the maw DLC(the gnome with the sausage), the witch at the end of the game and every single person and monster in the light house and in little nightmares 2 we saw that the thin man(adult mono) is trying to kill six so she cant become a villain. Thats why i think that the thin man tried to kill six, so i think that in little nightmares 3 someone gonna go back in time to defeat young six after six killed the protagonist parents and the protagonist finds out that six future can be changed without killing her and he saves mono from the signal tower.
Something Production
Can someone summarize why six betrayed mono because my brain isn’t processing through all this
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill 3 soat oldin
one theory I just had: Thin Mono is desprately trying to end either 6 or his younger self, to stop the cycle, right? why would he bother unless he believed it could work? I think that, as time goes on, thin Mono gets stronger and stronger, until he will eventualy be able to kill six and end the cycle, bringing peace once again to the world. however, the gameplay is only the first rounds of the cycle, before their powers begin to become more even.
Asriel 4 soat oldin
This Is Mark
This Is Mark 4 soat oldin
When she got her yellow rain coat, I put on the yellow rain hat. And I called us the “Banana Bandits”. I felt so hurt when she let me go...
Monkey 4 soat oldin
I bashed that bully before Six did anything...
Leon Steinbauer
Leon Steinbauer 5 soat oldin
One thing I don't understand is why are there already all these monsters, when the signal tower hasn't even used mono's power to feed on the world and create the monsters?
Jana Van Bellingen
Jana Van Bellingen 5 soat oldin
So if Six hadn't stolen some of Mono's powers to escape, he probably would've been able to defeat his younger self as the Thin man (same powers + knowledge and experience)
Max Salmon
Max Salmon 5 soat oldin
A good analysis, but I'm not sure I agree completely with your conclusions. It's equally possible in my mind that the cycle of the Tower isn't one person endlessly being recycled, but rather of a succession. Similar to Six being the successor of The Lady, without being the same person, it's possible that Mono is just the latest in a line of Thin Men; people with that specific potential that the Tower uses in the same way, and become very similar mutant shells of their former selves. No time loop needed in that case. Similarly, Six's motivation for the betrayal of Mono may be simpler: Spite. He destroyed her music box. It was warping her, and keeping her prisoner, but it was also giving her comfort...she was happy with it, and he wrecked it. She's pragmatic enough not to linger, but perhaps not without one last moment of spitefulness. That moment when she first returns to normal, and she's standing there staring at him...there was a very ominous feel to that moment to me. Like she was very much considering attacking him. Then the tower starts to revert to fleshgoop and attacks, and the urgency of that moment takes over.
Joshua Gibson
Joshua Gibson 6 soat oldin
Thin man is the hanging man from Little Nightmares. In Little Nightmares, you can see a tall man hanging from the ceiling. You can see the same chair, and same door. He knew in every cycle he would fail to kill them both. The only other way he knew to end the cycle, would be to end his life.
The Forward
The Forward 6 soat oldin
Six sucks tho :/ Mono is the best
Thomas takes a toll for the dark
Didn't the creators say that LN2 is a sequal to LN1?
draco9719 7 soat oldin
My theory: Glitch Six is created when the Thin Man first abducts Six. It's strange that the thin man goes in by himself to take kids as there are multiple other glitch kids. Glitch Six knows mono can absorb and destroy(?) the other glitch kids so when mono is reunited with glitch six she forces six to drop him. I'm gonna guess that the glitch represents one's humanity as it acts very selfishly when given a chance to survive. This may also by why kids are affected differently and the thin man has to hunt them, taking their bodies but leaving their soul.
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 7 soat oldin
Really hope there’ll be a third game where they break monos cycle :(
Johnny Lozano
Johnny Lozano 7 soat oldin
Say again again
KizzuKai 8 soat oldin
Damn six... You caught the whole shippers off guard, actually i think you saved yourself from the shippers
Wxldrfty YT
Wxldrfty YT 8 soat oldin
mono < baggy B)
General Kinetic
General Kinetic 9 soat oldin
I think this is the games in order (my theory) 1-Very Little Nightmares 2-Little Nightmares 2 3-Little Nightmares
Daryo 9 soat oldin
I love it the lore is so deep
XDarkEcho 10 soat oldin
I mean...logically speaking, Thin Man/Mono could've just went to the beginning, back in the woods, and killed Mono there to stop the entire cycle from happening. Of course though, like most of these easy fixes; we wouldn't have a game peroid lol.
Qwert Zuiopü
Qwert Zuiopü 10 soat oldin
Theory: Mono and six killed both the hunter and the doctor, but not the Teacher. Mono becomes the thin man, maybe Six somehow becomes the teacher in the future...
Willyner Sabaco
Willyner Sabaco 10 soat oldin
So thinman is the good guy?.
FiveNightsOf Games
FiveNightsOf Games 10 soat oldin
Thin man was trying to kill mono to break the loop
N3SSTOR 11 soat oldin
Anyone else feel like it's just as likely that rather than being a time loop, instead the appearance of the Thin man is instead just dictated by the tower, explaining where he got the clothes
Rose Nongthombam
Rose Nongthombam 12 soat oldin
My brain is dead because the tall man is mono and the tall mono was trying to save six and mono himself
Louster Inguan
Louster Inguan 12 soat oldin
Also all of this happen because 6
Louster Inguan
Louster Inguan 13 soat oldin
So wen mono defeated thin man he defeated his weaker self because of six
Shil Sheila
Shil Sheila 13 soat oldin
I have my own theory about why six let's mono fall: so first keep in mind that six is a sadistic and selfish character. Now we all know that she is distrustful and prefer to do things on her own. But she does realise that she must learn how to work and trust mono so as to have a chance to survive. She learns to care and appreciate mono and become friends. Thus she learns to trust mono. Then mono releases the thin man, the thin man kidnaps six and chases mono to get far away from six in an attempt to break the cycle, save himself and his younger self. But mono beats the thin man, he enters the signal tower and saves six by destroying her precious music box. But I think those who say that six betrays mono because she's angry and want revenge against him or those who say she wanted to save him from dying by her own hands because she sensed her hunger coming back are wrong. First, she really care much about mono and wouldn't do that to him. She also does feel safe with him. Then her hunger came for the first time after she escapes the signal tower. Meaning that little nightmares 2 is really a prequel and not a sequel. But that,so not enough to tell why six dropped mono. You must add the signal tower to that. The signal tower uses thin man (mono) to steal the life force of people around the world through tv broadcast. But it also hypnotise them and distorts them, giving them monstrous forms. Then read this; when hypnotising a person, the person loses her consciousness and obey the hypnotiser. But once the hypnosis is broken, or the person doesn't remember what happened, or the person doesn't even remember his or her life! So taking that in consideration, I think this is what happened to six. She was hypnotised by the signal tower. Once being freed by mono, she doesn't remember him and what he was for her, except the one who broke her music box, the only thing, I think, she remembers from her past. So this is why she let mono fall. Because for her he didn't free her, but destroyed the only thing that made her feel safe. Those who will say she absorbed a part of mono's power are also wrong, I think, because in little nightmares, six gains the lady power after eating her. She did not eat mono, she did not gain his powers. But as said in the video, the signal tower stole six's soul. Then six's soul appeared and showed her the maw. Maybe that was the last action of the signal tower controlling xix, this time via her own soul. I do think stealing her soul has something to do with her memory. That may be another reason for me why the signal tower took her soul. Each time she eats something in little nightmares, her soul watches over her then disappears. I think that by doing so she regains a part of her memory. Some will say I made this theory after watching the video "six lost memories" but I thought deeply about this, I've given many point to add proof to what I think is the truth and I hope it is true. Like and comment about it, I would like to know what you think about it, thanks.
Shil Sheila
Shil Sheila 13 soat oldin
Good reading
Shil Sheila
Shil Sheila 13 soat oldin
I didn't think it would be so long.
cantsaycoco 13 soat oldin
The Developers saying there won't be a 3rd game will scar my heart forever without a conclusion to the story of Six and Mono, the *end* of their *Little Nightmares.*
cantsaycoco 13 soat oldin
And after the second game is when six was captured and was brought to a stranded place in the middle of the ocean and that was the first game. I hope there will be a 3rd game and it will be the last hopefully.
GacktSe7en 14 soat oldin
Okay everyone this is my theory of the game about mono and six, what if this whole entire time from the very beginning of this game mono knew everything, what if he knew that he was the tall thin man, what if he already knew six? What if he tried to carve a different path, a different story but at the end it ended up being the same thing over and over again in a loop. Maybe that's why mono has a bag over his head to cover his face. The whole entire time his face was covered from six, maybe so that she won't be able to recognize him as the tall thin man when they do encounter the tall thin man. Because in the game we started off with that bag on our head with no backstory to why we have it on our head in the first place. Maybe because he knew that the older version of him which is the evil side of him will try to stop him from carving that path. And at the end of the game he probably didn't realize that the bag wasn't on his head anymore and that's why six saw his face. And maybe with his power he probably warped into the past, to the time he met and encounters six. I mean why would the game starts off with him coming out of a t.v. in the middle of a forest especially when we haven't unlocked the ability to warp through t.v.'s yet and that's not all the first person or living being he encounters is six not too far from where we start the game. Maybe his goal from the very beginning was to save six and his friendship and to save himself from turning into the tall thin man.
Alexander LeBlanc
Alexander LeBlanc 14 soat oldin
That was a close one, Mono. But I'm not going to pull you up. See, without you, I'd get my own Little Nightmares game to star in. I just wanted to look you in the eyes as I took it all back. Goodbye!
Rogueherelol 14 soat oldin
So how has six escaped but also exist in the time loop?
Wendigo937 15 soat oldin
It all makes sense now
pink lasange
pink lasange 15 soat oldin
part 2 comes BEFORE part 1, and thats a fact u see six without a raincoat in part 2 and her WITH the raincoat in part 1 you might be wondering "how did she get on the boat then" well its possible she went down a storm drain because when you spawn in the first chapter of part 1 u find yourself under a circle of rain and a light above, sleeping in a suitcase. furthermore you actually take a vent to get onto the boat itsself, its posible that the boat was connected with the stormdrain and, if your thinking part 2 came after part one, explain how she got into the house WITHOUT her raincoat, she gets her raincoat halfway through part 2.
Teo Farha
Teo Farha 16 soat oldin
Six betread mono bc mono didn’t have his mask and he had the face of the viewers
Nur Mazyunah Nor Azman
lesson of the day : avoid negative energy that would harm yourself
Izaiah Smart
Izaiah Smart 18 soat oldin
theory: the manikins are playing the game manikin
Promise Evans
Promise Evans 18 soat oldin
So the very first time this cycle happened, the thin man didn’t exist yet. I think no matter what Six betrays Mono because like the video said she wanted to absorb his power. (Yk rather he had his hat on or not)
Lock E
Lock E 18 soat oldin
plot twist: the tower is 5G.
Flippy225 Media
Flippy225 Media 19 soat oldin
My brother pointed out that the glitched remain of six in the secret ending is probably the same entity as the black figure of six in the first game. Whenever six would eat something in the first game, if you move the camera around then eventually you will see a black figure that looks like six, maybe these two are the same thing!
victoria escalona
victoria escalona 19 soat oldin
• Milk Bag •
• Milk Bag • 21 soat oldin
Theory! : Six let go of mono because of her hunger because when you get the secret ending her stomach growls loudly. And if mono where to have stayed with her she might have ate him because she can’t control herself.
•Hiroto• Kun•
•Hiroto• Kun• 21 soat oldin
Six betrayed mono because she knew that mono was going to turn into the thin man
Ash Ashh
Ash Ashh 21 soat oldin
i’m so confused
Mixed Martial Anime
Mixed Martial Anime 21 soat oldin
So how did she end up at the maw and captured with that super power?
Dragon Ghost
Dragon Ghost 22 soat oldin
Ight, someone send this to the people who hate Six after they played the game, ahem like Cory (I don't know if Cory actually hates Six but he probably feels mostly betrayed.)
Gabriell Cortes
Gabriell Cortes 23 soat oldin
It would be cool if they made another game “little nightmares 3. Breaking the loop” they need to break the loop in order to make sure mono doesn’t miss the jump and sic saves him
MsInteresting Kun oldin
It seems with these Nightmare games, you can't accomplish happy endings. Just only dark endings.
The Quiet Kid
The Quiet Kid Kun oldin
Plot Twist: In the ending, Six was listening to music under her raincoat and she heard, in a song, ‘If you love me, you’ll let me go,’, thus creating the perfect inconvenient scenario.
Optimal Koala
Optimal Koala 23 soat oldin
lala land
lala land Kun oldin
I think six turns into The Lady because The Lady takes the soul and leaves the and six lost her soul and is hungry hence taking tha soul and leaving the body
BIoodIlne Kun oldin
im confused, is it a loop? becuase if mono becomes thin man, then how does young mono appear again in the forest?
Aw Karma
Aw Karma Kun oldin
You know I said this before I even watch this video I said this looks like a loop when I saw mono tied into thi man
PortalPen Kun oldin
I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING. In the first little nightmares, in the lady’s quarters, a picture of the hunter in nice clothes is hanging on the wall on the right, hanging over to the stairway. We theorized before that this was a picture of the rest of the hanging man, but the bag with the hole on the left is unmistakable.
austin miller
austin miller Kun oldin
What if those excess bodies from the hospital are sent to the Maw?
Melissa Daniel
Melissa Daniel Kun oldin
So six is the actual villain?!?!??!! What an unexpected plot twist.....
Haukås Maskin AS
how little nightmares ll should have ended: Mono drops six:3
groudon gamer
groudon gamer Kun oldin
So six was literally the true central antagonist....dang.....
Eh Paw
Eh Paw Kun oldin
Poor mono he has to tell himself the six is evil
Ronin X72
Ronin X72 Kun oldin
You know an argument could be made that if mono never freed his older self by accident then six and him wouldn't have been in the tower when all this went down and mono wouldn't be trapped in the tower as thin man man time loops can really hurt ur head when you keep thinking about the chain of events for too long
Francesca Brogna
A lot of people: a game without words can be so powerful Mono: hEyG!
Gracie Bells
Gracie Bells Kun oldin
So good. I really liked this theory.
William Jonte
William Jonte Kun oldin
What the heck
Kahtan Al Obaidi
Are you sure she dropped him on purpose
Aisha Frith
Aisha Frith Kun oldin
My theory of how Mono beat the thin man was that he got his power from the glitched remains and some how they had a more powerful affect on Mono
Fire Alchemist001
I just realize that the main character is called one but in science form because mono means one not trying to insult your intelligence if you knew that sorry
Abyss} {GLITCH
Abyss} {GLITCH Kun oldin
Yes, *my mind has been blown to pieces because this knowledge is too smart and I tried to use my non-existent brain cells*
Joar Jacobsson
Joar Jacobsson Kun oldin
the mask section in 8:52 top right mask is the long arm guys mask!!!!
MidoMax11 Kun oldin
i think the reason six drops mono is because whenever mono has been saved by six he has his mask on but when fighting the thin man he takes off his mask allowing people to see his face. The first time six sees his face is when six was about to save him but then six realises that he has a similar look to the thin man, so she throws him down, thinking that the thin man will be no longer because she threw him, but she doesnt realise that she just started it again. I also think that the mono you play as isnt the first one because when you first spawn into the forest come from a tv but in the background you see a lot more tvs than just one, this could only mean that you arent the first mono and little nightmares 2 is an endless cycle but the thing that doesnt make sense for me is how the doctor,hunter and stuff like that are also in a loop.Maybe they are seperate people being transformed by the tower?
A human! Gasp! :0
If time is a paradoxical nightmare, we resort to more clues through the main game, not the sequel. In the main game, we have the main boss, the lady. And her guests that are distorted with faces and eat a ton. The lady also hates her reflection, as all mirrors are shattered and that is how we kill her. Her powers are exactly like Thin man’s, sucking the life force of six and mono. But also, in the sequel after we kill the huntsman, we travel across water to the distorted world. And in the main game, we are on a boat (Theories of us being on a boat proven in every way) that could also be travelling away or to the distorted world. More likely to, because the lady might want to suck their life at the end, stuff them to feed the signal, as every one of them continue eating and want to eat you. But six also gains the ladies powers, and mono has the mans powers. Now, if mono becomes a paradoxically purposed human, for the thin man. Who continues being the lady to maybe deliver the main food source for the signal? Now, theories are that six becomes the lady. She needs to betray you to continue the corruption and the paradoxical nightmare. That might be why the thin man wants us both. Because the thin man, aka mono, wants to stop that. So he has to stop six from betraying you. How, exactly? He tries trapping six in a tv and making her a soul, so we can make the jump if we don’t rely on six all the time. Now, he fails. We do not see six after she drops you. But she could also be a paradoxically purposed human, and becomes the lady to continue giving meat to the signal. Now there are multiple endings, but we are talking about the basic ending. Anyway, I’ll end the theory here and will add more on request of comments.
Shiori Naval
Shiori Naval Kun oldin
Mono is the thin man right??... What if six is the geisha? Or the Lady? It kinda makes sense cause mono and six is stuck in a cycle.. and six is kinda cruel and both craving for life sucking blahblahblahh . I have a whole theory to explain and how i ended up thinking it that way. But im kinda lazy to type it here all out
Inge Carstens
Inge Carstens Kun oldin
So what would happen if six did not let him fall?
Detri Tus
Detri Tus Kun oldin
xXMc1ovinXx Kun oldin
I luv how the stories represent child abuse and how eventually they take their abusers place. Such as six betrays or how she eats the gnomes. Thus showing how one child will turn on the others when having an abused life or Mono and his cycled loop
TGP Kun oldin
I hope that thin mono finally beats little mono and gets the revenge and saves the world
Syazwina Suhaimi
Let's get real here, we only felt betrayed by the ending because the game put us in Mono's perspectives. If the game made us in six's perspectives, we will see how six became anxious as she saw mono can literally absorbing other kid's souls. Six also always being put in harm's way when she decided to trust mono and accompanied him. At the end, after realizing the power mono possesses, it is really the "killed or be killed" situation. Moreover, in the first game, we can see how six is also suffering just as much as mono. She can never be happy again without mono. They were both victims in little nightmares world.
Joey The Legion
Joey The Legion Kun oldin
7:40 that never happened in my game play cuz I killed that bully with the pipe in the last scene lol
Jayden Clayton
Jayden Clayton Kun oldin
Damn 5G lookin kinda different rn....
Moondynoom Kun oldin
Theory: This is a never ending nightmare. Since in a example 1 hour of sleeping in a nightmare is a year. It’s just s cycle
Moondynoom Kun oldin
Mohaned SIFER
Mohaned SIFER Kun oldin
Make the jump without the Rope
Zero Kun oldin
So no one talks about that this game is a prequel
плът Kun oldin
In my opinion both six and mono were good characters that just didn't know what was going on and at the same time bad characters that knew everything
The Kaiser
The Kaiser Kun oldin
that was really cool i did not sleep many days cause i was thinking about the story ,Now i atlast understand it Thank you
Kxifed Kun oldin
so basically young mono is dumb
Ludger W.D
Ludger W.D Kun oldin
ya'll really think that the character designs are the true nightmares of the game, but if u ask me id say its the fact that Mono is faced and forced into a position where he's facing his greatest fear and losing horribly.. being alone..... that's not all, the fact that he realizes that he himself was the thin man means he knows that he's stuck in a infinite loop. same for Six, she's deemed to become The Maw woman after consuming her, Mono and Six are doomed with a horror that has no face, no form, no motive and the worst, no end to its torture. they repeat the same process of trying to survive the monsters and at the end realize that they themselves are the same Monsters that they killed, at this point: 1. The Thin man is trying to save Mono by taking Six away from him,. trying to break the cycle of horror that they're stuck in. 2. As he said Six is a survivor SO the Maw woman tries her best, not to stop her former self, but to kill her.
Ludger W.D
Ludger W.D Kun oldin
When thinking about being thrown in a time loop of insanity and horror it doesn't scare us in the way monsters do, it scares us in ways that make us monsters, which is far more terrifying, which brings me to a conclusion, .... the name "Little Nightmare" is a perfect fit for the most terrifying position to be in
Heidi Saukkola
Heidi Saukkola Kun oldin
I thot it was slender man 😂
Barely Me
Barely Me Kun oldin
Am I the only one who guessed that this game was a prequel? As soon as we met six because she didn’t have her rain coat so I figured it was a prequel instantly
Auhsoj Acosta
Auhsoj Acosta Kun oldin
Not a theory but why the heck six looks like some degenerate put a 3D dorito on a extra large Twinkie
Bacongou Kun oldin
I feel upset
Daniel Kun oldin
I now realize the real name of every characters Sasha=six Ben=seven Roger=the janitor
Clown Kun oldin
6 and mono are the nightmare or they are in their own "little nightmare "
Bismuth LD
Bismuth LD Kun oldin
I wonder if the Lady is also Six, seeing as Six gains the Lady's power at the end of first game, perhaps creating the cercumstances for transformation.
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