Making chainsaw robot, carving logs 

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When I was offered the opportunity to beta test an upcoming robotic arm from Tormach, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. CNC chainsaws baybeeeeee. Aside from being fundamentally awesome, it is a very interesting software problem. Since I didn't have to build the arm I was able to focus the project and the video on the software challenges of making something like this work. Thank goodness I didn't have to build the arm because the software almost killed me. I can imagine all kinds of next steps for this creation like machining textures with the chainsaw or cutting topiaries. I hope you like it!
* Low Polygon Labrador Model: www.thingiverse.com/thing:446787
* RRT GIF: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapidly-exploring_random_tree#/media/File:Rapidly-exploring_Random_Tree_(RRT)_500x373.gif
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4-Apr, 2021



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Stuff Made Here
Stuff Made Here 16 kun oldin
Hope you enjoy this robot as much as I do 🙂. A big thanks to everyone who helps to make these projects possible through their patreon support. If you'd like to help me make more projects like this (and get more behind the scenes content, an AWESOME discord, livestreams, etc) check out patreon.com/stuffmadehere
Abood XS
Abood XS 9 soat oldin
10:42 could you have a lazer scanner? It might sounds bizarre and easier said than done but there was a video about people moving sand here and there to create hills and then the computer will read the height and create a terrain map on the plane.
James Collier
James Collier 10 soat oldin
:55 you are famous. 3 seconds in this montage
MrMoonshiner 20 soat oldin
Very cool, but not quite display worthy yet. How about a robot that can put together a jigsaw puzzle, or build a small LEGO set?
Collin MacInnis
Collin MacInnis Kun oldin
We have a fanuc robot at work... its interfaced on a simple interface... ie... known grid... and a pallet change... I must say... using the robot to push the shuffle around a common axis is innovative to reduce the cost of a seperate drive motor... How you go about asinine ways to explore potential... gives me a chuckle... im not versed in robotics... but you sir have a potential... your intuitive nature will lead you to advancing machine procedures given time... or maybe someone will help Jumpstart your mind where to look... as in waste generated from tool tip... You are one step away form genius... ;) tackle the issue on time... its comparitive... money in... money out. Have a few ideas been floating around for some time. .. 1st rule... let gravity do its job...simple designs can become redundant. From a procedural point of view. Its realizing where to invest the time... What is your motivation? Ya C axis (rotational) with one fixed axis... scale that up... think the bay of fundy... canada.... 60 foot tide... do a coffer dam... re-enforce it... build a lock around it... build concrete floats within that... span the gap inward by a bridge crane... make it tuff as nails... say tower at center to support 1/2 the overhang... So lets say I want a 1000 meter diameter... seems within easy possibility... K bullet points... whats the discharge rate... said locks can disapate water... ideal would be 1 tidal cycle... if we only use a fraction in one stroke... how do we store wasted potential.... basically it boils down to kinetic.... say we want to engineer past limits on drop forge tech as is... go all in... look at it as a all in one... all or none... if you look at a swimming pool... could you not put a upwards force on a float... pin it to a wear plate.... for the linear axis.... drop water level... and said points of final reference... big is not the question... its when we go that way. Why not go deep... we look for fast motions... when we know... torque... rigidity works... so why not go down 5000 meters into the sea... Why not go to the very bottom.... form a pressure vessel at surface... cut into it a conical plug thru... the geometry will self seal by pressure difference alone once applied. So many questions... If its a question of safety... than tackle that... outside of laser and visual... how do you eliminate contact... so its audio?
Steve J
Steve J 4 kun oldin
Hey, you should try an offset grinder with the chainsaw blade. You could probably do more intricate cuts. Just a thought. I could NEVER figure out how to do all that you did.
brady_boy 26
brady_boy 26 Soat oldin
This is cool and all but when the LPL collab
Da.shArk87 2 soat oldin
What about the lock for LockPickingLawyer??
Max Mussdermann
Max Mussdermann 2 soat oldin
This is such a cool project! The problem you had with the blade not beeing able to dive into the wood could probably be fixed by using a carving blade. The tip geometry there is different (its pointy) to be able to "stab into" the wood without kickbacks. Also please have a better look on your chain tension (it was very lose at the videos end) as you will otherwise kill someone randomly by a chain flying around.
Snoopdogksa 2 soat oldin
Hello What happened to the lock challenge im looking forward for what you will make
Dean Jr.
Dean Jr. 2 soat oldin
“I’m sure there’s someone really smart that can make this thing work.” Bruh you’re like the smartest person on earth.
Kenton Upton
Kenton Upton 2 soat oldin
Safety chain! 🤣🤣🤣
Louis L
Louis L 3 soat oldin
dude, you have the coolest toys. very entertaining! (not an anti kickback tooth tho)
Henry4711LP 6 soat oldin
15:25 here is how to make your code go yeeeeeeet
zupacs 7 soat oldin
What's the name of the sketchboard app used on the ipad?
Fredrik Stål
Fredrik Stål 8 soat oldin
Now make one that makes stone statues
DragonArmor12 8 soat oldin
You should make a controller where it automatically adjusts your car to the racing line on a racing game
Jess Harriman
Jess Harriman 8 soat oldin
wait...Your sponsor doesn't make industrial robot arms? That's what I'm in the market for.
Max M
Max M 8 soat oldin
I absolutely love your channel. I think of you as a genius.
hanswasheiri 9 soat oldin
Is your wife stoned?
Calvin McFalls
Calvin McFalls 9 soat oldin
Local man drills hole in floor to be able to cut a bear out of wood, only for it to catch fire and burn his house.
rmp5s 9 soat oldin
"...make it really hard to read and probably break it." Hahaha...story of my life, man. This is why, whenever I get ANYTHING working, I'm SUPER reluctant to touch it again.
Kritarth Mishra
Kritarth Mishra 11 soat oldin
What app do you use for making your rough sketches and designs? I have been looking for one to use and haven't made up my mind yet, I find the one that you use to be very simple and convienient, Thanks, and awesome job with the videos!
Marco Vítor
Marco Vítor 12 soat oldin
@stuffmadehere Hello, I'm Brazilian and I'm curious: what were you listening to at 14:30 on that upper screen?
hashbang 14 soat oldin
i feel like you should make a remote controlled soccer ball or a soccer ball that is rigged for your wife to lose
Archie Everett
Archie Everett 14 soat oldin
You should see if you can get an mlb player to use the baseball bat!!
Hasim Tordios
Hasim Tordios 16 soat oldin
I would love to see you make any superhero suit
Nelson Glover
Nelson Glover 17 soat oldin
5:30 wait what? I need to go google that because you're right, it is magic
Kristo Karl Aedma
Kristo Karl Aedma 18 soat oldin
Perhaps you can look into 'stochastic gradient descent'?
Sweety_Sheep 18 soat oldin
Anyone knows what's his drawing software ?
Merouani Abd el karim
Merouani Abd el karim 19 soat oldin
Ur dawg is a king
Jacob Leinweber
Jacob Leinweber 22 soat oldin
This mans power bill... Can’t even imagine
B T 23 soat oldin
Waste of time. Nice fail. This was as dumb as your haircut machine. Why don’t do something useful like make a washer/dryer that folds clothes after drying.
D02rock 23 soat oldin
Do it to a block of ice
Peter Milovich
Peter Milovich Kun oldin
Things you need to change for next time. Wood choice: Cedar! Its the only wood sculptors use because its the softest and easiest to cut. Also, you have to have OIL on your saw or else it will overheat every time. Love watching your vids.
Ethan Porter
Ethan Porter Kun oldin
Why are wiener dogs so long?
Raven Gaspar
Raven Gaspar Kun oldin
Woudln't it be much better if you use an angle grinder for this?
Behnam saeidi
Behnam saeidi Kun oldin
there is a very easy way to generate gcode for your 3D pattern. approach the problem similar to wood turning. you take the 3D model, pick an angle and project it into a 2D plane (kinda like holding something to sun light and drawing around the shadow). now your problem is to find triangles inside of a an image, there is a greedy algorithm for squares where you set a resolution size and break everything into squares of that size. then you bundle every 4 adjacent square into a larger square. the complexity of your problem also scales linearly with the number of turns you want. This is very scalable as well. this is how GPUs draw fragments.
Rahmen Kun oldin
“when you have a bolt that’s really stuck, you come over here and break your wrench in half” 😭😭😭
Phil Case
Phil Case Kun oldin
Re making wood scupture... You're just going to have to learn how chainsaws cut. It's pretty simple physics, so you should catch on quick. There's a whole lot of guys out here on UZblock with nothing but chainsaw content. One of the biggest factors is probably going to be sharp chains and properly gauged rakers.
Grim reaper
Grim reaper Kun oldin
Just import a t posing bear into blender add a few bones, do a rough rig, and a rough pose, then done. Not hard to do. Take a few hours at most.
The k0rKal
The k0rKal Kun oldin
didn't you say that you bought your ipad just for one specific software that only works on ios? Jet you use an win10 device? :) cool vid bro
Youssef Elafifi
Youssef Elafifi Kun oldin
Could you try to make an automatic dart/bow and arrow shooter? It would calculate the coordinates needed to reach the red dot in the middle, also make sure it's fast to reduce the air resistance effect.
Mo Kun oldin
Machinists know there is an optimum chip load, speed and feed for cutting different types of materials, depending upon the cutting tool geometry and strength. I am only halfway through the video - hoping that comes to mind.
Joseph Moore
Joseph Moore Kun oldin
I hear the Mars drone cost $85M. For a drone. $85M. Sure, it's cold as hell on Mars, and the atmosphere is thin, but, c'mon. I'm betting you could beat that price by an order of magnitude or 2.
jevik freeman
jevik freeman Kun oldin
this dude is a genius
RogThePirate Kun oldin
As a miniature/diorama builder, that much carnage inflicted on XPS foam almost physically hurts me. That said, amazing as always.
zhawn14 Kun oldin
@11:00 I can think of 2 options for the cutting problem. Option (1) is a combination of the 2 original cutting methods; do a best cut line and then do a refining pass like your apple peeler. Option (2) would be to collide a planar perpendicular to the angle you wish to cut; it would something similar to the calculation for magnetic flux to antenna.
The Magic Boy
The Magic Boy Kun oldin
you didn't throw a bag over the arm to stop it from getting coated or something?
tim g
tim g Kun oldin
Literally one of the best channels of all. Genius but still very funny
Andras Libal
Andras Libal Kun oldin
Let's look on the bright side: he put a CHAINSAW on a ROBOT ARM and all he got was a band aid on one of his fingers. Could have been much worse.
yousif el-warfali
wife wins
Hatcyon Kun oldin
Que brasileiro vendo o vídeo percebeu o que ele tá assistindo no 14:30
Quinn Carver
Quinn Carver Kun oldin
Hey, I have a chainsaw. They really don’t cut well after just a few hours of use. They need to be sharpened regularly. Take it to your local hardware store. Better yet, by several and have them in rotation - always one sharp. If you are seeing powder or saw dust it’s too dull. If you see miniature ticker tape it’s good and sharp. Thx for the inspiration. QC
Jordan Bennett
Jordan Bennett Kun oldin
Stuff made here is michael reeves, if he was a grown adult, wholesome, and not addicted to crack
xXave__ Kun oldin
Wonder what wife mode would do on this one...
Marco Weber
Marco Weber Kun oldin
What application is that at 8:28?
Deb Talukdar
Deb Talukdar Kun oldin
@ 0:53 looking out of your window, is it still snowing over there? Or it was just foggy?
Peter Evans
Peter Evans Kun oldin
Great video. If you run your ideas past an old lady "The Old Lady Test" approximately 80% of your time can be saved going down non-working paths. You simply state the idea, then, any lady that has made it to 75 years old will immediately tell you what's wrong with that idea. For example, as soon as you showed up with that cedar tree she would have said, "Did you dry it out first?", or "Will that chainsaw I have seen only cut branches actually cut a log?" Also, "Do you really need to write code to know the precise shape when that saw will not cut exactly" or "Why are you using a chainsaw to wittle instead of a chisel and hammer?" or "Why don't you start small and work your way up" Lastly, she would certainly say, "Use pine, it is a soft wood"
Amsterfy '
Amsterfy ' Kun oldin
17/06/2015 = June 17 2015, I really think you should change that date Stuff Made Here.
Ash no Crash
Ash no Crash Kun oldin
You Should team up with mark rober
Hang Haam
Hang Haam Kun oldin
13:01 everyone need that in their house
justin peebles
justin peebles Kun oldin
Make the heartbeat sensor from call of duty. You won’t.
Owen Hofman
Owen Hofman Kun oldin
could you imagine what the world would be like if everyone was as smart as shane...... just think about it
Mr. Mogo
Mr. Mogo Kun oldin
anyone know if he sent that lock he made the the lockpickinglawyer? I cant find the vid if he has.
C and me
C and me Kun oldin
I love how whenever you look at the top monitor you never know what you're going to see, an example that was in this video is just stop having problems stupid
Andrew Zhang
Andrew Zhang 2 kun oldin
best gradient ascent explained
Joe D
Joe D 2 kun oldin
The potential in this video also made it that much cooler
IDK Alexander
IDK Alexander 2 kun oldin
5:03 duck
Joe D
Joe D 2 kun oldin
Chuck Norris stopped a chainsaw with his bare hand in a movie
Acecool 2 kun oldin
I wanted to add another comment because I had this on the backburner for a little bit and a solution popped in my mind, as a programmer - how would I accomplish this... I don't know much about modeling, and I wish I did, but converting motion capture to g-code wouldn't be super difficult... You could capture the motion of one or more of these chainsaw artists and replicate what they've done. The arm could handle it. The rotational element would be opposite of their movement around the item. And you could get incredibly accurate reproductions by doing this - although they may not like you selling a replica of their making via a robot though, but I'm sure there are a few people willing to try this.
Two2002 2 kun oldin
Can I join the channel? I’ll work for free
Two2002 2 kun oldin
Software optimization? Just use c++ instead
Thomas Schratz
Thomas Schratz 2 kun oldin
"you should make it out of wood" lmao
Dezient 2 kun oldin
This guy is honestly living the life
pmK0 2 kun oldin
What is the name of that note taking app?
ورق جدران اسطنبول Decorations and interior cladding
A dedicated channel for wallpaper..
Acecool 2 kun oldin
That actually looks like a cat. The wire one.
Shrikant Kaul Chand
Hey, about making the gradient descent work - a nice way I know of is using stochastic gradient descent which is much more likely to converge to absolute min/max since it makes random jumps driving away from local minima/maxima.
David Lowit
David Lowit 2 kun oldin
What software do you use for your illustrations?
cheppuku 2 kun oldin
is the lockpicking lawyer collab coming?
KroNix 2 kun oldin
Still waiting for that lock update 👀
samscar _
samscar _ 2 kun oldin
Not to push but when does the almighty stuff lock meed an unstoppable force
Thomas Bahr
Thomas Bahr 2 kun oldin
Wife obviously...
Mack G.
Mack G. 2 kun oldin
If I were building a chainsaw wielding robot, my wife would be hiding in a corner with her book too. 😂
TheXstreet Fr
TheXstreet Fr 2 kun oldin
"Stand back, I will kill you" genius 🤣
Barry Bencsics
Barry Bencsics 2 kun oldin
I think it would be a great idea if you designed a robot for robot wars on UZblock, very popular.
Mariusz Chyliński
Mariusz Chyliński 2 kun oldin
You gave these machinery in your garage? ;)
Frank Charles Pedro
jsbmx 2 kun oldin
Good stuff
Philip Saint
Philip Saint 2 kun oldin
Bro, he was watching memes in the background
Dustin Fake
Dustin Fake 2 kun oldin
This man is a G with real personality. Love this content.
Günther Lauch
Günther Lauch 2 kun oldin
Who dislikes these videos?
Bald Ray Mak
Bald Ray Mak 2 kun oldin
10:47 you are already at the max level of smartness
climatebabes 2 kun oldin
You can also wire yourself up so that if you touch the saw you close a circuit which kills the saw. This is used in bench saws. Maybe it can be done capacitatively, so if you come to close to the saw its capacitance will increase and this can trigger it to stop
climatebabes 2 kun oldin
Welcome to early machine learing. They introduced momentum and simulated annealing..
Unlimited Rory
Unlimited Rory 2 kun oldin
If the the chainsaw needs to be edged it will just burn through the wood.
Martin Camitz
Martin Camitz 2 kun oldin
Here's an idea. The divine combo of carbon and silicon. Use your setup to manually chip away at the log, restricting your movements with your software model. Ok, maybe clunky unless the robot isn't really flexible. How about this: use a laser to "color" the log where it needs chipping until a dog is all that remains. (Is that a thing? I feel it should be. There is no way no one has thought of it.)
ɹɐǝʍs I ǝƃɐssǝɯ ʇǝɹɔǝs ɐ ʇoN
wife is my favorite anime antagonist
Jean Kelly
Jean Kelly 2 kun oldin
tinyurl.com/womanlovevh4ji ❤️🆂🅴🆇 🅿️🆁🅸🆅🅰️🆃🅴 🅽🆄🅳🅴 😍👌 ❤️ 今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした, ❤️ 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成%員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙 來調味g食物煮的時候 🤩
David Morar
David Morar 2 kun oldin
@Stuff made here, just an idea for using the estop when your in the kill zone. We use a double deadman switch for programing our material handlers. Ours are built into our tech pendants but it wouldn't be hard to make a stand alone one. Basically it's a switch that you hold half way down in order for the robot to move. If something happens and you release the switch it kills the arm and if something scares you and you tense up and push the button further down it'll also kill the arm. It's a pretty safe system. We also use cameras and stuff so that when you are in the work cell or kill zone the robot will only run at half speed. Then once you are outside the kill zone you don't need to hold down the deadman to the halfway position anymore and it returns to full speed.
Math uca
Math uca 2 kun oldin
3:39 what is the name of this application?
Autumn River
Autumn River 2 kun oldin
U make me feel unprepared for the work word as an eng student
Klaus rasiert sich
Klaus rasiert sich 2 kun oldin
@Holzkunst Scholz wäre das nicht was für euch ?
Harris Outdoors
Harris Outdoors 2 kun oldin
Can you please send the lock to lpl then we can be satisfied
Buron Krilitas
Buron Krilitas 2 kun oldin
this guy is trying to beat mr beats watching dance till your dead for 10 hours 14:29
Haircut machine V2: future of haircutting?
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