Making liquid air 

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Today I'll be using a cryocooler to turn air into a liquid.
Nile talks about lab safety: uzblock.info/post/video/zNV3eoN-em58jno.html​

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1-May, 2021



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Elijah Egbert
Elijah Egbert 5 daqiqa oldin
Can I drink it
Andy Lutz
Andy Lutz 10 daqiqa oldin
So can you breathe it? Probably not... too cold. However, what happens if you poured it on a piece of paper????
Radical Donut Studios
Radical Donut Studios 15 daqiqa oldin
Willie mcfadden
Willie mcfadden 21 daqiqa oldin
WHOA=mind blown
Saint Eagle
Saint Eagle 39 daqiqa oldin
I love this guy. He actually makes genuinely entertaining and smart TikToks/UZblock Shorts. The science content really works in these short condensed style of videos, too. Plus, I just love how he never follows the generic tropes of this genre of videos, like cringe overacting and stretching the content to part 2, but instead keeps his shorts straight to the point.
Daniel CH
Daniel CH 50 daqiqa oldin
Fire hazard. In an open container of liquid air, the oxygen boils off first. But this is probably too small an amount to matter.
Lizzy 55 daqiqa oldin
Wait- is it drinkable?
🌼🌸Josephine Garrison🌸🌼
Half of the time he’s explaining I’m just so forced on the video I kinda don’t realize he’s talk :)
Kaden Lawrence
Kaden Lawrence Soat oldin
touch it
ze hole
ze hole Soat oldin
I wanna drink it so bad
Bob Adeh
Bob Adeh Soat oldin
He turned it up to 1
lil z †
lil z † Soat oldin
Can you drink it?
Don Key
Don Key Soat oldin
drink it no balls
Corazxon Soat oldin
how to clean that up
Juvon Lindsay✓
Juvon Lindsay✓ Soat oldin
Isabella G14
Isabella G14 Soat oldin
someone show this to a drunk friend and see how they react
sarah diaz
sarah diaz Soat oldin
But what happens if you drink it?
jav leonard
jav leonard Soat oldin
what if you turn it up all the way
Cyberr80 Soat oldin
What happens if you drink it
Robert Owens
Robert Owens Soat oldin
What happens if you drink it?
Vortex Soat oldin
So can i drink it or no
WifeOfDoom Soat oldin
Drink it!
Toxic Joker15
Toxic Joker15 2 soat oldin
Sam Quick
Sam Quick 2 soat oldin
Why is it bubbling when you put it in the beaker?
Gh4stly Ghost
Gh4stly Ghost 2 soat oldin
This dude: >Makes liquid air Aloyicuous O'hare: "write that down write that down!!"
F9ZERO WINNER 2 soat oldin
Can you drink it?
Ángel dude
Ángel dude 2 soat oldin
Is it drinkable
Jyxlp 2 soat oldin
This man can literally become a super villain
Imperial X
Imperial X 2 soat oldin
Wtf does it taste like!
Mersinary 2 soat oldin
Anyone can give me an ETA on the cost of this
Identify Yourself
Identify Yourself 2 soat oldin
He turned the power dial just a bit ( looks like 2) ....what happens if you turn it to 100? Eeeeek
Söt Gråvarg
Söt Gråvarg 2 soat oldin
What would happen if you drink that
Identify Yourself
Identify Yourself 2 soat oldin
Some good ass Prana lol 😂 ...Ralph Smart needs to see this video
PurplePotatoes 2 soat oldin
I noticed that like half of it evaporated immediately and the other half stayed liquid, are they two different gasses?
Ashley 2 soat oldin
What would happen if you inhaled this and/or it got on your skin?
Yavuz Kahveci
Yavuz Kahveci 2 soat oldin
What do you mean it's not fancy? Cold air is already fancy, and you have a thing that gives you literally liquid air...
jim panther driver vickers
OMG...He dicovered frost and for his next trick he's gonna make the red tip on a piece of cardboard turn into fire
cheese man
cheese man 2 soat oldin
Forbidden drink
Savtoosh Noder
Savtoosh Noder 3 soat oldin
Ok but can u drink it
Nícolas Janke
Nícolas Janke 3 soat oldin
I guess this process is part of air distillation to obtain O2. Is atmospheric distillation the cheaper and most used process most used to obtain medicine O2?
The_true_nderue daved_q
Looks tasty
Ujjual Rajeev
Ujjual Rajeev 3 soat oldin
The OG G-Fuel......
WillXD 3 soat oldin
In summary this how u make liquid nitrogen but a rip off version of it
Eclipse 1680
Eclipse 1680 3 soat oldin
I'm curious...can you can drink it?
Pradelnicek 3 soat oldin
Wait. So Its not liquid oxygen.. or?
Michael Mcilwraith
Michael Mcilwraith 3 soat oldin
I get the liquid air is warming up so essentially boiling off back into a gas, but could you drink it? And if so what would happen?
Antonio -7000
Antonio -7000 3 soat oldin
Noice💛👌solid gold
Sky of roses
Sky of roses 3 soat oldin
So, if air is basically just water.. then are humans just land fish?
Terriyon McFarland
Terriyon McFarland 3 soat oldin
what if he turned the dial all the way up
Eli Drew
Eli Drew 3 soat oldin
Snort it
Marc Salkeld
Marc Salkeld 3 soat oldin
What happens if you drink it?
Earl Mendoza
Earl Mendoza 4 soat oldin
Is it drinkable
mmpj twod
mmpj twod 4 soat oldin
this guy saved our lives, the water of the earth will never run out 👌
Zul Khairi
Zul Khairi 4 soat oldin
The liquid inside that canister is soo cold, it boils on room temperature veil.
Brendanc202 4 soat oldin
what happens if you touch it tho?
Wakizashi_17 4 soat oldin
When you're Malay then read the tittle : 👁👄👁 ahh liquid berair...
Dylan De Vre
Dylan De Vre 4 soat oldin
Can you drink it???
mmpj twod
mmpj twod 4 soat oldin
Chug it chug it chug it
Jeriel Díaz
Jeriel Díaz 4 soat oldin
What if he turned it all the way😳
Roopanand Vijay
Roopanand Vijay 4 soat oldin
Can i drink it?
lolblitz gaming
lolblitz gaming 5 soat oldin
What happens when you drink it?
Jacob Luhman
Jacob Luhman 5 soat oldin
That is the coolest shit
Jeremiah Cerra
Jeremiah Cerra 5 soat oldin
What if you drink it?
kilo ender
kilo ender 5 soat oldin
...can I drink liquid air?
Ilyssa Hagood
Ilyssa Hagood 5 soat oldin
Pablo Cortez
Pablo Cortez 5 soat oldin
Okay now make liquid water 😏😏😏
Eden England
Eden England 5 soat oldin
im surprised that the glass didnt shatter from that tbh
Young Drake
Young Drake 5 soat oldin
The pain that you have feeling, cannot compare to the joy that's coming Romans 8:18 Keep safe
Anima De Machina
Anima De Machina 6 soat oldin
Getting close to making your own rocket fuel
Muhara Asa
Muhara Asa 6 soat oldin
Oh yeah, thanks now I know what Cryo cooler is. Btw is that Mixed compound? (Not just liquid N2/O2 🤔)
TheRealBann 6 soat oldin
Can I drink it?
kiran reddy
kiran reddy 6 soat oldin
Chug it chug it chug it
Caesar Santizo
Caesar Santizo 6 soat oldin
If you inhaled the liquid, could you breath?
Kastravec Shushtavec
Forbidden Sprite.
Ryoten99 7 soat oldin
Welp, i wanna make rocket. And need LOX... Moon Here I Come
Wayne S.
Wayne S. 7 soat oldin
Air is mostly nitrogen. This liquid nitrogen.
All Mighty Apple
All Mighty Apple 7 soat oldin
Whare do you even get these things ?
Anthony Hall
Anthony Hall 7 soat oldin
Can I drink it?
LookAtDisDudeRN Criminal
This isn’t liquid air its cheap liquid nitrogen
Hannie Hmar
Hannie Hmar 7 soat oldin
How is this possible, I mean is it beacause their is moisture in air that was turned to cold water? I dont get it
Jacob Padilla
Jacob Padilla 7 soat oldin
Forbidden sprite
Hughs R
Hughs R 7 soat oldin
🍻 Cheers
Funny word Homo sapient
Jamie Anonuevo
Jamie Anonuevo 7 soat oldin
So its true fishes see air as water.
Blaine Dunkle
Blaine Dunkle 7 soat oldin
can you drink it
Syrus 88
Syrus 88 7 soat oldin
Is this drinkable
XalphYT 8 soat oldin
This stuff will denature your proteins, if you let it.
Cristian Gonzalez
Cristian Gonzalez 8 soat oldin
Oooooo smokey sparkling water
Joseph Matthews
Joseph Matthews 8 soat oldin
Cryocooler: "Hah, you only made me use 10% of my power"
James Klark
James Klark 8 soat oldin
Does boiling liquid air hurt when touched?
Ethan Davila
Ethan Davila 8 soat oldin
Link’s Channel
Link’s Channel 8 soat oldin
I have several questions, why is it boiling like crazy but last time when you made liquid oxygen it was blue and calm, also what happens when the dial to Max?
pigeonwraps 9 soat oldin
Ah yes the forbidden sprite
christopher 9 soat oldin
Can you drink it ? I mean its air
Danny Camacho
Danny Camacho 9 soat oldin
What if you drink that ?
baba himadri 1432
baba himadri 1432 9 soat oldin
Drink it
Sona Playz
Sona Playz 9 soat oldin
Drink the air
Josh Pollock
Josh Pollock 9 soat oldin
Where can I get one of these?
David Davies
David Davies 9 soat oldin
Science: A+ Wiring: D-
Sahith Rallapalli
Sahith Rallapalli 10 soat oldin
it could be liquid nitrogen mostly cause air contains 78% of nitrogen
pizza 10 soat oldin
Wait so can you *breathe it?*
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